Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When He Is Unwell...

Since birth, Faaz hardly fell ill. The last time he had his fever was July last year (you can read it here). That explained why we were so worry when he was down with fever this time.

We detected the fever on Saturday evening. His body temperature was a bit higher than usual, but he was active as always; except he got attached to his Tok Mak. This time, he don't bother to follow us back home like the usual, instead happily wave goodbye to us as Fadzil reversed the car. We gave him the medicine as we reached home and put him to sleep. We measured his temperature from time to time and at that time, it was just a mild fever.

However, we couldn't help ourselves from being worried (especially me, of course). Usually, the fever will go away within few hours time but not this time. The fever was mild for the first 2 hours after the medication but the temperature went high for the next 2 hours before the next PCM...and the trend went on and on. It was at 2am that we noticed the temperature was 38.2 degrees and Faaz was sleeping restlessly. His face turn reddish too, it must be from the heat..poor baby. Immediately Fadzil asked me to get ready. There was no 24 hours clinic in Taipan so we went straight to SDMC (previously known as SJMC), at the emergency section.

Maybe the doctor on duty that night was tired, maybe she was having her PMS (pardon me), but for us the way she acted that night was unprofessional, especially for a private hospital with such a reputation. Nak kata too many emergency patient that night, nope it was only us and another family waiting patiently for the turn to come. I don't want to elaborate more on the incident, enough said that her rudeness caused Fadzil almost lost his temper at one time, lucky he cooled off when I reminded him that we need to focus on Faaz instead.

This time around, the fever is longer than the usual. I had to take a leave on Monday and working from home yesterday as Faaz tends to be clingy to me when the temperature increased. Poor baby. Alhamdulillah, after four days, he is recovering now. However, he still don't have the appetite to eat, which is soooo not Faaz. We tried everything...soup, porridge, fruits even his favourite Tiger biscuits but all failed. He just drink milk whenever he is hungry and look for his water bottle when he is thirsty, for the past four days. When we gave him solid food, he will just chew it for a long time..and spit it out afterward. I'm wondering, is this considered as normal when kids have fever? Is it just the taste bud becomes bitter? How long will it takes until he get back his appetite? Oh, it's kinda worrying so we decided to take him to his 2nd pediatrician this evening for consultation. Hopefully nothing serious...amin.

Oh Faaz, please get well soon love!

-Mommy & Daddy-

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweat & Have Fun

In my 100th post, I did mentioned that I want live a healthier life this year and exercise is part of it. At first, I was thinking of going to my office's gym, work out and make it a routine perhaps AT LEAST twice a month.

Five months had passed since and I have NOT yet visited the gym, not once! Ok, let's face it - the gym is not for everyone. Honestly, I am not so keen to work out in the gym with the instructor telling me and pressuring me to do this and that..I dont see the fun in it :P. Yes, I am choosy, I want to sweat n have fun at the same time..boleh? :) In addition to that, few friends in the medical line advise me not to, worrying that too much pressure on my body will effect the healing process of my wound. Hmm, one good excuse eh? hihi...

I was so happy when I came to know that /// sports club organized aerobic sessions for FREE, for an hour every month, after work. Without hesitation, I enrolled myself in. Being someone who love dancing since young, I really enjoyed the sessions. Although at first the crowd was small as some were too embarrassed to join us, but they changed their mind after they saw the fun we have on the first half. By the next session, the group has expanded. However, the activity is currently stopped to give way to ping pong and futsal match to kick in.

Yes people, men do aerobics too!! :)

So in the meantime, I do aerobics at home on weekends. Of course, I waited for the in-laws to go out to the market first. Mau pengsan if they see me terkinja-kinja in front of the LCD tv kan :)). Faaz will joined me as well whenever he is up early in the morning. Very, very cute when he shake his bon bon ( I mean bon*** la :)) ). There are so many workout DVDs available in the video store and you can choose one, depending on your needs. Nak download kat Youtube pun boleh je... :P It would have been better if anyone else can join me as well...oh, how I wish my girlfriends live nearby. Anyone care to join me? *wink*

Recently, I received an invitation via email from the sports club. The committtees will organize two classes; Aerobic Fitness Class and Dancing Class! Weeeee! I am so excited! :) The classes will be kicked in in June 2nd, on every Wednesday and it will be alternately between Aerobic and Dancing class. This time around, the Aerobic Fitness class will include 1 hour Aerobic Dance & Aerokick (uuuuh, I loike!) and another hour for Pilates & Yoga. I never tried both but I heard that Pilates routine is good to shape up the but and the thigh...the parts where most of my fat usually goes to..huhu :( Hopefully it can does some wonders!

