Friday, April 30, 2010

Between Concern and Worry

I was on m.c for the past two days due to fever. Alhamdulillah, I am recovering. Being at home for two days made me discovered few things about my son. Never had I thought that being away for 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 times a week from your child actually made you missed a lot of things about him/her. Well, who am I to complaint, after all it is the path that I choose to be - a working mom.

However, this time around Faaz's new 'skills' are not something pleasant to know. Instead of delighted, it triggers concern and worry at the same time. The first incident happened as I was having my lunch in front of the TV while Faaz was playing with his toys near me. Out of sudden, he climbed on the coffee table next to the 3-seater sofa where I was seated and jumped towards the sofa while grinning away. More to dive actually. Oh my goodness, it happened so fast! I was terrified but Faaz on the other hand, not a single trace of fear were seen on his face. Instead, he was so ready to repeat the same thing again. I just couldn't believe what I just saw, can't believe a 15 months old can do such stunt!

Second incident happened in the kitchen. I was busy washing the dishes when suddenly Fadzil shouted to me from the dining area, alarmed me of Faaz, who apparently was behind my back. I thought it was a normal routine Faaz would do, followed me closely behind my back (he can't be parted away from me whenever I am at home) but I was wondering why Fadzil had to scream. I was terrified when I turned around. Faaz was standing on a stool, his hand was trying to turn on the fire from the stove! OMG!

What had happened is definitely an eye opening for me and Fadzil as a parents and we thank Allah SWT for this. It made us realized now that Faaz has grown up, he is fearless and ready to experiment every single thing that a grown up do. And lately, with our nephew staying with us, Faaz will surely imitate every action that he made, anything that looks fun to explore. It's about
time that we sharpen our parenting skill and educate Faaz of the danger he might face. Honestly, we are still learning of the best possible way to make a 15 months old toddler understand it. Anyone who care to give some tips is more than welcome..Besides that, we are now trying to improve the child-proofing around the house. Like mentioned in babycenter, the most effective way to ensure your baby's safety is to take a baby's-eye view of your home.

Mama is quite cool when it comes to this. Maybe because she had experienced it so many times, unlike us. I know, its part of the journey of a growing child that every parent will experience but at the age of 15 months?? Perhaps, I am thinking too much, perhaps I am exaggerating, perhaps its the normal thing happened to any child as the same age as Faaz, but I cant lie to myself pretending I am not concern or worry about his safety coz I am. I feel it's way too advance for such age to do a "superman stunt".

my precious gem,
may you always be safe and protected from any harm, insyaAllah.

Come to think of it, what others used to say is true indeed. Worry is very synonym to a first time mother...

just like I am.


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Mujur Faaz had safely landed kt sofa tu, hero la katakan. :)

Nway,Iris pn suka jgk wat stunt Nadia..pnh skali dia jd kn sofa bed ktrg sbg stage sblom dia wat aksi kuak lentang ke lantai dear, it happened so fast..tu izu dok kt sblh dia je,tu pn tk smpt nk wat apa..:(( masa tu izu rse dunia ni gelap-gelita skjp..mujur doc kata tk de pape..n after monitoring her for a day, fortunately dia xde demam or muntah. Syukur sgt! hrp2 in a long term, she's fine n healthy. Amin.

So i do understand ur feelings as a working mum, sbb thn lps masa izu keje pon, mmg izu risau tingatkn ank2 dok kt rmh bbysitter..cth: apa jd klu Zahin tjatuh dlm blk air ke or tkt sgt if Iris tjatuh buai! icnt help fr thingking yg bkn2..sbb sblom tu izu la jg derg 24-7..huhu me rse sgt paranoid.

Apa2 pon someone must watch Faaz closely while ur working la dear..kte bkn nk minta yg bkn2 blaku tp prevention is better than cure aite..good luck. Izu sentiasa doakan agr Faaz sentiasa dilindungi-Nya..Amin.

my.mastura said...

