Thursday, June 17, 2010

His Journey @17 months

At 17 months old, Faaz development is at a rapid phase. Every single day, there must be one or two sets of new skills that sometimes amaze us, made us melt, tickled us, or even horrified us (usually this is associated with his new physical skills :P).

He also added some new words to his vocab and so far he managed to create very simple phrases such as,
"Daddy, come...go car"
"Mommy go werk" (work).

Besides English, we teach him Bahasa Melayu & Urdu as well. These days, his favourite BM word will be 'dudduk' (duduk). His favourite Urdu's word on the other hand are "juju" (sleep) & "ankimush" ( close eyes) :)

Last week, Mama showed us a clip of Faaz that she recorded from her hp when they were both alone at home. It made us smile widely, and without I realized, tears were in my eyes. I was touched!

Little munchkin was caught in act while performing his "solat" on a sajjadah :)
*sorry of the video was taken from an old hp*

Masya Allah..Maha Suci Allah. Sejuk perut mommy. I hope you'll grow up to be a good Muslim, a good chaliph on earth ye sayang..aamin. :)

Lately, Faaz enjoyed singing on his own. His selection of songs, are unknown. Hihihi. Sometimes, he can just sing the nursery rhyme but sometimes, he just sing his own tune with his own lyrics...sampai muncung2. Very, very cute!! :)

Recently, we were on our way from the playground when we noticed he was singing in the car. So I took the opportunity to record him in action. I am sure he was at a happy mood cause he sang all the way to S.Pyramid! :D

Some said, he followed his Daddy who loves to sing in the bathroom but some argued that it comes from his Mommy cause she too loves singing, whenever Daddy plays his guitar. And owh, some also said that he must have followed his uncle Wan, who is a lead singer of an underground band. Whicheverlah...I guess it runs in the family! :)

Last weekend, Fadzil suggested that we trained Faaz to be seated in his car seat at the back passenger's seat alone. I was quite worried at first, but at the same time excited to have my front passenger's seat back. Lama ok tak duduk beside my hubster :). Faaz did it quite well until we reached the Empire Gallery successfully. Yes, it was a short journey...first time maaa :D and Oh, the ball (his favorite toy) did helped too! :)

The real test came soon. It was last Monday, I was rushing back home from my training session to take bath and get ready to attend my department's dinner @ KL Hilton. Faaz was so excited to see me back home quite early, hoping that I will entertained him, but sadly I couldn't :( Owh, when he saw me all dressed up in hijab and a handbag, he started to called me and said "Mommy, Faaz, go car" repeatedly. Adoilah...lomah den. After a short paused and glared at the clock, I took him up, changed his attire from pyjamas to jeans, put on his shoes and prepared his milk. I told mama, I'll bring him as well for the dinner. At first mama was quite worried but I managed to convince her that its ok.

Faaz who was eager to "go car" obediently climbed into his car seat and let me buckled his safety belt. I told him that I'll bring him to a hotel, so he must sit there quietly and behaved well. I recited few doa's while I drove the car and managed to text Fadzil who was still in the office during the pit stop at the traffic light. Luckily he approved..pheww. Alhamdulillah, Faaz was behaving well. I was impressed! He just played with his ball and whenever we stopped at the red light he will called me "Mommy..mommy" and smiled when I looked at him, or at times, pointed out to the moving LRT or the bus beside us. Lastly, he just asked for his pacifier when he was tired and bored of waiting when we stucked in a jam at KL Sentral exit. He sat quietly till we reached Hilton's car park.

pity him, so bored with the jam. zzzzz

"faster lah Mommy, your friends are waiting..."

My colleagues were surprised to see Faaz with me. Sorang-sorang sibuk nak dukung but too bad, no luck :P Quickly Faaz became the center of attention at Sudu Restaurant. Alhamdulillah Faaz was in a good mood and behaved well during the dinner. My line manager was impressed with his manners (walhal iat home..OMG, takyah explained la how messy it will be when this boy eating and how loud and active he is!!) and was even more impressed when he get to know that I managed to drove while my son was at the back of the car. Yes, boss I was impressed too. It was fun to have a date with my son although Sayang, it will be more fun if you were there with us too!

wonder what he was looking at?
well, this thing made it hard for me to get Faaz to go back home...

