Friday, April 30, 2010

Between Concern and Worry

I was on m.c for the past two days due to fever. Alhamdulillah, I am recovering. Being at home for two days made me discovered few things about my son. Never had I thought that being away for 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 times a week from your child actually made you missed a lot of things about him/her. Well, who am I to complaint, after all it is the path that I choose to be - a working mom.

However, this time around Faaz's new 'skills' are not something pleasant to know. Instead of delighted, it triggers concern and worry at the same time. The first incident happened as I was having my lunch in front of the TV while Faaz was playing with his toys near me. Out of sudden, he climbed on the coffee table next to the 3-seater sofa where I was seated and jumped towards the sofa while grinning away. More to dive actually. Oh my goodness, it happened so fast! I was terrified but Faaz on the other hand, not a single trace of fear were seen on his face. Instead, he was so ready to repeat the same thing again. I just couldn't believe what I just saw, can't believe a 15 months old can do such stunt!

Second incident happened in the kitchen. I was busy washing the dishes when suddenly Fadzil shouted to me from the dining area, alarmed me of Faaz, who apparently was behind my back. I thought it was a normal routine Faaz would do, followed me closely behind my back (he can't be parted away from me whenever I am at home) but I was wondering why Fadzil had to scream. I was terrified when I turned around. Faaz was standing on a stool, his hand was trying to turn on the fire from the stove! OMG!

What had happened is definitely an eye opening for me and Fadzil as a parents and we thank Allah SWT for this. It made us realized now that Faaz has grown up, he is fearless and ready to experiment every single thing that a grown up do. And lately, with our nephew staying with us, Faaz will surely imitate every action that he made, anything that looks fun to explore. It's about
time that we sharpen our parenting skill and educate Faaz of the danger he might face. Honestly, we are still learning of the best possible way to make a 15 months old toddler understand it. Anyone who care to give some tips is more than welcome..Besides that, we are now trying to improve the child-proofing around the house. Like mentioned in babycenter, the most effective way to ensure your baby's safety is to take a baby's-eye view of your home.

Mama is quite cool when it comes to this. Maybe because she had experienced it so many times, unlike us. I know, its part of the journey of a growing child that every parent will experience but at the age of 15 months?? Perhaps, I am thinking too much, perhaps I am exaggerating, perhaps its the normal thing happened to any child as the same age as Faaz, but I cant lie to myself pretending I am not concern or worry about his safety coz I am. I feel it's way too advance for such age to do a "superman stunt".

my precious gem,
may you always be safe and protected from any harm, insyaAllah.

Come to think of it, what others used to say is true indeed. Worry is very synonym to a first time mother...

just like I am.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Perfect Hang Out Place

Before I proceed, let us recite Al-Fatihah to my late Paksu - Allahyarham Azharuddin b. Hj Muhamad, who passed away peacefully last Friday morning after 2 years battling with cancer. Exactly 13 months after my late grandfather passed away.
May his soul rest in peace and may Jannah is the place for him.


Recently Fadzil had to go to his office on weekend to settle some task. Usually, I will tag along and accompany him but this time, Fadzil insisted that we bring Faaz as well. At first, I was skeptical, afraid Faaz will get bored in no time, or worst crying due to the "uncomfiness" (note that the aircond is usually off during the weekends). Fadzil then suggested that me and Faaz spend the time at Pavilion while waiting for him, perhaps get Faaz a new toy or do some shopping...

Pavilion? Shopping?

