Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Trick

Since Faaz can walk and run, going off to work in the morning is not that easy for me. He will run towards the door before me and stood still in front of the door, begging me to "go car". He will cry when mama carry him. Oh, it is sad to see him crying for me every time, it made me weak to start my day :'(

We tried almost everything;

-bring him out to the back door to watch the stray cats (since he loves cat)- Failed! he'll run as fast as he could when he heard the sound of a key or the door!

-bring him to mama's room to play with her alarm clock. He used to fond of it. - Failed! Since he knew the trick, he started to cry whenever I carry him towards mama's room!

-turn on the TV & Disney Playhouse Channel - Failed! He'll obediently sat on the sofa for few minutes and the moment he saw me approaching the door, zazzzzz! he'll run towards me and hugged my legs.

- bring him out as well, and let him feed the fishes in the pond. - Failed! He'll cry at the gate the minute he saw me entering the car.

Seriously, it's either made me feel weak or heartbroken when I see him cry or give me a sad, sad look every morning. No more smiling and waving as he used to do when he was smaller *SOB*

How would you feel, seeing your little boy standing and looking around for you patiently although you have drove away to work?

Ok, this photo might not be clear to you. Let us zoomed into this photo...

Isn't it sad to see this?? :'(

Alhamdulillah, I am no longer need to face this situation from today onwards. Mama managed to find a new solution this morning. So far, it seems to work...hurray!! :)

Wanna know what it is???


The answer to my prayers is....





Can you see how committed he was this morning?

Faaz loves water, so mama thought him how to water the plant using the water host. Owh, Faaz loves it so much!. No more crying, no more sad face. Instead, he will give me a salaam, a hug and a kiss on my right cheek before running towards his Nani....and the host, of course :P.

However, Muhammad Faaz Naqi isn't Muhammad Faaz Naqi without his cheekiness...

Did you see the wet pavement?
This little boy was trying to wet his mommy!! Hahaha!
He was still smiling cheekily when I took this photo.
Faaz, Faaz...buat mommy guwam!! :)

p.s: My motherly instict tell me that this new trick will not last long. I must think of something else too. Any idea, anyone??

Monday, June 21, 2010

June & Fathers

June is synonym with fathers as during this month we honor and celebrate fatherhood. For me, June is the month where two great men were born; my late father and my father in-laws.

When my father was still around, me and my sister will always faced a hard time choosing the gifts for both his birthday and for Father's day. Most of the reason was of course due to the lack of budget (budak skolah la katakan :P). If we managed to buy the gifts, we ended up arguing of which gift should be the birthday gift and which gift should be given on Father's day instead. So silly of us to quarrel for such a small matters kan? Hahaha..what to do, dua-dua keras kepala (but my sis is more I think..hihi :P).

When my father left us forever, June became a month that I hope will slip away faster without I realized. If I may, at that time I wished that June can be skipped. The reason was, I lost the privileged of celebrating both; a father's birthday and Father's day. I felt left out when all my friends were busy finding the perfect Father's Day card when in fact, I don't have a "father" to give a card to. It was sad, really sad indeed.

Allah SWT is Great, few years later, I married my soul mate. Soon I found out that his father was born on June too, few days earlier than my late father. Since that day, I got back my privileged of celebrating both events. It may not be the same feeling as before but I am thankful, I don't feel awkward when June comes. However, 16th June will always be remembered with prayers and thought.

This year, papa's birthday fell on Saturday. We had two celebrations plus the usual cake cutting at home. First, papa celebrated his birthday with our nucleus family at Tarbush, a Lebanese Restaurant here in Empire Shopping Gallery. The ambiance is nice, and it's not too crowded, perfecto for a cozy birthday lunch.

We had Tarbush Salad as the appetizer. By the look of it, you will thought it's just a normal salad. But, when you tasted it...delicious! The tangy taste of the dressing goes well with the fresh vege and Lebanese bread. Nyumm! :) Then, we had Sambosa - deep fried chicken spring roll mixed with was delicious but very filling. For the main course, each of us took different menu; Papa with his Lamb Chop, Mama with her Chicken Briyani (the portion is generous!), yours truly had the Shish Tawook - juicy boneless chicken breast,marinated and grilled, served with Tarbush garlic sauce and Fadzil took the Mixed grilled - a mix of Lamb Chop, Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab & Lamb cubes. Yes, my hubby is a BIG eater! :) All the food ordered were tasty. Thumbs up ;)

all of us :)

The celebration was continued further that night, this time around with the entire family (minus Fadzil's big brother's family). Reen treated all of us to dine at Chilli's, also in Empire. Twice a day we went to Empire..nasib parking fee is still free. Hehe. Since Chilli's has just opened, the queue was so long! We had to wait like forever before our turn came. Lucky me, C&K is just in front of Chili's so I spent my waiting time happily there. :D

Later at home..