Yes, fishes. He adores them.
I must take him to Aquaria soon :)

The journey to go back home was a smooth sailing at first. However, as we approached the Sunway NPE toll, Faaz started to ask his Daddy's whereabout..

Faaz: "Mommy.....Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy go work"
Faaz: "Mommy.....Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy go work"
Faaz: "Mommy.....Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy go work"
Faaz:"Werrr Daddy, Mommy? Mommy...Daddy?"
Faaz: "Daddy...come! Dadddddieeee...(mecebik

Just the two of us, we have made it yay!! :)

Aduihla...panicked mommy a bit tau. I kept on convincing him that we're almost there and his daddy is waiting for him until we reached home safely. Fuuuuuh, I guess I'll rest a while before deciding to drive alone with my son again :P



owh Faaz is super cute and clever..
Terkekeh2 aunty sorang2 tau duk tgk Faaz's video..
Adam pun suka sgt sebut "dudduk..dudduk" fact kat nrsry dia jadik ketua darjah..ask semua bdak2 kat ctu suruh duduk..

panjangnye Faaz baca doa..and commey sungguh Faaz manyanyi...Faaz kena ajar Adam jgak tau!!

Nad,seriously ur Faaz kn sgt bagus..Adam mmg tak boleh duduk diam lansung dlm keta...
its really a mistake for me tak introduce Adam with the carseat...
I suka sgt tk Faaz in the car seat...

Neway Faaz ..Happy 17th months birthday !!!

my.mastura said...

nadia, besar nye car seat faaz tu! huhuhu

Mikhail skang pon dh pandai duduk bertimpuh kt sejadah...tgk mama papa dia kot..pas tu tekup2 muka..hehehe..InsyaAllah..I'll pray for both my son and urs to be a good Muslim...

faaz nyanyi so adorable...bunyik daddy bersin je buat kacau :P

dyana "his other half" said...

oh cute little faaz. and obedient too. baik je duduk time mummy bawa kete. hadif pun baik kalau ngan mama dia je. kalau abah dia yg bawa n nampak mama dia kat belakang mula la buat perangai. hmmm.

oh, we are taking hadif to the aquaria too next month. since he too like fishes and animals. terlampau banyak tgk national geographic with his abah. hehe. kitaorg tgh tunggu gaji masuk la ni. hehe.

:: iManja :: said...

sejuknyer tgk faaz perform sembyg tuh...byk kali sungguh dia berdoa yer...

suker tgk boy pakai baju belang-belang camni...nampak hensem

Nadine said...


I'm not surprised when u said that about Adam. Mmg dia ade ciri2 as a leader la you. Sgt terserlah. Mmg abam yg cool lah Adam! :)

Hihihi. Mmg panjang doa dia siap boleh sujud and sambung doa balik. Slalu lepas jemaah sesama Fadzil suka baca doa in Arabic pastu siap ngan translation in BM. Jadi doa lepas solat kitaorg mmg panjang. Agaknye tu yg Faaz duk ikut tu kot. :)

Boleh, boleh, boleh. Nanti kita jumpakan diaorg pastu suh diaorg nyanyi lagu Barney - I love you sama2 eh. Faaz kalau tang "you" tu, muncung sedepa! :))

:) thanks. I pun rasa sbb early training. Plus, kitaorg agak strict ngan Faaz. No car seat, no car. he he he.

TQ Aunty!! Bulan dpn Faaz dh boleh makan macam2...weeeee!!

Nadine said...


Hihihi, mmg besar. Singapore mari :)Hadiah dr jiran next door. Ingat tak dulu aku sibuk2 nak cari carseat utk Faaz. At last decided dh nak beli yg mana skali tup2, dptla pulak, mmg rejeki Faaz :)

Sbnarnya size dia takla besar, tp dia tinggi sket compared to other car seats. Tu yg best tu. Jadinya Faaz boleh la nampak sket scenary kat luar tingkap (mana2 building yg tinggi, LRT atau bus).

