Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Celebration @ Marche'

Since both of my siblings birthdays are in March and the dates are a week apart, me and Fadzil decided to celebrate both birthdays together on last 14th March (in between 9th and 23rd). A post birthday celebration for my sister and a pre birthday celebration for my brother...kira adil lah kan? This time, we chose Marche' as the place to dine in.

all of us sitting at the Mediterranean section :)

It was the first time for all of us to have dinner @ Marche'. I heard so many times about this unique restaurant from friends and we always passed by the restaurant whenever we go to The Curve. Tapi nak masuk takut blur...hihi. For your information, Marche' is a french word which means "market". Thus, the concept of this restaurant is a hive of culinary and market activity combined.

The food stations..

They have different food stations (stalls) with the fresh ingredients being displayed at the front section. The food stations available are juice, bakery, dessert, vegetable, salad, pasta, soups, rosti, grill, pizza and beverages. All you have to do is go to the respective station, decide what you want and they will cook it for you on the spot. Owh, you will need to hand in the 'market passport' upon ordering and they will stamped it for you :)

tengah fikir nak makan ape while holding the passports..hihi

the appetizing food..nyum!!

A must try menu at Marche' is Rosti; a famous Swiss dish made of grated potatoes fried into the shape of patties. It's so simple to make yet delicious. We ordered cheese rosti as Faaz loves cheese and he loves it so much till he danced! I cant wait for Aunt Monik to be back in Malaysia next month. Wanna learn the original recipe from the Swiss chef..hihi ;)

At first, Faaz is so fond of the soft and tender bun

I tried to give him a spoon of cheese rosti..

and walla!

he danced happily....sedap sangat lah tu!

I cant helped myself but to smile..Faaz, Faaz :)

Besides their unique concept and food, the main attraction here is the lovely deco. Cow is very synonym with Marche' but Faaz was not so found of it. He freaked out every time we brought him closer to the statue. hihi...Marche' also provides a children corner for your kids to play.

One of the featured wall..nice kan?

poor little Faaz afraid of the cow..he he.

but not the slide..he loves it! :)

uh, oh! he loves to be on the top of the table too! :p

On the way back, we made a pit stop to Just RM5. Usually, we will splurge on architecture, home deco, cars, parenting and cooking magazines. It's so cheap plus the issues are not really backdated. Berbaloi-baloi :)

Owh, we bumped into a Navi...tall n skinny huh?
Kalah I..he he

This year, we celebrated both birthdays with no cake as my sister is on a diet. We had crepe with fresh fruits and ice-cream at Marche' instead. Overall, we enjoyed our dine in @ Marche'. Will definitely pay a visit again in the future. Later at home, we handed both of them a paper bag each, consists of their birthday gifts.


By the way, today is my brother's birthday

Along wished success, health and happiness, always..
Love u, little brother! :)


bEth said...

my favorite place to dine ;p

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Tempting sguh ur bro's food tuh..hehe..yg meals kt ats2 pon sume nmpk so yummy..nmpk bestla Marche nie..kt mana eh Nadine, juz asking..:)

Well, happy birthday to ur sis n bro...Also seronok tgk Faaz main2 tu..happy sgt dia n so geyam tgk chubbiness dia tuh..as usual u look fab n skinny inthose outfits..i heart ur skarf.;)

my.mastura said...

nadia, len kali amik video faaz menari..n post it here..hehehh


Went few times to Marche..loves the food n juices (fresh one!!)..
Faaz is cute too..geramlah tgk pipi faaz..mommy Faaz pun cun!
neway baiklah kaklong belanja adik2 makan :)

Nadine said...

Izu pernah pegi The Curve kan? Kat dpn pintu masuk curve tu kan ade deretan restaurants kiri & kanan kan? Dia dkt situ la Izu. Dr d curve tu blah kanan..kot. eh nadia pun lupa la. tp kalau more info leh pegi sini:
http://marche-malaysia.com :)

Kalau balik Sg Buluh pegila Izu...dh dekat sgt tu. Nadia recommend. mmg nyum2 food dia! ;)

Thanks Izu :)
Owh Faaz mmg hepi sgt sbb semua org yg suka manjakan dia ade kan. seronok la kena pampered kan. hihi.

Awwwh, so sweet of u. Hihi, baju baggy kan, nampakla cam kurus..illusion :)


I know :) Slalu nampak kat ur FB status. Hihi...
Beth tau, tiap kali lalu dpn Marche', Nadia slalu teringatkan Beth :)

RuZaNNa said...

Oh we love Marche' too! i personally like their lamb shank.. mahsyukkk ok!.. tp tak perasan la pulak ada featured wall kat situ.. yg lembu tuh perasan hehehe..
Cute betul la facial expression faaz ni!

Nadine said...


Yes!! Juice dia sedap..and I like the fact that dia asingkan the ice from the juice. Itula..sume org dh pernah been few times. kitaorg br first time. Tula, takut sgt nak masuk dulu..ahaha!

Awwh, thanks dear. Faaz cute betulla kot. Mommy dia biasa2 aje :)

Akceli I slalu rasa kesian bila tgk diaorg. kecik2 dh tak merasa kasih sayang seorg ayah. I was so fortunate to celebrate b'days with him until my 24th bday. That is why I always try to make them happy as much as i can. I think if u r in my position pun u akan buat yg sama, atau..lebih lagi :)


Lamb shank dia cedap eh? Harus inform my hubby nie. thanks! :)

Hihi, kitaorg perasan sbb we sat near to it. Kalau tak, maybe tak perasan jugak. Dia bertentangan dgn the cow tu.

