Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simple Menu for Toddler - Part II

Last weekend was different from the usual weekends that we have. Instead of outing, we chose to stay at home. My in-laws went to Penang for a holiday so the house was left for just the three of us - Fadzil, me and little Faaz. Weeee!

As usual, I'll be the "queen" of the kitchen when mama is not around. Full meals were prepared for my two men from breakfast to lunch, tea break to dinner. Complete..until Fadzil had to stop and dragged me out of the kitchen when I was preparing the Mango Lassi after dinner. Hihi.."ter" obsessed di dapur la pulak :P For those who are wondering, Mango Lassi is very famous with Pakistani and Indian. Being married with a Pakistani blood hubby, I got the chance to learn how to prepare it, very simple indeed! Since it is a healthy drink, I recommend this drink for toddlers and kids too. I'm sure they will like it since my son really enjoyed it :)

Mango Lassi

photo is taken from here


- ripe mangoes, cubed and blended to get the pulp
- yogurt
- fresh milk


-Mix all ingredients well (I blend the mango cubes together with the rest), add sugar if you want it to be sweeter (I prefer without) or add a little bit of water if you feel the mixture is too thick. Serve in individual glasses and it's ready to serve! isn't it simple?

This time around, I made fish pie for Faaz's lunch. It was my first time attempt and alhamdulillah he loves it so I decided to share it with you. Who knows, your kids will enjoy it too. :)

Fish Pie for Kids

part of the ingredients

Ingredients:- Garlic*, finely chopped
*According to the Chinese, garlic is actually good for babies. However, I only
introduced garlic to Faaz when he turns 13 months.

- Onion*, finely chopped
*Not recommended for babies below 12 months, due to the possibility of stomach discomfort if the baby's stomach is too sensitive. I introduced onion to Faaz when he was 14 months old.

-Butter/unsalted butter

- 2 large potatoes, peeled and boiled. Mashed.

- 1 small bowl of fish meat*, flaked.
*a choice of salmon/mackerel/tuna/cod/dory. I used tuna :)

- Boiled carrots, cubed
- Boiled broccoli, cubed

- Cherry tomatoes, cubed

Ingredients for the white sauce:

2 tbsp flour
-1/2 tbsp butter
- 1 cup of milk
- 1/2 cup of grated cheese

-Sorry for not able to give you the proper measurements as this is my own experimental
recipe...pakai agak-agak je :P

Method:1) Heat the pan, melt the butter over a medium heat. Saute the garlic and onion.

2) Pour in the fish flakes, fry till it almost dry. Add in the vegetables (broccoli, carrots and cherry tomatoes). Stir for 2 minutes. Set it aside.

3) In another pan, melted the butter over a medium heat. Add in the flour, stir it until the flour turns light brown. Add in the milk. Stir it constantly, to make it a smooth mixture. Add in the cheese ( I used grated Parmesan cheese). Stir it constantly till the mixture is smooth and thick. Set it aside.
4) Fill in the base of the pie plate/casing with the mashed potato. Compressed it. Add in the fish + veges mixture as the filling of the pie.
5) Pour in the white sauce, just nice to cover the filling.6) Topped up the pie with the remaining mashed potatoes. Use a fork to make some design and brushed it with egg yolk for the golden effect when baking.7) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the pie for 20-30 minutes.

I made 4 cute mini pies with this recipe. Sorry, no photo of the end result as I forgot to snap one because I was so busy preparing lunch for my hubby...

Homemade Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce :)

Oh ya, if you have a leftover of the fish pie filling, don't throw it up. Either you make another round of the pie or you can....

boiled a small bowl of macaroni, toasted it and then mixed it with the filling. Placed the mixture into a pie plate. Add some cheese on top and bake it.

The end result??

Easy peasy baked macaroni! :)

As I was so "clingy" to the kitchen, the next day I was forbidden from it, except any task related to Faaz. Hihi...We dine out for lunch at our favourite diner, Chilli's. A treat from my hubby for Mother's Day and Faaz's 16th months anniversary :)
Thank you, Daddy. We love u, a lot!! :)


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

wow, all of the dishes look so nyummy n i bet they were..;)creative u, pas fish pie, macaroni plak ek..hehehe..isk i wish i have my own oven so i can try those recipes rite away..hihi..

