Monday, April 19, 2010

Award - Beautiful Blogger

First and foremost, my token of appreciation goes out to two lovely bloggers:

Diyana Didie


Mimy Hamid

for the same awards given few weeks ago (sorry for the delay..huhu).
It was so sweet of you two! :)

In order to accept the award, I have to fulfill 4 conditions:

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award. (Done!)
2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award
4. State 7 things about yourself

For me, beautiful is something subjective. Some people are gifted with beauty by the look but some possess inner beauty that shines within them. For this reason, I choose pass this award to all my blogging friends whose their blog is on my bloglist, not to forget to all my loyal readers (follower) out there cause I believe..everyone is beautiful in their own way! :)
P/S: Don't be shy to get it ok?
(Hope that rule no. 2 & 3 are considered done..hihi)

So let us move on to the final rule...

~7 Things About Nadine~

1) Shoeholic

Used to have almost a hundred pair of shoes ranging from sandals to stilettos. However, some of the collections have been thrown away (the old, weary ones) and some have been given to my younger sister when I moved out from Gombak home after marriage due to space constraint in USJ home *sob*
Stopped the shoe obsession for a while during pregnancy and surprisingly after confinement, most of the passion goes to designer handbag instead :P

2) Same EDOD with my son!

Both of our actual expected date of delivery was on 11th January. I was born in this world a week earlier, the day my mom was supposed to go back to her hometown and get ready for the delivery. I guess it was me who wanted to be a KL born child instead of Batu Pahat's :P
As for my son, I was given a new due date on week 28th of my pregnancy by Dr. Siti
due to the size of the baby and on the date itself, 9th January 2009 Faaz was born :)

3) Phobia of walking on top of a drain cover with railings

Well, it may sounds funny and embarrassing but this is true! *blush*. I face this problem since I was a kid. I don't find it a hassle at all to walk on a longer path or to make a big turn as long as I dont have to step my feet on top of the drain cover. Doesn't matter if I wear a killer heels, or a pair of wedges or simply sandals, I can't just walk off without the fear of falling or stuck between the railings! :P

4)Not really a sweet-tooth person

Some people thought I am a sweet tooth since I love to make desserts as much as cooking. Yes, I enjoyed baking and preparing desserts but its all for my hubby (especially; since he loves dessert), family and guests. A small piece of cake or not-too-sweet dessert is all I can tolerate. However, there is an exception: Ice-Cream!! (Plis don't as me why :) )

5) Most wanted place on earth to visit...Mecca Al-Mukarramah

Didie, Akak jealous dgn kamu! ;)
We are still saving for it. Really hope its our call in the near future. Do pray for us ya! :)

6) All time favourite cartoon: Tom & Jerry

I can watch the same episode over and over again and laughing without failed!! :))
Since Faaz adore cats so much, he enjoys watching this cartoon as well. Two generations..isn't it cool?! :)

7) Most Favourite Actor: John Christopher Depp II :P

It was love at first sight since 21 Jump Street (ish..kecik2 dh gatai :P)
...need I say more? :P

( rules are considered done! :)

*all photos are taken from google*


dyana "his other half" said...

hey, i'm afraid to walk on the drain which cover with railings too! at last i found someone that feels as i do with those railings. bad, bad railings. hehe.

sha and tina used to laugh at me before. and now it's hubby ;).

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Nadia, izu pun tkt jln ats penutup lbg parit/longkang tu..hihi fobia!:D

Nadine said...

Cee D & Izu,

Really??? YAY!!
Nadia ade geng rupanya :)
lepas ni kalau kena ejek ngan Fadzil lagi, blehla bgtau dia bkn Nadia sorang, korang pun sama..hihihi! :D

RuZaNNa said...

I pun takut nak walk on top of the railings sbb takut heels tersangkut.. or even worst.. takut the reailing tiba2 terjatuh and i'll fall in the drain as well.. dramatic tak? hahaha.. Ramai geng rupanya.. heheh

My all time fave cartoon will be the smurf and my little pony.. hahahaha.. until i now i igt tgk those cartoons on sunday morning..


hehe..seems like I'm the only person with no worry! I always with my flat shoes..
I'm a flat shoe lover!
ada heel/wedges,tp jarang sgt2 pakai!
u just like my sister,bnyk sgt kasut,every occasion come with special shoes,in fact every each interview she went, it came with a special shoes..
worst, each boxes she has to name n label it properly!
sb dah tgk my sis yg parah suka beli sandal/shoes, I tend to be loyal to my flat clarks and sandal!

Nadine said...


I used to like smurf. sampai at one time mana2 I pegi mesti bawak skali my smurf sticker book...until one day.

