Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still Here..

Hello Peeps!

To those who wondering...I'm pretty much still here :)

Life has been very hectic for the past one week and I'm currently missing my comfy pillow soooo much. Kinda sleepy and dizzy too since I didn't got a proper sleep last night...*sigh*

Currently, I just started working with a new project - EUL, which is way advance than my current area of expertise. Challenging, I must say but at the same time I'm so looking forward to explore more on HSPA. The company I'm working with on the other hand is in the middle of major regional re-org so a lot of papers to sign, procedures, new policies and directives to be followed. In addition, new tenant will be coming soon to our building so I predict there will be some changes in the environment as well. I just hope the basement parking will still be ample for us the staff, which personally I think wont happen..*sob*

These few days, everything seems to be out of order for me. Mimy and Nadia, sorry I didnt get the chance yet to reply your emails. I really hope that I can do it soon, insyaAllah. Alhamdulillah, I am so lucky to have a very supportive hubby who sometimes have to eat dinner alone, bathe Faaz and put him to sleep (which are clearly supposed to be my task). You didn't know how guilty I am every time I have to go through this. Yesterday, he even slept very late just to accompany me finishing off my task. I was touched. Really hate this scenario but we both know this is the sacrifice that we both have to face sometimes (especially working with the private sectors). In the end, all the hard work is for the benefit of our family...insyaAllah.

Right now, I am thinking of home.

At home, a big basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded...

At home, few stuff in the fridge screaming off to be utilized or else wasted since the expiring date is coming soon...


most importantly,

At home...

little munchkin is waiting patiently for his mommy who is likely to be home around 8pm,

....just like every other day lately.

Mommy please come home faster or else Faaz will turn into the Incredible Hulk! :P


I miss working from home...I miss my baby :(

Huwaaaa...nak balik!!!!


RuZaNNa said...

OMG, comelnya Faaz buat muka mcm tuh! mcm dah big boy ok..muka mcm tgh merajuk+marah.. hahah.. good one there!

Well, we're in the same nadine, i pun busy amat2 lately.. the only difference, i have pass imran to my maid :(

But then again, this busy period will surely have an end.. i sungguh tak sabar for that time to come.. hehehe.. boleh gi holiday!

Mimy Hamid said...

bzz nya u...sian dia...lagi2 lak faaz yg dh makin cheecky ni..tgk tu mulut comehhhh je..geram...i'm waiting ur email k..no worries..take ur time


Oh Faaz is so cute!!!!!! hehehehe. pAndai buat muka Hulk yer. hihihi

i pun tertanya-tanya you pagi tadi, manala mommy Faaz ni x update2 blog. hihi.

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Oh siannya dia...busy ye..tak pe..Faaz n daddynya will always understand...Mommy jgn risau ye...

Nway, comey betui Faaz wat muka camtuh..hihihii...

All the best n tk care dear..:)

Nadine said...


My son mmg bnyk expression dia suka buat. Exploring himself I guess..hihi. Mmg slalu org ckp dia mcm budak besar je. Maybe he should be born in Dec instead of January :P

Iyeke..ade geng lah I. Rasa bersalah kan, tp dah kerja. Yes!!, I cant wait for it to end. But then, I just started..PO pun sampai June. I guess I have a looooong way to go *sob*

Holiday???! Mmg nak sgt!! dpt weekend getaway pun jadila (^__^)v


Thank you so much for understanding. Mmmmuahs!! :)


Thanks :) Kadang2 bila dtg his cheeky-ness tu, we said "smile!" but he did that instead. Sabar ajelaaaaa..hihihi.

Nadine said...


Awwwh..so sweet. Feels a lot better. Thanks dear! *hugs* :)


owwh!!sgt cute Faaz with the Hulky face :)
welcome back Nadine..we all waiting for ur entry..
neway,sabar..nanti work hard tu surely paid wit big "B" word!kcing!!:)

Nadine said...

:) Thanks Nadia.

Hihi, ade ke org tunggu Nadia. I slalu tulis ikut syok sendiri aje. Ahaks!

Anyway,best je bunyi tu --> "ka-cing!!" hihihi :D