As for the dancing class, it will be a mix of basic dance, traditional (malay, chinese, indian), ballroom dance (salsa, cha cha, tango), hip hop dance and belly dance. Haaa, terbeliak tak mata??! Fadzil did when he heard that as I asked his permission to join both classes. Hahaha! As a Muslim of course la tak mau nak gelek-gelek depan public kan. Luckily the classes will be held in the auditorium or one of the education classroom...tertutup and it will be all girls class :) Paling tak tahan when Fadzil asked, "To do that dance, you have to reveal your belly ke?" Hahaha! Comel sungguh encik suamiku..
:)). Personally I would love to learn Salsa. Since teen years I've been wanting to learn it, but haven't got the chance to do so. And Hip Hop dance...reminds me the days during secondary school where me and a couple of friends love to hang out and do the routine..hihihi :D

Hopefully I am able to join the classes every week. The good thing is, for both classes the fee is only RM15, and the payment is made after you finished each class. RM60 for a month is not bad , and I save my $$$ if let say I cannot attend the class. I just have to ensure that I don't have extra workload on Wednesdays so that I can join most of the classes if not all.

Oh June, I am soo looking forward to meet you!
p.s: Nini, jomla join!! :P

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Faaz's Little Brother

Hi everyone,

Faaz has become a big brother last Sunday!

Isn't him adorable?? :)

Well, he isn't's Faaz little cousin. Hihi.. :P

Little baby (no name yet as today) weighing 2.58kg was safely delivered at Al-Zaharah Medical Center on Teacher's Day, 16th May 2010 at 12.30pm. Both the mommy and baby are now in the pink of health. Alhamdulillah.. :)

Faaz was so excited when I told him in the car before that we were going to meet a baby. He kept on saying "baby" until we reached the hospital. Unfortunately, we were not able to kiss little baby , he was being quarantined from the mother who was having a slight fever after the delivery. We went to see him at the nursery instead...jadila for time being. Nanti balik Putra Heights aunt Nadia, uncle Fadzil and Abang Faaz come to visit you again k, sweetheart...muahs! muahs!

Faaz is no more longer the "baby" in the A. Kadir's family. Faaz dah jadi abang! Don't worry, to mommy and daddy, you are still our baby till we get you an 'adik'..he he he..

Congrats Ju & Uja
! InsyaAllah, another little boy on the couch for Aidilfitri potraiture this year. Weeee~ :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Faaz vs. Optimus Prime

One of my hubby's hobby is to collect limited edition figurine. Among of his collection includes the Enterprise ship from the famous movie Star Trek and the Optimus Prime robot from the Transformers movie.

As the items are mostly rare and quite expensive, Fadzil never gave the permission for any kids to play with it, including our son, Faaz. Alhamdulillah, so far Faaz obediently listen to us. He never touched it, only asked us to push the button at the robot whenever he wants to hear the robot says, "I am Optimus Prime" and automatically made him
laughing away. :)

Fadzil was in a good mood yesterday so I asked him if its ok for me to let Faaz play with the Optimus Prime with my supervision. He gave me the green light instantly. Happily I approached Faaz who was busy playing with his toys (and at the same time was messing up our bed :P) with the robot in my hand.

His reaction???

Haha! Geli + Scared..poor my little man being bullied, naughty Mommy!:P
Later, when he was quite calm with the robot, again I approached him...

His reaction this time??

Hihihi...siap boleh "bubbye"! :)

p.s: lucky no nightmare last night..*phewww*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simple Menu for Toddler - Part II

Last weekend was different from the usual weekends that we have. Instead of outing, we chose to stay at home. My in-laws went to Penang for a holiday so the house was left for just the three of us - Fadzil, me and little Faaz. Weeee!

As usual, I'll be the "queen" of the kitchen when mama is not around. Full meals were prepared for my two men from breakfast to lunch, tea break to dinner. Complete..until Fadzil had to stop and dragged me out of the kitchen when I was preparing the Mango Lassi after dinner. Hihi.."ter" obsessed di dapur la pulak :P For those who are wondering, Mango Lassi is very famous with Pakistani and Indian. Being married with a Pakistani blood hubby, I got the chance to learn how to prepare it, very simple indeed! Since it is a healthy drink, I recommend this drink for toddlers and kids too. I'm sure they will like it since my son really enjoyed it :)

Mango Lassi

photo is taken from here


- ripe mangoes, cubed and blended to get the pulp
- yogurt
- fresh milk


-Mix all ingredients well (I blend the mango cubes together with the rest), add sugar if you want it to be sweeter (I prefer without) or add a little bit of water if you feel the mixture is too thick. Serve in individual glasses and it's ready to serve! isn't it simple?

This time around, I made fish pie for Faaz's lunch. It was my first time attempt and alhamdulillah he loves it so I decided to share it with you. Who knows, your kids will enjoy it too. :)

Fish Pie for Kids

part of the ingredients

Ingredients:- Garlic*, finely chopped
*According to the Chinese, garlic is actually good for babies. However, I only
introduced garlic to Faaz when he turns 13 months.

- Onion*, finely chopped
*Not recommended for babies below 12 months, due to the possibility of stomach discomfort if the baby's stomach is too sensitive. I introduced onion to Faaz when he was 14 months old.

-Butter/unsalted butter

- 2 large potatoes, peeled and boiled. Mashed.

