Friday, April 2, 2010

When the Big "L" Arrives..

Laziness has hit me pretty bad currently, until I lost interest in what I love to do the most; cooking. To make things worst, I have promised my BFF to cook something for her BBQ cum potluck party tomorrow. Huhu, this is not good..not good! :(

This week itself, I missed to cook my hubby's lunch thrice! Oh yes, I cook lunches for my hubby. It started since day one until now; except a few months off during the last pregnancy. Although it was a request from him, Fadzil totally understand whenever I'm too tired to cook or whenever I just don't feel like cooking (as in now! :P). He'll just say that it's alright and ask me to assume it as a short break before starting back again. How lucky I am to have you, Sayang.. :)

Since Fadzil will be back home late today, I have to do the groceries shopping alone. Went to Alamanda during lunchtime today, was hoping to get the foodstuff from Cold Storage. However, I lost interest to purchase anything when I reached the entrance. Seriously, I don't have the mood to shop. Oh my! Looks like I've been attacked by the huuuuuuuuuge "L" syndrome. *sigh*...What a waste of time, I ended up back to the office empty handed. (ok, not really..I bought some donuts for my lovely-preggy-mommy friend, Aida..hihi )

Whether I like it or not, I have to buy the ingredients to cook this evening or I will end up going to the party with fast food instead! :P I tried googling websites with recipes to get back my interest. Nah, it didn't work at all..lagi boring ade :P Somehow, I finally landed at this cool website listing the fantastic kitchen gadgets such as...

1) The Morphy Richards, Intellisteam

 This cool steamer has three individually controlled heaters which allow for setting different times on these containers. So you can have fish in one, vegetables in another, and potatoes in the last one for a complete meal for up to four people! Easy and fast, right?. In addition, it comes with a 40 minutes auto keep-warm function so you won’t overcook something. In terms of safety, this steamer has a Boil Dry safety cut-out alarm that will sound if the water boils dry. (I'm sure this is very useful to those tends to forget me :P Ish Ish!). Can you imagine, with this you can have a healthy meal everyday..bestnyer!!

2) Mini Cupcake Maker
This easy-to-use non stick design serves up the fastest and hottest home made cupcake treats, ready in five minutes! It makes seven mini cuppies at a time. Cleaning is very simple too. Cool kan, if I have this right now, tomorrow confirm I'll bring boxes of cuppies to your home, Inda! heheh! :P

3. Stonebake Pizza Oven
This gadget make homemade pizza easier, faster and healthier! The best thing is, if you ever tire of pizza, this idiot-proof appliance comes with a special deep dish for cooking all kinds of delicious snacks: from omelets and pasties to quiches and croissants. Enormous ovens? Who needs ‘em ;)

There are loads more of cool kitchen gadgets listed here. Somehow, after reading the entries semangat nak masak balik! Weird huh? But this is good! Hopefully the mood stays till tomorrow (oh phlisss!). Will update about the cooking in my next entry...and IF in case it doesn't show up here, faham-faham je lah yer..ngeee :)



Nadine, u cook your hubby's lunch everyday?
TAbik spring ok!!!!!!!!! :)
So, Fadzil tapau the meal and bring it to his office everyday also? Tabik spring sekali lagi!!!!!!

kalau mcm ni.. u malas sebulan pun x pe you. Fadzil xbleh berkira. hehehehe

p/s: pukul berapa u start cooking? uh.. respect sungguh!:)

Nadine said...

haha..comel lah you, Mea! tersenyum I sorang2 baca comment u dpn lappie nie :)

Sila jangan tabik spring kat I kerana;

Firstly, not every single day I cook for his lunch, ade exception:
- kalau I penat sgt
- if tak sihat/very busy balik lambat n all
- masa time preggy/pantang
- dia ade lunch appt.
- if both of us dont feel like eating home meal cooking
-when the big "L" comes :P

haaa, time2 ni I off duty...hihihi.

Secondly, I prepare yg simple2 aje since Fadzil dont want rice as bekal. Most of the time, his nature of work make him glued in front of the PC so meal yg simple2 senang dia nak makan.

For me, ini je caranya kitaorg mengeratkan kasih sayang through food. Hihi..I kan live with the in-laws, weekdays dinner mama serve, weekend most of the time we went out. So kalau tak buat camni, jarang2lah Fadzil makan dr air tangan isteri dia. You guys sume are so lucky having ur own house, tiap2 hari boleh masak utk hubby terchenta kan? :)

p.s: slalunye I terjaga around 3am, so I cook around that time. If hari yg I tido lambat, I prepare siap2 sblum tido. He just reheat in the microwave at his office..


owh dear..I shud tabik spring to u Nuurill!!Kagum seh..:)
reading ur comment above lagik buat I rs terok nye I..hahaha..
dinner pun kadang2 masak,apatah lagik nak bekalkan lunch ..huhuhu
takpelah,org pandai masak mcm I ni (oh pliz!!),kena jrg2 masak..baru mu hubby rindu masakan I..kikikih.

all the gadgets above nmpk best...
nanti I plan nak beli oven jgak,umah I skrang tkde oven lagik..I love baking n make puff!
hopefully..InsyaAllah ..

