Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Our last week was full with a series of outings and event with the family as well as close friends. Tiring, but considering not everyday you get to gather and spend the quality time with your loved ones...its worth it! :)

I-City, Shah Alam

After dine out @ Taipan last Wednesday, Fadzil asked me if I have any plan for the rest of the night and I said no. He than drove us to Shah Alam for a night walk in the forest of light...The I-City.

Since the place is open for public for quite sometime now, plus it's a weekday we thought the crowd was lesser. We were WRONG. There was a long queue of cars before the parking entrance and it took us almost 20 minutes just to enter the parking lot..

parade of lights..

We went into the building instead of the park as we were worried about the weather that night. As you walk between the buildings before entering inside, you can see the magnificent light showcase was stunning! A great spot for photographers and those who loves to be photographed :) Inside, they have a similar light showcase, with Christmas and Chinese New Year as the theme. But the downside will be the crowd. Its hard for you to snap a nice photo when too many people were walking around, passing by you each time..grrr. We took some photos and went back home..tak larat nak bersesak2, rimas!

Anyway, thanks Sayang for bringing us here...finally..hihi. (It was me who mentioned this place to him last year, when everybody was busy talking about it. Skarang baru dpt pegi :D)

Perhaps we can re-visited this place when the crowd is lesser...

Bila tu? Wallahualam... :)

Sari Ratu, Subang Jaya
We had lunch at Sari Ratu Restaurant on last Friday, a small family gathering of the Kadir's. It was fun since its the first time my brother in-law and his family joined us to dine out. Meriah SR with three active boys around! :P

see my son? siap bleh duduk atas lantai lagi..huhu

Olympic Sports Hotel, KL
We went there to attend a wedding from papa's side of family on Saturday night. In case you are wondering, the Olympic hotel resides in Jalan Hang Jebat, near the Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara. I, myself never came across or heard about this hotel too. It was nice to meet the familiar faces and some new faces (Fadzil's distant relatives) but the nicest part was the food! It was so thoughtful of the host to have a selection of beef, lamb, chicken and fish for guest to chose for and all of them were delicious! Nyum..nyum :)

The Loaf, Empire Shopping Gallery
We met our friend and family last Sunday evening at Empire, a new shopping mall here in Subang Jaya. They were in KL for the Labour Day holiday and we took the opportunity to spare some time for meet up. Although it was a prompt request, I glad we can make it ;)

During the university years, the hubby, Hisham and my hubster, Fadzil both took Mechatronics as their majoring while the wifey, Izuan and me, attended few classes together although she took Computer as her major and I took the Telecommunication instead. For your information, Izu is an active mommy blogger too. I followed her blog since they were in UK :). It was so nice to finally meet the whole family after 5 years. Mingling with their daughters, adorable Iris and bubby Zahin made me longing for a baby girl next.

InsyaAllah...with God's consent, one day... :)



Waaaaa... bestnyer beractivity.

Yesterday i passed by the Empire. Macam best je. best x u? :)

Nadine said...

Best! Tp u jangan pegi skang, pegi mid May bila sume kedai dh bukak.

But if u nak jalan2 skang, ade jugak kedai best2 such as..

i) the new Toys R Us - lg besar dr the one in SP before. Puas jln2 tgk toys. Im sure Oman will enjoy this, cuz Faaz did enjoyed himself. Kitaorg pun sama gak..hihi :)

ii) CnK. - New store kan, so dia bawak sume new stocks. Tak tahan sungguh godaan, I dh shopping sakan dh kat sana :P

iii) DnA boutique - owned by Dynas the actress tu. Quite chicks the tops and accessories. u should have a look ;)

lain2 such as Guess boutique, Guess Kid, Pumpkin Patch, Tangs, Jaya Supermarket, Italianese n Chilli's are opening soon!

my.mastura said...

eh...Empire tu dh bukak ? selama ni, aku tgk dr federal je..x tau lak dh bukak..hehehe

eh, nice la tudung ko kaler hitam tu..yg ko pakai kt olympic hotel tu...huhu

Nadine said...

Dah la cayang oi, open since 22nd April haritu. Tp belum ade official opening lagi sbb masih half of the shops x bukak lagi. Bawakla Mikhail pegi Toys R Us, nnti bukan dia je excited, ko pun sama! hihi.. :)

thanks. Tudung lama tu Mas, raya tahun lepas..recycle. hihi..


hehe,I went to the empire jgak last weekend..plan to post entry u dah update earlier heheh ;)

and we went to i-city jgak last weekend,tp mmg sesak sgt!
we just pandu lalu aje..seriously I tak suka sgt tempat sesak..

