Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When He Is Unwell...

Since birth, Faaz hardly fell ill. The last time he had his fever was July last year (you can read it here). That explained why we were so worry when he was down with fever this time.

We detected the fever on Saturday evening. His body temperature was a bit higher than usual, but he was active as always; except he got attached to his Tok Mak. This time, he don't bother to follow us back home like the usual, instead happily wave goodbye to us as Fadzil reversed the car. We gave him the medicine as we reached home and put him to sleep. We measured his temperature from time to time and at that time, it was just a mild fever.

However, we couldn't help ourselves from being worried (especially me, of course). Usually, the fever will go away within few hours time but not this time. The fever was mild for the first 2 hours after the medication but the temperature went high for the next 2 hours before the next PCM...and the trend went on and on. It was at 2am that we noticed the temperature was 38.2 degrees and Faaz was sleeping restlessly. His face turn reddish too, it must be from the heat..poor baby. Immediately Fadzil asked me to get ready. There was no 24 hours clinic in Taipan so we went straight to SDMC (previously known as SJMC), at the emergency section.

Maybe the doctor on duty that night was tired, maybe she was having her PMS (pardon me), but for us the way she acted that night was unprofessional, especially for a private hospital with such a reputation. Nak kata too many emergency patient that night, nope it was only us and another family waiting patiently for the turn to come. I don't want to elaborate more on the incident, enough said that her rudeness caused Fadzil almost lost his temper at one time, lucky he cooled off when I reminded him that we need to focus on Faaz instead.

This time around, the fever is longer than the usual. I had to take a leave on Monday and working from home yesterday as Faaz tends to be clingy to me when the temperature increased. Poor baby. Alhamdulillah, after four days, he is recovering now. However, he still don't have the appetite to eat, which is soooo not Faaz. We tried everything...soup, porridge, fruits even his favourite Tiger biscuits but all failed. He just drink milk whenever he is hungry and look for his water bottle when he is thirsty, for the past four days. When we gave him solid food, he will just chew it for a long time..and spit it out afterward. I'm wondering, is this considered as normal when kids have fever? Is it just the taste bud becomes bitter? How long will it takes until he get back his appetite? Oh, it's kinda worrying so we decided to take him to his 2nd pediatrician this evening for consultation. Hopefully nothing serious...amin.

Oh Faaz, please get well soon love!

-Mommy & Daddy-


bEth said...

siannyer faaz. get well soon k! mommy faaz jgn risau sgt..he will be better k.

dyana "his other half" said...

ala kesiannya faaz. merah sungguh muka dia eh nadia. nampak sangat badan dia panas.

get well soon dear.

RuZaNNa said...

Dear.. imran pernah jugak demam pastu tak lalu makan.. that time it was due to infection to his throat.. lepas dah bagi antibiotics 3 days lepas tuh dah ok balik.. dah start eating balik..

Honestly, do take him to see a paed if his fever doesn't improve after 5 days (that's what the doctor usually advise).. and tepid sponge him every hour.. and let him wear least clothes as possible to let the heat out faster... masa imran sakit dulu, i would just let him wear singlet at night and sponge him every hour..

Get well soon dear.. mommy's worried of you!

Diyana Didie said...

kesian faaz. tp saket hati bab hospital tu. rasanya mana mana pegi pon sama lah akak. DD pon selalu je face the same situation. tp "org hospital" selalu mls nak lyn. pelik!

nadhrah said...

dear nadia..
i use to be ur silent lepas baca about faaz fever remind me about my nephew yg demam last month..he's about faaz age..demam 2 kali in 2 weeks..first, including diarrhoea..then yg second temp. sgt tinggi,jd cranky je..

so lepas recover semua,same as faaz appetite dh my sister get appeton multivitamin with lysine..and letak dlm susu now appetite mcm bukan hari2 la bagi appeton tu,dlm 2-3 hari sekali..

then,sekarang my nephew peads suggest kids such as their age should get to prevent such as u can ask ur peads too..maybe they'll suggest it too..

so,that is just my opinion/suggestion..till then,send my regards to lil faaz..


my.mastura said...

nadia, kalau badan dia panas, kena selalu mandikan...kalau takut dia selsema, cepat2 lap badan dia...pas tu, jgn pakaikan baju long sleeve (aku tgk kt gambar tu, dia pakai long sleeve)

psl x nak mkn tu, Mikhail dulu pon mcm tu...tu disebabkan tekak dia sakit...byk kan minum air suam (i know it's kinda impossible, kan? heheheh)

anyway, get well soon ye Faaz...dont worry mommy...Faaz demam sbb nk tambah akal :D

