Friday, April 16, 2010

When I Am Stressed..

Life isn't always a bed full of roses.

This week has been quite stressful for me especially when it comes to career wise. Tight schedules & deadlines, pressure to quickly adapt and hands on to the new responsibilities, high expectation from the superior plus fighting with the annoying dirty politics in the workplace...urrgghhh!

In addition to that, an unfortunate incident occurred at home recently. (I guess all my FB buddies are all aware of this). Oh my precious white blouse...sedihnya. *sob* *sob*

Seriously...all of these are enough to make me go nuts!

However, I am still sane till this moment...alhamdulillah. :) Since I was in a sad mood, my Fadzil suggested that we should spend last night differently just to get my mind out of it, to kill my sadness. A movie date for both of us, or check out nearby places that we've never been before... the "Steel" Mosque in Putrajaya for an instance. Of course, happily I said "Yes!" to him.

It's like a mini series of unfortunate events when at 5.40pm, he called to inform that there was a technical problem with the Putra LRT service, and the KLCC station filled with stranded passengers. Aiseh!! As I reached home, Faaz gave me a huge grin filled with excitements when he saw me at the front yard. And each time he did that, it will never fail to rejuvenate me, as well as change my mood abruptly. I am sure most of the parents feels the same way too...kan? :)

By the way, hubster called me back as I was playing with Faaz near the house pond. He told me that RapidKL just announced that it will take a while before the system will be back to normal and he asked if I am too tired to drive, which I was not at that moment. He suggested that since he was in KLCC, maybe we can just spend time together there instead. Since Faaz looked tired, mama put him to sleep while I took the bath. Later, happily I drove all the way to KLCC to rescue my price charming..eceh! :P.

After Maghrib prayers and dinner, Fadzil did offered me to shop, perhaps getting myself a new blouse but I was not in the mood for that. So we decided to pay a visit to Kinokuniya, the place
we used to hang out while we were dating and bought some books to relax our mind and channeled the stress through reading. Honestly, since the birth of our son plus the demand in the workplace, both of us hardly have a chance to read like we used to...we focus more to magazines instead. Anyway, we felt it is about time to re-start again. So we agreed to spend at least 15-20 minutes before sleeping everyday as our reading sessions.

Fadzil got a book related to foreign culture for himself while being the fan of true inspiring stories, I got myself the book that has been on the top of my list to read since last year; Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Wish that I can finished it off before the movie comes out soon. I'm so excited! :) We also bought a book for our little munchkin, First Words. The best thing about Kino Bookshop is that they have a special section for Baby/Toddler near the cashier at the 2nd entrance. Thus, it's so easy for you to find a suitable book for your child base on the requirements or need.

Speaking of Faaz, it's kinda flattering when we discovered he is into reading as well. Maybe because we, his parents loves to read in the first place, or perhaps because we had introduced him to books at a very young age...

when he was just 3 months old..

at 4 months old..spending his quality time with his daddy :)

at 1 year old with his Baby Einstein collection.
besides appreciating the illustration, he started uttering words too!
(eg. tree, house)

Just nice as we reached home, Faaz woke up from his sleep. He instantly fell in love with the book we bought for him the minute he got it. Glad you like it baby! :)

Sampai geram2! hihi

Later, I went upstairs to our bathroom to check on my blouse. With the power of Facebooking plus the comments from caring friends, I managed to get useful tips in my attempt to save my precious blouse. I tried each and every suggestion but there's not much improvement. The last attempt was to try using the Nappikleen as suggested by Wani. I was delighted to see there was a huge improvement on the stain. Thank you, Wani! You are my saver! *hugs* :) The stains were not totally disappeared, but they were almost invisible.
Good enough to make me happy at this moment. Never knew that Faaz's clothes detergent can do such ladies, in case you happened to experience similar incident as me, sila cari Nappikleen! :P

p.s: can't wait to go home and finished off the next chapter! :)



Nad,sorry I tak fb..I tak tahu..but I gussed something happen to ur precious shirt since dah ok..Alhamdulillah!
hebat jgak Nappikleen tu ek..boleh la try for my cloth jagk nanti..:)

neway, I really love to see Faaz reading the book..sgt baik!
Adam so far tk boleh focus lama with the book..of course mesti sb mommy dia tak suka read book..most of the time he saw papa dia je reading car magz..haiya!!!
I should exposed him more with books lah..

and geramnye pipi Faaz for last pic tu..nak gigit boleyy!!

Nadine said...

Issokay dear.. :)

My new white blouse was ruined with stained from another blouse yg turun warna dear. Sedih sgt cuz I wore it only thrice and it is one of the expensive blouse yg I pernah beli...huhu. And masa I sidai pagi tu, mmg I dah asing dh, apparently somebody pegi letak both together. Tp tula, benda nak jadi kan...

hihi, takpe Nadia..dia tgh bz exploring tu. Budak2 ni bkn bleh dipaksa kan. Im sure the passion will come naturally :)

Eh, ur hubby pun suka collect car mags eh. Boleh la geng with mine! My hubby is passionate about cars too! :)

hihihi..I lg guwam dgn Adam tau. Body solid jer. :)

Thara said...

haha. is it reading season or something? suddenly everybody's so into reading - which is a good thing by the way! malaysian kurang membaca. lepastu kalau dah ketinggalan, mula la nak tuding jari sana sini. tsk tsk.

i was like u too. once i had aydein in my life, i had no time to read no more. but at one point, i told myself, this has got to stop. where there's a will, there's a way kan? thats why i bertekad, bz mcm mana pon, kene make time to read, that i even read while breastfeeding aydein. hehe. oh u know, i have some of that baby board books for aydein too. bought them for him a few months back. but i guess he's still a bit small to appreciate book, that they often end up in his mouth instead! tsk tsk.

ps : congratulations on getting the stain off ur shirt! but, does that mean that Nappikleen has a lot of strong chemical in it that it was able to remove the stain? wont it be harmful to our babies' clothes (skin)?