- 1 small bowl of fish meat*, flaked.
*a choice of salmon/mackerel/tuna/cod/dory. I used tuna :)

- Boiled carrots, cubed
- Boiled broccoli, cubed

- Cherry tomatoes, cubed

Ingredients for the white sauce:

2 tbsp flour
-1/2 tbsp butter
- 1 cup of milk
- 1/2 cup of grated cheese

-Sorry for not able to give you the proper measurements as this is my own experimental
recipe...pakai agak-agak je :P

Method:1) Heat the pan, melt the butter over a medium heat. Saute the garlic and onion.

2) Pour in the fish flakes, fry till it almost dry. Add in the vegetables (broccoli, carrots and cherry tomatoes). Stir for 2 minutes. Set it aside.

3) In another pan, melted the butter over a medium heat. Add in the flour, stir it until the flour turns light brown. Add in the milk. Stir it constantly, to make it a smooth mixture. Add in the cheese ( I used grated Parmesan cheese). Stir it constantly till the mixture is smooth and thick. Set it aside.
4) Fill in the base of the pie plate/casing with the mashed potato. Compressed it. Add in the fish + veges mixture as the filling of the pie.
5) Pour in the white sauce, just nice to cover the filling.6) Topped up the pie with the remaining mashed potatoes. Use a fork to make some design and brushed it with egg yolk for the golden effect when baking.7) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the pie for 20-30 minutes.

I made 4 cute mini pies with this recipe. Sorry, no photo of the end result as I forgot to snap one because I was so busy preparing lunch for my hubby...

Homemade Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce :)

Oh ya, if you have a leftover of the fish pie filling, don't throw it up. Either you make another round of the pie or you can....

boiled a small bowl of macaroni, toasted it and then mixed it with the filling. Placed the mixture into a pie plate. Add some cheese on top and bake it.

The end result??

Easy peasy baked macaroni! :)

As I was so "clingy" to the kitchen, the next day I was forbidden from it, except any task related to Faaz. Hihi...We dine out for lunch at our favourite diner, Chilli's. A treat from my hubby for Mother's Day and Faaz's 16th months anniversary :)
Thank you, Daddy. We love u, a lot!! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Our last week was full with a series of outings and event with the family as well as close friends. Tiring, but considering not everyday you get to gather and spend the quality time with your loved ones...its worth it! :)

I-City, Shah Alam

After dine out @ Taipan last Wednesday, Fadzil asked me if I have any plan for the rest of the night and I said no. He than drove us to Shah Alam for a night walk in the forest of light...The I-City.

Since the place is open for public for quite sometime now, plus it's a weekday we thought the crowd was lesser. We were WRONG. There was a long queue of cars before the parking entrance and it took us almost 20 minutes just to enter the parking lot..

parade of lights..

We went into the building instead of the park as we were worried about the weather that night. As you walk between the buildings before entering inside, you can see the magnificent light showcase was stunning! A great spot for photographers and those who loves to be photographed :) Inside, they have a similar light showcase, with Christmas and Chinese New Year as the theme. But the downside will be the crowd. Its hard for you to snap a nice photo when too many people were walking around, passing by you each time..grrr. We took some photos and went back home..tak larat nak bersesak2, rimas!

Anyway, thanks Sayang for bringing us here...finally..hihi. (It was me who mentioned this place to him last year, when everybody was busy talking about it. Skarang baru dpt pegi :D)

Perhaps we can re-visited this place when the crowd is lesser...

Bila tu? Wallahualam... :)

Sari Ratu, Subang Jaya
We had lunch at Sari Ratu Restaurant on last Friday, a small family gathering of the Kadir's. It was fun since its the first time my brother in-law and his family joined us to dine out. Meriah SR with three active boys around! :P

see my son? siap bleh duduk atas lantai lagi..huhu

Olympic Sports Hotel, KL
We went there to attend a wedding from papa's side of family on Saturday night. In case you are wondering, the Olympic hotel resides in Jalan Hang Jebat, near the Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara. I, myself never came across or heard about this hotel too. It was nice to meet the familiar faces and some new faces (Fadzil's distant relatives) but the nicest part was the food! It was so thoughtful of the host to have a selection of beef, lamb, chicken and fish for guest to chose for and all of them were delicious! Nyum..nyum :)

The Loaf, Empire Shopping Gallery
We met our friend and family last Sunday evening at Empire, a new shopping mall here in Subang Jaya. They were in KL for the Labour Day holiday and we took the opportunity to spare some time for meet up. Although it was a prompt request, I glad we can make it ;)

During the university years, the hubby, Hisham and my hubster, Fadzil both took Mechatronics as their majoring while the wifey, Izuan and me, attended few classes together although she took Computer as her major and I took the Telecommunication instead. For your information, Izu is an active mommy blogger too. I followed her blog since they were in UK :). It was so nice to finally meet the whole family after 5 years. Mingling with their daughters, adorable Iris and bubby Zahin made me longing for a baby girl next.

InsyaAllah...with God's consent, one day... :)