Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Faaz the Charmer Boy

Like I've mentioned before, my son is quite a charmer. Since he was born, Faaz is friendly to almost everybody; close family, relatives, friends or even strangers (he must have gotten it from his Daddy's gene :P). He can easily smile and and now that he grows bigger he will do anything that he can think of to attract people's attention. Maybe because of this, twice we were approached by talent agents , wanting us to bring Faaz for casting. Honestly, although the admiration is quite flattering, sometimes I can't help myself from being worry.

Few incidents happened at the mall when Faaz voluntarily let himself being carried by sales girl/salesman and did not cry at all when they bring him away from me. Wave goodbye lagi adelah! Haih...what if the person had the intention to kidnap him ke..(nauzubillah!!).

Hmm, what should I do to kill my boredom?

Few weeks ago, we went to Maxis Center KLCC as I wanted to terminate my broadband. As anticipated, there were quite a number of people waiting for their turn when we arrived since it was a public holiday. We had to wait our turn for quite sometime. Not just us, Faaz was also bored of waiting. Lucky we managed to get a seat each, if not memang lenguhla kaki ni berdiri :P

smiling away to the person who kind enough to give him the balloon :)

At first, Faaz sat inside the stroller, played with his toy. After a while, he demanded us to carry him out. The minute he got his two feet on the ground, he started walking and greeting people. He then got himself a balloon, from one of the Maxis sales person who obviously adored him. (Mana taknye, siap flying kiss n smile, cairlah minah tu :))

After sometime, he became bored...again. This was when he tried to get the attention from a stranger who sat beside me. I took the opportunity to record him in action....

Owh, remember I did mentioned before about Faaz's habit of keeping things, sort of perfectionist? In the last part of this video, Faaz accidentally saw the cover of the lens was hanging from the camera so he came towards me and wanted to "keep" the cover at its place. Hihihi..kacau daun betul! :P

Since it took us forever before our number being called, Faaz finally lost his interest to play, no more walking around. He just laid on top of his Daddy lazily, listened to his story while gazing at people who walked around. He smiled no more.

Awwwh, that's the sign that the charmer boy was fatigue... :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Calling for Citizen of Earth

Tomorrow, 27th March 2010. From 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Let us show some support.
I know most of us have a small child, thus it's almost impossible to leave our child without a fan or an air-cond for an hour (especially with the extra hot weather these days). If we omit that part and switch off the lights, tv and computers for an hour, it still a contribution too! Put it in this way..switch off the lights, light up the candles. Be with your loved ones. The scents from the candles fill the air around you..if your hubby is capable of playing a guitar, let him do some strumming of something light and easy. Isn't it sounds romantic?? ;)

Those who wish to switch off their lights tomorrow night, do register at www.ehm.my so that they can track the number of supporters on that day. I've done it few weeks ago at the WWF (not the wrestling federation ya :P) booth across Toys R Us in SP when the spoke person approached me to join the EH campaign.

However, if you unable to do so, you can still do your bit which if we do it together will actually make a significant contribution to mother earth...

i) Shut down the computer to save power

Left on all day computer uses 100kw electricity per year, which means over a ton of carbon emissions in a year!

ii) Use a laptop to save energy!

Did you know that laptop are more environmental friendly than a desktop? It actually consumes five time less electricity compared to a desktop. If u buy a desktop, get an LCD screen instead.

iii) CLFs to light your lives
Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (CLFs). CLFs uses four times less energy and last eight times longer!

iv) Pull the plug and save
Battery charges (for cell phones, laptops, digital cameras) draw power whenever they are plugged in and are very inneficient.

v) Don't over-water your garden
Lawns only need watering once a week, post rain only after 2 weeks. Do watering early in the morning for minimal evaporation and water conservation.

vi) Serious issue over tissues
Tissue paper is a major source of waste. Did you know it takes 6 000 000 trees to make a one year's worth of tissues for the world. Use handkerchief as alternative.

It's not that hard, kan? And all of these can be done daily, 365 a year! ;)

Oh, btw...

TGIF in romantic mood. Can u spot the candles?

Faaz was just just about to reach 4months at this time

blown the candle after 9.30 pm.

