Monday, June 21, 2010

June & Fathers

June is synonym with fathers as during this month we honor and celebrate fatherhood. For me, June is the month where two great men were born; my late father and my father in-laws.

When my father was still around, me and my sister will always faced a hard time choosing the gifts for both his birthday and for Father's day. Most of the reason was of course due to the lack of budget (budak skolah la katakan :P). If we managed to buy the gifts, we ended up arguing of which gift should be the birthday gift and which gift should be given on Father's day instead. So silly of us to quarrel for such a small matters kan? Hahaha..what to do, dua-dua keras kepala (but my sis is more I think..hihi :P).

When my father left us forever, June became a month that I hope will slip away faster without I realized. If I may, at that time I wished that June can be skipped. The reason was, I lost the privileged of celebrating both; a father's birthday and Father's day. I felt left out when all my friends were busy finding the perfect Father's Day card when in fact, I don't have a "father" to give a card to. It was sad, really sad indeed.

Allah SWT is Great, few years later, I married my soul mate. Soon I found out that his father was born on June too, few days earlier than my late father. Since that day, I got back my privileged of celebrating both events. It may not be the same feeling as before but I am thankful, I don't feel awkward when June comes. However, 16th June will always be remembered with prayers and thought.

This year, papa's birthday fell on Saturday. We had two celebrations plus the usual cake cutting at home. First, papa celebrated his birthday with our nucleus family at Tarbush, a Lebanese Restaurant here in Empire Shopping Gallery. The ambiance is nice, and it's not too crowded, perfecto for a cozy birthday lunch.

We had Tarbush Salad as the appetizer. By the look of it, you will thought it's just a normal salad. But, when you tasted it...delicious! The tangy taste of the dressing goes well with the fresh vege and Lebanese bread. Nyumm! :) Then, we had Sambosa - deep fried chicken spring roll mixed with was delicious but very filling. For the main course, each of us took different menu; Papa with his Lamb Chop, Mama with her Chicken Briyani (the portion is generous!), yours truly had the Shish Tawook - juicy boneless chicken breast,marinated and grilled, served with Tarbush garlic sauce and Fadzil took the Mixed grilled - a mix of Lamb Chop, Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab & Lamb cubes. Yes, my hubby is a BIG eater! :) All the food ordered were tasty. Thumbs up ;)

all of us :)

The celebration was continued further that night, this time around with the entire family (minus Fadzil's big brother's family). Reen treated all of us to dine at Chilli's, also in Empire. Twice a day we went to Empire..nasib parking fee is still free. Hehe. Since Chilli's has just opened, the queue was so long! We had to wait like forever before our turn came. Lucky me, C&K is just in front of Chili's so I spent my waiting time happily there. :D

Later at home..

Now that I am married and blessed with an adorable son, I get the chance to celebrate Father's Day with my son too. Alhamdulillah :) This is the second time we celebrated Father's Day together. Last year, Faaz was too small, so I made a video as a Father's Day token to Fadzil. He was touched. :) This year, since Faaz is bigger I decided to let him do something for his daddy, with my supervision of course. The initial plan was to make a card filled with hand & footprints of Faaz. However, it was almost canceled as we couldn't find a suitable time to do the project. Our weekend were fulled of activities and Fadzil was with us all the time, which made it even harder to success. In order to avoid we ended up with nothing for Fadzil, I decided to treat him for a lunch at Madam Kwan's with my family's presence, to make it merrier :)

Nasi Bojari, his favorite

Later that day, when Fadzil went out, quickly I took Faaz outside the house and prepared the place as simple as I could. Mind you, the preparation was very minimal as we were unprepared and rushing, worrying Fadzil will come home soon. Inspired by my friend Izu, from her painting entry with her daughters, I let Faaz played with the brush, color and the paper. Faaz was excited, but listened well to my instructions. It made the painting session went on smoothly in such a short period. Good boy, Mommy loves you! :) It's not surprising that he enjoyed the session cause lately Faaz loves drawing on the doodle board. We even purchased a small doodle board so that Faaz can draw in the car and when he's out of home.

ada gaya tak? :P

happy! :)

showing off his dirty hand

Well, the end result?