Aaamin. InsyaAllah..mudah-mudahan kan :)

Hahahaha! Aku terkezut tau masa dia tetiba bersin. Dahla kuat kan. Terus acik stop recording. :))

faisyura said...

faaz the cutest!

nadia, good job! zura kalo nk kua berdua ngn Zaim pun pk seploh ribu kali.. gi kedai or shopping bleh la.. hahah Zura dari zaim baby letak dia kt blkg dah.. (hahah kes tanak ngalah la ni... mommy tanak duk blkg.. tak best) tapi memula mmg jenuh la lompat ke depan ke blkg bile Zaim restless sorg2 tu, hahah tapi lame2 he will used to it... lgpun duk blkg mmg recommended.. ;)

btw just nk bagi tips, zaim mmg same mcm faaz akan tnye babah dia when babah is not around.. jadi what you else you can do is, divert his attention ;) it works pretty well with me when zaim buat perangai tanak dgr my explanation.. so zura akan told him story of aeroplane or anything yg dia suke, (buat citer tak logic pun takpe, janji gune new words.. so dia mcm dgr jelah hahaa )or ajak dia main "i spy with my eyes..."... hehehe..

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hadif lagi best, duduk front passenger's seat. First class! Hihi..Faaz xdptla sbb front passenger's seat kitaorg ade airbag, not safe. huhu.

Oh ye ke, mcm tu senangla Cee D drive berdua ngan dia. Bestnya!! Faaz kecik2 dulu ok, dh besar ni, dh bnyk akal dia susah la kalau berdua. Dia nak kita entertain dia bila dia bored. Keta Fadzil okla ade skrin bleh pasang CD. Tp masalahnya Nadia la x reti drive manual. Ngeee

Cee D!!! Kitaorg nak ikuuuuuut!!! :D

Nadine said...


Kan? Peringatan jugak tu utk kitaorg. Patut dh mula dh ajar dia proper way to perform solat. Budak2 cepat dapat kan. Harap sgt mudah2an dia tak tinggal solat bila dh besar nanti..

Kan?? Nadia & suami pun suka jugak. Tp Sue lg best! bb sue girl, boleh dress up kan dia puas2! :)

Nadine said...


Ingat lagi entry Zura yg both Zaim & Aariz both seated in a car seat kat blakang n Zura drive tu. Mmg kagum sgt! inspired tau, nnti ade baby baru pun nak mcm tu jugak :)

Wah, rajin mommy lompat2. Rajin ok. Nadia dulu mmg xdptla Zura. Kalau buat jugak mau rabak luka c-sec I. OOuchh!!

Tau tak, Nadia sgt kagum dgn Zura tau. Zura ade skill ajar anak2. Mmg suka follow blog Zura to get tips2. Keep on sharing k dear :) Brilliant idea! Napelah tak terfikir kan? panic attacked kot. hihi...Ok, pasni nak trylah. Mana tau it works on Faaz too! Thanks, Zura!


Aaaaaaaaa... kiut betol mulut Faaz ni. Hihi. Geram Aunty tengok. Lepas tu baca doa banyak-banyak kali pulak tu aamin. Hahahaha.

Faaz memang good boy sungguh ek duduk dalam car seat. Kalau Oman i xtaula he can make it or not. Dah lama xduduk dalam proper car seat.

Happy 17th months Faaz!!!!!! Muah Muah!

LyDiA said...

grrr... geram la tgk faaz. bilakah kite dapat berjumpa ni... huhuhu...

Nadine said...


Hahaha..tulah. Bape kali doa ntah. Solat berhajat betul tu :))

A'ah..dia ok duk dlm car seat. Maybe dh get used to from day 1 kn. Cuma skang nak train dia duk sorang2 kat blakang without Mommy. Kasi chance la mommy duk berdua ngan daddy kat depan. Sian daddy asik jadi encik drebar kami jer. hihi.

Faaz sayz thank you aunty Mea..*hugs* :)

Nadine said...

Nini chan,

Hihihi..Sila2 la datang rumah. Hitech kan dkt ngan rumah Nadia :) Nanti bila2 kita kidnap Faaz ok..