A huge grin on my face enough to give a sign to Fadzil that it was a "YES, Lets go!" Hihihi...Faaz was asleep when we arrived at Pavilion so I took the opportunity to stroll him while looking around. Managed to get some new clothes for him and found a perfect silver-colored stilettos that suit my taste. Sadly I have to pass on this as the price is too absurd. Boleh pengsan kalau Fadzil tengok :P Cotton On was having some sale so I got something for
myself. Speaking of Cotton On, do you know that Cotton On Kids is now available at Sunway Pyramid? Love their cotton pyjamas the most, comfy and cute! :)

Just as I was about to get bored, Faaz woke up and was so ready to jump out of his stroller when he realized where he was. "Habislah Mommy..." I said to myself imagining how he will throw a tantrum if I wont let him out of his stroller or how I have to chase him with the stroller in my hand, if I let him walk instead...I went to nearby bench, gave him some sandwich I prepared earlier and water while thinking where should I bring this little munchkin. There's no Toys R Us, and there's no playing area for kids in Pavilion too. After he finished his snack, I strolled him to the lift and we went to the highest level.

The first store after the lift is The Borders. Since Faaz loves book too, I told myself,

"Why not let him walk around here, maybe if he found the book that he likes he will not move around too much"

I was excited when we entered the children section. Faaz was excited too. Apparently their children's section is equipped with a huge table with a lot of stools and interactive books for kids to read and play! How generous and cool of them ;) Faaz ran towards the bookshelf the minute I took him out of his stroller. He chose Elmo from the Sasame Street character as his first book.

Curiosity made him pushed the button on top of the book....

and he was surprised to hear Elmo's voice singing!
Hihihi...he found it hilarious so he repeated it for few times :D

Busy sungguh flipping to the next page.
He made friend with the girl in this photo as well, he called her kakak! :)

Faaz really enjoyed himself there either reading the books or just walking around and checking on the displays on the shelves.Alhamdulillah, senang Mommy. So I took the opportunity to read some parenting books nearby while keeping an eye to my son without realizing that we both had spent an hour in The Borders!

I found these while following Faaz 'touring' between the shelves. Myra, this is perfect for baby Mya..u can hang it on her stroller or carrier ;) and owh the art set for kids below made me so eager to start an art project for Faaz. Unfortunately, I cant find one for his age..*sob*

Fadzil was impressed to see his son when he came to us later. Next time if we were to accompany him to work again, then we know where should we go :) We both also agreed to have a mini version of this fun and colorful kid's library, perhaps in Faaz's room when we move to our house..but as for now, let it be in our dreams first. :)

On the way to home sweet home we stopped by a fish shop in SS19. This time, Fadzil bought a turtle for Faaz. Faaz was not so keen to touch it tho, ini mesti kes geli cam Mommy nie..heee. I guess he prefer fish than a turtle.

This small tiny turtle cost us RM9...quite expensive eh?

By the way, lately Faaz has a new style of smiling...whenever we say, "Faaz smile to the camera!", this is what we got...

Tayang gigi + gusi....gigi Faaz tak cukup lagi laaaa! :))

Monday, April 26, 2010

World Earth Day

Most of the companies in Malaysia celebrated the World Earth Day on last Thursday, and so did /// :)

In conjunction with the Earth Day, all staff were encouraged to wear GREEN to show their support for the cause. If you happened to read this post, then you know that I am among the person who doesn't fancy green that much when it comes to attire. Without any other choice, I wore a baby-doll dress + a cardigan; both in turquoise in color. anticipated, some of my friends argued that turquoise is actually blue. Well, my side of argument is simple...

1) According to both statement from the wikipedia below, GREEN is mentioned in definition of turquoise. Therefore, it is fair to say that GREEN is a part of turquoise too, don't you think so?? Hihi.. :)

"Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral...." (from

"Turquoise is a slightly greenish tone of cyan..." (from

2) Yours truly did a simple test before she went back home. It was proven that under certain lights, turquoise did looks greeeen instead of blue. Tak percaya??? See this photo...

It does look green, isn't it??
**(Err, please ignore the background of this photo ya :P)

Besides wear-green-to-office, we have few other activities done that day. In order to save fuel and gas pollution, we have:

- car pool to work on that day
- "eat in" or "don't go out for lunch" where all staff were advice to either bring lunches from home or eat in at our cafe instead of going out.

In order too save the energy, all lights were shut off during lunchtime.

Yours truly have to work in the dark since the lights were ON again after 2pm..

