Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Working life is very, very hectic currently. Going back home late and work during the weekends are common these days. Worst, me and my teammate have to work for almost 42 hours last week *sigh*

Lucky Fadzil is such a wonderful hubby who totally understand my nature of work. Thanks hun for your support, I really appreciated it. Mmmuahs!! :) I am also lucky that I have an adorable son who seem to understand his mommy's buzy-ness. Lately, Faaz Naqi changed his afternoon nap to late evening. Thus, he'll be wide awake and active when I'm back from work. It give me the chance to spend some time to feed him dinner and spend quality time before he goes to bed. Alhamdulillah... :)

Thousands apologize to blogger friends whom I missed reading and commenting on their entries. I just couldn't find time to do so now. However, I will read the entries either the backdated or the latest one soon, insyaAllah. Hopefully I can do so during my coming holiday. Seriously, although part of me still feel reluctant and a bit sad, another part of me is really, really looking forward for the holiday and stop thinking about work for a while. I desperately need a break; no emails, no phone calls, no meeting, no report.

I am exhausted...

and every time I feel this, I'll take 5 and rerun this video; the first time we saw Faaz Naqi dance in public at TGIF while enjoying the french fries. It made my sister laughed the whole night! :))

Oh well, laughter is the BEST medicine!

Thank you Faaz Naqi for entertaining Mommy! I heart you lots!! :)


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Weekend pn keje? kesiannya Nadia..tk pe cuti nti, make sure u have enough rest, k. :)

Hihi comelnya Faaz dancing! cute je tgk kaki dia, mcm spring! hihihi..


Hahahahahaha.. was he sleepy towards the end of that recording? OMG he's really a cute baby :)

U know Nadine, Oman is just like that everytime he listens to his fav song from Lady Gaga and BEP. Mostly bila kitorang dalam keta.. and yes, their cuteness just the best medicine ever kan kan?

Owh.. i hope you really could get rid of all the hard works at office babe. U really sounds like u need it. Hmmmm.. oslo maybe? :)

dyana "his other half" said...

cd yang rasa penat when reading ur entry this time. hope u really get the vacation u need and enjoy ur time while being there (",). mesti seronok.

RuZaNNa said...

Oh dear.. i can feel your tiredness.. cuma i exhausted sbb tak sihat.. heheh
Lucky you that ur hubby is around to be with faaz, so less guilt.. for me, kalau kerja lamabt, sure double guilty sbb maid yg kena jaga.. heheh
Anyway, take care of your health as well.. and yes.. Work can always wait.. what i learnt from my boss is that you need to still have life despite the neverending job.. workers with balanced life performs better than the hardowrking ones.. Enjoy ur holiday!!


owh dear..sian!
tkpe nanti g bercuti boleh released all the tension kan..
tk care..!

video Faaz tu mmg commey dan sgt cute..I tgk dah malam tadi...gelak sorang2..
sb Faaz dancing terkejjut2..mcm kena electric shock...hhehehe..
Faaz mmg suka dgr musics kan??

yazmeen said...

hi kak nadine,

i'm one of your blog reader. suka baca blog akak, admire tau cara akak handle ur family sume. nnti kawen nak jadi hot mummy bekerjaya cam akak yet pandai masak n jaga anak n suami jugak. doakan saya yer ^_^

akak tau, saya tgk video faaz ni tergelak2 ngan adik saya sampai mak saya heran terus dia pun join. mak saya kim salam, dia kata faaz sgt comel!

Thara said...

aww faaz is such a cutie! aydein too has started to shake his body to any music with good tempo! :D

babe u really do sound exhausted. and u sound like u need the rest that you much needed. take a break, go on a holiday on one of these weekends. but make sure u get the rest that u deserve ok! its ok to get some me-time sometimes :)

mommyIman said...

salam perkenalan nadine,

sian dia tgh bizi. padanla jrg update blog tak mcm dulu. nnti bila free jgn lupa update blog yek. boringla kalau surf net takde entry baru u.

Nadine said...


