Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Perfect Hang Out Place

Before I proceed, let us recite Al-Fatihah to my late Paksu - Allahyarham Azharuddin b. Hj Muhamad, who passed away peacefully last Friday morning after 2 years battling with cancer. Exactly 13 months after my late grandfather passed away.
May his soul rest in peace and may Jannah is the place for him.


Recently Fadzil had to go to his office on weekend to settle some task. Usually, I will tag along and accompany him but this time, Fadzil insisted that we bring Faaz as well. At first, I was skeptical, afraid Faaz will get bored in no time, or worst crying due to the "uncomfiness" (note that the aircond is usually off during the weekends). Fadzil then suggested that me and Faaz spend the time at Pavilion while waiting for him, perhaps get Faaz a new toy or do some shopping...

Pavilion? Shopping?

A huge grin on my face enough to give a sign to Fadzil that it was a "YES, Lets go!" Hihihi...Faaz was asleep when we arrived at Pavilion so I took the opportunity to stroll him while looking around. Managed to get some new clothes for him and found a perfect silver-colored stilettos that suit my taste. Sadly I have to pass on this as the price is too absurd. Boleh pengsan kalau Fadzil tengok :P Cotton On was having some sale so I got something for
myself. Speaking of Cotton On, do you know that Cotton On Kids is now available at Sunway Pyramid? Love their cotton pyjamas the most, comfy and cute! :)

Just as I was about to get bored, Faaz woke up and was so ready to jump out of his stroller when he realized where he was. "Habislah Mommy..." I said to myself imagining how he will throw a tantrum if I wont let him out of his stroller or how I have to chase him with the stroller in my hand, if I let him walk instead...I went to nearby bench, gave him some sandwich I prepared earlier and water while thinking where should I bring this little munchkin. There's no Toys R Us, and there's no playing area for kids in Pavilion too. After he finished his snack, I strolled him to the lift and we went to the highest level.

The first store after the lift is The Borders. Since Faaz loves book too, I told myself,

"Why not let him walk around here, maybe if he found the book that he likes he will not move around too much"

I was excited when we entered the children section. Faaz was excited too. Apparently their children's section is equipped with a huge table with a lot of stools and interactive books for kids to read and play! How generous and cool of them ;) Faaz ran towards the bookshelf the minute I took him out of his stroller. He chose Elmo from the Sasame Street character as his first book.

Curiosity made him pushed the button on top of the book....

and he was surprised to hear Elmo's voice singing!
Hihihi...he found it hilarious so he repeated it for few times :D

Busy sungguh flipping to the next page.
He made friend with the girl in this photo as well, he called her kakak! :)

Faaz really enjoyed himself there either reading the books or just walking around and checking on the displays on the shelves.Alhamdulillah, senang Mommy. So I took the opportunity to read some parenting books nearby while keeping an eye to my son without realizing that we both had spent an hour in The Borders!

I found these while following Faaz 'touring' between the shelves. Myra, this is perfect for baby Mya..u can hang it on her stroller or carrier ;) and owh the art set for kids below made me so eager to start an art project for Faaz. Unfortunately, I cant find one for his age..*sob*

Fadzil was impressed to see his son when he came to us later. Next time if we were to accompany him to work again, then we know where should we go :) We both also agreed to have a mini version of this fun and colorful kid's library, perhaps in Faaz's room when we move to our house..but as for now, let it be in our dreams first. :)

On the way to home sweet home we stopped by a fish shop in SS19. This time, Fadzil bought a turtle for Faaz. Faaz was not so keen to touch it tho, ini mesti kes geli cam Mommy nie..heee. I guess he prefer fish than a turtle.

This small tiny turtle cost us RM9...quite expensive eh?

By the way, lately Faaz has a new style of smiling...whenever we say, "Faaz smile to the camera!", this is what we got...

Tayang gigi + gusi....gigi Faaz tak cukup lagi laaaa! :))


Mimy Hamid said...

aalalalala tomey toemy gambo last tu...kiut sgt...eeeee nampak gigi la..aunty jumpa habis la ni

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Alahai comeynya Faaz tyg gg tu..hihi. Ank2 ni klu bgn tdo, kenyang alhamdulillah good mood kn? br best kte nk jln2 n do the shopping.:)

Nway, bestnye gi Border!Izu dh lma gler tk gi Border...dok Melaka ni MPH pn ada 1 je..Pavi pn tk pnh smpi lg. shame of me, huhuhu..

Tk pe dear, slow2 cr ur dream house..Later, izu pn tingin jgk nk wat mini library kt umah..:)

:: NieSha :: said...

Wah bestnya Border provide table n stool.haritu wani bw damia g MPH kt alamanda tu damia trus duduk atas lantai sebab nk belek buku upin ipin.kt MPH alamanda tu rasa2nya mmg xde tmpat utk duduk2 cmni.huhuu..

