Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We attended two gatherings last week; a family event and a reunion with ex-uni clan.

Family gathering @ Sunway

It was held at Aunty Faridah's place, to welcome back Fadzil's favourite Uncle Kamal and Aunty Monique, all the way from Swiss. Every year, they will visit us and have a one month vacation, so this gathering is considered as a yearly family event.

Faaz was just 4 months old when they came back last year so this year he got the chance to interact and get to know them better. At first, Faaz cried when they approached him, probably because of the unfamiliar faces or probably this was his first time to interact with a foreigner. Aunty Monique even joked that "maybe I'm too white for him" hihihi...after a while mingling around, he's back to his friendliness attitude.

shying away at first..

friendly at last :)

Being kind and generous person as they are, each year without failed they will bring some goodies and souvenirs from Swiss for the nieces and nephews. If last year Faaz was given a set of Swiss Rompers, this year he got a winter jacket, a matching cargo pants and swiss' tigger (we called it jaundice tigger since its too yellowish..haha!). Uncle Kamal told us that this time, we have to bring Faaz to Swiss, no more excuses...owh, we would love to uncle, in fact we would love to fly back with u next month..if only we are as rich as you! Hihi.. :)

Merci Beaucoup l' oncle and l' tante! :)

BBQ /Potluck Party

It was held and my BFF's home sweet home in Kota Warisan and attended by our uni clan. Most of us came from the exempted group of the IIUM matriculation and we become good friends ever since and the friendship continue to bloom among our spouses and kids. Friends forever ok! :) Most of the food were prepared by the ladies and all of them were scrumptious! The menu includes barbecued chicken and mutton, baryani, spaghetti, variety of salads, mashed potatoes and mouth watering desserts..nyum, nyum. :)

the early birds... :)

the men: discussions of gadgets, cars and property :P

the ladies: discussions of fashion, recipes and babies :P

the babies: exploring! :p

my hubby tgh rambang mata..hihi

We all have fun that night although we were hoping for a bigger crowd. Hopefully the rest of the clan will be able to join us in the future....we missed you! The party ended with a speech by the hosts followed by a group photo. Well done to the organizer. Looking forward for more meet up sessions :)

p.s: Who's turn next?? *wink* :)


Anonymous said...

Ala...ruginya tak join korang haritu. Seems everyone was having a great time. Jelesnya! Inda ke Nadia ke, kalau bab organizing n food bgla kat diaorg kan. Mesti berjalan lancar je majlis. next year nye gathering korang organize lagi tau :-)

Mimy Hamid said...

dear lari topik...dulu pernah wat pretzel kan?? hehe follw ur long blog kat fster..buat la lagikkk...:))


bestnye Faaz dapt present!
apelagi,mintak sponsor ticket lah Nad ke Swiss!!huhuhu

bestnye potluck!
Kota Warisan kt mane yer?cantiklah rumah ur fren,besar n nice..
and the foods mmg superb!

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Nmpk happy btul Faaz haritu! tsenyum je..:)mmg meriah la ur gathering..!

Wah Faaz dpt hadiah dr Swiss lg..bestnye! Nadia bley sgt dh bcuti ke Swiss since ur uncle n aunty dok sana..bler lg...bley cuti lama2 apa..sbb bley safe penginapan..:D

Nadine said...


Sapekah anda? Sha? Tina? Erni? Ayong? Ca'a? Ira? huhu..penat Nadia teka nie :)

Issokay, Im sure there will be more in the future. next time awak jgn lupa datang ye :)

p.s: since Inda dh bleh organize, start this year Nadia retire fr. organizinglah. Tp Nadia tetap bg sokongan (wah, ala2 tok T plak :P)

Nadine said...

Nadia & Izu,

Owh, hajat dihati sudah lama mau ke Switzerland dan sbnarnye sudah dpt sponsorship kesana utk honeymoon masa baru kawin. konon2 mau kesana masa summer vacation tp tak sempat summer perutku sudah berisi. maka burn lah sponsorship itu.. :))

kali ini malu la nak mintak sponsorship lagi. kena simpan duit dulu if nak pegi sana...ticket flight pun ribu raban kn :) one day kalau ade rezeki mmg nak pegi sana. family fadzil sume dh pegi sana, tinggal kitaorg je blum pernah.

Nadia, kota warisan kat sepang dear :)

Nadine said...


hihi, ingat lagi u kat pretzels tu yer. A'ah lama x buat, nnti ade masa I buat. Kalau I buat u sanggup dtg subang tak, dtg ambik? :)

YOI said...

bestnye bbq...lama tak mem'bbq' kan diri..huhuhu..

Nadine said...

oleh kerana anda telah lama tidak berBBQ, ape kata lepas ini korang plak organize satu...ngeee :D

YOI said...

kita bbq atas parking kete depan umah. kompom jiran2 panaaaasssss jek tgok parking tak muat..hahaha...insyaAllah kalau umah siap (yang ntah bila tuh!huhuhu)

Nadine said...

hihihii...entah2 bkn panas, tp teruja nak sepinggan dua. lagi2 jiran kat atas kan, sebab diaorg dpt hidu aroma yg sungguh lazat :D