Now that I am married and blessed with an adorable son, I get the chance to celebrate Father's Day with my son too. Alhamdulillah :) This is the second time we celebrated Father's Day together. Last year, Faaz was too small, so I made a video as a Father's Day token to Fadzil. He was touched. :) This year, since Faaz is bigger I decided to let him do something for his daddy, with my supervision of course. The initial plan was to make a card filled with hand & footprints of Faaz. However, it was almost canceled as we couldn't find a suitable time to do the project. Our weekend were fulled of activities and Fadzil was with us all the time, which made it even harder to success. In order to avoid we ended up with nothing for Fadzil, I decided to treat him for a lunch at Madam Kwan's with my family's presence, to make it merrier :)

Nasi Bojari, his favorite

Later that day, when Fadzil went out, quickly I took Faaz outside the house and prepared the place as simple as I could. Mind you, the preparation was very minimal as we were unprepared and rushing, worrying Fadzil will come home soon. Inspired by my friend Izu, from her painting entry with her daughters, I let Faaz played with the brush, color and the paper. Faaz was excited, but listened well to my instructions. It made the painting session went on smoothly in such a short period. Good boy, Mommy loves you! :) It's not surprising that he enjoyed the session cause lately Faaz loves drawing on the doodle board. We even purchased a small doodle board so that Faaz can draw in the car and when he's out of home.

ada gaya tak? :P

happy! :)

showing off his dirty hand

Well, the end result?

1. Faaz first "abstract" art @ 17 was supposed to be something else actually :P

2. A very simple Father's Day card for Daddy Faaz..hihihi

Bolehla for a one year old boy :). Daddy loves it the minute we showed him the card. He brought the card to the office on Monday to hang at his cubicle. We keep the abstract art safely, plan to frame it and hang it in Faaz's room when we moved out to our own house in the future :)

Daddy, Happy Father's Day.
Thank you for being such a cool & wonderful Dad to Faaz. We love you, mmmuahss!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

His Journey @17 months

At 17 months old, Faaz development is at a rapid phase. Every single day, there must be one or two sets of new skills that sometimes amaze us, made us melt, tickled us, or even horrified us (usually this is associated with his new physical skills :P).

He also added some new words to his vocab and so far he managed to create very simple phrases such as,
"Daddy, come...go car"
"Mommy go werk" (work).

Besides English, we teach him Bahasa Melayu & Urdu as well. These days, his favourite BM word will be 'dudduk' (duduk). His favourite Urdu's word on the other hand are "juju" (sleep) & "ankimush" ( close eyes) :)

Last week, Mama showed us a clip of Faaz that she recorded from her hp when they were both alone at home. It made us smile widely, and without I realized, tears were in my eyes. I was touched!

Little munchkin was caught in act while performing his "solat" on a sajjadah :)
*sorry of the video was taken from an old hp*

Masya Allah..Maha Suci Allah. Sejuk perut mommy. I hope you'll grow up to be a good Muslim, a good chaliph on earth ye sayang..aamin. :)

Lately, Faaz enjoyed singing on his own. His selection of songs, are unknown. Hihihi. Sometimes, he can just sing the nursery rhyme but sometimes, he just sing his own tune with his own lyrics...sampai muncung2. Very, very cute!! :)

Recently, we were on our way from the playground when we noticed he was singing in the car. So I took the opportunity to record him in action. I am sure he was at a happy mood cause he sang all the way to S.Pyramid! :D

Some said, he followed his Daddy who loves to sing in the bathroom but some argued that it comes from his Mommy cause she too loves singing, whenever Daddy plays his guitar. And owh, some also said that he must have followed his uncle Wan, who is a lead singer of an underground band. Whicheverlah...I guess it runs in the family! :)

Last weekend, Fadzil suggested that we trained Faaz to be seated in his car seat at the back passenger's seat alone. I was quite worried at first, but at the same time excited to have my front passenger's seat back. Lama ok tak duduk beside my hubster :). Faaz did it quite well until we reached the Empire Gallery successfully. Yes, it was a short journey...first time maaa :D and Oh, the ball (his favorite toy) did helped too! :)