Thara said...

awww faaz is such a smart boy! like i said a thousands of times before, he's like a grown up trapped in a little boy body! :P

i was so touched to see him performing his "solah" and "doa" on the sejadah. sighs. u must be so proud of him! :) :)

babe, about the languages kan? how do u do it eh? i pon serbe salah ni tau sebenarnya. i want aydein to learn both english & malay languages. tapi, wont it be confusing for him kalau let's say, sometimes i say "u want milk?" and at times "aydein nak susu?". or should i focus on one language at a time?

and wow, faaz can stay put in the carseat! aydein kan, bole letak the most 10 mins je tau! longer than that, he'll wailllll to be released! :P how do u train faaz?

also, how and when did u start introducing faaz to pacifier? i penah try nak kasik pacifier to aydein, but he refused! mengamok mcm nak apa je bila i kasik dia pacifier tu. and kalau berjaya masuk pon, dia mcm tak pandai nak isap. kejap2 terkeluar kejap2 terkeluar. coz sometimes kan it gets quite tiring to have him hanging on my teetotheteetees 24/7 kan. so pacifier would really help! and faaz ok ke kalau u pisahkan dia dgn pacifier dia? i heard that once babies dah kenal pacifier, susah dia nak renggang eh?

ok, i should stop now before this becomes an essay hahaha. my xoxo to lil faaz!

LyDiA said...

okie dokie. ^^ faaz kene train tak tido time lunch baru bole kidnap (hehe suka suki tak bagi faaz tido. ngeee~~~)

Nadine said...


awwwwwh, thanks dear. amin, mintak2 masin mulut you :) at this age, diaorg mmg cpt copy cat our actions/words kn. Aydein pun dh turns 1. I'm sure x lama lagi dia pun sama ;)

A'ah dear, when mama showed my the clip rasa sejuk je hati..sebak pun ade juga. oh well, biasala ppuan kan..hati cpt tersentuh. terus I berazam nak ajar dia betul2. skang tgh mula nak ajar al-fatihah.

oh, the same question ran on my head masa mula2 dulu, afraid he will face confusion. Nak, nak skali 3 languages kn :) However, upon my readings,studies shows that babies' brains are wired to absorb multiple languages. It actually exercises more of their mental capacity which is a good thing. Although in my in-laws house sume org speak English, bila balik gombak Faaz seems to understand bila my mom ckp full BM ngan dia For us, we cakap je campur2 at one time, Thara. So far, alhamdulillah mmg nampak dia paham all. It's just that when it comes to him, he himself will choose which language to speak at a time, so no worries, mmg diaorg tak confuse :)
to add on this, I read that in some cases, kids who learn many languages at such a young age can lead to higher test scores later in life, and some cases also shown it lessen the risk of Alzheimer's. Interesting kan? :)

Pasal carseat ni kan, rahsia dia:
1. Start awal.
2. Kena kuat semangat :)
3. Toys
Faaz duduk dlm carseat since day 1, masa balik from SJMC lagi. I kan kena ceaser, its hard to hold the baby n at the same time nak jaga perut tu dr terhentak. Masa mula2 rasa kesian jugak but thinking of his safety I kuatkn semangat. So he get used to it. Tp as he grow, memang at time dia refuse, esp bila naik his grandparents' car x pakai carseat, so bila ngan kitaorg mmg agak susah. Trick nk pujuk dia? Toys n books. Dlm both of our cars mmg standby some toys n books. And we always remind him over and over again that if he wants to go car, he must seat on his car seat. Skang mmg automatic bukak pintu keta dia sendiri climb into his seat and ready to be buckled. Senang acik. Hihi.. Cuma now nak train dia duk kat blakang sorang2. Challenging jugak sbb he wants us to entertain him all the time..
Oh ye, at one phase diaorg mmg akan giler steering tau. So what we do, sblum drive we give him a chance to play with it for like 5 minutes, then br letak dlm car seat n start the journey...jd ade chance jugakla diaorg merasa nak control steering tu :)

Hmm, many people do see pacifier as something bad but for me, it does help esp like what u said, and to avoid my son from sucking his fingers. Masa mula2 introduce tu, Faaz ok je you. Tak plak dia luekkan ke ape. Maybe ikut jenis pacifier kot. I use Avent, theirs is smaller, and thinner to ensure natural development of palate, teeth and gum. so u takyah risau la gigi tumbuh jongang ke kan. so far Faaz's teeth ok jer. Tp a friend pernah advice, kalau anak tu tak suka puting susu yg baru beli, rendam dulu dlm hot water for 20 minutes to let it kembang sket..maybe u can try that for pacifier too.

