Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gloomy Heart

Tears pouring like a heavy rain to my cheek...

The palm of both my hands and feet were as cool as ice....

I felt so weak....

All of these happened as I read this blog.

I just can't imagine myself in her shoes. It's heartbreaking and at the same time made me realized how fragile our life is indeed.

{Every soul will taste death. And we test you with bad and with good as a trial. And unto us you will return.}

Al-Anbiyaa: 35

~Al-Fatihah for Dzafri Hisyam b Khairulanwar~


Condolences to Mummy Baya & family. Baya, I know how difficult this must be for you. You may not know me, but you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. May Allah give you the strength to move on, InsyaAllah.




I baru aje scroll the blog!
dah goose bumped!!
nak kena balik bace umah..
office tak sesuai!!


I cried too!
..... and now i'm scared...

Thara said...

nadine! bad, bad entry! :'(
i hope no one saw me sobbing behind my screen. the entry was too painful to read! :( i cant imagine if this were happen to me, i dont even want to imagine. allah surely loves him more. lets all sedekahkan fatihah pada arwah. al fatihah.

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Siannya!! sob2...

RuZaNNa said...

Nadine.. you brought tears to our eyes.. but your brought more prayers for arwah!
It reminds me that life is soooooo short!

faisyura said...

me too.. =(


betulkan..somtimes we need to get 2nd opinion..walaupun dr they tend to make mistake..human!

still remember 20yrs back story, when my 4yrs old 2nd cousin passed away at young age..
2 kali jumpa pakar kanak2 kat klinik,doc diagnose as colic!
last pergi klinik pakar lain, dah terlambat,appndix dah pecah!
he died 2 days after,sehari sebelum raya..sgt sedih..

takpelah perabih duit sket pun,asalkan kita jgn menyesal kemudian hari ..