YOI said...

agreed with ruzanna. Dina pon selasa petang tu amik dari nursery, org nursery cakap dia demam. temp 38.6&38.7 (bawah ketiak). Bawa gi klinik, doc check throat dia sangat merah (patutla dia kurang sangat nak mkn n susu). So, doc bagi antibiotic + ubat demam. Alhamdulillah, rabu pagi tu dah ok. Tapi nurul amik cuti gak nak pantau dia kat umah. Alhamdulillah, dah tak demam dan makan&susu pon dah ok. Memang sebab tekak dia tu lah rasanya dia demam n refuse to eat.


no wonder Nad u diam je these 2,3 days..tot u were bz at office..In fact mcm terlintas jgak Faaz tak sihat ke?
neway Faaz get well soon dear..mommy is so worry about u!
Adam pun kalau demam biasa2 dia still eat well and active tp kalau dah terok sgt..almost like Faaz..langsung taknak makan n passive aje..
geram je i dgr pasal SJMC tu..bukannya hospital kecik2..tak professional langsung..konon aje keje prof kan..;(


Oh poor Faaz. Per my experience, when Oman's having fever, yes, he would lost his appetite too. But dun worry much, dear, after few days, it'll be back to normal.

I agree with Anne. Do bring Faaz for 2nd paed if after few days he still at that par. When Oman was admitted due to high fever last time, he's having a sore throat too that causing him only accepted liquid form of food.. lain xmo.. xlalu..

By the way Nadine, you take care too ok. Insya Allah, Faaz will recover very soon. Mommy jgn risau sangat k.

p/s: Malam tadi Oman pun have temperature. I tengah menahan diri supaya tidak terlalu risau... (ah a mother..we're all the same, kan)...

Thara said...

oh no, poor faaz! :( and im sorry nadine, i think i cant offer any advice here as Aydein rarely falls sick himself. just please keep an eye on him and monitor him very closely and do see the doctor asap! get well soon, faaz dear!

Nadine said...


Thanks dear. I risau sbb dia tak mau makan. Takut perut dia angin sbb dia menyusu je..first time dia mcm ni.


Kan? Itu masa malam first dia demam. Panic giler masa tu..huhu. TQ..

:: iManja :: said...

ala ciannyer faaz. tak sanggup nak tgk 2 pics yg atas tuh. sangat nampak tak sihatnyer...get well soon ye! mommynyer pon kene take care jgk...insyaAllah he will be better

YOI said...

and nadia, kne sll basahkan badan and kepala dia kalau dia demam.. nurul ade wat satu entry pasal ni kalau sudi nak refer ->

Nadine said...


Thanks so much for sharing. Actually the Dr. advised us to follow up on Tuesday if Faaz has no improvement but alhamdulillah, pagi Selasa tu dh very mild. By Noon temperature dia dh normal. Its just the apetite tu belum nak ade...huhu.

The 2nd photo was taken on the first night bila temp dia tiba2 increased, when we were about to take him to SDMC. Before that, demam dia mild je tu yg pakaikan pyjamas...tido dlm aircond kn. Masa tu mmg tak sempat nak tepid sponging. Lap dgn wet towel jer.

Thanks again dear..


Itula, terperanjat jugak sbb biasa pegi SDMC even masa akak warded pun nurses and Dr. sume baik2 belaka. Agaknye tense kot keja kat ER tu sampai she acted that way *sigh*

MaRyD said...

ermm sian nye Faaz..
My bb pun hr tu demam panas n reached 39'c.masa tu dh la sengsorang hubby lak o/s.demam pun all of sudden je.then terus bawak g gombak med centre..doc bg ubat bontot..baru reduced sikit..but still take few days..nvmnd,jgn rsau sgt ye nad..Faaz get well sonn baby

Nadine said...

Hi Nadhrah,

Thank you for reading my blog and thanks a lot for dropping me some tips. Really appreciated :)

Ic..supplement. Nanti I tanya kat Paed Faaz. I pun tak pernah research before when is the good time nak start supplement utk budak. TQ again..InsyaAllah, nnti balik I sampaikan ur regards to him. :)


Thanks for the tips. Mcm aku comment kat atas ni, gamba pakai pyjamas tu aku snap masa tetiba temp dia naik tinggi sampai naik merah muka. Sblum tu dia demam mild jer.

Ic..pastu selera dia dtg balik sendiri eh? Faaz dh 4 hari tau takmo makan. Dia minum susu n minum air suam je dlm water bottle dia. Nasib dh jadi habit kan. Kalau tak susah jugak..

thanks Mas :) Demam dia dh ok..selera je belum datang. Lai lah, lai lah..huhuhu

Nadine said...