Staff were encourage to bring in old electronic stuff for recycling purpose while there were quizzes, environmental based booths and other activities such as personal pledge to the earth were done at the ground floor. Me and my colleague, Nini also got ourselves the shopping for her and orange for myself :)
Since this was a part of /// Corporate Responsibility program, they have come out with a passport - CR Volunteers log book for those who took part in any of the program organized by them. All we have to do is just get ourselves a stamped for each activity that we joined and towards the end of the year, those who participated the most will get their rewards. :)

I have made a pledge to start using the eco-friendly shopping bag not only on Saturdays (as Selangor currently implement the no-plastic-day on Saturdays) but every time I go out and buy stuff. So far so god, I have missed once or twice though...I haven't tried out putting the frozen food inside the bag, as I still worrying that the bag will get wet. hee hee..

Oh, Coach lovers in Penang.
Good news for you.... :)

Happy shopping! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Award - Beautiful Blogger

First and foremost, my token of appreciation goes out to two lovely bloggers:

Diyana Didie


Mimy Hamid

for the same awards given few weeks ago (sorry for the delay..huhu).
It was so sweet of you two! :)

In order to accept the award, I have to fulfill 4 conditions:

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award. (Done!)
2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award
4. State 7 things about yourself

For me, beautiful is something subjective. Some people are gifted with beauty by the look but some possess inner beauty that shines within them. For this reason, I choose pass this award to all my blogging friends whose their blog is on my bloglist, not to forget to all my loyal readers (follower) out there cause I believe..everyone is beautiful in their own way! :)
P/S: Don't be shy to get it ok?
(Hope that rule no. 2 & 3 are considered done..hihi)

So let us move on to the final rule...

~7 Things About Nadine~

1) Shoeholic

Used to have almost a hundred pair of shoes ranging from sandals to stilettos. However, some of the collections have been thrown away (the old, weary ones) and some have been given to my younger sister when I moved out from Gombak home after marriage due to space constraint in USJ home *sob*
Stopped the shoe obsession for a while during pregnancy and surprisingly after confinement, most of the passion goes to designer handbag instead :P

2) Same EDOD with my son!

Both of our actual expected date of delivery was on 11th January. I was born in this world a week earlier, the day my mom was supposed to go back to her hometown and get ready for the delivery. I guess it was me who wanted to be a KL born child instead of Batu Pahat's :P
As for my son, I was given a new due date on week 28th of my pregnancy by Dr. Siti
due to the size of the baby and on the date itself, 9th January 2009 Faaz was born :)

3) Phobia of walking on top of a drain cover with railings

Well, it may sounds funny and embarrassing but this is true! *blush*. I face this problem since I was a kid. I don't find it a hassle at all to walk on a longer path or to make a big turn as long as I dont have to step my feet on top of the drain cover. Doesn't matter if I wear a killer heels, or a pair of wedges or simply sandals, I can't just walk off without the fear of falling or stuck between the railings! :P

4)Not really a sweet-tooth person

Some people thought I am a sweet tooth since I love to make desserts as much as cooking. Yes, I enjoyed baking and preparing desserts but its all for my hubby (especially; since he loves dessert), family and guests. A small piece of cake or not-too-sweet dessert is all I can tolerate. However, there is an exception: Ice-Cream!! (Plis don't as me why :) )

5) Most wanted place on earth to visit...Mecca Al-Mukarramah

Didie, Akak jealous dgn kamu! ;)
We are still saving for it. Really hope its our call in the near future. Do pray for us ya! :)

6) All time favourite cartoon: Tom & Jerry

I can watch the same episode over and over again and laughing without failed!! :))
Since Faaz adore cats so much, he enjoys watching this cartoon as well. Two generations..isn't it cool?! :)

7) Most Favourite Actor: John Christopher Depp II :P

It was love at first sight since 21 Jump Street (ish..kecik2 dh gatai :P)
...need I say more? :P

( rules are considered done! :)

*all photos are taken from google*

Friday, April 16, 2010

When I Am Stressed..

