Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brainy Baby Series

Two days ago, I left a comment on Izu's blog on her latest entry "Time Really Flies" that goes like this...

"Izu, its a good thing jugak Izu bukakkan channel tu utk ur daughters. Budak2 skang tgh cpt absorb kan, they'll learn fast trough tv too! Faaz lately addicted dgn CD Brainy Baby. The first day we introduced that CD, mlm tu naik tangga nak pegi tido dia start counting stairs sampai 20 in english (tp ngan pelat2 dia la :P) terkezut kitaorg. I'm sure ur daughters learn a lot too!

Apparently, it caught the attention of few mommies and a mommy-to-be. I am sure they are all Izu's ardent blog readers since the blog is restricted to certain people only :) They emailed me to know more about the Brainy Baby VCD. How it looks like, the price and where to get it. One of them who wants to be known as Sya also suggested that I blog a bit about this. Ok Sya, here it goes..

Well, the first time I knew about Brainy Baby VCD was when we had a family vacation in Penang last year, if you remember THIS post. While walking at the night market in Batu Feringhi, we stopped at a pirated VCD stall, looking and browsing the CDs displayed there. One of the seller approached me and introduced me to this set (oh yes people, I've been introduced to BB VCD by a cetak-rompak seller! :P). He said this VCD collection is among the bestseller besides of course Barney the purple dinosaur :) I did read the description behind the VCD that I held.

"Interesting, but my baby is too small to appreciate this lah brother. Besides, early exposure to the TV/Laptop light is not good to him as he is too small" I told the seller. Faaz was just four months old at that time.

My parents in laws loves Penang so much. In a year, they will go to the Pearl Island 4-5 times for holidays. And when he was 9 months old, Faaz finally have his first BB VCD - Brainy Baby ABC; a gift from his grandparents and of course, Penang mari :D However, Faaz showed no interest in this CD at that time. His grandparents in the meantime keep on buying the VCD when they went to Penang. So the VCDs were kept nicely in the VCD casing...until Faaz turns 15 months old. One day, we played the VCD and he started to like it. But the most amazing thing that we discover was, upon finishing the 123's BB VCD, he climbed the stairs with me while counting from 1 to 20 by his own self! I guess visualization works well with Faaz ;)

For your information, the BB VCD collections comes in variety of series that cater children as young as the age of 9 months up to 5 years old.

Among the BB VCD collections are:

  • Right Brain features classical music and gentle voices, and explores Creative Thinking, Art & Drawing, Rhymes, Imagination, and more!
  • This video works together with the Left Brain video to present both creative and logical types of images and activities
  • DVD includes special features such as: Baby Bloopers, Behind The Scenes, and Storybook.
  • 45 minutes

  • Left Brain features classical music and gentle voices, and introduces concepts such as Logic, Patterns, Letters & Numbers, Sequencing, Analyzing details, and more!
  • Introduction to upper and lower-case letters and multiple letter-sounds. Real children and familiar objects help expose your child to the 26 letters of the Alphabet.
  • Introduces the numbers 1 through 20! Cute kids, happy songs, familiar objects, and colorful animations give this eye-catching program two thumbs-up.
  • Finger painting, sculpture and classic art images combined with fun music and lots of kids make this a video that you and your child will enjoy.
  • Rhythm, tempo, harmony and pitch are just some of the musical basics that your child will be exposed to in this video. Toe-tapping sing-alongs and colorful animations will get children moving to the music.
  • Rainbows and Circles and Squares – Oh, my! This entertaining video introduces 12 Shapes and 12 Colors, plus great Sing-along songs to help them remember the colors and shapes. Your child will want to watch it again and again!
  • Horns & Hooves, Wonderful Wings, Fins & Flippers and Crawly Critters are some of the entertaining and amazing animal categories your child will see in this fun-filled video.

In terms of language, the BB series also comes in 3 main languages; English, French & Spanish:

Not only that, for parents who keen to let their children to learn foreign language since small, they also have the Bilingual Baby series such as Dutch, German, Greek, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and many more! Interesting, huh?! Do visit their website for more info. :)

Oh wait, for babies who loves sports, they also have a VCD called Sportybaby Golf where it teaches kids at such a young age on different golf terms such as putting, chipping & bunker as well as the techniques. They used Turner the Tiger animated character to make this video more entertaining. So, sape2 nak anak jadi jaguh golf, sila2 la purchase this VCD ye :)

Anyway, if you are not sure of which VCD to introduce to your child, you can go to their website
and go to the Parent Product Guide section. They also have a simple chart for your reference:

Or, you can purchase the VCDs in bulk, they called it Power Pack. More value for money I must say. Right now, Faaz only have 3 VCD in the collection; ABC, 123 and music which falls under the age of 2. For me age is just a reference, if you feel you child can appreciate it, why not start early, right?. I plan to purchase Art next, hopefully we'll have more ideas for Faaz's art sessions :)

The BB VCD are available nationwide in video stores such as Speedy Video for RM15.90 or you can purchase them via online. Ehem, ehem, mybbstore is on sale now. Ada discount tau! ;) If you want to get it for RM4 each, paham-paham je la kat mana yer :P

