Monday, March 1, 2010

Extra 2 Kg!

One of the first thing that I noticed when I joined my current company is the pleasure of food. Here in E///, we will have "makan-makan" sessions every month. Birthday celebrations, Chocolate Room Sessions, Coffee Break and Ice-cream break, to name a few. Itu belum lagi include the Departmental Lunch/Dinner sessions and occasion luncheons (such as CNY, Hari Raya, Deepavali & Christmas).

It was not surprising at all that right after the first month working here, I gained extra 2kg!! (I was lucky by the third month I get to know that I was pregnant, which was a good excuse to gain some weight :P).

Last week we had again the "food indulgence" day. It started on Wednesday, the departmental quarterly luncheon. This time, we had Italian food at Bistro Cascata, located on a villa in the center of Cyberview Lodge Resort.

The facade of the villa made you feel like you were in Italy. Nice scenery too as the place where we sat faced the Cyberview Lodge Pool. But the climate inside was rather hot despite it was fully air cond on the inside.

We had buffet lunch. They served two types of soup as appetizer; Pumpkin soup and Mushroom soup. I chose the latter. It tasted good, but the texture was very light. I prefers thick soup better.

Next, I tried the finger foods and not to forget, the famous Caesar salad with extra olives..Nyum!

A plate full of pasta for my main course, big apetite sungguh kan? :P Since Italian dishes are mostly light, I finished off my plate without feeling guilty at all...ngeee.

bolognese, marinara and carbonara pasta with beef pepperoni pizza

fusion addition:
lamb steak with black pepper sauce (left) and grilled sea bass in white sauce (right) - serious sedap!! :)

At first, I was thinking to skip the dessert as I was too full. However, since the lunch was taking a pretty long time (as the bosses were busy chatting), I finally digested some of the meal, which gave some space for the sweet treat and a black coffee..hihi.

The next day, we had a CNY celebration in the office, as early as 11.30am. It started off with a lion dance at the lobby followed by a Yee Sang session and a buffet lunch at the Auditorium. This was my first time tasted a Yee Sang. Interesting flavor, combination of swet and sour (must be the plum sauce). Some of the condiments inside the Yee Sang that we ate were crackers, crispy wanton skin, roasted peanut, sesame seeds, pickled fruits and veges.

The higher you toss it, the more luck you'll have (according to the Chinese)

The food was delicious with a variety to choose for; chicken, fish, lamb, beef, squid and prawn. I had Pineapple Fried Rice with steamed Hainamese Chicken, Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Gravy, Black Paper lamb, mix vege and popiahs. No seafood for me, as usual. Later, we had ice kacang for dessert. The portion was generous and that includes the amount of syrup they poured into my bowl. Definitely a turn off for me :(

The lunch ended at 2pm, and by 3pm, we had the GSDC Monthly Coffee Break. I was so stuffed that I had to pass on this. Usually, we will have sandwiches, pastries and cakes for the coffee break. Later, we attended the Sports Club AGM and had some refreshments at 4pm (makan lagi!!). Basically, we only worked for 2 hours on Thursday before having a 3 days off for the weekend...sooo unproductive kan??

The apple crumble was tasty but the small cupcake was damn sweeeeeet! Macam gula tumpah pun ada :P
The cream puff and cheese tart I tapau for my darling :)

I am sure I have gained extra 2kg again during those two days...owh wait!! That doesn't count two trips to TGIF, one trip to Swensen and One trip to Madam Kwan on Friday till Sunday!

OH MY!!!!!!

Entah-entah naik 5kg kot? Huwaaaaaa!!! :(


jannahrais said...

waa nadia....mase bace entri ni jannah bayangkan macam nadia keje kat FnB department plak..tengah buat food test sebab banyak sangat makan makan...;) tapi jangan risau la nadia...jannah rase nadia makan banyak mane pun, dok tang tu gak la saiznye ;)

Nadine said...

FnB, Jannah? Hahaha! :))
Ha'ahkan..ada betulnya cakap Jannah tu..kih,kih.