Life isn't always a bed full of roses.

This week has been quite stressful for me especially when it comes to career wise. Tight schedules & deadlines, pressure to quickly adapt and hands on to the new responsibilities, high expectation from the superior plus fighting with the annoying dirty politics in the workplace...urrgghhh!

In addition to that, an unfortunate incident occurred at home recently. (I guess all my FB buddies are all aware of this). Oh my precious white blouse...sedihnya. *sob* *sob*

Seriously...all of these are enough to make me go nuts!

However, I am still sane till this moment...alhamdulillah. :) Since I was in a sad mood, my Fadzil suggested that we should spend last night differently just to get my mind out of it, to kill my sadness. A movie date for both of us, or check out nearby places that we've never been before... the "Steel" Mosque in Putrajaya for an instance. Of course, happily I said "Yes!" to him.

It's like a mini series of unfortunate events when at 5.40pm, he called to inform that there was a technical problem with the Putra LRT service, and the KLCC station filled with stranded passengers. Aiseh!! As I reached home, Faaz gave me a huge grin filled with excitements when he saw me at the front yard. And each time he did that, it will never fail to rejuvenate me, as well as change my mood abruptly. I am sure most of the parents feels the same way too...kan? :)

By the way, hubster called me back as I was playing with Faaz near the house pond. He told me that RapidKL just announced that it will take a while before the system will be back to normal and he asked if I am too tired to drive, which I was not at that moment. He suggested that since he was in KLCC, maybe we can just spend time together there instead. Since Faaz looked tired, mama put him to sleep while I took the bath. Later, happily I drove all the way to KLCC to rescue my price charming..eceh! :P.

After Maghrib prayers and dinner, Fadzil did offered me to shop, perhaps getting myself a new blouse but I was not in the mood for that. So we decided to pay a visit to Kinokuniya, the place
we used to hang out while we were dating and bought some books to relax our mind and channeled the stress through reading. Honestly, since the birth of our son plus the demand in the workplace, both of us hardly have a chance to read like we used to...we focus more to magazines instead. Anyway, we felt it is about time to re-start again. So we agreed to spend at least 15-20 minutes before sleeping everyday as our reading sessions.

Fadzil got a book related to foreign culture for himself while being the fan of true inspiring stories, I got myself the book that has been on the top of my list to read since last year; Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Wish that I can finished it off before the movie comes out soon. I'm so excited! :) We also bought a book for our little munchkin, First Words. The best thing about Kino Bookshop is that they have a special section for Baby/Toddler near the cashier at the 2nd entrance. Thus, it's so easy for you to find a suitable book for your child base on the requirements or need.

Speaking of Faaz, it's kinda flattering when we discovered he is into reading as well. Maybe because we, his parents loves to read in the first place, or perhaps because we had introduced him to books at a very young age...

when he was just 3 months old..

at 4 months old..spending his quality time with his daddy :)

at 1 year old with his Baby Einstein collection.
besides appreciating the illustration, he started uttering words too!
(eg. tree, house)

Just nice as we reached home, Faaz woke up from his sleep. He instantly fell in love with the book we bought for him the minute he got it. Glad you like it baby! :)

Sampai geram2! hihi

Later, I went upstairs to our bathroom to check on my blouse. With the power of Facebooking plus the comments from caring friends, I managed to get useful tips in my attempt to save my precious blouse. I tried each and every suggestion but there's not much improvement. The last attempt was to try using the Nappikleen as suggested by Wani. I was delighted to see there was a huge improvement on the stain. Thank you, Wani! You are my saver! *hugs* :) The stains were not totally disappeared, but they were almost invisible.
Good enough to make me happy at this moment. Never knew that Faaz's clothes detergent can do such ladies, in case you happened to experience similar incident as me, sila cari Nappikleen! :P

p.s: can't wait to go home and finished off the next chapter! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gloomy Heart

Tears pouring like a heavy rain to my cheek...

The palm of both my hands and feet were as cool as ice....