P/S: Faaz makin comel. dh nmpk muka big boy dah..hihii..


Adorable sungguhla your son ni!!! hehehe. Manela dia belaja senym macam tu ek? hihihihi

Nadine said...

Aunty Mimy pegi tak housewarming rumah Aunty Mas? Kalau pegi nnti lehla jumpa Faaz :)


Betul, betul, betul. Lagi2 Faaz ni pemakan orgnya, pegi mana2 pun Nadia mesti kena bwk snek utk dia..paling tidak pun bun atau biscuits. Hihi..

Issokay Izu, maybe one day boleh visit. Nadia ni slalu pegi pun sbb ofis Fadzil opposite je Pavi nie. Oh ye, Izu kat Subang Jaya dh ade new shopping complex - Empire Shopping Gallery. Depan Subang Parade je. Kalau balik Sg Buluh singgahla. Boleh kita jumpa jugak :)

Mcm bestkan. Zahin n Iris tu mesti dh banyak book collection diaorg nie :)

Nadine said...


Hey, long time no see. Nape lama x update blog ni?? :)

Ic..Wani slalu pegi bookstore ngan Damia berdua eh? Nadia inila baru first time...lucky ade tempat yg selesa camni, senang sket nak handle Faaz. Nanti ade masa bawakla Damia pegi Borders plak. I'm sure she'll enjoyed it as much as Faaz :)


Hihi, thanks! :)
I have no idea you..dulu when we asked him to smile, elok je smiled politely.. Recently plak sengih camtu skali sampai sepet2 mata :P

dyana "his other half" said...

ahahaha. pandai sungguh faaz smile cenggitu. gaya cam nak nyakat mummy n daddy je :).

borders best kan. kitaorg pun slalu lepak sana time berchenta dulu. hadif pun tak pernah pege sana lagi.

:: iManja :: said...

comeynyer faaz smile camtu...nampak cute sgt. excited sungguh dia dgn buku elmo tuh yer.

alamak pavi?...buat teringat kat sizzling mee kt fudkot situ jew...

neena_kechik said...

faaz ooo faaz =) tembam nyer pipi dier!!! nk cubit cket bole?? hehehe kak nadia, aper tips nk dpt pipi comel cam tu? hehehe faaz suka mickey mouse eh? neena rasa dari baby sampai skrg, bj die byk gambr mickey mouse!!! =) hehehe

Thara said...

aww soho cute! how many teeth does faaz have at the moment? comel je grinning mcm gitu :P

i have that stroller mini books yang konon-kononnya for aydein to read lah kan. last last, like all his other toys (and board books), they end up in his mouth! they -- yes, i bought 2 of those stroller books for them, and both ended up in his mouth!

jannahrais said...

jannah pun suke bawak ammar asmaa masuk kedai buku...sopan skit dorang bile belek belek buku nih...hihihi

faaz dah ade bape batang gigi ek nadia? sungguh mesra alam bile faaz begambar macam tu...macam jual minyak je kat acik jannah ni suh buat calon menantu ek...hiihih

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Oh ye ke, Nadia br twice pegi Borders, slalu either Kino or MPH je. Borders mana lagi ade facility cam nie yer? Dulu pergi Times Square xde camni..

Thanks :) A'ah..dia suka dgr suara Elmo. Tp masa tu budget takde la nak beli buku tu, the cost is almost rm200!!

Ic..Sue suka sizzling mee kat situ ye :)

Nadine said...


Tips? Hihi..akak pun tak tau. Tp Abg Fadzil always tease me, dia kata pipi Faaz turun dr akak. :P

Oh Neena sedar ye? Actually Faaz suka sgt Barney, tp dia banyak baju Mickey sbb grandparents dia suka belikan baju Mickey + Baby Disney :)

Hihi..thanks :) Dia baru ade 4btg gigi bawah + 4 btg gigi atas + 2 gigi geraham atas (one on the left side and one on the right side). So br ade 10 btg gigi..hihi.

Hihihi..ic, everything looks tempting for Aydein at the moment la nie...hmm, dia tgh gatal gusi kot Thara?? Ntah2 new teeth is coming out soon! :D

Nadine said...


Iye ke, mewarisi ibu diaorg nampaknya rajin baca buku..ntah2 diaorg nak jadi lawyer cam jannah tak? :)

Faaz br ade 10 batang gigi, Jannah. Sejak berjalan n berlari ni takde plak gigi baru tumbuh lagi. Tunggu jugak but so far no sign yet.

Hahaha, iye ke. Wah harapan cerah nie! :D

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, ini ke stroller book yg Nadia ckp haritu. Ok, ok dh paham dh. Thnx Nadia for the info, esok nak ajak Emil pi beli utk Mya la hehehe..


kella said...

oh... comey sungguh anak u! :D

Nadine said...

awwwwh, so sweet of u Kella :)