1. Faaz first "abstract" art @ 17 was supposed to be something else actually :P

2. A very simple Father's Day card for Daddy Faaz..hihihi

Bolehla for a one year old boy :). Daddy loves it the minute we showed him the card. He brought the card to the office on Monday to hang at his cubicle. We keep the abstract art safely, plan to frame it and hang it in Faaz's room when we moved out to our own house in the future :)

Daddy, Happy Father's Day.
Thank you for being such a cool & wonderful Dad to Faaz. We love you, mmmuahss!!


my.mastura said...

korg ni, bab makan, mmg meriah kan :P terliur aku tgk..hehhehe

Anonymous said...

pheeeewit, sejak jd mak2 org ni kn makin cantik body ko ek. Jeles haku tau :P cantikla ko pakai baju kelabu tu Nad..aku kenan! :)


dyana "his other half" said...

alalala, comeynya the 3 of u. :).

happy belated birthday to your FIL.
happy father's day to fadzil as well.

abstract drawing faaz tu kalau jual ada harga tak? terer la. nampak abstract betul.

Thara said...

everywhere i see, i tgk org sebok buat something for father's day. i pulak, totally forgot to do anything for aien with aydein! all i did was wish him, and we went out to celebrate aien's dad je. hoh rasa bersalah lah pulak! :P

anyways, outing looks fun and food looks really good! dulu i tak suka tau makan middle east ni, tapi since i got married to aien, i jadik suka pulak, since his family rajin jugak makan dkt restaurant2 segini. ive been to Al-Daifah and Al-Rausyah and Al-Nakheel. not sure if those names are familiar to you? but im definitely gonna visit Tarbush next! mmg very tempting! :D

anyways, ive always wondered. what actually is your in law's background? are they pakistanis? or indian muslim? bcoz ur husband doesnt look malay. mcm hindustan! :D

ps : good job faaz! great art! :D

Thara said...

oh and the video u made for fadzil last year is really, really, sweet too, babe! job well done! :D

lydia said...

wahh nadine, cantek lar baju grey puffy sleeve tuh. nadine beli kat mane?

Nadine said...


hehehe..kitaorg kan suka makan :D


Hello, lama x nampak. Thanks sbb sudi singgah lagi. Awwwwh, ko buat aku kembang dh ni. Thanks babe :) Makin kurus sbb ade hero kecik kot. Really? Glad you like it cuz I love it. Nampak kat kedai je terus sambar. Hihi...

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Awwwwh, thanks dear :)

Happy Father's Day to Fariq & Happy Birthday to anak Fariq! Hihihi..mesti meriah your double celebration kn?! cepat buat entry plis :)

Hahaha..Mama pun tanya benda yg sama masa tgk hasil contengan Faaz tu :P Perasan tak warna merah dominant? Faaz sikit2 amik warna merah je. Favourite color dia kot :)


Hihi.. Faaz sexy ok x pakai baju. Tgh brush yang Faaz pegang tu rasa macam ralat pulak i beli bruch punyalah comei untuk Oman. Kate dah beli yang paling kecik dan murah kan.. hahaha.. punyala cepat brush tu kembang. :P

By the way, cantikla Faaz draw. Ade bakat nih. :) Eh, jadila Palm Print Faaz. Oman punya x jadi..dia punyala hangin i suruh dia stamp kan palm dia dekat kertas tu. Hihi.

p/s: best nyer makan-makan. Last week, i makan kat Tarbush Empire jugak.. tapi i tak berapa leh go la. Hahahaha

Nadine said...


Iyeke, tp wish tu something jugak kan? It's the thought that count ;) I sejak Faaz lahir cam semangat balik sambut father's day ni sbb I teringatkan masa kecik2 kitaorg sambut for my late father. Rindu.. :)

Ic..I minat middle east food masa blajar kt UIA dulu. Kadang2 jemu makan nasi campur so tukar2 selera. Last2 suka plak :) Wah, tak..tak, I never heard of those. Sounds interesting. I cuma pernah makan kat Tarbush and Al-Amin (Pavilion) je :)

Hahaha. Masa I mula2 kenal my hubby kan, I thought dia foreigner. Firstly, UIA kan ramai student expat..secondly,no malay words ever terpacul dr mulut dia. Masa mula2 dulu kawan2 dia pun sume yg speaking jer. He always refer himself as "ROJAK". Hihi...
Atuk Fadzil blah papa org Pakistan. Mama Fadzil plak, anak Mami tp bkn Penang mari, Selangor mari... :)

p.s: Faaz says, thanks, mmuahs, mmuahs!

Ala...malunya org tere IT tgk video dr org buta IT! hahaha..I pakai buat je Thara, bkn reti sgt pun. Kalau you buat mesti lagi cun. Anyway thanks dear :)

Nadine said...