Nway, happy mother's day dear!! Faaz sgt chomel pki overall tuh.alahai cheeky la u Faaz!:D


kagumnye ngan u ..rajin sgt!
plus the foods semuanye super delicious..nape tak invite kitorang skali??huhuhuh ;)

kena buat jugak mango lassi ni,Adam loves mango so much..with the fresh milk n yougurt,surely Adam jilat jari nye..hehehe...;)

tq dear for the ideas..
really dah lama stuck with new kalau ur MIL selalu g holiday, bnyk recipe u will share wit us..;)

ala,dear rumah tkde oven,microwave aje..cmane nak adjust buat pie tu ek..??? ;0


owh yea..happy 16th months Faaz!
ur cutie pie ni makin cute sb selalu makan pie best mommy dia ;)

neena_kechik said...

wah!!! best2!!! byk nyer recipe =).nk try la nant.hehehe kak nadia,mango lassi tu kalo xnk letak milk bole x? neena pernah jump n dipaksa minum mango lassi time farewell party utk student india kat lab bila tahu die letak susu, sampai nangis2 neena x nk minum!!! hehehe sy x suka minum susu!!! hehehe

faisyura said...

alaaa pandainyeee nadiaaa... jeles sgt... nak tiru eh! ;)

hish dh le tgk pagi2 kt ofis, terus perut berbunyi...

dyana "his other half" said...

ala sedapnya. kalau tau kitaorg lunch kat rumah korang last saturday. kitaorg pun tak pege mana weekend aritu. hehe.

my mama pun suka buat mango lassi tu. mango lassi always in our fridge kat penang. tp cd tak minat sangat. hehe. harap2 hadif suka.

RuZaNNa said...

Wahhh.. u're truly a good cook! and u really have passion to it.. siap boleh buat homemade chicken chop lagi.. *clap**clap*.. bertuah nya husband and anak you dpt wifey and mommy like you.. hehehe..

Entah bila la i nak pandai masak cam u nadine.. hehehe

Mimy Hamid said...

walahhhhhhhh resepi yang boleh ditiru bukan faaz je suka...i pun suka...i print resepi mau bila?? hehe


Stuju with Anne!!!!
I kagum giler. U dah bertaraf chef dah ni Nadine :)

Happy Mother's day!!

Nadine said...


Hihi..bkn ape, kalau tak nnti membazir kan. Izu, boleh pakai microwave tau, kalau microwave izu ade baking/grilling function.

Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)


I rajin sbb jarang2 dpt the golden opportunity, cuba hari2 mau jemu jugak I. pie tu first attempt you, kang invite tetamu skali tak sedap buat malu je kan. InsyaAllah, nnti ade peluang I sure akan buat makan2 utk kawan2. (Ade ke yg sudi?? haha)

cubala..senang je kan, rasa manis2 lemak. and sikit masam due to the yogurt. kalau Adam x suka masam bleh letak sket je :)

boleh pakai microwave oven, Nadia. Kat urs ade function baking tak? bila kita tekan function tu dia suh enter the degrees. then, dia akan preheat dulu. habis preheat dia akan bunyi beep2. then we set the timer for how long nak bake. kalau microwave, tak perlu 20-30mins for the pie. dlm 10-15mins je. u agak2 la bila tgk dh brownish kan top dia. isi dia kita dh masak siap2 kan so by right mmg dh masak dh :)

thanks dear! haha..Faaz nak jadi tembam cam Adam la. tp masih tak berjaya sbb x dpt lawan fresh milk Mommy Adam tu! :)

Nadine said...


Ala sampai nangis2 dh dia. Neena tak suka susu tp suka yogurt?? Neena, yogurt tu dr susu gak tau :) Sama je Neena ngan adik ppuan akak. Susu x suka, tp hantu yogurt. hihihi..

Boleh je Neena. Susu tu penambah rasa lemak lassi tu. So kalau omit kurang lemakla lassi Neena :)


Ish ape nak jeles. benda simple je Zura..cubala, mana tau kan kena ngan selera ur boys. Happy trying! :)

Cee D,

Oh ye ke..hihi. Lain kali kalau parents takde nadia roger2 eh. Cee D, mintakkan resipi dr mama awak. Penang mari mesti lagi kaw2 nie ;)

Nadine said...


I mmg passionate when it comes to cooking, because I love food and I love to eat. Tp I bkn pandai masak pun Anne..boleh masak je. Kadang2 blasah ikut suka..hihi.

Mcm Chicken chop tu kn, I still x reti nak de-bone kan the chicken like the usual they do kat kedai. Jadi sesuka hati I guna chicken breast je :P

My hubby& son tak cerewet pasal makan. ape I masak diaorg layan je. Tp sian gak kdg2 kat my hubby, sbb kena jugak makan my own resepi yg kadang2 taste weird atau tak jadi. Nasib Faaz kecik lagi kan. hahaha..

Eh you dh pandai bake cuppies ngan topping yg cun2. that is something tau! I yang masih tak we are even in a way! :)


Bila eh? Minggu pertama bergelar isteri kepada en. Megat. How's that sounds? ;)

Nadine said...


personal domestic chef utk my men bolehla. :)

Happy Mother's day again dear! :)

YOI said...

super rajin memasak....*clap* *clap* *clap*.

p/s : faaz, ajak mommy datang umah auntie bawa triffles tau :D


heheh,got ur msg dear..will go back and check the function!mine is microwave oven..;)

hehe,ala Faaz pun chubby sgt,sb selalu makan mommy masak best2!

agreed with everyone..chef nadine!

