Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unlucky Day

Usually, I will go out around 9a.m in the morning to work and will arrive at Cyberjaya around 9.20 a.m - 9.30 a.m; depending on the traffic at LDP. However, I went out earlier yesterday as I planned to be back home earlier than the usual.

It was 7.50 a.m when I left home and as usual traffic was back to back, slowly going off from USJ (that is one of the reason I choose to go out latter). I turned on the radio to ease the "boringness". When the car in front of me move a bit, I changed the gear from N to D and slowly approached it before my foot pressed the break and switched the gear back to N. Within split second..BOOM!! Crash!! I felt a hard knock from the back. Black Beauty even jumped a bit. I knew what was it but my mind refused to believe it. My heart sank. Really sank. "Damn!! I said to myself :(

I saw from the rear mirror, a grey Wira was behind mine. It was badly injured. I turned on the hazard light and went out. My heart was beating fast, as fast as the moment I was strolled into the OT when I was about to deliver Faaz. I couldn't be bothered by the motorists or other cars who were looking at me and Black Beauty. The owner of the Wira also went out from his car. He looked panicked. Both of us were silent at first, looking at the damaged of our car. I felt like crying...owh, I was crying inside when I saw these...

back bumper yg kemek

the impact caused the hook of the boot to boot tak boleh tutup :(

both sides of bumper were out of their place
Poor Black Beauty... :'(

the damaged maker...
from the look, you can tell how hard the impact was

I know accident happens, but I was discontented for the fact that...

  • how on earth he can speed up when he saw it was jammed in front of him???
  • didn't he saw that other cars were all back to back??? it was sooooooooo obvious ok. grrrr!!

After taking the particulars, did few important calls and discussed, we decided to send Black Beauty to his dad's place (apparently his father owns a workshop in KJ). Been wanting to ask him what he was doing/what was he thinking masa tu sampai jadi macam ni but when I saw his guilty, panicked face...tak sampai hati. Urgh! Well, damaged has been done, and tentatively Black Beauty will be available this evening (I hope the father keep his promise and did a good job, he seemed like a nice guy). For now, I am working from home as I am "car-less"...

Although I know that Black Beauty will be fixed, it definitely not gonna to be the same again. It's still a baby...I just owned it less than a year. I took care of it just like my baby tp akhirnya accident jugak...huwaaaaa! sedih giler ok... :'( To ease my sadness, I followed beloved to his office after leaving Black Beauty to get the treatment that it need. Went to the Pavvy where I did my retail therapy and since his office organize movie day on every Wednesday (where the staff only pays rm3 for the ticket), we also had our first movie date after more than a year.
We watched Legion. Interesting but according to our believed as a Muslim, the story line a bit merepek...

had Taiwanese cuisine for late lunch
Godiva Choc Blended (serious sedap!!)

before the movie.. was "ordered" to make a happy face :|

From the retail therapy session.. all just for beloved Faaz :)

From the trailers, a lot of interesting movies are in line and being an ardent fan of Mr. Depp, I definitely wouldn't want to miss this one. Second movie date, perhaps?

At the end of the day, I felt so much better (tp agak sedih bila balik rumah ternampak Reen's City *sob*). Anyway, a token of appreciation to my beloved for all the effort made just to bring back my mood. Love u!


LyDiA said...

huhu sian nadia and your black beauty.

tp best nyer ade org pujuk ;)

jgn sedih2 ye. cheer up \(^^)/

Mimy Hamid said...

takpe nadia yang penting u tak de apa2..selamat...yg pntg orang yg langgat bertanggung jawab..mcm i kena lg haru..tak de duit nak byr terus pecut..siotkan..

Nadine said...


Thanks dear :)


Itula, syukur sgt I takde pape.
What? dia langgar lari?..mmg SGT siot! masa tu sempat tak ambil dia punye plate number? report polis??
btw, you tgh darah manis skang. take care tau :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said... sorry dear...i def understand ur feeling..

Hopefully, ur black beauty will be repaired finely..yg ptg Nadia slmt.:)

Nway, bestnya dpt special consolation drpd en Fadzil! hope ur fine now..;)

Nadine said...

Thanks for your comforting word Izu, really appreciated it :)

alhamdulillah, I got my car back today and it looks fine. cumanya, perasaan tak best sbb dh pernah kena langgar disitu masih ade saki bakinya...i guess time will heal, insyaAllah.

betul tu Izu, actually, in 2006 Nadia pernah have similar accident, inside my uncle's car. at a junction, kitaorg tgh berhenti sbb lampu merah tp ade kereta yg sgt laju datang tiba2 and hit us. it was a v. hard impact which made me having a neck injury sampai I cant move my head at all. sebulan buat fisio kat sunway medical..alhamdulillah sgt kali ni Nadia tak ape2..

I am ok now, cuma tadi ptg drive ade rasa cuak2 bila je kereta stop..huhu

:: NieSha :: said...

sian black beauty..baru je terserempak haritu..
sib baik gak nadia selamat,xde ape2..syukur...
inilah yg plg wani xsuka,kita drive dh hati2 tp ada org lain yg dh takdir nk kena mmg xleh nk elak.wani pon pnh kna mcm ni tp org tu lari begitu saje..

Nadine said...

Aah Wani, syukur sgt Nadia ok. Itulah dia, kita hanya mampu merancang, Dia yg menentukan.

Iye ke..siannya. tp in my case mmg dia tak boleh lari Wani. Kereta mmg back to back, tgh jam masa tu. Itu yg Nadia tak paham macam mana dia boleh speed...

dyana "his other half" said...

kesiannya nadia. nasib baik dah OK semua. memang kan rasa tak best sikit kan kete tu even dah diperbaiki. tp lama2 nanti OK la.

cd pun pernah kena skali kat penang. motor blakang cd. boleh pula bebual ngan moto sebelah. hebat lak tu perbualan. than cd kasi signal nak masuk kiri. dia hebat lagi berbual tak tgk. than when i tekan break n nak masuk kiri terus bummppppp. dlm hati "bongok, aku dah agak dah hg tak nampak aku." hehe.

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hahaha, tergelak besar Nadia baca cerita Cee D tu tau! :))
Entah pasal ape la yg diaorg bualkan tu yer..hihi.
Abis tu, calar tak keta CD?

Diyana Didie said...

Alahaiii kesian nyer akak. tp syukur akak ok. tue yg penting. sabar yeh.

Nadine said...

Thanks Didie.. :)

RuZaNNa said...

Oh dear.. thank god you tak apa and your car wasn't badly injured.. itulah.. we have done our best to be a good motorist.. tp disebabkan other careless motorist la we have to suffer at the same time.. nasib the guy's father can fix the car for you.. cuba kena org lain.. surely even worst..

Nadine said...

True Anne, walaupun malang, ade juga nasib baiknya. If not because of his father owns a workshop, I think sampai hari ni my car is not fixed yet. You know kn, nak claim insurans je takes time. Pastu pulak CNY coming soon..


Oeh Nadine.. i am late!! Sorry to hear what happened to your black beauty. Alhamdulillah you x apa-apa. Phew. Semoga this will never happen again to you. Take care bebeh.

Nadine said...

aamin..thanks babe! :)