Hi Lydia,

Thanks dear :) I beli kat Cotton On, Pyramid. Ade 3 designs tau, plain, polka dots and stripes. Do check it out k ;)

Nadine said...

Mea, n senang mommy nak cuci. :P Mommy Faaz tak creatip nak buat apron sendiri :) I beli brush besar sbb mmg plan nak buat hand & footprints kn. Senang sket nak sapu color.

Hihi, ye ke. Thanks. Maybe sbb Faaz dh start melukis almost a month la jugak. Minat betul lukis atas doodle board tu you. Pernah skali terlepas pen kat tangan dia. Haduihla, banyak tul "tattoo" kat peha n lengan dia :P Hihihi..iye ke, mesti Oman ni freestyler. Nak ikut his own style ;) Faaz memula geli tau tgk tangan dia penuh paint, sibuk je ckp "Mommy, ditty..ditty" Hahaha..mesti dia pelik asal mak aku suh aku main kotor plak nie :P

p.s: mmg best, lagi2 org blanja. ke you. maybe sbb you suka soupy2 things, middle east mostly dry kan the food dia, tu yg tak bape kena ngan selera you :)

Thara said...

i see, now i get it. bcoz i ingat u ada ckp u nak ajar Faaz Urdu kan? can you speak Urdu yourself?

ps : i too love your top! my eyes mmg lama gila tenung u punye top tadi :P mmg ingat nak tanya u beli dkt mana, tapi lupa nak tanya. sebbaik ada org tanya hehe. anyway, again, love the top! :D

RuZaNNa said...

Hahhaa.. i pun sama dgn you thara.. i wish kat ikhwan aje.. takde pun something special for him.. and when seeing other people do sweet stuffs for the loved ones.. rasa cam bersalah pulak..

Mmg sexy la faaz without baju ni.. and he did well as well for the painting.. cantik ok!.. do frame it sbb nnt dah besar at least have a memory of them :)

faisyura said...

huhuh bestnye celebrate father's day! sedapnye mkn.. lame tak mkn situ jugak.. huhuh..

kitorg tak buat ape pun this year sbb busy ngn birthday party zaim nye preparation.. just wish je..

huhuh skg ni zura terpakse mengstopkan activiti lukis melukis sebabnyeeeee Zaim addicted to conteng sofa n dinding.. tried mcm2 to stop him dr conteng sofa tapi tak jalan.. dah beli white board, drawing block etc etc sume dia lyn skejeap je pastu ke sofa balik ngeeee... proud pulak tu.. tunjuk hasil kt mommmy.. ngeee... mmg kensel la plan mommy beli sofa buat mase skg ni.. huhuhu

Nadine said...


Akceli, Papa yg semangat nak ajar cucu dia ni :) Fadzil tak reti pun you. Dia faham sikit2 jer. I pun blajar sama bila papa ajar Faaz. Sbb bila mix with Papa's side punye family, I slalu blur giler bila the aunts ckp dgn I. Pastu gelabah nak jawab dlm english ke BM. hahaha!

p.s: thanks :) pegila check it out you, got few designs. cotton on pun price affordable :)

Nadine said...


Hihihi..dulu lagi sexy. sejak lepas demam tu selera dia belum naik betul lagi. mcm makin slim plak my boy..

Thanks :) Itula, berangan nak frame n gantung dlm bilik dia bila masuk rumah sendiri nnti. Hopefully next year ke..sronok tgk you duk semangat deco ur house. Tak sabar nak rasa that experience jugak :)

irradhil said...

wah...besnyer Tarbush. i likeeee.btul la nadia ckp...rendu lak kt nasi arab kt kafe law uiadl2.huhu.miss tht moment kena q panjang.skrang ni dh xder.

byknyer acara mkn2 nadia....irra pn clbrte gak ngn my whole family yg ader kt hometown jer sllnyer...mother's day ker...father's day ker...birthay mummy n papa...yg sll blanja ialah Papa.heheheheeh.malu lak rsnyer.irra just beli kek n bagi small pressie jer.bertuah punyer anak kan...xmalu sungguh.heheheeh

Faaz....comeynyer handprint tu.irra xpenah lg wt xtxt camni ngn esya.kene start la pasni.
irra ader beli readymade handprint kt siap ngn frame.mcm playdooh..senang nati nk try yg colourful cam Faaz la.hehehe.

Anyway...Hepi Father's Day to ur FIL and Mr.Hubby..

Nadine said...