Faaz! naughty ni! gggrrrr....

toddler at this age, mmg dia akan monitor je apa yg berlaku kt keliling dia...apa dia nampak, apa dia dgr...tu sbb kita as parents kena jaga kelakuan dan percakapan..takut plak nnt dia terikut2

Mikhail hari tu pon mcm tu gak...dia 'terbang' dr atas katil ke bawah..nasib baik bhgn bawah, tepi katil tu mak aku mmg letak bantal, comforter kt situ buat budak2 tu baring...dia sikit pon x 'hek' ke apa...ketawa lg ada la..kita plak yg risau kemain...

sofa x yah citer...dr kerusi jari, panjat sofa..smp sofa, guling2 hindustan ke bawah..boleh?


Oh dear, I definitely understand your feeling. Worry and concern. Huhu. Though Oman belum sampai ke tahap superman lagi. But now, dia dah start to initiate aksi2 18sg yang memang seriau kita tengok. Huhu.

On the positive side, Faaz is a very fast learning boy, healthy, happy-go-lucky and macho gitew. At this age, he could imitate such actions.

Cumanya, kita yg kat sekeliling ni, must sedaya upaya mengawal keactivan anak-anak kita ni. Moga-moga nothing harm happen to them kan. Aamin.

Nadine said...


Iris pun camtu ye Izu. Haa, benda2 camtula yg Nadia risau sgt2. Alhamdulillah dia ok ye Izu, supergirl rupanya Iris ni, bkn saje explorer..hihi :)

Amin..Thank u so much for your prayer. Itula, skang everyone mmg kena really closely monitor this little boy..pantang lepa sket..huhu.


Wah, lagi hebat Mikhail okla if dia tak jatuh/luka. Aku risaukan itu the most. Takut terlepas pandang and something bad happen..uuuh, mintak dijauhkan. Amin!

Nadine said...


Aminn :)

Mmg seronokkan bila anak2 active and healthy. Tp bila out of sudden dia buat aksi yg bisa menggegarkan jantung nie..alahai risau sungguh!

Right now, me and Fadzil are trying our best to let Faaz understand that his actions can cause harm to himself. So far, kita ajar dia pegang palang tangga while turun on the split level at our house dia paham, suruh dia turun dr couch slowly dia paham. Tapi aksi terbaru ni dia tak paham2 lagi how danger it is. Ape yg dia nampak, excitement..huhu..Faaz, Faaz.

dyana "his other half" said...

i understand ur feeling. really hope everything OK for faaz. and moga faaz sentiasa dilindungi Allah. AMIN.

kadang2 terkejut kan dengan new skill diaorg ni. and paling sedih when bila bagitau babysitter hadif than they'll said "oh dari last week lagi kak". and me dalam hati "last week? aku baru tau THIS WEEK!".

faisyura said...

yezzaaa faaz dah masuk team zaim and aariz...huhu nadya, really understand ur feeling.. tell me about it.. i face this every single second with my boys... tu yg i feel like tiup wisel all the time... kalo coffe table tu mmg std dah tu... zaim punye aksi superman yg paling di risaukan skg adelah panjat sofa yg paling tinggi (kt tmpt kepala tuuu)and fly!!!! tak kire ade adik atau ape2 mende kt tgh tu.. terus aje terjun...

aariz pun dah mengikut! panjat kerusi sane sini... so kt rumah baru ni terpakse hold dulu beli furniture... duduk mcm gua.. sbb lasak sgt, n true nadia, mmg risau! aariz dh penah nosebleed sbb panjat kerusi n jatuh... Zaim lompat dr sofa masuk playpen.. benjol jugak kalo kdg2 bile missed target... amat peningg nadiaa but itu mmg boys thingy.. they enjoy doing this so much... mmg kite kene be extra careful... know am also cool dah kot macam ur mama.. hehe... ;P

RuZaNNa said...

