Monday, July 12, 2010

18 Months

Salam and Hello dear readers,

Last Friday Faaz turned 18 months old, meaning Faaz is now aged 1.5 years old..big boy huh? Mommy said since Friday was a working day, Mommy will give Faaz a special treat on Saturday instead. Owh, Faaz can't wait so Faaz woke up pretty early on Saturday morning and woke mommy up too! hihihi..

I can't wait! heheh! ;)

That morning, Mommy prepared a special breakfast for Faaz. Although Mommy always prepare pancakes on weekends for Faaz, this time around it was even more tastier. Mommy said it's because she managed to get fresh California raisins from her friend and she added a bit of butter to make the pancakes a bit crispy. Although no sugar was added to the pancakes, the sweetness of the raisins were enough to bring out Faaz's appetite. Nyum!

Isn't it cute?? :)

The happy me :D

Since it was my special day, Mommy gave permission for me to enjoy the breakfast in front of the TV too. Isn't it cool??

By the way, do you notice the blue couch Faaz been sitting on lately? Mommy & Daddy gave it to Faaz for Faaz's 18 months anniversary. It is an inflatable couch from Sizzlin Cool. It was supposed to be used inside the pool but Mommy thinks it's suitable to be indoor too. Faaz agreed with Mommy, and Faaz is happy now; Faaz have Faaz's very own couch. Tak payah menyelit between Mommy and Daddy lagi. Hihi...It's so comfy to sit on while watching channel 613 on Astro too. Layan habis! :)

the night my parent surprised me. happy!! :)

The special treat did not end yet. For Faaz's lunch, Mommy prepared a new recipe. She said, it was a modification from a recipe posted by aunt Tina in FB recently. What's more interesting, it was the first time for Faaz to taste beef and a bit of salt. Mommy said beef is cow's meat. Usually Faaz eat chicken or fish meat only. Alhamdulillah, no allergic reaction was detected. Mommy said, although now Faaz is free to taste more things, Mommy will try her best to minimize the usage of salt & sugar for Faaz's health. Oh well, although Faaz admit Faaz love sweet, sweet things, Faaz have to respect and obey Mommy's decision. Faaz know its for Faaz's own good, rite? :)

Tadaaa..its a Jacket Potato for lunch!
I kinda "penyek" it with my spoon. Upsie! :P

Its finger lickin good. Oh wait!
It's spoon lickin good actually..hehe

That evening, we went back to Gombak as Faaz want to see MakMak (Owh, pardon Faaz dear readers, Faaz is still facing difficulty in pronouncing the "Tok" for Tok Mak). Sadly, MakMak was at her hometown. :( Faaz heard that Cik Az has gave birth to a cute baby girl. Mommy said we gonna go back to Tok Nek's house soon too to visit the newborn too, just like what MakMak did. Oh Faaz can't wait! Anyway, being the only grandchild of MakMak, Faaz know MakMak would never want Faaz to feel sad, especially on Faaz's special day. Faaz's gut was right! MakMak did bought Faaz a present. Faaz was so excited when Mak Ngah bring out a huge box out and waited anxiously for Uncle Wan & Daddy to open it for Faaz...

It's a steering wheel! Yay, another one for Faaz's my collection. Thank you MakMak! Faaz loves it! The coolest thing about this steering wheel is that it can be attached to the window next to the passenger seat, so that it is hanged nicely like a real steering. Now Faaz can drive from the back seat, just like Daddy. Wohoooo! The steering wheel also comes with sounds similar to the real sounds of signals, break and hon. Very cool!

Well, it was an unforgettable day for Faaz. Although tired, Faaz was so happy. Mommy said, if you are grateful say "Alhamdulillah". But Faaz can't say that yet. Dalam hati boleh kan Mommy? Faaz also would like to thank everyone for loving, caring and be such a wonderful person to Faaz. Faaz is so lucky. Oh yeah, Mommy...although Faaz never tell you how much Faaz loves you in words, Faaz hope you know that Faaz do love you from the actions; from the way Faaz hugs you, from the way Faaz kish you, from the way Faaz always needed you and crying for you & from the way Faaz being cheeky! Mommy tau kan? kan? kan? hihihi..

