Friday, March 26, 2010

Calling for Citizen of Earth

Tomorrow, 27th March 2010. From 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Let us show some support.
I know most of us have a small child, thus it's almost impossible to leave our child without a fan or an air-cond for an hour (especially with the extra hot weather these days). If we omit that part and switch off the lights, tv and computers for an hour, it still a contribution too! Put it in this way..switch off the lights, light up the candles. Be with your loved ones. The scents from the candles fill the air around you..if your hubby is capable of playing a guitar, let him do some strumming of something light and easy. Isn't it sounds romantic?? ;)

Those who wish to switch off their lights tomorrow night, do register at so that they can track the number of supporters on that day. I've done it few weeks ago at the WWF (not the wrestling federation ya :P) booth across Toys R Us in SP when the spoke person approached me to join the EH campaign.

However, if you unable to do so, you can still do your bit which if we do it together will actually make a significant contribution to mother earth...

i) Shut down the computer to save power

Left on all day computer uses 100kw electricity per year, which means over a ton of carbon emissions in a year!

ii) Use a laptop to save energy!

Did you know that laptop are more environmental friendly than a desktop? It actually consumes five time less electricity compared to a desktop. If u buy a desktop, get an LCD screen instead.

iii) CLFs to light your lives
Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (CLFs). CLFs uses four times less energy and last eight times longer!

iv) Pull the plug and save
Battery charges (for cell phones, laptops, digital cameras) draw power whenever they are plugged in and are very inneficient.

v) Don't over-water your garden
Lawns only need watering once a week, post rain only after 2 weeks. Do watering early in the morning for minimal evaporation and water conservation.

vi) Serious issue over tissues
Tissue paper is a major source of waste. Did you know it takes 6 000 000 trees to make a one year's worth of tissues for the world. Use handkerchief as alternative.

It's not that hard, kan? And all of these can be done daily, 365 a year! ;)

Oh, btw...

TGIF in romantic mood. Can u spot the candles?

Faaz was just just about to reach 4months at this time

blown the candle after 9.30 pm.

Last year we celebrated EH at the Pavilion. Actually, we forgot about it. By 8.30 pm sharp, all lights (except some, which were operated by generators) were switched off. At that time, most of the stores were operating without the lights. We were puzzled at first but came to know about it when we went to TGIF for dinner. So we had a western candle light dinner until they switched on again the lights at 9.30 pm :)



oh dear..last year I do switch off the lights for 1 hour..that time Adam still small..not sure for this year able to support this 60 earth hour or not..but we will try our best!
pasang lilin kan dear..romantik jgak kan!!

Nadine said...

Really? good lah you! Last year we totally forgot bout it. but then, our room mmg totally dark la since we were out of home kan. Hihi..

Yeah, I'm not to sure too whether this year sempat tak bertahan 1hr. Memang berangan nak pasang candles but have to make sure it will be at the safest place lah since ada budak kecik ni kan.

anyway, if we cant make it we still can do our bit by doing one of the things listed tu kan? :)

dyana "his other half" said...

we had our EH dalam bilik. tidokan hadif. hehe. bilik lain semua gelap except lampu kecik dlm bilik tido. dari dalam hari lagi hadif tak berani tido gelap. that is one thing that i can't train hadif. tatau la nape. it's either kami tido bergelap with hadif nangis non stop or tido berlampu romantic and hadif tido safe n soundly. hehe.

mesti pics faaz with EH best kan. cepat2 upload tau :). thn ni tak dpt la nak snap walaupun dah plan dari awal lagi. hadif tak sihat. huhu. kol 8 dah tido.

Nadine said...

Awwwwh..romantic tuu. Hihi. Yg penting last night u were with ur loved ones!! That really matters right? :) tak kisahla pasang lampu satu ke tak pasang langsung ke, yg penting ade kemahuan to give a bit to our beloved earth. Kalau tak buat last night pun boleh try to do some of the things listed tu kan. sikit2 pun it helps if we do it together ;)

Iye ke..mmg ade setengah org camtu la Cee D. I guess its nature. :) Fadzil n Faaz 2-2 ok. Nadia jer takleh tido kalau tak pitch black. hihi..

Konon2 nak beromantik dirumah bertiga skali en. Fadzul tukar plan, we went out for dinner. kuang kuang kuang. :D tp kitaorg kuar rumah mmg semua lampu tutup tis time. usually few lights mmg on kalau xde org dlm rumah. kuar dinner kejap je, pastu our area gated n quite confident sket last night. jimat letrik pun iye jugak, he he :)

alahai, Hadif x sihat Cee D? Sian Hadif. Get well soon cutie pie, aunty pray for ur speed recovery. Ameen.

my.mastura said...

last year aku on tv, kipas n laptop jer..hehehe..nk buat lelebih ngan kerol pon x bleh sbb adik aku ada..kaung kuang..kacau daun sungguh!

this year, boleh plak lupa hari tu..lg pon, my in-laws dtg rumah..x kan nk bergelap lak kan...heheheh

Nadine said...

oh ye ke...dia jadi bodyguard korang kot time tu. he he he :D

hihi, betulla tu. kang diaorg ingat ko tak bayar bill ke ape kan. issokay, tak buat time tu pun kalau kita tak bazir2 guna air ngan letrik ke, atau kita kurangkan penggunaan plastik bag ke..itupun dh membantu menyelamatkan bumi/alam sekitar kita, tak gitu? ;) EH saje nak ingat kan kita..we human kan always forget :)

dyana "his other half" said...

betul la nadia. yang penting kita spend time with our loved ones kan.

tp ur entry kali ni memang betul2 informative untuk cd. tiap kali nak buang tisu or guna tisu untuk lap mulut hadif mesti cd teringat jgn membazir. hehe.

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

I like the last pic, so simbolik gitu..:D Nway, thn ni n thn lps izu xberada di rumah seniri nk buat apa abt EH ni..klu kt umah pon may be bley wat tutup laptop, tutup tv, tutup lampu blk lain je..blk yg ada 2beradik ni konfem tk bjaya. hihi..

tp btul, hari2 lain pon kte bley buat kn..;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Samala kita. Nadia skang agak sayang nak bazir2 guna tisu. Sian banyak pokok terkorban. Hihi..


Hihi, nasib gamba tu Fadzil snap sedang elok jer kat part tu kan. kot atas lagi mmg highlightla hidung mommy Faaz yg agak besar n kembang ittuew..huhu.

yes dear, ur absolutely right! ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

tahun ni tak sempat earth hour la....lupa la pulak

Nadine said...

Hihihi..thn ni pegi dating eh? :)

:: iManja :: said...

hye Nadine,

Kitowang celebrate EH masa tgh main badminton. Biler gelap tuh satu court dok shouting...adala 1 min je bergelap...hahaha tak sporting langsung...

Nadine said...

Hi Sue, :)

Menarik! Rajin u main badminton eh..bagus2. I wished I pun rajin bersukan mcm you. Azam tahun ni nak fit kan diri. Tp so far dh nak masuk April br start aerobic class. Hik!

Hihi...ic. Mesti diaorg sume pk, aih aku bayar sewa court nih, mana bleh bergelap. :D