Nurul, Nadia, Nuurill, Thara & all

Thank you so much ladies for your concern, sharing the experiences and the wishes. I really2 appreciated it. We already brought Faaz to see his Paed. Alhamdulillah, he is fine. No sore throat, no infection, no ulcer. Temperature pun normal. Cuma Faaz lost 700gm of weight sbb xmo makan :(. Dr said maybe it was the mild flu that made him lost his appetite. Currently he's taking mild flu+cough mixture and we'll see in two days time if the problem still persist. Harap2 okla :)'s Oman? I hope its just a while. You yg dh lalui macam2 pun still risau kan, inikan pulak I yg naive dalam hal ni. If Oman belum sihat, I pray he'll recover soon.

Nadia, oh you tak dgr lg our conversation that night mmg geram sgt. Even me and Fadzil still talk about it till today, wondering weather we should lodge a complaint/not *sigh*

Mimy Hamid said...

siannya faaz demam..get well soon baby..get ur cheeckyness patient okey mum & dad

dyana "his other half" said...

yes pls! do lodge a complaint about it. we did ours last month.

oh "ours" tu SD staff ye bukan diyana and fariq. huhu.

Nadine said...


Sedihkan. Kalau slalu nampak org nak snap photo sengih je dia. Ni bo layan terus. Huhu. Thanks Sue :)


Thanks for sharing! if I have to go through this again, will definitely follow ur tips. :)


Hey, I never knew u have a blog. I link yours to mine k. Wow, 39 is really high. Sian you kan, dhla ur hubby jauh. Mesti u panic bila Delisha tak sihat..but Im sure with what u've gone through.. it makes u one stronger lady :)

Nadine said...

Aunty Mimy, Faaz say thanks! :)

Cee D. Okeh, noted. Will asked Fadzil to "karang" one good complaint letter :P

faisyura said...

Alaa cian Faaz aunty ni... Memang kids camtu nadia.. Aariz and Zaim pun kalo demam mmg tak mkn.. susu and air je... bleh tengok tekak dia merah tu yg dia tak leh nk telan food tu.. cume kalo they refuse susu baru kite kene double risau takot dehydrate... biase nnt bile dh kebah demam tu nnt mkn blk la dia.. but mmg tak smpi ati kan tgk diaorg tak mkn... =(

nway get well soon faaz... hmm nak pandai ape ni? ;)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Alahai sayu btul tgk Faaz dlm gmbr tu! i totally understand ur feelings, dear.And i do agree with all mommies above..

ank2 ni klu demam sll nya mmg tk lalu mkn..Zahin mcm tu la. Alhamdulillah Iris jrg jge dmm..Izu kasi derg ni Scott emulsion n tablet vit c fr Appeton..mujur la yg 2 ni derg nk mkn daily..hehe.

Dworry k, izu doakn Faaz a fast n complete recovery..cian dia! cian jgk kt mommy risau..u tk care too k!:)

:: NieSha :: said...

nadia, faaz dh ok ke belum? sorry..lama wani x jengah blog kwn2. blog wani pun dh bersawang dh. huhuu.. damia pnh 2,3kali kena demam mcm faaz. paed kata viral fever dan juga sbb tongsil.kena ambik antibiotics klu demam cmtu. biasanya mmg damia pun xberselera mkn. hanya minum susu, plain water n vitagen je. lepas baik demam bru mkn dgn banyak semula. semoga faaz cpt sembuh.

RedApple said...

poor faaz....get well soon cute boy..!

RedApple said...

poor faaz....get well soon cute boy..!

irradhil said...

so pity faaz...demam yer...get well soon dear....mummy pn take care k...kang nati demam gak.

sian faaz xnk mkn...makin kecikla ank teruna mummy sorg ni.

Nadine said...

Zura, Izu & Wani,

Thank you so much, mommies for the tips and wishes. :) berkat doa semua alhamdulillah, Faaz is all well now. tekak dia pun clear xde infection/ sore/ulcer. Dr kata maybe mild flu buat dia hilang selera haritu. Now selera dh mula datang, legaaaa sgt :)

Red Apple & Irradhil,

Thank you for the wishes, really appreciate it :) Irra, tula dh turun 700gm dh si kecik tu...

kella said...

ohh... poor faaz..
hopefully he will getting well soon! nadine dont worry, we'll pray fo yer lil boy ok!

faaz sangat comel.. :)
luckly u..

Nadine said...

Thanks so much Kella!! :)

p.s: I dh ambil award tp blum buat tag. ngeeee..nnti I buat k. thanks! :)