Nadine said...


super rajin? rajin sehari dlm erm..bape minggu ntah. hahaha! Nurul lah rajin. Hari2 masak. siap ade blog resipi. kelas gitu! :)

p.s: boleh2, tapi dina kena suh ibu buat kuih apam banyak2 tau. aunty nak dtg makan ;)


Nasib you paham. Haha, panjang berjela I explain ngan ayat tunggang langgang. muahaha!

awwwh, so sweetla you!

neena_kechik said...

hehehe aah saya hantu yogurt!!! mcm iklan kat tv tu.1 hari 2 botol utk perut yg sehat!!! =) hehehe ye ker yogurt dr susu??? bukan dr buah ker??? hehehe yg penting yogurt sedap!!! hehehe =)

bEth said...


beshnyer faaz makan makanan yg sedap sedaaaap... btw, am searching any web yang bole bg recipes mcm you ni. bole kongsi ke kalu ada? zafeera mcm da agak buhsan ngan masakan mama dia yg x pelbagai sgt nieh ;p so i need to be more creative cook now...

Nadine said...


Hihi..yogurt asal dr susu. Pastu dia campur buah.
From wikipedia: "Yoghurt, or yogurt, is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk." :)

Hi Beth :)

Slalunya kalau recipe for kids, Nadia slalu refer kat cooking book yg Nadia pernah blog tu kan, ataupun dr magazines.

Kalau website, jarang2 sket sbb mostly western punya. sometimes ingredients dia susah nak cari. Tp ade satu Nadia slalu refer:

kat situ Beth boleh dl PDF version koleksi recipe kat situ. Hope it helps :)

Thara said...

omg nadine!!
u made them sound SO SIMPLE! tapi kalau i buat misti i dah berpeluh2 dkt daput tu. hahaha. seriously, u remind me of Bree from Desperate Housewives! Haha.

the foods look fantastic! i must try it one of these days. thanks for sharing! hebat la u. mcm mana u buat that perfect chicken crumbs for that homemade chicken chop? seriously, so mouthwatering!

and as for the mango lassi, i am oh so SURE aydein is gonna LOVE it! mango is his favorite drink, and this, i WILL definitely try very, very soon! again, thanks for sharing babe! clap clap clap!

Nadine said...

Uish, takla...I'm not dat good. Still learning like you. Tp I kan "senior" by few years..nnti u sama age ngan I sama la level kita ;)

Bree? hahaha! Funny lah you Thara! :)) If u see me in the kitchen, Im too far from perfection. Masak syok sendiri :P

Its my pleasure dear. The secret of the bread crumb?
The World Wide Web of course! :D here you go, it is a very useful link:
Another thing, (which I think u know as well) ensure that: 1)sufficient oil for deep frying
2)the oil is really hot when u dip in the chicken. after that, then only you slow down the fire.

Thanks Thara, happy trying! Im sure Aydein gonna loves it as much as Faaz :)

irradhil said...

mak aiiii....i salute u nadia...terror btul u masak sumer tu dlm 1 hari.yummmylicious....untung faaz n ur hubby.kalu irra la maunyer pengsan.hehehehe

dlm byk2 tu i suker part u ckp ur mr hubby dragged u out from the kitchen...oh my God!!!can imagine sweetttt lah dear.kalu hubby irra la kan...awl2 lg xsuruh irra msk sbb die ckp xmau irra penatla..yerla...mana nk bf dina's the good reason for me for not cook.boleh ker camtu?(sbnrnyer die dh xthn nk lyn doters die sbb die tau bini die ni lamaaaa giler kt dapur sbb xreti masak)heheheeh

btw:i bli yg frozen jer chichen chop tu kt supermart.juz fry jer.ader gak yg cari.

Nadine said...

Ala Irra, takyah salute. Semua tu simple je sbb bahan lebih kurang sama n boleh masak sambil2. Hihi..

Iye ke, kalau mcm tu kita sama2 lucky la :) My hubby bila parents dia away mmg saat yg dia tunggu2 nak suh I masak sbb normal days usually mama yg prepare main dish. I tolong2 utk side dish je kalau sempat. Tp bila dh lama sgt kat dapur tu mmg dia terpaksa drag la..hahaha!

Irra still bfeed ur baby eh. Bestnya!! Good, good. Im not that lucky in BF. Sian Faaz rezeki dia skejap je :(

A'ah, yg frozen pun ade kan. Tp I prefer buat sendiri sbb 1) mmg suka masak, bila buat sendiri tu rasa puas sgt 2) with the same amount of RM u paid, u got extra pieces. Kitaorg ni kuat makan Irra :))

:: NieSha :: said...

wah nadine sungguh rajin dan sgt pro la dlm masak memasak ni. wani sungguh kagum :)

Nadine said...

Wani, saya rajin sbb dpt chance sekali skala. Cuba tiap2 hari kan, sure memanjang malasssss je.

Tp Nadia lagi kagum ngan Wani. Nadia masak suma simple2 jer. Wani dhla tiap2 hari masak kan, masak lauk sume yg susah2 punye ;)