Friday, March 19, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Recently I've been tagged by Nurul to do the tag of "the 8th picture in the 8th folder". Wanted to do it on the day itself since its been a while I did'nt updated my blog but unfortunately, after the hardware crash incident, there are only 5 picture folders in my working lappie..Hihi..unqualified lah pulak :)

This morning, before going to work I managed to open our picture folders inside the hard drive and started counting...1,2,3..8!

finally arrived at the lucky 8th folder. The name is FN_convo, dated in 2005.

Then, I counted again...1,2,3....8! and the "luckiest" photo is..

jeng jeng jeng...

Date: 21st August 2005
Day: Sunday
Venue: International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak
Exact venue: between Kulliyah of Engineering and Main hall of CAC :)

There is a story behind this photo that I want to share with you, readers. First of all, its not me who took the photo, so don't blame me why its not center and all yer..hihi :P This photo is taken by my boyfriend's dad, just after the convocation ended. It was the time when all the graduands marching out and reunited with the families outside.

Just so you know, I officially dated this guy after we finished our studies in IIUM (It was in December 2004). During the courtship of 7 months, never had I met his parents although his mom always asked him to bring me to his house...tengok gambar aje ye..hihi. :) The reason was, I was not yet ready and I felt that the relationship was still at an early stage. After 6 months of dating, we both agreed that we were ready for the next step so this was when I agreed to meet his family for the first time. However, being raised in a conservative family, I felt a bit awkward to follow him back home. Instead, I suggested that we both officially meet our parents together-gether during the convocation day. His parents were delighted when he told them about the idea, and my mom approved it as well.... so the rest is history. The meet-the-parent session of mine was done without a big dup dap or butterflies in the stomach like others as I was accompanied by my big family! Hihihi....bijak tak? :P

If you see the photo, neither I nor my boyfriend was around, right? Reason being, before I could find my family, my boyfriend's family has found mine first. Hihihi...maybe because I was short or something, I was having a hard time to find my family (although I went to the spot we both agreed to meet up *sigh*). I couldn't find my boify as well, which apparently have found his family earlier than me and bring them to my family before left them to find me...sian tul I kena tinggal sorang2 :(

Because I was nowhere to be found, and this is one of the "historical" moments of our relationship, my boyfriend's father had captured it so that I can view it sweet of him kan! :) In the photo, if you can see on the left is his mom, chatting with my mom (wearing blue) while at the background are my siblings, my tok mak and my aunties n little cousin. Tok Mak was smiling widely. According to my Aunty Lin, nenek saya sungguh happy masa tu sebab dia ingat tidak lama selepas tu saya akan bertemu jodoh :P now, its my turn to tag 8 people. So here it goes! (in random orders)

- Nini
- Inda
- Izu
- Jannah
- Nadia
- Wani
- Mas
- Anne

Those who've been tagged I tak tag lagi lah yer..and other friends, readers pun invited, the ones listed cause its part of tag's rule (utk tag 8 ppl) kalau tak mmg I list all blogger friends. Sapa rajin buatlah..for fun :)

How to do it? Here are the rules...

. Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.

2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.

3. Post that photo along with the story behind it.

4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

Owh, by the you want to know who was my boyfriend back then?


Daddy Faaz lah! Sapa lagi.... :)


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

So sweet...n sgt comey ur last photo..;)Nway, Izu jmp jg parents Hisham jus after the convo ceremony tp yg kali ke-5 dh kot..;p sbb dh couple since first year kt uia gombak lg kn tp still neves..kakaka.

Nway, izu dh pnh wat tag ni tp tk pela Nadia punye psl..insya Allah izu buat la k..;)tp tataula lg bila ni..hihihi..


huhuhu..bijak lah Nadine..kurang sket butterflies in stomach sb ur mother n family around yerk!!so clever..:)

neway..I pun dah try nak buat tag nih jgak..bila bc Nuurill' sb my lappy yg dah rosak tk baiki now sharing the pix folder with my hubby..the 8th folder n pix was his car's pix..I got no story behind it dear..huhuhu

my.mastura said...

x yah teka2 la saper encik boipren dh tau! :P

:: NieSha :: said...

alamak..adakah wani tu saya? hehehe...atau wani lain? hihiii...if me, later k..wahahahaa...kna korek2 gmbr dlu,xtau gmbr pe yg kluar nanti :)

Nadine said...