Nadine said...

Yeah, I guess the season hit me as well. Cumanya I belum masuk the Shopaholic clan lagi :)

Agreed. When there's a will there is a way :) Since confinement, I'm more into parenting books yg x brape tebal and magazines. That's all yg I mampu since I have to wake up in the middle of the night to prepare bekal for hubby n me. Tp smlm, since both of us sgt tensen we decided jomlah start reading books that we love mcm dolu2. Dapat 15-20mins before sleep pun jadila. Mmg release the tension n rasa best. :)

p.s: Thanks dear. Not completely, but almost. It's better than nothing at all kan. True, I keep on thinking the same thing too. Tried to google this morning but couldnt find anything tho. Aydein clothes u pakai which brand? I use Nappikleen and Pureen's. Tukar2..

Mimy Hamid said...

faaz rajinnya baca book...dahbesar jadi mcm mummy n daddy yer..Insya Allah

Nadine said...

InsyaAllah..doa2kan yer Mimy :)

Thara said...

for aydein, i pakai yang organic laundry liquid. u can get them at any organic shops. i ni mmg paranoid sket. dulu masa aydein newborn, i didnt even use the baby wipes. pakai cotton & water je bila nak clean him pasal tanak any chemical from the baby wipes touch aydein's skin hehe.

but hmm this is worth a research. will look up on Nappikleen soon. u lemme know if u find out abt anything!

Anonymous said...

I love Eat Pray Love!! Such a great book, good choice Nad. Happy reading! :-)


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Good to hear that ur blouse dh ok!Alhamdulillah..Nway, sgt comel Faaz..mmg ptt terapkan budaya mbaca ni dr derg kecik lg kn..:)

Nway, I'm glad that ur happy now..happy reading dear! n buku tu mcm menarik la..abt what eh dear?

dyana "his other half" said...

i never knew nappikleen can do such wonders. hehe. hadif pun pakai nappikleen. patut la lampin dia semua bersih je time pantang dulu.

alhamdulilah dah ok sket ur blouse. and im glad ur happy now :).

i was saying the same thing to fariq last week. nak baca buku before going to sleep with hadif. hehe. hadif pun ada buku favourite disney dia. kalau nak keluar mana2 dia mesti heret skali buku tu. hehe.

nanti dah besar sket, boleh la faaz and hadif pege library mpsj tu.

:: NieSha :: said...

Nadia, wani baru sempat jenguk blog nadia :)
dh hilang ek stain tu? happy to hear that..hrp2 sisa2 stain yg masih ada tu akan hilang semua nanti...wani pun pnh kena cam nadia tu yg wani suggest nappikleen tu..hihiiii...

Nadine said...

Thara, shop got baby's detergent too ye. thanks for d info..owh, I pun x guna wipes masa Faaz was newborn for the same reason :)

Ok, sure. Thanks dear! :)


:) I dah lama craving to read this book Myra. Br ni dpt beli...when I knew the movie is gonna be out soon lg la berkobar2 nak habis baca dulu..n guess what? I've finished it!! (:

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah..almost vanished. TQ
Yup, agreed. melentur buluh biar dr rebungnya. ;)

For an inspring true story fan like me, EPL mmg sgt best! It is a self discovery book, based on the writer's true story. Basically its about an early 30's woman who just gone through divorce and failed relationship travel to Italy, India and Indonesia in an effort to find balance in her life (pleasure, devotion and balancing both). For more info you can go here: :)

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Itula...never knew it before too. Oh ye ke, hihi satu geng la kita ni. Nadia pun start bedtime stories to Faaz since dia 6 bulan tau. Not every night, seminggu dlm 1-2 kali. Although masa tu dia tk paham lagi, he enjoyed looking at the photos masa nadia flip d pages, in between pandang je mommy dia pot pet. hihi.. :)

Oh MPSJ dpn rumah ni ade library eh?? tak tau pun. heeee :D I have one more place yg lg better than a library to suggest. Baby bleh buat bising n walk around skali...wai for my next post k ;)


Mucho gracias dear, again...*hugs* :) really2 appreciate it!

RuZaNNa said...

Wah.. nappikleen does wonders to stain yeah.. make sense jugak about kain lampin being clean as new lepas basuh dgn pencuci tu eventhough lepas kena poo poo.. ehhehe.. i've been using nappikleen for imran's baju.. as well as the wipes.. a thing about me.. i slalu follow what my SIL yg doctor tuh guna.. if it's safe for her.. maka mmg safelah bende tuh.. hehehe

Btw, you've been bitten but the reading bug as well eh? heheh baguslah.. at least your money is well spent.. cuma lepas ni kena carik rak nak letak all the books.. how i wish ada library for these books where you can just rent them instead of buying them..

Nadine said...

Ic..hihi. U follow ur sis in law, I plak follow the nurses in my family(Mama I ex-nurse, mak long-midwife). Kalau pasal medicine plak papa, the pharmacist. Even ubat dr bg Faaz pun have to go through him first. Hihi.. I think this is one of the advantage when u have a family member involve in the medical line kn? :)

Yes, I love readings but like I said earlier dh suam2 kuku lama dh. now all geared up to start back with my hubby. Ic..I prefer to own a collection myself sbb sometimes after a while I tend to read again the books :)