My eldest cousin dtg rumah, then dia bgtau I yg smurf tu exist and diaorg start kluar when all human fall asleep. Pastu dia siap tunjuk I bukti tapak kaki smurf. Owh, I was so naive that I believed in him! Mlm2 before tido mesti teringat kata2 my cousin tu, pastu my wildest imagination campur plak dgn Gulliver from the Gullier's travel...seram aje.

Until I was like 12 years old. I asked my mom betulke ini tapak2 kaki smurf (pointing at a wall near the staircase of our house). My mom gelak giler2 punye. U tau tak..its actually paint punye stain, mcm terpercik la kat dinding ni into small2 oval dots. Yer2 je I ingatkan tapak kaki smurf :D

Abg Nazly..if u read this. I hate you!! :P :P

Nadine said...


wow?! every interview pun lain2 kasut...nasib my obsession it not up to that extend..*phewww* eceh.. :D

heeee..I pun label each box according to its color, type and material with marker pen so that senang nak grab any shoes that I want. Bkn ape, most of the box tu white in color..atau few boxes of the same brand kn. Bila susun dlm wardrobe tu nampak identical je sume. Kalau tak label, mmg alamat kena bukak satu2 kotak which is very time consuming :)

RuZaNNa said...

ahhahahhaha.. That was a good one!
Sama kisah cam abg i slalu takut kan i yg bawah katil i ada clown yg mkn org.. siapa tak tido pakai selimut nnt kena tarik masuk bawah katil.. lagi2 pulak masa tuh ada this scary movie (which is no longer scary bile i dah besar) name 'IT'.. mmg trauma ok!

Nadine said...

I know the movie!! Tp I tak takut sbb my focus gone to leading actor, jonathan brandis. ahahaha...those were the days!! :D


Your fav actor is same like Armi, John Depp. Tetiba i terbayang dia punya action pelik dalam Pirate of Caribbean tuh! hihi

I love shoes too! If i was shopping alone, xselalu pon, sebab x suka jalan sorang2. :p The first thing i akan rembat is Shoe!!! I think your strategy labeling all your shoes with colors mmg bagus untuk dicontohi la. Sebab Tiap kali nak cepat, mulalah i tension cari kasut dalam store tu. Bukak kotak ni kasut lain, bukak kotak tu kasut lain. Haih!!!! :)

And i'm also not a sweet-tooth person. I suka masin! kuang kuang kuang!! :)

faisyura said...

saya pun takot juge lalu kt atas cover longkang tu... even tgk longkang yg tak bertutup pun bleh jadi seriauu... hahah... seboleh2 tanak lalu la kt situ sanggup tawaf jalan lain... hihhihi

nadia, i used to be shoeholic juge dulu, tapi bile dh anak 2 ni, tak dan! i wish i can continue to be shoeholic again soon.. rinddduuuuunyeee.. mcm puas btul kalo tengok kasut byk2 kan!

Nadine said...


Johnny Depp..he can be wacky, he can be a heartthrob, he can be hilarious. That is why he is special :)

I used to face that. Mmg tension lagi2 bila dh lambat Mr. Hubby pulak ckp, "itula..collect kasut banyak2 lagi, kan susah nak cari". Owh, terpaksa la cr best solution. hihi..

Is it?! Then we're in the same boat la dear. I prefer salty than sweet too ;)

Nadine said...


Nadia dr dulu dh boleh agak Zura pun minat kasut tau.. :)

sebabnya, masa lepas grad dulu, bila pegi Alpha Angle je mesti terserempak Zura dating ngan hubby Zura. Pastu asik2 nampak Zura kat dpn kedai kasut..heee :D

Thara said...

"Phobia of walking on top of a drain cover with railings"

hahaha. after reading all of your comments, now i know that im not the only one paranoid over this! i selalu "kecut perut" whenever i had to walk over those covered drains. belom pijak lagi misti dah pikir yang bukan2 - mcm mana kalau railings ni jatuh? kukuh ke railings ni, aku kan gemok. :P

btw, that smurf story u told above here is so hilarious! haha. we were so naive dulu2 kan! i used to believe my elder sister could do magic! :P

Nadine said...

Kan? ramai rupanya geng takut lalu atas longkang ni :P. Pasnih kalau org tegur, takla rasa cam diri ni gedik sgt. U tak gemukla Thara..I tgk ur photos sume ok jer. Dont worry! :)

Hee Hee..I don't know why I have to wait untill I was 12 years old br nak tanya my mom. Senang betul kena tipu! :D

Diyana Didie said...

saya Amin kan utk akak. InsyAllah...nnt smp lah seru akak pulak.

Nadine said...

:) thanks dear..