Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Pilates & Yoga Class

If Faaz had his fitness activities in the last entry, yours truly on the other hand attended her fitness and dancing class starting last Wednesday :)

Unlike the Senamrobik session that I had previously, this time around, we had the Aerobics & Aerokick session for an hour and followed by Yoga & Pilates class for the 2nd hour. It was fabulous! I was sweating like hell and felt very light
after the first session. Love the 'punching' and 'kicking' part the most, it reminds me of Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angel..hihi.

I'm all pink for this session :P

The Pilates and Yoga session were even more interesting. For your information, Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates from Germany in the early 20th century.
Interestingly, Joseph designed Pilates exercises during the First World War with the intention to aid injured soldiers in regaining their health by strengthening, stretching, and stabilizing the key muscles. The core of Pilates principles are proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flowing movement.

The instructor (in blue tee) was teaching us Pilates.
See her flat tummy..owh, envy nyer!!

Yoga on the other hand refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating from India. Since it is associated with the meditative practices of Hinduism, Buddhist and Jainism, Yoga was banned in Malaysia in 2008 when the Islamic council brought the fatwa against Muslim practicing yoga as it contains the element of Hinduism spiritual teaching. However, the fatwa states that yoga practiced only as physical exercise is permissible, but prohibits the chanting of religious mantras. For more info on Pilates and Yoga, you can go to here and here :)

Yoga session...relaxing :)

Some might ask, what is actually the difference between the two? Well, let me put it this way, Pilates will make you more energized and invigorated while yoga will make you calm mentally and physically. You can refer here if you would like to know more about the differences :)

During the first class, the instructor concentrate more on the correct breathing technique as it is the essential thing in both exercise. Breathing in Yoga is diaphragmatic, whereas Yoga emphasizes abdominal breathing.
I must say the breathing technique is the trickiest part, it's not just for the sake of inhaling and exhaling aje, ye puan-puan :) You have to inhale slowly and when it comes to exhale, you have to ensure that you have to control your tummy muscle as well...bukan main lepas aje. Nanti buncitlah perut! :P Oh my, by the end of the sessions, I was really exhausted plus muscle pain on the next day. It was a good sign tho, it means that my muscles did worked out. Oh ya, do you know that Yoga & Pilates can actually burns twice calories than aerobics although the movement is minimum. Interesting, rite? :)

For those of you who are interested in doing Pilates at home, I can share some clips that Fadzil downloaded for me from the net. They are very easy to follow and you can do it for like 10-15mins. Or, you can straight away downloaded it from Youtube. There are loads and loads of clips. All you have to do is choose the routine that suits your need. Mine includes the workout for the hand muscle, the butt and the hip. Nanti I upload the clips from home. I don't have the copies with me right now :)

As for the dancing class, I just attended the first class yesterday and the lesson was: Cha Cha. Seriously, I SUCK at Cha Cha! Hahaha... I guess it was not for me. No offends, but somehow I feel old when doing Cha cha, especially when I was surrounded by the seniors. Owh, they were really good at it. As the dance instructor said, "Akak-akak ni mesti teringat zaman muda-mudi dulu nie"...hihi :D I will tell you more on the dancing class later..perhaps after I learned the salsa in the next class *wink*


dyana "his other half" said...

menariknya. best best. bestkan yoga. i miss my yoga classes. memang badan rasa fresh n ringan je kan. ur lucky to be able to do some exercise every week :). susah nak dpt office yg sporting cam gtu.

jannahrais said...

ok go mummy! keep it up ek ;)

eh...jannah nak tanye, nadia ade jadi mane2 cover untuk novel alaf21ke?

uja said...

bestnyee!! dh expert nti jd instructor uja plk ye..
waa jannah, nadia dh jd cover girl ek? ;)

my.mastura said...

jeles nyer aku tgk perut instructor tu!!!


Nad, u yg slim melim ni pun rajin bersenam ok!me..yg triple size of urs..lagi senang-lenang enjoying food so much..

btw, I love to see people doing pilates too..pernah hampir nak enroll class jgak..

nanti dah expert boleh jadik instructor utk kami jgak..mommies at front row,behind us all the heroes yg try follow kita bersenam..mesti cute kan..

btw, out of all discplines, I really teringin bangat nak belajar kickboxing..(me type brutal2 sket..heheheh ;)
*teringat tgk class boxing at fitness first last time..ahaks!!;)

Nadine said...