Ic, tp Zura dh wish kan? Wish pun ok pe. Takpun boleh celebrate skali ngan besday party Zaim . still in June kan? :)

Wah Zaim, mesti cantik lukisan dia tu Zura. tu sbb dia bangga nak tunjuk. Haaa, bab conteng dinding ke sofa ke la yg plg nadia takut tau. Nak2 kitaorg duk ngan parents. Kang habis umah Nana & Nani dia. So far pen sume mmg sorok dr Faaz. Harap2 tak terlepas la :)

Nadine said...


Kan Irra kan. Sanggup beratur panjang time tu sbb nak makan kat sana. Lagi satu Nadia suka pegi kat riverside cafe tu, sbb dkt ngan hostel n tak bape jauh dr Engin dept :)

Hihi..ic. Takpela, ade jugak tu cake n pressie. Yang penting, ingatan kan? :)

Nadia ni semangat lepas tgk entry Izu la Irra. Cam best je tgk Zahin & Iris menyonteng. Bila try, Faaz pun enjoy, so pasni leh buat lagi. menarik, blehla Nadia intai2 website tu pasni. tq Irra :)


good job dear...cantik ur artwork wit Faaz..sweettt;)
me too..same like Thara and Anne..just wish and had dinner together...sian my hubby..
tp mcm nak buat suprise..all the time him infront of us ;)ahaks!!

best kan makan wit family..bnyk plak makan2 time tu..mesti enjoy! specially Faaz kan ;)

n plus like too love ur top jgak!!specially I like to wear top yg labuh like nak g usha jgak..but yet takut jadik sarung nangka plak!

happy father's day to Fadzil too ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, so sweet of u to say that. Thanks dear :) Yer, samalah first I thought mmg tak sempat sbb dia ade je ngan kita. Tp bila dia kata nak pegi bank kejap I pun took it as a chance. Hehe..kalau tak mmg wish jer la. You guys pun bz lately with Adam kan? Kira ade exemption lah disitu :)

Hihihi..yes dear. Kami suka makan, so layan habis la esp me. Now dh naik 2 kilo! ahaks! :P

Thanks :) I pun lately tgh kumpul tops/blouse yg labuh2. Pegi try dulu you, and see how. I mula2 pun x confident nak pakai..lepas try n ok br beli :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Salam Nadia!!
Bestnye celebration u all...Izu pn wish je..sbb Father's day still in Jakarta belah pg..bler smpi Msia tghr pnt gler..sooo jet-lagged..Hisham pn mcm tk nk bgn2 dr tdo..lekatnye lah mata dia..kte ni kt umah MIL, lekat2 pn kenelah bgn kn! tade proper celebration cumanya haritu BIL gi bli cake, suro bapa2 sekelian ptg cake..n bg pressie..mcm tu je.=)

Nway, cantiknya artwork Faaz tuu..!! so brilliant, i loikeee!! frame kn tau. nti aunty pn nk cuba bg coloured sheet lah, nmpk cam lbh menarik gtu..hihi..Izu masih pnt2 lg, tk smpt lg nk update blog or reply comments..Happy bted bday, Fathers day to ur hubby n FIL.:)

P.S U look fabulous in the grey top!;)

Nadine said...

Salam Izu!!

Good to see u here. Rindu tau kat Izu. Nanti update blog balik yer, mesti Izu shopping sakan kat sana kn? bestnyeeeer.

Eh Nadia suka tau Idea beli kek sambut ramai2 tu, lebih meriah kan :)
Happy Belated Father's day utk Isham jugak :)

Thank Izu, I will. Ni dpt ilham dr Izu tau. Thanks dear :)

p.s: awwwwwwh, Izu ni sweetlah. Mekacih :)

Mimy Hamid said...

lukisan faaz lukis tu paling mahall wooo...even conteng conteng je tp untuk yg suka kan lukisan itu cantek woo...leh buat frame..nad u frame kan la...unik what..

Nadine said...

Hihihi..baik! saya tentu akan frame kan. lagi2 hasil kerja tangan sulung Faaz Naqi :)

kella said...

nad! lari topik jap! boleh kan.. baju yg u pakai dalam pic tu sangat berkenan di hati.. sangat cantik.. dimanakah boleh ku dapatkan klonnya yg serupa itu... :p

Nadine said...

Boleh! :)

Thanks. It's from Cotton On. Dia ade few outlets. Sunway Pyramid ade, Pavilion ade, Midvalley pun ade. Ade 3 design tau kella, plain, stripes atau polka dot. sila dptkan sblum stock kehabisan. Hehehe :)