Last year we celebrated EH at the Pavilion. Actually, we forgot about it. By 8.30 pm sharp, all lights (except some, which were operated by generators) were switched off. At that time, most of the stores were operating without the lights. We were puzzled at first but came to know about it when we went to TGIF for dinner. So we had a western candle light dinner until they switched on again the lights at 9.30 pm :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Celebration @ Marche'

Since both of my siblings birthdays are in March and the dates are a week apart, me and Fadzil decided to celebrate both birthdays together on last 14th March (in between 9th and 23rd). A post birthday celebration for my sister and a pre birthday celebration for my brother...kira adil lah kan? This time, we chose Marche' as the place to dine in.

all of us sitting at the Mediterranean section :)

It was the first time for all of us to have dinner @ Marche'. I heard so many times about this unique restaurant from friends and we always passed by the restaurant whenever we go to The Curve. Tapi nak masuk takut blur...hihi. For your information, Marche' is a french word which means "market". Thus, the concept of this restaurant is a hive of culinary and market activity combined.

The food stations..

They have different food stations (stalls) with the fresh ingredients being displayed at the front section. The food stations available are juice, bakery, dessert, vegetable, salad, pasta, soups, rosti, grill, pizza and beverages. All you have to do is go to the respective station, decide what you want and they will cook it for you on the spot. Owh, you will need to hand in the 'market passport' upon ordering and they will stamped it for you :)

tengah fikir nak makan ape while holding the passports..hihi

the appetizing food..nyum!!

A must try menu at Marche' is Rosti; a famous Swiss dish made of grated potatoes fried into the shape of patties. It's so simple to make yet delicious. We ordered cheese rosti as Faaz loves cheese and he loves it so much till he danced! I cant wait for Aunt Monik to be back in Malaysia next month. Wanna learn the original recipe from the Swiss chef..hihi ;)

At first, Faaz is so fond of the soft and tender bun

I tried to give him a spoon of cheese rosti..

and walla!

he danced happily....sedap sangat lah tu!

I cant helped myself but to smile..Faaz, Faaz :)

Besides their unique concept and food, the main attraction here is the lovely deco. Cow is very synonym with Marche' but Faaz was not so found of it. He freaked out every time we brought him closer to the statue. hihi...Marche' also provides a children corner for your kids to play.

One of the featured wall..nice kan?

poor little Faaz afraid of the cow..he he.

but not the slide..he loves it! :)

uh, oh! he loves to be on the top of the table too! :p

On the way back, we made a pit stop to Just RM5. Usually, we will splurge on architecture, home deco, cars, parenting and cooking magazines. It's so cheap plus the issues are not really backdated. Berbaloi-baloi :)

Owh, we bumped into a Navi...tall n skinny huh?
Kalah I..he he

This year, we celebrated both birthdays with no cake as my sister is on a diet. We had crepe with fresh fruits and ice-cream at Marche' instead. Overall, we enjoyed our dine in @ Marche'. Will definitely pay a visit again in the future. Later at home, we handed both of them a paper bag each, consists of their birthday gifts.


By the way, today is my brother's birthday

Along wished success, health and happiness, always..
Love u, little brother! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Recently I've been tagged by Nurul to do the tag of "the 8th picture in the 8th folder". Wanted to do it on the day itself since its been a while I did'nt updated my blog but unfortunately, after the hardware crash incident, there are only 5 picture folders in my working lappie..Hihi..unqualified lah pulak :)

This morning, before going to work I managed to open our picture folders inside the hard drive and started counting...1,2,3..8!

finally arrived at the lucky 8th folder. The name is FN_convo, dated in 2005.

Then, I counted again...1,2,3....8! and the "luckiest" photo is..

jeng jeng jeng...

Date: 21st August 2005
Day: Sunday
Venue: International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak
Exact venue: between Kulliyah of Engineering and Main hall of CAC :)

There is a story behind this photo that I want to share with you, readers. First of all, its not me who took the photo, so don't blame me why its not center and all yer..hihi :P This photo is taken by my boyfriend's dad, just after the convocation ended. It was the time when all the graduands marching out and reunited with the families outside.

Just so you know, I officially dated this guy after we finished our studies in IIUM (It was in December 2004). During the courtship of 7 months, never had I met his parents although his mom always asked him to bring me to his house...tengok gambar aje ye..hihi. :) The reason was, I was not yet ready and I felt that the relationship was still at an early stage. After 6 months of dating, we both agreed that we were ready for the next step so this was when I agreed to meet his family for the first time. However, being raised in a conservative family, I felt a bit awkward to follow him back home. Instead, I suggested that we both officially meet our parents together-gether during the convocation day. His parents were delighted when he told them about the idea, and my mom approved it as well.... so the rest is history. The meet-the-parent session of mine was done without a big dup dap or butterflies in the stomach like others as I was accompanied by my big family! Hihihi....bijak tak? :P