The real test came soon. It was last Monday, I was rushing back home from my training session to take bath and get ready to attend my department's dinner @ KL Hilton. Faaz was so excited to see me back home quite early, hoping that I will entertained him, but sadly I couldn't :( Owh, when he saw me all dressed up in hijab and a handbag, he started to called me and said "Mommy, Faaz, go car" repeatedly. Adoilah...lomah den. After a short paused and glared at the clock, I took him up, changed his attire from pyjamas to jeans, put on his shoes and prepared his milk. I told mama, I'll bring him as well for the dinner. At first mama was quite worried but I managed to convince her that its ok.

Faaz who was eager to "go car" obediently climbed into his car seat and let me buckled his safety belt. I told him that I'll bring him to a hotel, so he must sit there quietly and behaved well. I recited few doa's while I drove the car and managed to text Fadzil who was still in the office during the pit stop at the traffic light. Luckily he approved..pheww. Alhamdulillah, Faaz was behaving well. I was impressed! He just played with his ball and whenever we stopped at the red light he will called me "Mommy..mommy" and smiled when I looked at him, or at times, pointed out to the moving LRT or the bus beside us. Lastly, he just asked for his pacifier when he was tired and bored of waiting when we stucked in a jam at KL Sentral exit. He sat quietly till we reached Hilton's car park.

pity him, so bored with the jam. zzzzz

"faster lah Mommy, your friends are waiting..."

My colleagues were surprised to see Faaz with me. Sorang-sorang sibuk nak dukung but too bad, no luck :P Quickly Faaz became the center of attention at Sudu Restaurant. Alhamdulillah Faaz was in a good mood and behaved well during the dinner. My line manager was impressed with his manners (walhal iat home..OMG, takyah explained la how messy it will be when this boy eating and how loud and active he is!!) and was even more impressed when he get to know that I managed to drove while my son was at the back of the car. Yes, boss I was impressed too. It was fun to have a date with my son although Sayang, it will be more fun if you were there with us too!

wonder what he was looking at?
well, this thing made it hard for me to get Faaz to go back home...

Yes, fishes. He adores them.
I must take him to Aquaria soon :)

The journey to go back home was a smooth sailing at first. However, as we approached the Sunway NPE toll, Faaz started to ask his Daddy's whereabout..

Faaz: "Mommy.....Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy go work"
Faaz: "Mommy.....Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy go work"
Faaz: "Mommy.....Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy go work"
Faaz:"Werrr Daddy, Mommy? Mommy...Daddy?"
Faaz: "Daddy...come! Dadddddieeee...(mecebik

Just the two of us, we have made it yay!! :)

Aduihla...panicked mommy a bit tau. I kept on convincing him that we're almost there and his daddy is waiting for him until we reached home safely. Fuuuuuh, I guess I'll rest a while before deciding to drive alone with my son again :P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Pilates & Yoga Class

If Faaz had his fitness activities in the last entry, yours truly on the other hand attended her fitness and dancing class starting last Wednesday :)

Unlike the Senamrobik session that I had previously, this time around, we had the Aerobics & Aerokick session for an hour and followed by Yoga & Pilates class for the 2nd hour. It was fabulous! I was sweating like hell and felt very light
after the first session. Love the 'punching' and 'kicking' part the most, it reminds me of Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angel..hihi.

I'm all pink for this session :P

The Pilates and Yoga session were even more interesting. For your information, Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates from Germany in the early 20th century.
Interestingly, Joseph designed Pilates exercises during the First World War with the intention to aid injured soldiers in regaining their health by strengthening, stretching, and stabilizing the key muscles. The core of Pilates principles are proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flowing movement.

The instructor (in blue tee) was teaching us Pilates.
See her flat tummy..owh, envy nyer!!