Till then everyone.

by mommy Faaz



happy 18months Faaz..!
Faaz..aunty selalu envy ur mommy yg rajin masak best2 utk Faaz tau..and ur Barney plate pun commey..aunty pun nak beli satu utk Abg Adam ;)

Nad..rajinkn u..lately ni I was bz lah konon2,pagi2 I just fed Adam with cereal plus some fresh bersalah u..
nanti I copy recipe pancake u punye..

and couch tu nmpk comfy sungguh for him..

Faaz dah bila nak plan for Faaz jr. ;)

dyana "his other half" said...

happy 18mnths dear :).

oh, makanan faaz semua sedap2. specially the potato. faaz baru try beef eh. hadif since 10mnths dr deng dah advice kasi beef. sebab berat hadif sikit. hehe. ayam tak pernah kasi lagi. takut allergy. hehe.

ahh, aunty like ur couch. sungguh menarik. and the stereng! uncle fariq pun nak belikan hadif aritu. tp aunty tak kasi. hehe. tgn hadif kecik lagi. tak larat nak pusing stereng besar cenggitu lagi.

Nadine said...


Thanks dear :) Masak ikut sesedap rasa je you. Since my in laws were out n I wasn't occupied tu yg rajin sket utk buah hati tercenta no. 2 nie :) Akceli I guna je bahan2 yg ade kat rumah. Yg tade, I substitute ape yg ada. Fadzil ade match the night before so tak sampai hati plak nak kejut dia pagi2 pegi beli groceries.

Barney plate tu Fadzil belikan utk Faaz masa dia susah sgt nak makan. Something different for him lah. Nampaknya berkesan. Dia lebih berminat nak makan skang :)

Dear, dont be guilty. Cereal is a healthy food too. Cereal + milk + fresh fruits provide proteins, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, fiber, B-complex vits, etc..etc. I pun br last month started Cereal for Faaz. Tukar2. So far coco crunch menjadi pojaan hati dia, same like his mommy. Hehee..

Hihi..soklan favorite masa kini. InsyaAllah, Nadia. Ade rezeki mungkin tahun dpn. :)

RuZaNNa said...

Happy 18months Faaz! Boleh geng dgn imran lah ni! hehehhe

Anyway Nadine, i dah start bagi daging since imran was 15 months.. masa tuh syok buat lasagna la.. meatballs la.. heheh.. lepas tu dah tak bagi sbb imran cam tak suka sgt makan daging.. sbb fat oil banyak sgt kot.. garam and gula pun i start around the same time.. now dah 18months.. lagi la mcm2 i bagi die try.. skang ni nak cuba bagi shrimp... tgk allergic tak..

Anyway, just out of curiosity, faaz makan ape ek pagi2?

Nadine said...

Hello aunty D,


Nampak sedap eh? Senang jer tu. Mommy said she will post the recipe soon, aunty can try for Hadif. Maybe he'll like it. But, since his teeth is not as much as Faaz, perhaps aunty kat blend it instead. :)

Oh ye ke..ehehe, terlambat Faaz. Mommy said, she always blur when it comes to meat and how to cook it for Faaz. That is why she did not introduce it to Faaz before. Maybe aunty can suggest her few recipe. Im sure its nyummy, rite, Hadif?? ;)

Hihi, thanks aunty. It was mommy who fell in love with it the first time she laid eyes on it at Toys R Us. Dia siap berangan nak letak in a corner of Faaz's room we have our own place. Hihi..ntah muat lagi ke tak Faaz masa tu tak taula. Mommy Faaz memang kuat berangan :P

Ic..Ic. Ade yg smaller version aunty. For strollers punye. Faaz have one. Tak salah Daddy bought it @ Midvalley. Go check it out! ;)

Nadine said...


Yes, Faaz dh masuk geng Imran dh. Weee! :)

Hihi, itulah I terlambat :P Tak tau kenapa dgn beef I mcm blur. Tak tau nak masak ape. Eh thanks for sharing. Napela I tak terpk kan. Meatball, lasagna...uuuh, sedap tuh! Pastu kan I mcm risau boleh ke Faaz kunyah , hadam ke beef tu dlm perut dia. Padahal gigi Faaz is close to full dh. :))

Faaz gula I think more or less the same with you sbb my in-laws suka curi2 bg makan kuih manis/chocolate kat Faaz behind my back :P Garam je la yg dpt I pantau since I'm cooking his meal daily.