Nadine said...


Ala..jgn la mcm tu. u shouldn't feel bad about urself. its the matter of preference je, tul tak? I know some people, they dont mind at all wife diaorg tak sbnarnye untunglah you ni tau! :).

Like me and hubby, both of us were raised in a conservative family where cooking for hubby is kinda essential. like i said earlier, i pun kadang2 tu miss jugak ;)

u kan satu office with ur hub, bestlah lunchtime boleh dating sama2. mcm us, sorang kat tgh2 kl, sorang kat selatan kl...makanan je la pengerat kasih sayang kami..eceh :P

p.s: sila jgn ckp u tak pandai masak. i tak percaya hokey :P

my.mastura said...

cupcake?? pizza??? wwaaa....

rajin betul ko bgn kol 3 pg yer...bagus..bagus...

kerol plak, kalau aku terasa rajin nk masak, dia lak x terasa nk makan..cceehh..penat le aku berkobar2 nk masak..lg 1, dia x baper nk suka bwk lunch kt opis sbb dia kata nnt all the food dh sejuk...opis dia lak x der microwave...kalau dia tingin nk makan air tgn isteri, every weekend jer..tu pon kalau kitorg ada kt rumah..sbb most of our time keluar jer..huhu

YOI said...

wow!! A BIG 'R' for u..bgn kul 3 pagi tuh...mostly kami2 masih lena di ulit mimpiiii...ZZzzZZZzzZZzzzzzz...


ur comment make me feel better now!..hehhee :)

btol2 I wished I can cook everyday,my hubby prefer to buy on weekdays,sb time limited..
nk settle Adam n prepare for 2morrow stuff..kinda tedious!
yup,we always hv lunch or tea dating at office..
not everyone know, we were hub/wife..jeling2 tgk ingat I dating hehehe..:)
but currently dia temporary based at Tg malim..susah dah nak date!

dear,I'm waiting for ur macaroni cheese recipe..really!!
pls share cepat2!

Nadine said...


Aku rasa ko mmg patut beli, esp cupcake machine tu. takla kerol bising2 bila ko asik nak order cupcake. he he he

hihi..mmg, weekend je nak pegi jalan2 ngan family. hari lain sibuk keja :)


Mata Nadia ni mmg auto terjaga kul 3am kalau tido awal..maybe sbb dh terbiasa dr zaman uni dulu suka bangun study tgh2 mlm kot.

Nurul takpe, tido awal n bangun awal, sempat masak utk Dina kan?? Nadia lepas masak tido balik, bangun subuh then tido balik (tak bagus kn :P)then baru bangun terus dlm kul 8-8.30am utk bersiap ke ofis..dptla qada' tido tu sket..he he he


Ok dear, this week I share. tp ni for kids punye recipe tau, simple sgt, u sure u nak jugak? :)


i suka je nak masak hari2 coz armi mmg suka home made food.:) tapi xdela tiap2 hr i cook. tgk keadaan gak u, kalau x masak, kedai fav dkt je ngan umah. hihihi. :p

Nadine said...

hihi..I understand. Working wifey like us mmg kadang2 tak sempat nak buat semua benda. lagi2 anak tgk membesar n need our attention the most :)


btol nak Nadine,yg org tua nye makan yg segera pun tak pe,dah terlebih addative pun dah dlm bdn..thnx Nad!

:: NieSha :: said...

wah nadia...tabik spring...jugak :)
dulu hubby wani bawa bekal gak dr rumah. masa mula2 TMR&D pindah cyberjaya thn 2008...1bekal utk minum pagi, 1 utk lunch sbb tempat baru masa tu dia xtau nk mkn kt mana and almost semua geng dia bw bekal...
tapi sejak wani masuk bmw thn 2009 dh xsmpt dh nk msk plus kwn2 dia pun dh xbw bekal, maka dia pun xnak bw ler sbb xde kwn nk mkn sama2..hihiii...
wani sgt kagum la dgn nadia.... :)

P/S : I wish i could have gadgets no 2 and no 3

Nadine said...

Wani..oh Wani...

Nadia yg patut tabik spring ngan Wani kot. Siap prepare breakfast + lunch lagi. Rajin sungguh! :)

Fadzil most of the time bz Wani, so he'll eat infront of his PC. Sometimes dia makan awal the lunch, then dia join his friends pegi lunch. Tp dia minum or take some desserts instead. Nadia pun mcm tu, kdg2 bwk bekal tu n makan in the cafeteria together with my girls :)

p.s: tempting kan those kitchen gadgets. Wani, Wani keja kat BMW beli beamer dpt disc tak??? :)