Thanks dear :) skang project kitaorg tgh really2 peak. esok pun Nadia kena keja tp ingat harini nak sambung keja jap lagi sampai midnite. Harap sempat siap sume so that can rest on weekend. Nasib sgt Nadia dh apply leave a month ago. Elok2 pas Nadia apply tiba2 bz trus. Nadia rasa kalau mintak skang cuti mmg project manager xkan luluskannyer..

hihi, kan? first time tu dia menari kaki mcm spring. Manalah adik Nadia tak gelak sakan. Lawak tul anak bujang I tu. Hahaha!

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks dear. Yes, he was sleepy sbb masa tu around 10pm x salah. We went out for dinner quite late sbb sblum tu hujan lebat sgt kat Gombak :)

ooooh, Oman is Lady Gaga's fan rupenya. Hihihi..mesti cute dia joget2 ni kan?! Faaz plak tak bleh dgr Beyonce's Single Lady. Kalau part yg "o'ooo..o'ooo" tu mmg hayun punggung trus! hahaha! Ni first time dia dgr lagu Pitbull ni tetiba plak bergoyang. It must be the catchy tune that made him shaking all the way. :)

Yes dear, I need it badly now. Especially sleep. Rasa mcm sgt lama x tido nyenyak2. My face pun dh penuh ngan jerawat sbb not enough rest + stress. sedih hokey *sob* :(

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Tula..fenats sgt. This is the most tiring project I've ever involved with. Lama kita tak chatting kan sbb Nadia bz sgt. Kdg2 nak on YM pun bleh lupa. Huhu...I miss chatting with you :)

Thanks dear, amin. :)

Nadine said...


Oh my, what your boss said is very true!! Tp, how I wished my work can wait but it cant! :( You knowla if working with project basis plus u are a vendor. Time is money. Not meeting the target/KPI means no payment. So everyone in the project from the PM to the technician sume mmg kena push habis2an sampaila project selesai *sigh*

Sbb tula I nak amik cuti, time out skejap. mmg akan jatuh sakit if I terus2an mcm nie. Inipun due to stress and not enough rest jerawat naik dgn jayanya ok, huhuhu...

Satula I lucky because my hubby's around. Kalau tak, sure I pun akan rasa guilty sgt2 tinggal anak lama2 dgn maid. Tp takpe, Imran lives with the grandparents as well kan? Ada jugak family members around when u kne keja lama2 :)

Nadine said...


:) Thanks dear!

Electric shock? Hahahaha, itula, terhenjut2. Kalau tak dia goyang2 punggung je kalau dgr music atau folo I buat aerobics. Ni tarian terbaru dia kot. Hihihi..

A'ah dear, he loves music. Mana tak nya dr baby Daddy asik duk play guitar konon nak lullaby anak dia tido dgn penuh stylo. Haha!

Nadine said...


Hello there :) Thanks for reading my blog.I really appreciate it.

Awwwwwh, so sweet of you to say that. *blush*. Hot ke akak nie??? Biasa2 aje sbnarnya :) InsyaAllah, I'm sure u'll be the best wife to ur future hubby and a great mom to ur kids in the future. Akak doakan :)

Hahaha, ye ke. Tulah, time akak agak2 tak bermaya ke, ngantuk ke, stress ke, mmg video ni la akak click2 n played berulang2kali. Its like a therapy to me. Kim salam balik kat mak you yer. thanks! :)

Nadine said...


Hihihi, itu dia Aydein dh start to entertaining his parents! you should record it Thara, mesti comel tak hingat + menggelikan hati. Who knows in future bleh masuk slide for their weddings kan? Mesti best! :D

Oh dear, I will. Thanks!:) Lucky I saje2 apply leave for next week a month ago, since cuti I banyak lagi n dh nak dkt puasa kan. Lepas je I apply, the following week, boom! terus hectic my work schedule sampai la skang. Mmg rasa x lepas la kalau I apply cuti now. I'm soooo looking forward for a short holiday soon. And yes, a me time is included in my vacation schedule ;)

Nadine said...


Salam perkenalan to you too :) Thanks sbb sudi baca blog I yg tak seberapa ni. Terharu ok :)

Itula, I mmg dh tak aktif menulis mcm dolu2 kan. Ade je cerita nak kongsi sbnarnye tp sbb xde masa sumenya terkubur je. InsyaAllah, ade kelapangan je saya update blog ni. Jgn lupa singgah lagi yer :)