Oh, breakfast masa mula2 start solid I bg Faaz mashed avocado + milk jer. As he grows I selang seli ngan oats, pastu I buat crepe instead of pancake since its thinner n softer, senang nak chew. Bila dh masuk setahun, baru I started pancakes, 3/4 boiled eggs and recently cereals. Sume yg I mentioned ni I tukar2. Roti Faaz mcm kureng sket. Imran pulak mcm mana?

RuZaNNa said...

You know, last weekend my MIL stuff ice cream TWICE into imran.. depan mata i! i blur tak tahu nak buat ape.. kesian tgk muka imran sbb tahan sejuk.. and now he's coughing.. aiyoyoyoyo...

Anyway, daily imran makan roti bakar.. sbb he likes crunchy things.. i thot of bagi cornflakes kat die.. you bagi with susu or without susu?

Imran kalau makan daging lamaaaaaa! maju sejam lebih tunggu.. my maid sampai boring bagi makan.. ikutkan hati, nak jugak ajar imran makan sendiri.. but my mom will bising with the mess.. nnt la duduk rumah sendiri over the weekend.. heheh

faisyura said...

Nadia ni good mommy lah... bertuah Faaz.. tgk food Faaz, kite pun terbukak selera.. cantik dan menarik... mcm Zaim dulu dia adelah pemakan... ape saje sume dia telan... Sendiri tak suke manis2, pelik2.. So tak perlu risau bile orang sua icecream and all, cz Zaim yg akan refuse...dia mmg minat healthy food sahaja...

cume dah masuk 3 tahun ni mmg la memilih.. yg dulu favorite pun kdg2 tamo dah..arini nk carrot esok nk telur, kene ikut ape dia nak.. pujuk2 tak jalan dah.. dah bujang kot.. ade selera.. tapi yg paling selera adelah sup, mihun goreng and nasi goreng.. paling sng and paling berbaloi utk di masak...mmg elok nadia pantau garam intake utk Faaz.. Zura pun dulu cmtu.. berjaya smpi umo 2 tahun.. skg ni dh bg freedom kt Zaim.. sbb dia sendiri memilih mknn.. boleh caya sama dia.. ;)

tapi yg gagalnye adelah memantau Aariz.. Aariz mmg tak kan mkn kalo tak berase... since his first food tau nadia.. original taste sume dia tanak.. mesti ade rase and bertexture.. mcm brokoli and potato tu suke sgt la.. lembik2 tanak... so zura trpakse jugak add skit salt dlm bubur dia.. mcm skg ni kire dia mkn ape Zaim mkn jugak.. kalo tidak mmg dia bluweeek kan food tu sume.. siap geleng pale.. maybe dia dpt bau food Zaim lebih sedap kot.. sedih jugak la tak dpt kekal kan rules mase kenalkan zaim to food dulu..

biskot baby sume Aariz tanak... dia nak biskot tiger.. advance dah Aariz ni.. skg ni dah pandai makan nasi.. kalo nasi beriyani tu satu pinggan utk dia je.. Zaim masih suke bubur.. dah terbalik dah.. yg tade gigi mkn nasi, yg ade gigi mkn bubur.. sabo jelah.. anak -anak ni mcm2 ragam..

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wowwiee..mmg tabikla kt mommy Faaz ni..smpt je dia msak itu-ini special utk Faaz yer...! aunty plak skrg bz la sgt kt kg ni ha..dh bape lme tk masuk dapur seniri.:P nti Nadia share recipe ye..tingin nk cuba jge. :)

Nway, happy 18 mos, tul pressie2 Faaz tu! :)

jannahrais said...

yay!!! faaz dah boleh makan macam macam....nanti request kat mommy masak best best lagi ek...hiihih selera faaz makan.

actualy gigi faaz dah batang tumbuh ek nadia? memang elok kasik dorang makan food yang macam macam tekstur, dapat galakkan gigi dorang tumbuh dgn lebih cepat :)
good job mommy!

:: iManja :: said...

happy 18 months Faaz!!!

Wah rajennyer mummy masak best²!!!...aunty pulak yg teringin kat pancake tu...hahaha..

Wah Faaz nak jadi abg dah next year (",)

Nadine said...


Alahai cian Imran. I know how u felt that time, I gone through that too. Serba salah dibuatnya. I hope Imran get well soon.