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Heaven! it reminds me when i worked at Motorola Png few yrs ago, mmg mcm ni la, mkn je kejenya! dh la sll ada conference kt hotel2, mkn, mkn n mkn! hehe. company bsr kot, mkn pon kene bsr la, ye tak!:D

Nway, Dworry Nadia, Izu rasa Nadia mkn byk pon, bdn Nadia leh maintain nya..Faaz kn ada.:D

dyana "his other half" said...

sedapnya!!! ur lucky working at a company yg mmg jaga hati n perasaan staff. opsss, adakah ini bermakna im not satisfied with my company? ahahaha.

betul la izu, faaz kn ada.boleh tlg slimkn balik mummy dia :).


bestnye,kalau I keje kat ctu,mahu monthly naik 3kg..hujung tahun dah jadik tong drum..
btw kalau nak submit CV kat Nadine boley?:)

YOI said...

Sedapnyeeeehhhhhh....Nadia kalau naik 5 kg pon tak perasan kot naik kat mana. Still maintain..baju zaman anak dara leh sarung lagi. Klo Nurul, sebijik cam sarung nangka la..muahahaha...

Nadine said...

Izu & Cee D

Mmg heaven n best, kalau mcm dulu, at least every two weeks ke makan2 kan. Tp sekarang...sgt kerap ok. Sometimes seminggu ade 2-3kali! Huish..bahaya sungguh!

dahla kita ni jenis suka makan, mmg susahla nak say NO tu. asik tergoda je :P

ooooh Faaz, help Mommy phleaaaaaaaase! hihi..

Nadine said...


You naik sket takpe sbb you still produce milk dgn jayanye utk Adam. Nanti turun balik. I nie, terus jadi lemak tepu membesarkan drumsticks sendiri..huwaaaa!

sure.sape2 nak hantar CV dipersilakan. kitaorg ade referral program. kalau we refer someone n org tu dpt masuk nnti kitaorg dpt rm3K..hihi. you background ape ye? anything email me at :)


Haha, iyolah tu. Nampak cam muat kan, tp sbnarnye...I have problem with my drumsticks yg membesar dgn jayanye! yea..itula tmpt favourite lemak2 nadia berkumpul :(

Dahla nadia jenis malas jogging kan, tu yg risau tu. huhu

mana ade macam sarung nangka. nadia tgk nurul orait je pakai kebaya, still ade curve ;)

RuZaNNa said...

Wow, bestnya!
My company since economy not that good ni, mmg cutdown all the makan activities.. kalau dulu, hohooho.. sikit2 aje ade team lunch la.. dinner la.. heheh..
Enjoy while u still can sbb ur company is still generous belanja the employees.. not like some other companies (mine as well hehehe)


waaaaa.. so mewah!!! :)
ala Nadine, u dun have to worry too much dear.. i confident 100% 5kg won't make you any difference.
Malah bertambah hawt mommy Faaz ni. hihi :)

:: NieSha :: said...

xcaya lngsung nadia naik berat badan..hihiii...
banyak2 gmbr mknan tu wani tertarik kt blueberry cheesetart tu..baru mgu lepas wani buat...xsmpai sehari dh hbs..huhuu..tkg buat pun sempat mkn 2 biji je..nanti nk buat lg la..xpuas mkn...

Nadine said...


Betul jugak ape you ckp. But I do hope they dont do it too frequent or else the workers end up mostly high cholestrol or diabetics. nauzubillah, mintak dijauhkan.


Haha, not make any different to ur eyes but yes to mine :P

Bkn ape dear, Im worry bout my drumsticks..kalau naik lagi sure out of balance since I ni kan agak "tinggi"..hik! dahla tang tu nak turun kan..

Nadine said...

ups tertinggal ayat..

*punye la susah! :)

Nadine said...


*sila ikut tune Dato Siti phleeease!*

amboi mek klate ni, balik dr KB siap buat cheese tart lagik. SGT rajin ok! mesti sedap sgt sampai licin tu *wink*

my.mastura said...

aku x baca sgt ko nyer entry..aku tgk gambo jer...:D

pasta!!! my favourite!!!!! waaaaaaaa!!!!

Mimy Hamid said...

takpe naik 2kg pn tak rasa..sama je..hikhik..kasi berapi lagi suh food dia marbelessssssssssssss

Nadine said...


Hihi..ko ni, cuppies pun faveret, pasta pun faveret. banyak tul faveret dia tau :)


Hihihi..mmg marbelesss sbb itu berat naik dgn jayanyer. huwaaa!