If you see the photo, neither I nor my boyfriend was around, right? Reason being, before I could find my family, my boyfriend's family has found mine first. Hihihi...maybe because I was short or something, I was having a hard time to find my family (although I went to the spot we both agreed to meet up *sigh*). I couldn't find my boify as well, which apparently have found his family earlier than me and bring them to my family before left them to find me...sian tul I kena tinggal sorang2 :(

Because I was nowhere to be found, and this is one of the "historical" moments of our relationship, my boyfriend's father had captured it so that I can view it later...how sweet of him kan! :) In the photo, if you can see on the left is his mom, chatting with my mom (wearing blue) while at the background are my siblings, my tok mak and my aunties n little cousin. Tok Mak was smiling widely. According to my Aunty Lin, nenek saya sungguh happy masa tu sebab dia ingat tidak lama selepas tu saya akan bertemu jodoh :P

Ok...so now, its my turn to tag 8 people. So here it goes! (in random orders)

- Nini
- Inda
- Izu
- Jannah
- Nadia
- Wani
- Mas
- Anne

Those who've been tagged I tak tag lagi lah yer..and other friends, readers pun invited, the ones listed cause its part of tag's rule (utk tag 8 ppl) kalau tak mmg I list all blogger friends. Sapa rajin buatlah..for fun :)

How to do it? Here are the rules...

. Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.

2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.

3. Post that photo along with the story behind it.

4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

Owh, by the way....do you want to know who was my boyfriend back then?


Daddy Faaz lah! Sapa lagi.... :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's About Time..

Since he was born, my son has been using his infant car seat cum baby carrier without failed every time we travel.

The first time Faaz sat inside his car seat..OTW home from SJMC :)

We did trained him and emphasized the importance of using car seat from day one. How we did that?? Every time we wanna go out, upon opening the car's door we will tell him that if Faaz wants to 'go car' (meaning: go out for a ride in the car), he must sit in the car seat and behave well. To some, this method is kinda crazy since he was still in his early days but what they don't know, babies are alert and their brains are capable to process the information although they barely can talk! That is a miracle that Allah gives them..subhanallah :)

However, we are quite flexible...usually, either before or after the ride, Fadzil will carry Faaz in the driver's seat and let him play with the steering for a while. And sometimes, he did have a chance to get a ride on the front passenger seat with Mommy, when we pay a visit to 7E or the playground near to our house. As he entered his toddlerhood, there are times that Faaz did throw some tantrum when we wanted to make him sit inside it (usually, it happens if the day before he got the chance to ride in his grandfather's car, without the car seat). But that is not a big issue, we just have to persuade him, entertain him and later provide
him with his toys/books...he'll be fine. Yang penting kena disiplin, jangan putus asa! ;)

When he was 2 1/2 months :)

When he was 7 months :)

According to the details, the car seat can fit a baby up to 12kg. Currently, Faaz is 10.2kg but looking at his size, I don't think he can fit in inside comfortably now..

His recent photo in a car seat...
sempit sudah..huhu

We wanted to buy a new car seat for Faaz as gift for his first birthday but until now we're still unsure of which one should we get. The ones that look comfy mostly can cater up to maximum of 18kg. With the price we'll be paying, feels like it's not worth it since I'm sure in few more months Faaz will reached that weight. The ones claimed that they can cater from the age of one to four years on the other hand, looks abit uncomfortable for him. Ayayayai...Apart from that, the survey progress is slow as I'm pretty occupied with works.

However, after going through an incident that happened recently, I believed its about time for us to get him a new car seat...soon!!

see those legs...muka slumber je, cover baik! :P

He acted as if nothing happened...BUT, actually he was pushing his legs from the passenger seat!

and finally...was trying his best to get out of it!

Faaz thought mommy didn't see it yer, haha..you were wrong, babeh.
Mommy knew its gonna come that's why mommy all ready with the cammie! :P

It happened on way back to KL after attended the wedding in GH. The next day, we did some surveys on car seats. So far, Daddy Faaz is eyeing the Recaro while Mommy is still quite blurr...hihi. Actually I heart Ferrari's...

Not this one,

But this one :)

The denim-look-alike material looks cool! :)

....but it stated there its for the age 3 and above. When we tried to put Faaz, nampak macam fit since Faaz is quite tall and chubby...hmm, dilemma, dilemma. Owh, found this on the net.. fell in love with it too..but not sure if its available here in Malaysia. Cute and stylo, don't you think so?