Ic..a'ah, I bg cereal with milk to Faaz for breakfast. Tp dia layan sampai separa kembang je. Bila dh kembang tu dia takmo. Tp as a snek in btw meals dia kunyah mcm tu jer :)

Ic..hihi. Faaz bkn daging jer, sume dia makan slow. Dia suka kemam, sampai kita ingatkan dia suh chew the food theeeeeeen only dia laju sket makan. Mmg menuntut kesabaran. Oh yes, mmg messy bila makan sendiri, even duk dlm baby chair mmg x sah kalau takde tumpah ke lantai. But, since Faaz sometimes akan makan lebih banyak own its own compared to suap, I relakan aje :)

Nadine said...


Ala Zura ni, puji tinggi sangatlah. Malu Nadia. Pakai hentam je Zura..
Nadia bab makan mmg kena creative sket because since dia baik demam dulu, dia tak bape minat nak makan. Makan pun memilih. Be creative in food presentation ni salah satu trick yg berjaya buat dia interested nak makan.

Zura untung sgt tau, Zaim pemakan. Pandai lak tu filter his food. Aunty is so impressed with you, Zaim! Mesti Zura senang hati je kan? :) Bestnya dia dh pandai request nak itu, nak ini. I am waiting for Faaz to do so, tak sabarnya! ;) Itula Nadia plan pun nak minimize everything selagi Faaz ok. So far mmg dia x mintak so go with it jer la. Cuma kalau dine out tu la terlepas sket. Kasi chance once a while :)

Ic..adik lagi advance dr abang yer. Hihi..agaknya la Zura. Mesti dia nak ape yg abg dia dapat. Nak sama ngan abang la tuh :) Wow, nasi baryani favourite Aariz? Mmg sangat advance! x padan ngan kecikla Aariz ni, comel tau! :))

p.s: Zura, cptla update pasal b'day bash Zaim!! :)

Nadine said...


Yes, I noticed Izu x update blog. Nadia mmg agak Izu bz with ur brother's wedding. Do update us about the ceremony. I'm sure its beautiful :)

Ok dear, will do it in the next entry. Stay tune!! :)

thanks Izu for the wish! :)

Nadine said...


Yay!! Excited nak try mcm2 tau Jannah since restriction dh kurang nieh. Hihihi..

Jannah, Nadia dh lost track gigi Faaz bape batang. Faaz ni alhamdulillah, tumbuh gigi tak pernah demam. Tau2 je dh naik gigi. Cuma sometimes bila saliva lebih sket, mmg tau la gigi nak tumbuh. Faaz plak susah sgt nak nganga mulut tau. Dahla gosok gigi sendiri. Nadia dpt tgk gigi dia time dia gelak jer. Tp tak smpt nak count. Tp Nadia notice kat bawak ade 2 spot lagi, atas 2-3 spot kosong. Geraham mmg dh lengkap, taring sudah ade satu yg comel tp tajam :P

Owh ye ke Jannah? Br Nadia tau tau..thanks dear :)

Nadine said...


Faaz said "thanks, aunty" :)

Hihihi, Sue pun teringin? Pancake sugarless tu, good for dieting. Nanti I share the recipe, bila Alany dh start solid blehla cuba. Masa tu Sue, mmg semangat nak masak utk anak. Believe me ;)

Hihihi, perancangan je Sue. Tgk rezeki and ekonomi kitaorg jugak. :)

Thara Sofian said...

awww faaz's a big boy now! faaz sebaya imran rupanya eh? baru2 ni kan imran just turned 18 months. cant wait for aydein to join in the club! ntah ape la telatah dia nanti kan :)

ps : jacket potato looks really good! mind to share the recipe? :D :D

Nadine said...


Yes, big bro dh dia. Ehehe..
If by months mmg diaorg kira sebaya la. Rasanya beza 1 week plus je kot. Tp if by years, Imran automatic jd abang cuz he was born on Dec 08 while Faaz was born on Jan 09. Meaning bila masuk skolah nanti Faaz same batch with Aydein la. Hihi :)

Oh yes, tunggu yer bila Aydein reach this age. Playful, hyper, talkative..u name it! ;)

ok dear, will share it soon, insyaAllah. :)


Happy 18th month Faaz!! Owh sorry sangat Aunty lambat wish. Busy sket. huhuhuhuh

By the way, aunty love your couch la Faaz. You look so comfy over there. :) Oman mungkin kene ade something macam ni jugakla.. tapi Aunty takut x jalan je ngan Oman. Dia mana leh tengok Aunty and uncle Armi duduk sebelah-sebelah. Dia jelous. Nak pegang tangan pun tokleh tau. Haha.