Okla, GTG now, I need to issue some change requests before I can call off the night and officially enjoying my weekend tomorrow. Cee D, your weekend started on Friday 5pm but mine??? 2-3am on Saturday I assumed. Jeles hokey! :P

p.s: Sya, hope this can help you, dear! :)

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waaaaa.. i like i like.. tambahan now oman mmg suka tgk tv with animation visual and song. :) so far he counted 1-10 baru. :) bila ajar eleven je dia dah bolayan dah. haha. momma dia x cukup visual. kalau kartun dia lagi suka kot. hihi.
tq nadine for sharing. oman asyik dgr lady gaga ngan bep je. lepas ni leh ubah yang ni. :)g


Once I read ur comment from IZu's page yest..I immediately surf for this cds..Adam currently suka watch cd barney yg abc and 1,2,3..I can see ada improvement bila dia asyik ulang.. starts to hafal..
but yet it just singing not much learning inside I guess..

wee..I shud go to find this...u think at MPH ade tak?just went back from SP, MPH tgh sale in front of BR..kalau ada mesti best!!

thanks alot gal for sharing..!!

RuZaNNa said...

You know what got Brainy Babies VCD by redeeming my bonuslink points.. i igt it's dvd.. tp bila vcd malas nak try.. now u've posted about it.. baru gedik2 nak try whether the dvd player can read vcd as well.. nasib boleh..
Wahh pandainya faaz dah boleh mengira! impress aunty..
nway nadine, bila u slalu pasang the dvd for him to watch? kalau before tido, alamatnya habislah plan i nak tidokan imran cpt.. heheh

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wah dpt byk sambutan ye! hihi..Izu pon igt nk cr series Brainy Baby yg lelain tu la...Zahin dh boring dh CD yg ada ni tp Iris suka lg.;)..Rupanya ada mcm2 lg cd eh. Art pn ada eh rupanya..masa ktrg beli tu kt TEsco, tade nmpk Art, tk byk de stok agknye..nti leh survey2 lg la kedai Speedy ke..bley beli..hehe..

Zahin skrg mmg prefer Art..sket2 nk main water colour..hihi..umi dia plak tk creative, pening izu pk yg baru ni izu potong bawang n kentang belah dua, then satu belah kentang tu izu wat bentuk triangle..lps tu sibuk dia stamp with water colours..menarikla jgk..hehe..klu pki brush comot2 sgt..tu yg tkr guna teknik stamping tu.:)

TQ for sharing, mommy! To Faaz, happy learning!;)

Mummy Sya said...

Thanks Nadine =) Ni sya nie. Mls plak nak masuk google id. Hehe.

Saya kompius Brainy Baby ni dgn Little Einstein tu. Tp bila tgk gamba DVD tu br perasan dia yg mana.
Mahal jugak eh DVD kalau terbukti bagus ape salahnye kan. Alah membeli menang memakai. Nak pegi carikla malam nie!

dyana "his other half" said...

thanks a lot for the info :). sungguh berguna untuk cd jugak. oh feringghi walk, here i come. hehe.

cd pun tgh mencari2 more info on these kind of cds. salah satu yang menarik is the grolier series. advisable age for grolier 2 yrs tp salesgirl tu kata setahun pun dah boleh. tp bila cd tgk grolier series semua quite heavy for anak2 kita yg baru nak besar. kang tak pasal2 masuk tadika dah bosan nak belajar. hehe.

Anonymous said...

salam kenal,
anak sulung dulu mmg suka tgk cd, tahu2 dia dah pandai alif ba ta sampai ya tanpa saya sedarinya.
Bila dtg sini, anak2 suka tgk cbeebies, lps 2 bulan dia mula speaking... alhamdulillah

Thara said...

hey babe, thanks for sharing! this is a very good entry! i loike! :D

kebetulan i baru nampak aydein lately ni baru interested tgk cartoons. dulu pasal channel 613, dia buat bodo je. skarang dah nampak dia mula interested to watch the animations, which i think is a good time to start introducing this VCD! :D

nadine, my question sama mcm anne punye question. bila yang u play the VCD? psl during daytime kan i dkt office. and i believe my maid siang2 pasang cite indon! T____T

YOI said...

i like....tapi baru lagi beli collection CD2 barney, dan rasanya nak stop buat sementara waktu. Sebab, ibunye ni tak mengenal dunia luar selain dunia barney. Celik2 mata, nak barney. Balik dari nursery, nak barney. Pasang kat laptop pon, dina still nak tgok yang kat TV..huhuhuwaaaaaaaaa....

Nadine said...


No problemo :) Oman dh start layan animation eh? good, good. Hihi, Faaz ikut suka/mood dia you. Kdg2 naik tangga penuh la 1-20. Kadang2 1-10 je, n kadang2, 11-19 je. 20 hilang...hihihi.