I felt so weak....

All of these happened as I read this blog.

I just can't imagine myself in her shoes. It's heartbreaking and at the same time made me realized how fragile our life is indeed.

{Every soul will taste death. And we test you with bad and with good as a trial. And unto us you will return.}

Al-Anbiyaa: 35

~Al-Fatihah for Dzafri Hisyam b Khairulanwar~


Condolences to Mummy Baya & family. Baya, I know how difficult this must be for you. You may not know me, but you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. May Allah give you the strength to move on, InsyaAllah.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

When I Am Messy...

I was late to the office yesterday, thanks to myself who accidentally kept the purse inside the wrong handbag. I was halfway to the office when I realized this, hence I have to make a u-turn back home *sigh*

In addition to that, earlier I have wasted 40 minutes of my precious time when I wanted to get ready for work. The reason? I was having a hard time finding a matching top and pants to wear. Out of sudden I felt everything that I chose was not right. :( Few times I have to change and ironed until I ran out of time. At last, I just grabbed a plain Topshop top, a pair of skinny jeans and a matching scarf. Sounds like going for a shopping spree instead huh? Yeah, I went to work feeling messy the whole day! :( Lucky /// is not so straight about the dress code and lucky I don't have to attend any meeting today.

I wanted to wear a cardigan as well but I left mine at my mom's place. No other choice, I just wrapped myself with a pashmina instead with an intention to make it less casual (konon2nya :P). In time like this, how I wished I owned DKNY cozy.

I can just wrap it, twist it, lift it, pull it...whichever style that I want to and walla, within few minutes I can go off to work. No need of ironing. Best kan, as best as the price tag...heheh! :P

By the way, I love style no.3, 4, 7, 11 & 12 the most. Which one is your style? :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We attended two gatherings last week; a family event and a reunion with ex-uni clan.

Family gathering @ Sunway

It was held at Aunty Faridah's place, to welcome back Fadzil's favourite Uncle Kamal and Aunty Monique, all the way from Swiss. Every year, they will visit us and have a one month vacation, so this gathering is considered as a yearly family event.

Faaz was just 4 months old when they came back last year so this year he got the chance to interact and get to know them better. At first, Faaz cried when they approached him, probably because of the unfamiliar faces or probably this was his first time to interact with a foreigner. Aunty Monique even joked that "maybe I'm too white for him" hihihi...after a while mingling around, he's back to his friendliness attitude.

shying away at first..

friendly at last :)

Being kind and generous person as they are, each year without failed they will bring some goodies and souvenirs from Swiss for the nieces and nephews. If last year Faaz was given a set of Swiss Rompers, this year he got a winter jacket, a matching cargo pants and swiss' tigger (we called it jaundice tigger since its too yellowish..haha!). Uncle Kamal told us that this time, we have to bring Faaz to Swiss, no more excuses...owh, we would love to uncle, in fact we would love to fly back with u next month..if only we are as rich as you! Hihi.. :)

Merci Beaucoup l' oncle and l' tante! :)

BBQ /Potluck Party

It was held and my BFF's home sweet home in Kota Warisan and attended by our uni clan. Most of us came from the exempted group of the IIUM matriculation and we become good friends ever since and the friendship continue to bloom among our spouses and kids. Friends forever ok! :) Most of the food were prepared by the ladies and all of them were scrumptious! The menu includes barbecued chicken and mutton, baryani, spaghetti, variety of salads, mashed potatoes and mouth watering desserts..nyum, nyum. :)

the early birds... :)

the men: discussions of gadgets, cars and property :P

the ladies: discussions of fashion, recipes and babies :P

the babies: exploring! :p

my hubby tgh rambang mata..hihi

We all have fun that night although we were hoping for a bigger crowd. Hopefully the rest of the clan will be able to join us in the future....we missed you! The party ended with a speech by the hosts followed by a group photo. Well done to the organizer. Looking forward for more meet up sessions :)

p.s: Who's turn next?? *wink* :)