Your mommy sangat rajin and really a good cook la Faaz. Lucky you! Meti sedap dapat special treats from breakfast and lunch kan. Oman sekarang asyik nak tolo jer. Ish pening Aunty. hihi.

Hadiah Faaz dapat from MakMak pun best. Yang ni confirm Faaz suka sangat2 kan, sama la ngan Oman. Boleh drive sendiri dah lepas ni. :)

Okla Faaz yang cute bangat. Happy Anniversary again, dear. :)

neena_kechik said...

Hi Faaz comel =) nk pinjam couch tu!!! hehehe comel tau!!! nak try beli lah.kot kot lah ok2.kiter try dlu.kalo meletup. terbang lah!!! hehehe warna pink ada x faaz ??? hehehe

Mimy Hamid said...

big boy dun cry..heheh no cry la..tgk muka dah tau...sure ada je kenakalannya si boboy dulu panggil my mum MAK MAK..skrang dah besar tak pelat...

irradhil said...

Happy 18th moths Faaz!!!dh bsr dh ank teruna mommy ni...mkin bsr makin cute...muashhhhh

Nadine said...

Aunty Nuurill,

Thanks! :) Faaz have another 6 months to go till the big two comes. weeeehoooo!

Hihi, aunty like it as well? yes, yes, its very comfy. Faaz even fell asleep on it once. hehe..
Oh, Oman easily get jealous eh? He must be really2 pampered by aunty and uncle nie :)

Mommy said she's not really good in cooking but she loves cooking very much. You see, she can be in the kitchen for hours at times *sigh*. Faaz nak ajak main boball pun susah. :P

Oh yes, Faaz loves it. so thoughtful of MakMak. Oman loves to drive too??! Aunty bringla Oman to my Nani's house. Then we both can play together :)

Thanks again aunty. Send my regards to Oman k?

Nadine said...

Hi Aunty Neena :)

Hihi, beli2. Mommy beli kat Toys R Us. Aunty Neena, Mommy said before sitting on it, you have to blow the couch first. Mommy gave up after 5 minutes blowing. Lucky Daddy came to rescue- with an air pump! So better get ready with that too, ok? ;) Mommy said when she bought it, they only comes with 2 colors, blue and yellow. Good luck aunty. I think tak meletop kot, aunty kan kecik jer. sure ringan nie, kan? kan? :)

Nadine said...


La ye ke. Sama lak Faaz & Boboy panggil MakMak. Dia pun patut panggil ur mom Tok Mak gak eh :)


Faaz say "Thanks aunty Irra yg sweet :) Mmmuahs to you!"


Hahahahaha.. Nadine, kalaula Faaz betul cakap macam tu depan i.. memang i kiss dia seribu kali u know!!! Hehehehe

kella said...

nad, faaz sangat2 bertuah dpt mommy cam u! deep from my heart.. i mmg salute u nad! u mmg cukup bsedia sbg ibu! tahniah!
i doakan u akn sentiasa kuat dan happy untuk faaz...

terharu sangat dgn semua ayat2 di perenggan last tu...

yup... i think i adored u! ;p insyaAllah jika diizinkn Tuhan i dpt beby.. i will follow ur rules! hot mommy!


Nadine said...

Awwwh Kella...u ni so sweet tau. buat I terharu jer :)

Sebenarnya kan, I bknlah ibu yg terbaik. Sebab, I gagal utk exclusive breastfeeding Faaz for than 6 months.. *sob*. I learned my lesson, I harap sgt2 in future jika diberi rezeki yg lebih I nak exclusive breastfeed anak2 I seterusnya sampai 2 tahun. InsyaAllah..amin. :)

Sbb tu I tried to make up for that loss by jaga pemakanan dia ikut guidelines by ensure Faaz is given the freshest food with the nutrients that he need.

Amin atas doa2 you, Kella. Its so kind of you *hugs*

I doakan you cepat2 dapat baby. Smoga you dpt exclusive bfeed ur baby sampai umur 2 thn & dapat jadi ibu yg lebih baik dari I. Amin. :)

Nadine said...

upsie, typo error:

"for more than 6 months.."