Faaz yg cute,geram!

Nadine said...

la ye ke..what a coincidence!

You pegi Empire last weekend hari ape Nadia?? I went both on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday sbb to get freebies Toys R Us for Faaz (Toy Story toy worth rm49.90 for first 100 cardmember), and on Sunday to meet our friends :)

Yes dear, we hate it too. Tp my hubby kata dh alang2 came all the way kan, so pegi la skejap. Dlm 15-20 minutes je kitaorg kat sana :)

Mimy Hamid said...

i tak gi lagi icity asyik lalu jek..nk pi jenguk gak la..amboi baby faaz berjalan jekkk..kemain cheecky

Nadine said...

Oh ye ke..lalu pegi mana, Mimy?
Hihi...Faaz kalau ckp nak pegi jalan, dia laju je cari kasut. Mmg kaki jalan jugak ikut parents dia nie ;)

Anonymous said...

Nadia, ko pegi wedding tu pakai dress eh? nampak cam dress..takde gamba full ke, cam cantek je. Tmpah mana??

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wah canteknya I-City!! rugi tk pegi haritu..:P dh ajk dh Hisham, tp dia blom nk pg lg kot..hehe...

tp weekend sure lg sesak kn, izu pn x suka pg time rmi org..tkt bdk2 ni yg tk selesa.:)

BTW, mmg happy n seronok sgt jmp u all..tq sbb sudi nk jmp.:D padahal kt uni dlu mcm tk pnh ckp kn kte? :D

Izu tk larat nk update blog lg, i'm on PMS.sengugut..:(

Thara said...

wow, u sure sound as though you had a blast! and im sure u did! :D

ive never been to any of the places u mentioned above, except for Sari Ratu tu. good food, good choice! :)

but i really am attracted to that I-City! mcm best je u! ade entrance fee ke apa tak? bestnya bestnyaaa! nak pegi jugak!


hehe..we went on Sat nite..
after magrib, kejap je lah..
yup me too dapat msg about the toy r tak sempat pergi..;)

nanti I post entry bout my lil Adam pelok giraffe toy r us tu..:)hehehe..

lucky adam tdo time tu..kalau tak mahu my hubby ajak turun jgak!excited tgk lampu tu..

Nadine said...


Hihi..samala Hisham ngan Fadzil. Nadia bgtau dia pasal i-city ni dr last year Izu, masa cuti Christmas. But he show no interest. Tp mlm tu tiba2 he's being so sweet plak ajak kitaorg pegi. Of courselah I said yes kn :)

Nadia rasa weekend lg ramai org la Izu sbb we went on weekdays pun ramai. most of the crowd youngsters, Nadia rasa uni/college students kat s.alam kot.

Hihi..what to do,Nadia dulu lagi la sgt pemalu kn. Nadia plg ingat kita slalu say hi masa lalu bypass dr kulliyah engin ke kolej. Its either you go back fr class Izu br nak pegi or the other way round. :)

Alahai..siannya Izu. Erm jangan gelakkan tp I thot lepas dh bersalin, kalau PMS dh takde senggugut. Ade eh? cuz Nadia since deliver Faaz x penah lagi senggugut semula..

Nadine said...


Yes dear, I did!! :)

You pun layan Padang food eh. Cedapkan? If just the 3 of us dine in there, we usually take 2 portions of the same lauk. We feel their portion is too small for our big tummy. hihihi..

Mmg best dear. That is why I've been wanting to go since last year. Tp en. suami buat dek je so I pun redha :P Seronok when you are surrounded by the bling2 lights, somehow feels magical. Its just that like I mentioned few times, the crowd was the downside. Its hard to pose when ppl busy walking around you. Rimas ok..
At one time, we let Faaz alone stand in front one of the statue, tiba2 dtg plak 2-3 org teens surround n snap2 photos with Faaz. Terkejut ok. We all belum sempat pun adjust the lens. They told me diaorg geram tgk Faaz but as a mother, when ur child tiba2 surrounded cam tu agak stunned lah. Terus we all balik pastu :P

Perhaps you can go early, maybe time tu crowd tak ramai lagi. and uh, its FREE Thara! :) If u ikut Tol Batu Tiga, go on straight and exit at Padang Jawa. Lepas tu signboards will direct you to the place :)