I got it from here and here

Its the World's Best Baby Car Seat with "chick-in-the-egg" technology...sounds very cool kan? Tempted tak nak beli?? Hihi.. :)

Anyway, Mommies, this weekend there will be a
Motherhood Expo at Midvalley Exhibition Hall. Among the agendas are product showcases and lots of activities and contests for babies and kids, mommies and mommy-to-be. I hope I can slot in some time to survey there or perhaps, tak payah fikir banyak-banyak, just grab one! Hihi..

Faaz, hang in there for a while k...thanks! Mommy cayang Faaz! ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still Here..

Hello Peeps!

To those who wondering...I'm pretty much still here :)

Life has been very hectic for the past one week and I'm currently missing my comfy pillow soooo much. Kinda sleepy and dizzy too since I didn't got a proper sleep last night...*sigh*

Currently, I just started working with a new project - EUL, which is way advance than my current area of expertise. Challenging, I must say but at the same time I'm so looking forward to explore more on HSPA. The company I'm working with on the other hand is in the middle of major regional re-org so a lot of papers to sign, procedures, new policies and directives to be followed. In addition, new tenant will be coming soon to our building so I predict there will be some changes in the environment as well. I just hope the basement parking will still be ample for us the staff, which personally I think wont happen..*sob*

These few days, everything seems to be out of order for me. Mimy and Nadia, sorry I didnt get the chance yet to reply your emails. I really hope that I can do it soon, insyaAllah. Alhamdulillah, I am so lucky to have a very supportive hubby who sometimes have to eat dinner alone, bathe Faaz and put him to sleep (which are clearly supposed to be my task). You didn't know how guilty I am every time I have to go through this. Yesterday, he even slept very late just to accompany me finishing off my task. I was touched. Really hate this scenario but we both know this is the sacrifice that we both have to face sometimes (especially working with the private sectors). In the end, all the hard work is for the benefit of our family...insyaAllah.

Right now, I am thinking of home.

At home, a big basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded...

At home, few stuff in the fridge screaming off to be utilized or else wasted since the expiring date is coming soon...


most importantly,

At home...

little munchkin is waiting patiently for his mommy who is likely to be home around 8pm,

....just like every other day lately.

Mommy please come home faster or else Faaz will turn into the Incredible Hulk! :P


I miss working from home...I miss my baby :(

Huwaaaa...nak balik!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Genting Highland

Last Saturday, for the very first time I went to Genting Highland wearing a baju kurung. Sounds a bit awkward huh? especially when the first thing you imagined was the famous Theme Park. Hihi...actually, we went there to attend a wedding held at a bungalow near Awana Ranch. :)

The weather was perfect that noon. Bright and cooling, totally differs from the hot n sunny Klang Valley. We reached the destination few minutes after the newlyweds and managed to skip the road closure due to the LTDL. Faaz was asleep the whole journey so he was in a very good mood (and hungry too) the minute we arrived there. As usual, we took turns to eat so that we can feed little angel in between.

Daddy ate Baryani while Faaz ate his own meal, pasta carbonara with cod fish.

The newlyweds, at the same time were enjoying their Makan Beradap :)

After meal, drink water first...

Then it's playtime!

Since he had a good sleep before and his tummy was full, Faaz cheerfully walked around and greeted people. At times he showed off his salam and flying kiss skill to the strangers without having us to asked him to do so. Peramah habis
...Unlike at home, kena suruh baru nak buat. I guess he loves the attention that he got from everyone :)

Owh ya, its kinda trend these days to hang pomander at weddings. Faaz on the other hand thought that these pomanders were balls. When his daddy brought him closer, he soon realized it was a flower after all..from excited terus geli nak pegang. Hahaha!

We fell in love with the surrounding, calming and very greenish. Feel so refreshed when you inhaled the cool air breeze...how lucky of them to stay in such a place! :) We took some photos by the road side (jadila :P) before headed down to KL again.

Nice view kan? Tepi longkang je nie :P

Happy! :)


By the way, today 9th March 2010 is my little sister's birthday.
Happy Birthday Kak Ngah!
We wished you happiness, health and wealth.
May you pass your Chambering with flying colours...tak sabarnya nak tunggu!
This weekend we celebrate together okies ;)

In addtion, today 9th March 2010...
Faaz turns 14 Months!!

~ Faaz dah start berlari!
~ Loves to dance with the nursery rhyme,
~Enjoy playing hide and seek, kejar-kejar,
~Lately prefer his golf set than a football :)
~ favourite word of the week "Kaakak" (sister)
~ Baru first time dapat makan waffle!