Thursday, April 8, 2010

When I Am Messy...

I was late to the office yesterday, thanks to myself who accidentally kept the purse inside the wrong handbag. I was halfway to the office when I realized this, hence I have to make a u-turn back home *sigh*

In addition to that, earlier I have wasted 40 minutes of my precious time when I wanted to get ready for work. The reason? I was having a hard time finding a matching top and pants to wear. Out of sudden I felt everything that I chose was not right. :( Few times I have to change and ironed until I ran out of time. At last, I just grabbed a plain Topshop top, a pair of skinny jeans and a matching scarf. Sounds like going for a shopping spree instead huh? Yeah, I went to work feeling messy the whole day! :( Lucky /// is not so straight about the dress code and lucky I don't have to attend any meeting today.

I wanted to wear a cardigan as well but I left mine at my mom's place. No other choice, I just wrapped myself with a pashmina instead with an intention to make it less casual (konon2nya :P). In time like this, how I wished I owned DKNY cozy.

I can just wrap it, twist it, lift it, pull it...whichever style that I want to and walla, within few minutes I can go off to work. No need of ironing. Best kan, as best as the price tag...heheh! :P

By the way, I love style no.3, 4, 7, 11 & 12 the most. Which one is your style? :)



I love 2, 5, 8 & 10... So Jessica Alba!!! esp.. no 8.. where Jessica Alba suka pakai Pashminas, Crinkled Linen, Summer Scarves lilit kat leher dia. :) Almaklumla i'm her HUGE fan.. tapi, bila dia pakai memang la cantik x hengat.. bila i pakai???... hahahahahhaahah

Nadine said...

Owh, Jessica Alba die hard fan rupanya you ni..hihi.

u have the height, and u are lovely...pakai ape pun nampak cantik tau. :) lain la I nie, if I wear the long draped cardigan ala2 no 10 tu, mmg confirm nampak "katik" yer :P tp kadang2 I blasah jugak..hihi

Mimy Hamid said...

i suka 7,4, 9 , i ada cardigan like ni...tapi bukan DKNY la :)) ...owh wanna try ..thanks nadine sharing..siap print lagikk..:D

shahsulong said...

i like no. 3 and 7 most. no.10 tu sloppy amat

Nadine said...

Its my pleasure, Mimy. Ape lagi, nanti dh pakai these styles sila ambil gambar tau. Mesti da boom punyer ;)

owh ye, If u wanna learn how to wear it, pegi website DKNY. Ade videos for each style ;)

Shidah pun suka no.7 eh...wah, no 7 is the hot style here :)


really miz to wear jeans n shirts to office!!

I love cardigans/pashmina too..
but yet with current size, it will be like nangka kena bungkus lah jawabnye dear!!

If I skinny type figure, I love no1,3,7 & 11..
but if it really with my size it will be like 4,10,11 n 12..
ehh same ngan u lah!!

Nadine said...

Nadia, kat Proton x leh wear jeans? U guys dont have the casual Friday ke dear?

hihi..kata nama Nadia kan, taste pun sama :)

YOI said...

syoknye dapat bergaya camtu...i'm the serabai girl..huhuhuhu

~ zAhiRaH ~ said...

wah x sangke u r also having da same problem..igtkn kitorg je yg cm pelik..dok dpn locker lame gler nk pilih bju..kalo dh pilih n iron siap2 da night b4 tu pn, mesti pagi tu rse nk pkai yg lain plak :P

btw, i like 1,3,7,11 :)

Nadine said...

itula cam best je kn Nurul. Kalau travel pun senang. kurang sket berat luggage..hihi

Hi Zahirah, long time no c :)
hihi, we are in the same boat! Padahal dh siap Iron2 baju dh, pagi tu tiba2 plak tade mood looking at the clothes hanging tu kan? :)

Nasib during times like this, Fadzil is not around. If not, mmg la free I kena perli dgn dia tau :P

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

hehe, i like style no 4, 7, 11 & 12..hmpr sama ngan Nadia la! ;) plg2 suka no 11 kot..:D

Nway dear dworry, izu pn salu mcm tu..bler dh pki rse serba tk kena je..tu yg salu lmbt tu..kesian en sham kne tgu lme dlm keta..:D

Nadine said...

kan? rasa cam sumenya tak kena, rasa tak selesa pun ade jugak.

hihihi..Fadzil dulu ade la jugak kena tunggu dlm keta lama2. but he learned his lesson. kalau agak2 dia tgk nadia bersiap ala2 nak lambat je kan, je dlm bilik tu sambil perhatikan nadia. hahaha..saje je :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Nadia,

suka baca blog u. sume ade, pasal baby, pasal fashion, pasal recipe. teruskan berblog yer :-)

oh ye, saya suka 7&11!


Nadine said...

Hello Myra,

Thanks for reading. Hope to see more of you here :)

Hihi, semua ade cuz I blog anything that lingers around me. It's basically my life journey.

I pun suka 7& eh..mcm 7-e plak. hihi :)

neena_kechik said...

ish2!!! susah nk buat pilihan.hehehe kalo neena, i like no. 3 and 7.sbb nampak cute!!! kalo no 4 n 10, mesti kene bahan punya lah.mcm pakai selimut tido!!! tp no. 7 mmg cute gile!!! =) kak nadia try lah pakai!! mesti cute momma faaz nant!!! =). try lah kak nadia!!! try lah!!! hehehe =) sy sdg teruja!!! =) hehehe

Nadine said...

mcm selimut tido?? hahaha...kelakar la Neena nie :))

owh, would love to try sblum tu, errm, Neena belikan la akak cozy nie satu. akak x mampu.. :D


hehe..Fri mmg casual day..but jeans still not allowed..formal punye!!
pening pagi ni nak pakai ape..
alih2 my shirt GAP yg ada renda2 kat depan jd pilihan..
I tak pernah pakai kt offc sb mcm beria-ria sgt!:)

me type of very simple one!!
kalau jumpe terserempak ngan sape2mesti malu sendiri..jeans shirt and big bag of Crumpler cum diaper bag!!huhuhu

Thara said...

love DKNY cozy. and love 2, 3, 6, and 11! :D

hoh rindu zaman2 anak dara masa badan still selim melim and bole fit into just about anything & everything! skarang.. *looks down at her body* huwaaaaaaaaaaaa!

faisyura said...

alaaaaa nak jugak tapi kalo nak pakai camtu slim melim mcm nadia okayla.. kalo zura pakai.. mcm bungkus selimut pun ade.. hihi

Nadine said...


Bestkan? I wished I can have one :)

Eh dont say like that..Its not that bad lah dear. I tgk ur photos in FB ok je :)


Ala..Zura br lagi kan deliver Aariz. Im sure in few months time u'll be back in figure. Zura kan rajin work out..nak2 Zura ade two active boys in hand. confirmlah! :)