Hihi..itula, nasib plan menjadi. Tp yg x bestnye mak plak jumpa mama dulu dr i... :)

Upsie! Sorry still new in blogspot so x perasan izu dh pernah wat. :) benda ni suka2 je. If x buat pun nadia ok worries dear! :)

Nadine said...

Tak semua org tau jugak..sbb masa study, teman tp mesra aku org lain.. :p

Hihi...wani mana lg, mek klate kita yg comel lote hok ni le...hihi! :) kalu ada masa buatla, fun jugak nk tgk gamba ape yg kuar kn..


comelnyer gambar grad. hihi. Mommy Fadzil mesti masa tu dalam hati cakap; "alahai comelnyer bakal menantuku".. :) and your mum pulak; "pandainya anakku pilih boipren".. hihihihih

Nadine said... nie mmg kreatip tau buat2 dialog nie :)

comel atau comot?? haha!

u know, balik dr convo my aunties sume duk usik i kata bf rupa hitrik roshan. sbb diaorg tau i agak anti hindi movies. hampeh tul...

Yana said...

interesting story, nad. terhibur aku baca :)

dyana "his other half" said...

an interesting entry. sangat menarik.

cd pun tak sempat2 nak buat tag nurul tu. hehe. kena tunggu kerja clear sket lagi. hehe.

ohhh, saya rasa saya tahu sapa teman tp mesra nadia masa study dulu. muahahaha.

LyDiA said...

adakah nini itu saya... =p

hihi cute nyer gmbr mase berchenta. I loike ^^

Nadine said...

hi Yana,

Thank u sudi singgah my blog n read d entry dear...sudi2lah drop by again ye :)

Lady D,

Nnti ada masa buatlah, nk jugak tau gamba ape yg muncul..mesti gamba cantik je sbb fariq dh buat quality control..hihi..

He he he...syyyhhh. Kenangan tuh, ahaks! :p

Nini yg cumil,

Sape lg...nini nk nadia nyanyi dulu ke br bley buat?? Hihihi...nnti buat tau. Wajib since nini dh lama x update blog :)

Diyana Didie said...

org ckp kalau dah jodoh..everything goes smooth saje kan.. :) akak dating tak lama lepas tu teros kawen yeh? berapa tahun bercinta then kawen? bertunang lama tak? hehe byk pulak soklan dd hikhik no...some friends advise dd jgn tunang lama la...tak elok la..memcm rase mcm tak percaya je. kalau dah jodoh tak kemana kan akak.. ;p

Nadine said...

true dear. tp in my case ade juga dugaan dan rintangan nyer. eceh.. :)

bercinta, dec 2005
bertunang, may 2007
berkahwin, dec 2007

hihi, dua thn jugak bercenta br kawin Didie. Sbb kena kumpul duit utk belanja kawin. :) akak bertunang tak lama sbb parents tak suka lama2 and nenek akak dh bising sbb akak kawin at the age of 27, which she thinks is kinda old. hihi :)

insyaAllah didie, betul...kalau dah jodoh tak kemana ;)

p.s: didie pun mesti dh tak lama lagi nie. nnti kawin jgn lupa jemput akak yer :)

Diyana Didie said...

insya'allah..akak tu nnt, kalau sy jemput jgn segan segan pulak nak dtg ;)

YOI said...

baru perasan entry ni. update blog pon ala2 kalut2 je skrg..terima kasih kerana participate dan gambar yg di papar mmg nostalgiaaaa gitu..

Nadine said...

No worries. thanks to you to for tagging me. If not takdela entry ni..