Friday, May 14, 2010

Faaz vs. Optimus Prime

One of my hubby's hobby is to collect limited edition figurine. Among of his collection includes the Enterprise ship from the famous movie Star Trek and the Optimus Prime robot from the Transformers movie.

As the items are mostly rare and quite expensive, Fadzil never gave the permission for any kids to play with it, including our son, Faaz. Alhamdulillah, so far Faaz obediently listen to us. He never touched it, only asked us to push the button at the robot whenever he wants to hear the robot says, "I am Optimus Prime" and automatically made him
laughing away. :)

Fadzil was in a good mood yesterday so I asked him if its ok for me to let Faaz play with the Optimus Prime with my supervision. He gave me the green light instantly. Happily I approached Faaz who was busy playing with his toys (and at the same time was messing up our bed :P) with the robot in my hand.

His reaction???

Haha! Geli + Scared..poor my little man being bullied, naughty Mommy!:P
Later, when he was quite calm with the robot, again I approached him...

His reaction this time??

Hihihi...siap boleh "bubbye"! :)

p.s: lucky no nightmare last night..*phewww*


LyDiA said...

hehe cian faaz kene teased ngan mummy nyer ^^ tula sape suruh comel sgt =p

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

hehehehehe i like the 1st video, personally, i replay it twice!:P suka sgt tgk Faaz punye reaction with those gimmick..sgt kiut n mcuit hati!! hihihi...mujur la tgk sorg2 klu ada 2 org lg si kenit izu ni habesss..konfem replay byk kali..:D

neena_kechik said...

kak nadia, nakal nyer mummy ni!! hehehe faaz so cute =).cubit pipi sket!!! hehehe


commey nye Faaz...geram dia buat muka geli!
now I know how u pronounce Faaz ;)

btw,Adam tak boleh tgk I pegang camera,susah sgt nak snap pix dia skrang,apatah lagi nk record video..

mesti papa Faaz behind doa,Faaz tk buat pape kt optimus prime dia kan..;)

dyana "his other half" said...

alalalala, cute little faaz :). i love both video. specially the flying kiss and bubye optimus prime tu. hehe. cuteness!

p/s : faaz takut with the optimus prime or faaz takut daddy marah faaz play with optimus prime :). hehe.

Thara said...

haha omg so adorable! mmg dia tak suka noe dgn optimus prime tu eh! :P

:: NieSha :: said...

hihi..he is so cute!
wani pon tgk byk kali the first video hubby pun suka kumpul figurine skrg dh slow down skit.hehehe...


Comel jek Faaz ni tau!!!! :)

my.mastura said...

i like ur shorts la faaz...looks ur bump looks soo kiut, as always :D

Nadine said...

Nini,'s like an addiction when I saw him cried n geli at the same time. Rasa nak buat lagi, dan lagi, dan lagi. Nasib Tok Mak Faaz xde kat situ, kalau tak ade yg kena babab! :))


Hihihi..iye ke. Actually the first time lagi klakar tp masa tu tak budget he will acted that way kn. 2nd time nak test lagi skali tu terus grap hp n put on video mode :))


Memang notty, notty Mommmy. Skali skala jer, bila lagi nak bully anak sendiri kan :P Hihi, thanks! :)


Hihi, u ingat Faaz as in Faz eh? :) It's pronounced as Fa-Az :)

Oh ye one time dulu Faaz was like that too. But slowly dia ok balik skang, dh pandai posing sket2 dah. I'm sure x lama lagi Adam pun will be camera friendly again :)

Actually, the reason behind this was my hubby did not want Faaz to came closer at the computer table. He was buzy playing the computer games so he thought the robot can make Faaz busy for a while..he he he

Nadine said...

Lady D,

hihi, thanks. :)

p.s: kali ni bila dh close up Faaz br realized how ugly Optimus Prime is. Sbb tu dia geli kot :))


Haha..yes! Maybe before this he saw it from a distant and it looked ok. Skali datang dkt, hamik! :))
Anyway, I noticed my son mmg geli dgn banyak benda la you...


:) thanks dear. Iye ke, bagusnya dh mellow down. Any tips tak??? Would love to try on Fadzil.
Pening pala ni bila our bedroom jd part of his display area little boys room pun ade :P

Mea & Mas,

Thanks! :)