Monday, April 26, 2010

World Earth Day

Most of the companies in Malaysia celebrated the World Earth Day on last Thursday, and so did /// :)

In conjunction with the Earth Day, all staff were encouraged to wear GREEN to show their support for the cause. If you happened to read this post, then you know that I am among the person who doesn't fancy green that much when it comes to attire. Without any other choice, I wore a baby-doll dress + a cardigan; both in turquoise in color. anticipated, some of my friends argued that turquoise is actually blue. Well, my side of argument is simple...

1) According to both statement from the wikipedia below, GREEN is mentioned in definition of turquoise. Therefore, it is fair to say that GREEN is a part of turquoise too, don't you think so?? Hihi.. :)

"Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral...." (from

"Turquoise is a slightly greenish tone of cyan..." (from

2) Yours truly did a simple test before she went back home. It was proven that under certain lights, turquoise did looks greeeen instead of blue. Tak percaya??? See this photo...

It does look green, isn't it??
**(Err, please ignore the background of this photo ya :P)

Besides wear-green-to-office, we have few other activities done that day. In order to save fuel and gas pollution, we have:

- car pool to work on that day
- "eat in" or "don't go out for lunch" where all staff were advice to either bring lunches from home or eat in at our cafe instead of going out.

In order too save the energy, all lights were shut off during lunchtime.

Yours truly have to work in the dark since the lights were ON again after 2pm..

Staff were encourage to bring in old electronic stuff for recycling purpose while there were quizzes, environmental based booths and other activities such as personal pledge to the earth were done at the ground floor. Me and my colleague, Nini also got ourselves the shopping for her and orange for myself :)
Since this was a part of /// Corporate Responsibility program, they have come out with a passport - CR Volunteers log book for those who took part in any of the program organized by them. All we have to do is just get ourselves a stamped for each activity that we joined and towards the end of the year, those who participated the most will get their rewards. :)

I have made a pledge to start using the eco-friendly shopping bag not only on Saturdays (as Selangor currently implement the no-plastic-day on Saturdays) but every time I go out and buy stuff. So far so god, I have missed once or twice though...I haven't tried out putting the frozen food inside the bag, as I still worrying that the bag will get wet. hee hee..

Oh, Coach lovers in Penang.
Good news for you.... :)

Happy shopping! :)



bagus lah ///,mmg support betul go go go green ni ek!
my company support jgak,tp buat competition reka green car..mane mahu nak participate,tak reti pun nak reka keta tu haah!!hehe..

neway,toilet ur office ke tu??

n jauhnye nak g silau2 coach sale tu ;(

Mimy Hamid said...

besar besaran eh..dasat tul sony...hehehe...maka berhijau la favourite colorr

Nadine said... hubby surely excited if he hear this. Iyela Nadia, kata company car, everything related to cars lah..hihi.

Eh, proton is celebrating its 25th years kan? sure ade macam2 exciting activities going on nie :)

heeee, yup. Its our ladies room. :D nasib jauh Nadia. Kalau kat KL ni mmg dh sah2 tergugat "Iman"...hihihi.


hihi, bkn Sony dear, Ericsson. Dia tak sama ngan Sony E tu. Ericsson is the vendor for telco companies...Sony E the phone is owned by Sony and partly by E. Diaorg collaborate for the making of hp je :)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya /// ni. teruja betul cd tgk gambar2 nadia bila bercerita psl ///. rasa cam nak join lak. ahahaha. tp cd ni org yg malas nak tukar2 keja. duduk la smpi pencen kat sime darby ni. hehe.

cd pun dah start pakai eco-friendly shopping bag. frozen food lak cd letak dalam bag ikea tu. balik rumah terus siram bag tu. macam bakul pasar lak bag ikea tu. hehe.

Nadine said...

hihi, takpe..Cee D setia orgnya. Kat sini kan, lagi lama lagi diaorg appreciate tau. Ade makan2 la, award for longest serving staff la..

ikea bag!! good idea cee D. Thank a lot. Pasni leh pakai bag tu. Kalau tak duk berlipat je dlm boot keta. hihi.. :)


Kat TM pun meriah. Siap ade comptition lagi, setiap unit boleh hanta gamba semua yg pakai baju hijau sambil membuat aksi2 menarik . Hehe.

Wah! Siap ade iklan Coach lagi. hehehehehe :)

Nadine said...

Ic..interesting! so u and ur unit participate tak? Mesti menara rebung tu "hijau" je nie sbb TM conquer the building. Hihi.. :)

nak buat cemana, Penang jauh sgt..kasi chance readers yg duk Penang shopping sakan :P

Anonymous said...

Kitaorg pun pakai hijau khamis lepas :D

Tp tu je la, xde aktiviti lain cam company2 lain.

Nad, asal ko post iklan Coach nie haaa. saje je wat org drooling tau! :P


Thara said...

hey thats very nice! very thoughtful of erricson, as well as some other companies.

however, sadly though, i do notice that the euphoria over "saving the environment" didn't last very long, no? in fact, most of us went back to our daily routine, and all the fuss about saving the environment, going green and stopping global warming came to a halt after the glitzy earth hour. sighs.

but im proud to know that u actually still go around, carrying an eco-friendly bag when u shop! clap clap, nadine! :) u definitely walk the talk! :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Waa siap ada passport gtu..hehehe..Nway, bg org yg tk keje ni izu tk tau pon earth day2 ni..but now i know..bley praktik kn la mn yg bley..such shopping pki eco-frendly bag tu..ada, tp salu lupe nk amik kt boot keta..hik!

Wah bestnya Coach sales kt Png..kt KL tade ke? hehehe...tgh looking for new handbag ni..:D

P.S i agree turqoise is also in salu jge org kata hijau turqoise..;)

Nadine said...

Hihi..thanks! :) Thanks to gov Selangor actually. Because of the 'no-plastic-on Saturdays' thingy I started to exercise this routine.

What u've stated here is true..and actually I used to be like that. Excited sekejap je, tp tak buat ape2..but motherhood has transformed me to become more sensitive and mature (ye ke mature..hik! :P). Hopefully it stays..

Nadine said...


Ic..hihi, ups! sorry dear. U duk mana, kalau Penang jengah2 la ke sana :D


Hihi..thanks! :) Thanks to gov Selangor actually. Because of the 'no-plastic-on Saturdays' thingy I started to exercise this routine.

What u've stated here is true..and actually I used to be like that. Excited sekejap je, tp tak buat ape2 lepas tu..but motherhood has transformed me to become more sensitive and mature (ye ke mature..hik! :P). Hopefully these small efforts that we make can do some wonders to mother nature..

Nadine said...


Hihi...Nadia dulu pun slalu lupa sbb ltk dlm boot keta gak. So what I did after that masukkan skali dlm diaper bag Faaz atau handbag Nadia. So xla lupa.. :)

Wah...tgh cari new handbag yer? hmm, kalau Coach email lagi ckp ade sale in KL nnti Nadia war2kan ye..

yay! ade jugak org yg agreed ngan Nadia. Thanks dear!! :D