Hihi..itula. I rasa dia ikut my hubby. dlm his family, they called him the joker sbb slalu buat lawaks. Nampak gaya ade joker jr. la pulak
he he he :)

Nadine said...


Owh sorry tertinggal plak.

Time dia menari tu mmg tak sempat tau sbb tak anticipate langsung. Hihi...sempat ambil gambar je since masa tu mmg Fadzil tgh duk snap2 photo. Tp kalau next time ade dia buat cenggitu, mmg takkan dilepaskan! haha.. :)

Anonymous said...

also..hebat la cameraman ni :P

Anonymous said...

best birthday present :D..thanks along..harap2 thn dpn cam ini lagi..hehe :D

Nadine said...


No worries. Glad that u and kak ngah loves it. Take care n enjoy ur special day today!! :)


Oh we love Marche' three! :) we = me & Armi. Oman x pernah sampai sini lagi. Harus bawak dia tgk lembu2 tu. hihih. I love the steamed sausage, the fruit juices..nyum nyum.. also when it comes to the fried vege they have. Ahhh temptation!!! :)

Faaz sungguh cheeky tau!! i leh bayangkan dia joget2 comel lepas rasa bun tu sedap sangat. Hahahaha

Nadine said...

wah..kat sana u makan steamed sausage jer with vege?? sgt healthy! bagus2. jgn jadi mcm i yg sentiasa tak tahan dgn food temptation yer. mana la drumstick tak besar kan :P

time tu bkn kitaorg je yg sungguh tak tahan tgk aksi Faaz yg agak spontaneous, meja sblah pun join sama. hihi..bila Faaz sedar there were strangers looking at him, dia buat2 tunduk tersipu. haih anak teruna ku ittuew, drama sungguh! :))

Anonymous said...

Nadiaaaa...makin lama makit hawt tau mama Faaz ni. Agak2 aku pinjam Faaz yg comey nie seminggu body leh hawt ala2 ko tak?



Nadine said...

Hi Ina,

Ina Maxis ke ni? Hihi..bleh singgah plak sini yer. Lama kan tak jumpa? :)

Hawt kah? Owh..nak pinjam Faaz seminggu? bleh..tp ngan aku2 skali yer. Kitaorg comes in package. ahaks! :)

Ade2 je la ko nie. Aku still sama, berat kadang2 naik jugek..tp lately nampak kurus sbb x cukup rest/tido. new project ni really demanding.

Thara said...

hi nadine. salam kenal. penah juge jengah blog u sblm ni, tapi harini baru rasa nak leave a comment. :)

marche is definitely a good place to eat. memang kalau masuk jadik rambang mata kan? hehe :)

Nadine said...

Hi Thara, :)

Salam kenal jugak. hihi. You ni kawan Anne, Nadia n Nuurill kan. Slalu nampak ur comments at their pages. ex-Flextronians jugakkah??

Thanks for dropping by mine. Would definitely visit urs soon :)

true! sblum pegi rasa nak makan "ini" dan "ini". tp bila sampai sana rasa nak "itu" and "itu" jugak. he he he

Thara said...

hehe tak lah. we just became good friends via this thing we call cyber world. its amazing kan how a few blog comments can add up to ur friends circle! :)

haha i can so understand u! kalau i masuk marche, misti rasa tamak haloba. SEMUA nak makan, tak seda diri dah melebor! :P

ps : i'll add u in my blogroll yea!

Nadine said...

Yes dear, its amazing and fun to get to know new people through blogging. Lagi2 ppl with the same interest as u are. mmg meriah! :)

Oh ic. I get to know Anne and Nadia (n now you)from the blogging world too. Both Nuurill and Armi are my ex-classmates during uni years.

p.s: thanks!! I add jugak ok :)

:: NieSha :: said...

yeyeh..ilebiu nadine! wani suka entry tempat2 makan nih..almaklumlah lama giler dh wani xmasak...arghh...kan best klu wani pon cm nadia, leh kurus sbb not enough rest..ini terbalik daa...huhuuu.... :P

Nadine said...

I lebiu too! :)

Wani pun tgh bz eh?? padanla lama x update blog. sekapal la kita. tp nadia curi2 jugak masa update blog. rasa rindu kalau lama x update. he he..

eh mana wani tau. wani kan bz tak prasan. tgk2 dh kurus dah tu haaa :)

Diyana Didie said...

mmg sedap ke mkn situ akak? nmpk mmg sgt sedap. faaz seperti biasa dgn ragam comelnyer hehe rase nak cubit cubit. tp dier dah kurus sikit..n nmpk tinggi.

Nadine said...

sedap didie. kalau tak, takkan faaz sampai joget2 kan. hihihi.

tp portion dia not as huge as chilli's or TGIF la. tp dia bnyk side dishes so it should be fine. price is not that expensive, reasonable. most of the ingredients are fresh. itu yg best tu. ajakla cik abg pegi one day :)

aahla dear. haritu masa gigi geraham dia nak tumbuh, dia x brape selera makan. makan bun jer. now selera baru dtg balik. mmg dh kurus sket dh dia..lagi satu sbb dh start jalan ni kan, work out je everyday tour d house. hihi :)

Mimy Hamid said...

owh marche...best place in the curve...berbaloi baloi

Nadine said...

Hihi..Mimy pun suka makan kat Marche eh? :)