Ic..we went on Saturday morning dlm kul 11 mcm tu and we are cardmember number 48. dptla the toy :) Alalala..Adam peluk giraffe tu eh. Cant wait to dia posing. You know, Faaz we bring him closer to the giraffe boleh plak dia divert his way. Ingatkan dia takut ke ape. Rupanya he went straight to the ball section and took a ball. Kaki bola betul! :))

:: NieSha :: said...

bestnya..dh lama ajak hubby g i-city tp dia cakap:
"ada ape?"
wani kata "ada lampu cantik2"
then he said "laa..lampu je? kt umah kita pun ada lampu"
and me : grrrrrr!

tp empire tu mcm menarik la..hihiii...

kella said...

hye nadine, salam kenal.. dari blog mimy nih.. selalu tengok nadine tapi tak pernah tegur..
ni sedang terjah menerjah! salam...


Nadine said...


ahaha..comel lah korang! :)

Ape kata, Wani pegi google psl i-city, nnti banyak blog paste photo2 kat sana. mana tau tiba2 dia teruja plak kan :)

Hello Kella,

Salam perkenalan 2u2! :)
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll visit urs too, soon. Nanti bila2 singgah la lagi ye :)

Nadine said...


Pardon me, I overlooked ur comment...huhu.Sape ni eh?

Thanks! Yes it's a dress. Tempah dr my tailor at Gombak. Em, if u are my friend on FB, nnti i download gamba penuh kat sana (folder weddings we went) ok! :)

MDiana@Meanaidz said...

Hi Nadine,

Ur post this time sounds interesting:D *wink* bestnya dpt bwk anak bujang you tgk bling2 stuff, klu dl nk tgk bling2 tuh kene pg orchard rd, s'pore now I-City dah ada yeayy!! x sabar nk tunggu anak bujang I besar plak..klu skg pegi bwk die pun, die x phm lg no reaction boring, plus mcm x sesuai jer bwk baby g tpt crowded mcm tuh

Nadine said...


Ic..I tak pernah pegi Orchard road lg. In fact, I've never been to Spore before altho slalu turun JB. Hihi..Im sure kt sana lagi cantik kn?? :)

Yes dear, tunggu Zubayr besar sket. By that time immune system dia lebih kuat, he can really appreciate it and hopefully crowd will be not as much as currently. Im sure bkn Zubayr je suka nnti..Daddy dia pun sama kan. leh snap! snap! n snap! hihi..

irradhil said...

hi nadine

saya irra kwn izu.i love reading ur blog.hehehe.but dont have mine.soriiii.

btw....suker tgk gmbr ur cheeky.i ni sama ngn 2 princess.

best kan duk kl...leh soping jeles.
hrtu turun kl pn xsempat nk pegi i-city.

Nadine said...

hello irra,

thanks sudi baca my blog n drop a comment :)

oh ye ke..Ni geng supermommy la ni, dh ade 2 kids. Mesti dh expert kan. Nanti bolehla share parentings tips dgn I yer. Ala, u takde blog tak dptla I nak tgk u and ur princesses punya face. Kena imagine la nie...hihi

You stay luar KL eh? kat Melaka cam Izu gak ke? Im sure kat tempat you pun ade banyak tempat2 menarik kan? :)

irradhil said...

i ader fb jer.kalu u ader fb...add me pls
fatira abdul fatah

i kt kelantan.i ler yg poskan budu kt izu tu.hehehehe far kt sini xder pn restoran yg best2.kenny rogers,secret recipe jer yg ader.huhuhu.

Nadine said...

Ok, I dh add you :)

Ic..ic..hihi. Four years back I jaga network East Coast, esp Kelantan. Slalu ulang alik Kelantan tau Irra sbb pegi site survey. Nanti partner I (org Kelantan) mesti bawak pegi cuba masakan Kelantan yg I tak pernah cuba. For me menarik gak sbb kat KL tak dpt rasa. Plg teringat sampai skang erm Nasi air kot nama dia, yg ala2 mcm bubur tu :)

Mimy Hamid said...

lalu pi umah sewa my sis kat seksyen 7..kan leh nampak i-city...tak sempat singgah..jakel singgah la pulak..hehe

Nadine said...

oh ye ke..hehehe :)

irradhil said...

ooo...nasi air tu mmg famous la kt sini.kalu u turun sini lain kali...lehla jumpe.:)