Cee D minat yoga eh? Good, good. Yoga is very minimum in our classes, the instructor focus more on pilates. Yoga buat last relax the mind after penat workout :)
A'ah..sports committees this year should be given a credit. Diaorg tak focus on sports semata2, pk jugak utk kami2 yg minat fitness classes ni :)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear! :)

hihihi..Jannah nampak kat mana nie?? cuba story sket..


Boleh, tp sila habiskan pantang anda dulu yer. hihi..this time pantang betul2 tak?? :)

Nadine said...


Jeles kan?! aku bkn takat jeles tang perut tu je, peha dia, bum dia..arghh!!


Hihi..benda yg I minat, bersemangatlah you. Cuba suh pegi gym, berchenta lah nak suh I jejak kaki :P Saja nak fitkan badan n kuarkan peluh. boleh dibayangkan. Mesti sgt comel kn. Ok, nnti I concentrate bebetul in my classes, dh tere nnti I buat free class. hahaha, berangan sungguh I ni kan :))

wah, kickboxing. mmg nampak best n cool. mcm teringin jugak tp I ni lembek sgt. hihi. anyway, kalau ade peluang, masuklah you! :)

kella said...

oohhh nadine! sangat cool la! nadine share la kat ne nadine ada dance semua ni..
mcm best sangat!

*terima kasih singgah melawat ya! really appreciate! tq

Nadine said...

hihi, kat office I nie Kella. Our sports club yg organize utk staff. lepas keja, every rabu, 2hrs session alternate btw fitness n dancing class :)

awwwwh, dont mentioned it. awak dh sihat blum? :)

YOI said...

pinjam perut ngan kaki nadia sat...takyah instructor tu...tgok nadia pon dah ckup..huhuhu...

:: NieSha :: said...

wow wee..makin slim n anggun n fit la puan nadia nanti...
p/s: ur tummy also flat maa... :)

jannahrais said...

jannah pegi mph, saje belek2 novel yang ade...pastu jannah minat satu cover ni, tapi gambar orangnye kecik aje. tengah duduk besandar kat tepi rak buku..siyes muke dia macam nadia, style tudung pun macam nadia.
tapi sori, jannah lupe tajuk buku tuh.yang confirm, publisher alaf21.
hihihi cubela nadia round tengok novel tuh ek then confirm dengan jannah ;)

Nadine said...


hihi..ade2 je nurul ni. takpe, I'm sure by the time fx balik mesia nurul dh selim melim dh. ni hari2 diet ni mesti turunlah! chaiyo' ;)


Nak makin fit sbnarnye. Wani la slim and anggun, skang tak makan nasi dh dgr2nya.. ;)

p.s. tp tak setegang ittuew maaa *sob*

Nadine said...


Oh ye ke..ic. Nanti Nadia check. Hihi..terkejut + rasa lucu sgt bila Jannah sebut tu tau. Recently ade la buat a bit of modelling, tp utk one of the image consultancy company punye portfolio. xla sampai tahap la den nie haa..x layak kot. hihi :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Eeii bestnyaa..sure lg slim-melim la Nadia lps ni..izu pn tgk mcm sama je perut Nadia ngan instructor tu..flat apa/ :D

Sape yg amek photos ni..bestkn ada org tlg amikkn gmbr..nti dance class upload la some video..bley tgk Nadia dance plak..hehe..

RuZaNNa said...

I really envy your company ok!.. how i wish my company would have such activity as well.. boleh safe duit from enrolling into a gym... hehhee

You know.. i pun teringin nak masuk dancing class.. tp i think i would suck in it as well.. hahahhah... yea lah.. dah tua2 baru nak get groovy.. mmg mcm kayu la...

irradhil said...

wahhhh besnyer nadia....makin kecikla u nanti...ha ah la nadia....perut u tu sm cam instructor jer...jeles i...huhu.

psst:irra xder stamina nk join dance class @ aerobic ni...5 minit jer sure pancit.heeheheh.sbb tu mls nk join.hehehehe

Mimy Hamid said...

wow mummy makin maintain la...**hik hik jeles** aii jugak tak kurus2...hehe


Agree with Izu, perut you sama je flat dengan perut cikgu tu ok!! Envynyerr!!! :)

Well... lagi satu sangat envy dengan your company. Baiknya hati diorang. And you shouldn't miss those opportunity tau dear!! kalau x i sanggup ganti. hahahaha

Happy stretching here and there, dear :)

p/s: Nadine, how do you feel at your c-sec stitch ek dear. Baru-baru ni my feiend yang c-sec masa deliver her baby last year main netball, balik rumah she felt pain dekat that area. Terus x main dah. huhu

Nadine said...