Yoga on the other hand refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating from India. Since it is associated with the meditative practices of Hinduism, Buddhist and Jainism, Yoga was banned in Malaysia in 2008 when the Islamic council brought the fatwa against Muslim practicing yoga as it contains the element of Hinduism spiritual teaching. However, the fatwa states that yoga practiced only as physical exercise is permissible, but prohibits the chanting of religious mantras. For more info on Pilates and Yoga, you can go to here and here :)

Yoga session...relaxing :)

Some might ask, what is actually the difference between the two? Well, let me put it this way, Pilates will make you more energized and invigorated while yoga will make you calm mentally and physically. You can refer here if you would like to know more about the differences :)

During the first class, the instructor concentrate more on the correct breathing technique as it is the essential thing in both exercise. Breathing in Yoga is diaphragmatic, whereas Yoga emphasizes abdominal breathing.
I must say the breathing technique is the trickiest part, it's not just for the sake of inhaling and exhaling aje, ye puan-puan :) You have to inhale slowly and when it comes to exhale, you have to ensure that you have to control your tummy muscle as well...bukan main lepas aje. Nanti buncitlah perut! :P Oh my, by the end of the sessions, I was really exhausted plus muscle pain on the next day. It was a good sign tho, it means that my muscles did worked out. Oh ya, do you know that Yoga & Pilates can actually burns twice calories than aerobics although the movement is minimum. Interesting, rite? :)

For those of you who are interested in doing Pilates at home, I can share some clips that Fadzil downloaded for me from the net. They are very easy to follow and you can do it for like 10-15mins. Or, you can straight away downloaded it from Youtube. There are loads and loads of clips. All you have to do is choose the routine that suits your need. Mine includes the workout for the hand muscle, the butt and the hip. Nanti I upload the clips from home. I don't have the copies with me right now :)

As for the dancing class, I just attended the first class yesterday and the lesson was: Cha Cha. Seriously, I SUCK at Cha Cha! Hahaha... I guess it was not for me. No offends, but somehow I feel old when doing Cha cha, especially when I was surrounded by the seniors. Owh, they were really good at it. As the dance instructor said, "Akak-akak ni mesti teringat zaman muda-mudi dulu nie"...hihi :D I will tell you more on the dancing class later..perhaps after I learned the salsa in the next class *wink*

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Outdoor Activities

Alhamdulillah, with love and prayers from family members and dear readers, Faaz has fully recovered before last weekend arrived. His appetite has slowly coming back, which made me so relieved. Thanks all :)

We stayed in KL last weekend. Since it was a long weekend, most of the city people went back to their hometown or went for a holiday. Less car on the road, less hassle in finding a parking spot and of course less people at the we took the chance to go out for outdoor activities and shopping spree of course, since most of the store have started their own SALE even before the official Megasale Carnival started. :)

Faaz was soooo ready to shop. Er...was he or the mommy?? :P

If you are my loyal readers, I'm sure you still remember THIS post when we first introduced Faaz to swimming pool. It has been a year since and last weekend we brought him to swim at the Damansara Clubhouse. Faaz is no more afraid of the cool pool's water, he loves it to the max until we have a hard time brought him out of the pool :P

at first, testing out the water temperature..
ok, pass! :P

however, a bit shy to join the rest.

But slowly..the confidence came

aaaaah, nikmatnya! :P

and he started to swim with his own style..hihi

he loves it so much..until

out of nowhere...he came up with this new habit.

and laughing away when we caught him in action.
notty!! :P

Quickly Daddy came to the resque..kita blaja surf pulak! :)

Since it was bright and sunny Sunday, we also took Faaz out to the playground. While the boys were busy playing football, yours truly had the chance to do the brisk walk (yeah, I am too lazy to jog! :P).

Father and ready to play! :)

ok, first we positioned the ball on the ground. Make sure it's a flat surface..

Set the target, smile and ready to kick em'!

yeah! lets run and chase the ball!!

Me and my boys...damn! I look so "kayu"..

As requested by Fadzil, I also took the chance to brush up my amateur photography skill while they are busy at the field. Alhamdulillah, managed to snap few shots that satisfied dear hubby...except that I actually cheat a bit. Ngeee...instead of using the manual setting I chose the shortcut ; auto mode :P Sorry Sayang, I'll improve that next time k...heeee :)

mommy's model :)
ececeh..buat2 tak nampak Mommy :))

Lagi kita snap, lagi dia posing!

After sometime, Faaz requested for the swing. Everytime we go to a playground, swing will be his first choice. Suka sangat until he had a hard time to bid goodbye to the blue swing later that evening..eheh! :)

isn't him so happy? :) :)

ok, PLEASE don't copy this action dear daddies! :P

Hopefully we'll do more outdoor activities so that all of us to maintain healthy and fit. And this time, I really mean WE...with no exception for the Mommy. Hihihi..