wahhh advance betul la faaz ni!
If i were you nadine, i would worry as well! nak nak lagi ni jenis cpt panic punya org.. sure tak tido mlm thinking of the near incidents that happened.. nasib those happened in front of your eyes, and still have room to correct them..
Cuma mcm org2 tua suka kata 'alah, budak2.. biarkan je la", i can agree halfly.. kalau biarkan lagi parah kan.. but then, our sons are too young to understand the consequences of their actions..
Apepun, at times, we have to keep a close eye.. but sometimes, we have to keep an eye close to help their growth developement.. kalau asyik kata No aje.. nnt die tak diexposed to new things.. but provided, the new things are safe :)

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Thanks..AMIN :)


Ye ke Zura, Wow! Aariz lg la advance sbb dia lagi muda dr Faaz. Ini msti dia pun nak sama hebat ngan abg dia yg wow! jugak..tinggi tu, Zaim "dive" Zura. Kalau Nadia kat tempat Zura mesti pengsan dh..betul kata Zura, boys akan lasak, nak tak nak Nadia kena accept n sambil tu closely monitor..harap2 takde benda yg diingini berlaku la..seriau!

Anyway, mmg respect la kat mommy2 cam Zura and Izu yg ade anak 2 nie, tgk korang sentiasa cool je wpun dh ade macam2 aksi 18+ dr ur kids :) Nadia ni...anak br sorang tp panic n risau terlebih je. cemana nak tambah satu lagi ni?? :P

Nadine said...


U are absolutely right. I talked to my mom dia pun kata takleh jugak nak say "NO" all the time. My brother dulu camtula, lg2 anak lelaki sorang kan. Sume my mom say "NO" sampai dh besar ni nak suruh panjat tangga tukar mentol pun dia gayat..boleh? :P Terbalik plak ngan akak dia ni, bkn takat panjat tangga..panjat tower comm terus. hihi..

Mmg pasni kena really keep an eye on Faaz. Risau jd yg bukan2..huhu


wah advance betol Faaz ek..dia dah boleh carry his weight well lah kalau dah boleh terbang macam tu..Adam pun berlari2 anak pun masih tak stabil..

yeap, if I was at ur shoes pun, mahu pening kepala duk mike..owh yea, pasal dapur tu, now I understand why latest stove coming with safety nak turn on..;)
selalu komplen my stove susah nak turn on,rupanye its safety matter..

yeap, shud watch them closely,mcm I nih selalu tak boleh 100% monitor, lucky my hubby sgt particular, so he has to take that task..monitor Adam closely!

at least Nad, ur MIL jaga, takda lah worry sgt, those working mom like me, kena hntr kat nursery, aduh doa aje supaya elak benda2 tak elok!

Nadine said...

Yes dear, he balanced himself quite well. lari pun laju je..cuma, kalau lari turun bukit je dia tak reti nak "brek"..hihihi..

wah, ur stove ade that feature eh. good..good. mind to share the brand? mana tau we can consider once we move to our house in the future :)

Thara said...

babe, i think kan, mothers will always be haunted with this neverending worries and anxiousness lah. can it be that parents are sentenced to a lifetime of worry? i dunno. but i do know that, as long as we're alive, and as long as our kids allow us to love them, we will always have this anxiousness lurking at the back of our heads, urging us to protect our loved ones, no matter what, no matter when.

ps : chilproofing is a good idea now :)


wah terer Faaz eh,lari pun dah laju..bp berat Faaz skrang Nad?

hehe,dah dapat rumah idaman?congrats!
I pun tak perasan act,it just bila nak turn on nak kena tekan2 plak,susah sket lah..
I used fagor :)

Nadine said...


Well said, dear :). Yep, childproofing is main priority now. Sian Nani Faaz, at this age, the children all grown up patutnya lehla deco the house bagai. tp tak dpt jugak...cucu punye pasal :P


Faaz ringan je dr Adam. Dia baru 10.5kg if I'm not mistakenlah. Lama gak tak weigh him. Jab for 15months pun belum pegi lagi :P

eh eh bknlah dear, I mean in the future..ade rumah sendiri bleh la beli :) Oh Fagor, thanks! design dia cantik2 ;)