Izu, Izu, Izu...looks can be deceiving, dear :)

Hihi..gamba yg first tu je Nadia suh org amikkan. Tu pun pakai hp je. The rest sume candid, sports club committee yg capture. kebetulan banyak gamba nadia..nadia pun copy ler. hihi :D

Nadine said...


A credit must be given to my sports committees this year sbb x lupakan org yg tak bape nak aktif sukan mcm I ni..hihi. Previous years xde pun, last year plg sangap skali sbb xde activity yg menarik langsung! this is the first time they do this, tu yg kitaorg semangat!! :)

Iye ke Anne, samalah kita minat dancing :) Betulla, after sometime x menari, omg!..tempo lari. Mmg failed!! hahaha. Tp I tak kira la, Boleh ke tak boleh I nak pegi jugak next dancing class -salsa. Impian dr high school lagi nak blaja bersalsa..hehehe
wish me luck, dear! :)

Nadine said...

Mimy dear,

Hihi..amin! takpe mimy, tak kurus mcm I pun tp you tetap vogue d vass tau! kalau tak masakan en megat terpikat dgn you...tul tak? :)

Nadine said...


Awwh, so nice of you to say that. :) Akceli nampak je sama you, hakikatnya xbrape nak sama. Perut dia, OMG, sgt fit, tegang je. I punye??? tak tegang cam tu puuuun..huhu.

Yes dear, sports committees this year mmg happening. they plan activities to cater all groups. so sume org bleh participate ape yg dia suka :). Owh, I mmg semangat you. skang I base kat customer's office tau. Tp kerana classes ni every rabu petang after work I sanggup drive all the way to cyber to attend the classes! :)

p/s: Oh ye ke...ouch! Masa first class tu mmg I raised a question about this issue. Iyela, risau terlebih liuk lentok kang...eiii ngeri! :P My instructor told me, yoga n pilates is safe after 8 months of surgery. Tp ade satu movement tu, stretch badan ke belakang to the max...yg tu I tak boleh buat full. Sbb br buat halfway dah rasa nyut2. Tp lepas tu okla, takde pape. I guess depends ikut kulit individu tu tahap baik luka dia, that's what Dr. Siti told me :)

Thara said...

i know im like SUPER LAMBAT to respond to this entry, but in my defense, ive been SUPER BUSY! :( :( ni baru dpt jumpa masa to do a little bit of blog hopping! :D

anyways. "The instructor (in blue tee) was teaching us Pilates.
See her flat tummy..owh, envy nyer!!"

HELLOOO! you SO have the flat tummy ok! nak flat mcm mana lagi! lain lah mcm i ni! dah beyond help dah tau! grrrr. (ok emo tak masal :P)

eh babe, u mentioned about doing Pilates at home? sebenarnya kan u, its not very advisable lah. unless u have a proper instructor to coach u every step of the way, i think it's best to leave Pilates (or any other form of exercises) at gym kot? because my auntie did Pilate with her daughters at home, at she had slip-disc! it was SO BAD that she was admitted to hospital and got bed ridden for more than a week! she couldnt even move a muscle. it was that painful! terrifying kan?

but i am so very ineterested with that Cha-Cha dance though! mind to coach me a few steps? :P

Nadine said...

Hehehe..plis jangan emo, nnti kurang 5% kecomelan you tu :D

Mestilah envy Thara. Perut dia tegang giler ok wpun she's older than me. Perut I? Mcm flat tp lembut. Berangan ni when I'm at her age body cun mcm tu..ntah boleh dpt ke tak tu..huhu.

OMG! Kesiannya your aunty! Pity her. Never thought it can done such disaster. Thanks Thara for alerting me. You tau, I punyala risau after baca ur comment yesterday terus I pegi fwd the videos I followed to my instructor. I nak tanya her opinion whether they are safe to do it at home or not. Kalau dia approve nnti barula I upload the vid, if not nnti I edit my entry ni. TQ again dear!

Anonymous said...

Where is this place ?

dana said...

Where is this place?

Nadine said...

Hi Anonymous/Dana,

It was held at our office's gym area and we called instructor from outside once a week for the classes