Bila Faaz turned 1 year old, we started to train him to use pacifier utk tido jer. Pagi2 before dia terjaga I akan sorok pacifier dia. Bila dia ngantuk nak tido n mintak baru I bagi. Ade la jugak dia ternampak pacifier tu and terus amik. tp lepas tu I amik balik n explain kat dia..mula2 mmg dia cam nak nangis tp I divert his attention to other thing sampai dia lupa. Alhamdulillah now dia dh paham concept, so skang slowly nak ajar dia tido x perlu pacifier pulak. Hopefully by 2 years old berjaya la :)

hope I answered ur questions...wah! comment terpanjang pernah I tulis. Cam entry blog pun ade nie :P

Nadine said...


hahaha...takpe, next time sblum kidnap Faaz kita call Nani Faaz tanya dia tido ke tak :)

irradhil said...

wah.....Faaz ni mmg cute n smart la.
suker tgk die solat n singing.tmbah2 in his own version.heheheheeh.irra n hubby pn suker gelakkan esya kalu singing...pelatnyer yg Tuhan yg die akn merajuk kalu nmpak kite gelakkan die...sure die ckp "xse la baik umi"(xnk kwn ngn umi)hahahaha

bagusla Faaz ni duk diam jer dlm carseat....psni sngla mummy nkg shopping ber2 ngn Faaz.heheeheh

Anyway...Hepi 17mths birthday..

:: NieSha :: said...

hihii..cute la faaz ni...semakin bijak dia..
nadia, ni first time ke nadia driving dgn faaz je? seronok kan tp bila dia 'berbunyi' cuak gak kan? hihii...
wani dh byk kali kuar berdua dgn damia. mula2 dulu susah jugak. pnh 1 kali tu damia nk duduk atas riba masa wani drive..adoila..kecut perut betul. tp skrg dh ok dh. bila kuar berdua, damia sdiri yg akan masuk dlm carseat dia tu and pastu dia mintak wani pasang lagu. dia akan nyanyi2 ikut lagu tu. kdg dia suruh wani nyanyi sama. bila dh penat dia mintak susu..pastu zzzz... :)

Nadine said...


Mesti suara Esya merdu bila nyanyi kan? Alalala, siannya dia majuk. Mesti comel sgt dia nyanyi pelat2 tu kan. Record la Irra, letak kat FB :) ber2? Blum lagi kot. I tak larat sorang2 nak kejar dia, Irra. Faaz kalau pegi mall mcm terlepas dr kurungan jer. Mencanak kesana kemari! :))

Faaz says thanks aunty Irra :)

Nadine said...

:) thanks Wani :)

Wani, this is the first time sejak dia umur setahun. Masa dia kecik few times la jugak, slalu kalau cuti hantar Fadzil to office then balik Gombak.

Masa dia bersuara tu ok lagi, bila dh start hek hek nak mengamuk tu...owh, gelabah sungguh! hihihi.
Itula, kak Damia dh pandai behave drive ngan mama dia. Faaz belum lagi la..nak2 Faaz duk blakang masa Nadia drive. Agak2 bosan tu dia nak kita tgk dia, bahaya gak nak toleh2 blakang tgh drive. Kalau kat traffic light ok lagi. Untungla Damia duk dpn ngan Wani, senang sket. Faaz x bleh, keta mommy ade airbag kat passenger's seat dpn. Bahaya maaa! :)

Thara said...

wow nadine, thanks so much for the very lengthy and useful reply! i will take note of each and every single thing you have practiced on faaz! gosh, i feel like there's so much to learn and experience! here's to motherhood! ;)

Nadine said...

no worries dear. sharing is caring, aite? :)

go mama Thara, go! :)