BB series ni sambil blaja mmg ade nanyi2. Oman suka babies tak? dlm BB series ni mmg ramai babies n toddlers. Faaz suka baby, so dia mmg excited la nak nanyi ke sebut sama2 ngan the kids dlm CD tu. Asik2, "mommy, put CD baby.." :)

Nadine said...


Adam ni ardent Fan of Barney, kan? :) Faaz dh less interest in Barney skang, now he's addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse n Little Einstein plak. Ok jugak tu Nadia since dia bleh ikut the teachings in Barney series. Faaz kalau Barney lagu I love you tu je yg dia tunggu2. Hehe, mana taknya lagu yg Mommy dia slalu nyanyi dr umur 4 bulan :P

Dah jumpa dh d cd? I tak sure kt MPH ade ke tak you. I kalau pegi MPH mmg terussss ke book section jer :)

Ur most welcome dear. sharing is caring, aite ;)

Nadine said...


Hihi, Ic. Actually masa mula2 I tgk VCD BB series kat Penang dulu, I tak rasa pun mcm interested nak bli. Maybe masa tu sbb one; Faaz was still small, and two; I think the cover is too simple, kurang sket menarik my attention. Hihi..

Dahla tu, bila grandparents dia bought and on the VCD tu first time, Faaz mcm bored je. Rupanya2 at that time dia tak reti nak appreciate that thing..skang br pandai and excited sgt. Cepat dpt plak tu, terus I rasa this series menarik. Hehehe :)

Slalunya MIL I pasang waktu siang, time dia BZ kat dapur. Sometimes Faaz will watch it while lying on his mattress, sometimes while he's playing. Mata tak pandang pun, tp mulut duk nanyi2 skali (I guess di dah hafal sbb slalu on the CD...hihi). And I will watch the VCD together with him during his dinner time. Sambil suap dia makan. Faaz kalau I suap sambil tgk VCD tu dia makan bertambah2 you :)

Oh ya, one tip from my little experience. Buy more than 1 title and play one one VCD (rotate). Dgn cara ni diaorg tak bosan and appreciate all tittles instead of one yg dipasang berulang2, pastu sampai at one time, dia dh bosan with that VCD. :)

Nadine said...


A'ahla Izu. Nadia pun mula2 terkejut jugak dpt few emails tanya pasal ni. :)

Hihi, Nadia lagi la Izu. Masa mula2 dulu Nadia ingat dia mmg dtg in set. Sbb masa kemas2 all the DVD/VCD tgk2 dh ade few titles of BB. Rajin tul grandparents Faaz belikan :)

Oh yes, Nadia pun ingat nak cari the art punya jugak since music Faaz sgt2 enjoy. Tu yg dia semangat play organ dlm video kat FB tu. Eh Izu, itu dh kira sgt kreatif ok, Nadia kecik2 buat cop2 tu masa darjah satu. Zahin dh advance dh tu ha...good job Ummi! ;)

Your welcome dear, thanks on behalf of Faaz! :)

Nadine said...

Salam Sya :)

Dont mentioned it. Thanks jugak kat you sudi email I. At least I dpt update my blog I agak lama tersadai nie. :)

Ic...a'ah kan, dua2 cover putih je. Boleh confuse jugak. I hope by now u already got ur VCD. I hope ur kids will like it as Faaz do :)

ps: ape url ur blog? I pun nak kenal you :)

Nadine said...

Lady D,

It's my pleasure, dear. Eh Cee D nak balik Penang soon kan?? Nak kirim!! (serius nie) :D

Wah, grolier series? ape tu? Blog lah bout it dear, share with us :)Mana tau berguna utk our kids in the future :)

Nadine said...

Salam Fa10. Wah, nice nickname u have there :)

Oh yeke. Eh I mmg tgh cari DVD/VCD interactive yg menarik utk ajar Alif Ba Ta and solat. Mind sharing with me the titles? Would love to have it too :)

Ic, alhamdulillah. cepat tu, good for them :)

Nadine said...


My pleasure dear. Sharing is caring ;)

Eh sama la Aydein ngan Faaz tau. Faaz dulu layan Barney kat youtube je. I excited la bukak 613 tp dia tak interested pun. Masuk je setahun tiba2 dia minat plak disney playhouse channel tu. Favourite cartoon Faaz Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Little Einstein. Kadang2 dia layan gakla Handy Manny, agent Oso n word ape tah, lupa dh I. cartoon tu best gak, dia ajar kids to make words from alphabets :)

Oh ye ke. Dear, better u advice ur ymaid minimize tgk cite Indon jgn dpn Aydein. nanti takut dia master their language more than ours. My 2nd cousin punye kids mcm tu you. Sbb ikut maid layan cite indon,
diaorg pun ckp slang indon you. You tgkla d VCD with Aydein mcm I ngan Faaz, masa feed him dinner :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, Dina pun dh terjebak dgn Barney yer. Welcome to the Barney club :D Faaz nasib baikla dia dh bosan dgn Barney skang. Been there, done that, phewwww lega its over tau :)

Tp dont worry sbb barney pun edutainment. Im sure dina will learn a lot from there too! :)

Anonymous said...

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Nadine said...


Sure :)

lets exchange links. what is ur link??

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