Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A macaron is a sweet confectionery. The name is derived from an Italian word, "maccarone" or "maccherone". According to wikipedia, this word is itself derived from" ammaccare", which means crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient. It is a meringue based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar.




*photo taken from Google image

The Americans call it as macaroons while the French address it as macaron. Actually, there are differences between both. Macaroons are made of egg whites (usually whipped to stiff peaks), with ground or powdered nuts, generally almond or coconut. Almost all call for sugar. Macaroons are commonly baked on edible rice paper placed on a baking tray. French Macaron on the other side is filled with cream or butter like a sandwich cookie with variety of flavors and colors. I prefers the latter :)

The first time I tasted the macaron was last year, at Bakerzin, One Utama. I love the chocolate flavor the most as I find the other flavors were really, really sweet. It's been a while since I last tasted it and lately I've craving for it. Yesterday night, we went to Empire Shopping Gallery as Fadzil wanted to do a quick shopping for sports attire before headed to Jaya Supermarket to do a quick grocery shopping. On the way back, I noticed a sign hanging on the door of a bakery that says "macaron". I was delighted, and without hesitant I walked in and get some for us :)

Faaz who can't wait to have some macaron

Mine...nyum, nyum!!

The bakery shop is small, they have 2-3 tables for you to dine in. The SA are friendly, and if you are a first time buyer, they are helpful to assist you with the flavors. Although I am not a sweet tooth and prefer chocolate, I can't help myself from the temptation of other flavors due to the vibrant color, they look really cute too! :)

He was amazed by the texture of the macaroon at first..hihi.

This time around, I bought lychee, strawberry+ lime, blueberry, peanut butter and of course chocolate. The strawberry + lime flavor was not bad at all, and the chocolate are as heaven as usual..nyum!! The rest? They were too sweet for us :). Since Faaz is turning into 18 months in few more days, I gave him the privilege to taste it. Oh my, the boy really loves it. He kept on saying "Mommy, mmmore.." whenever his was finished. I guess Faaz was having the high sugar rush syndrome that night; he was busy kicking the ball and running here n there..hyper sungguh! :P

*photo taken from the Empire website

By the way, if you are wondering the price is RM2 per macaron and it's available at the Whisk - Espresso Bar & Bake Shop @ Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya. It's situated near the Jaya Supermarket :)


Diyana Didie said...

akak! u were there last nite?? DD pegi time lunch..mkn situ jugak.. akak suka coffee x? the coffee kat situ..MasyaAllah sedap. i balek termimpi mimpi okeh. :) kita pegi slh time, kalau tak boleh jumpa faaz ;p


Nadine, I x berapa sangat dengan confectionery, kalau Encik Armi, yess! :) Tapi yang ini look tempting. X pernah try any macaron pun. Boleh cuba ni. Kalau x abeh orang sebelah leh tolong. Hihi.
I penah lalu depan Whisk that day. Chantek and nampak sangat cozy plus ade awek hot jaga kedai tu masa tu. Tehehehe

Nadine said...

Adik!! Ala yer ke. Wah, lunch disana? giler diet DD :) Mcm ni kena ambik ur number lah. Next time ade around subang boleh roger2 akak. Kot2 leh jumpa kan? Tp kalau we went during lunchtime, x pat gak jumpa Faaz. Mommy keja mana bawak Faaz...hihi.

Seriously?? Owh, I am a coffee addict dear!! Next time I'll make sure to have a cup of black coffee...uh, nyum! thanks for d info ;)

Nadine said...


Hihi, samala. I am not a sweet tooth, tp kan first time I tau pasal macaron nie mmg teringin sgt nak try. I always fall far cute2 stuff. Hehehe.

If u are not a sweet tooth person too, I say go for chocolate flavor. Its not too sweet, just nice. :)

yes, yes, it look cozy, dim a bit. Ala2 romantic cafe gitu. Hahaha, ic, masa I pegi beli last night yg jaga cafe sume guys :)

dyana "his other half" said...

oh tak pernah tau pun pasal macaron ke macaroon ni. first time dengar. maybe pernah rasa but may be i assume it as donut takde lubang. ahahaha.

bagusnya faaz makan baik2 cenggitu. kalau hadif, dah dibalingnya tray tu ke bawah.

Mimy Hamid said...

owh ai know kedai whisk ni..ada terperasan tapi tak masuk...nak macaron gak...but hari tu bos ai bag sektul laduree macaron form harrods...peh sumpah nak lagi..

Nadine said...

donut takde lubang? ehehehe..cute la cee d ni. its like a mini hamburger actually. ade sweet filling inside :)

hehe, abam Faaz kan dh besar sket. dh behave a bit bila makan. skang tgh phase semangat nak makan sendiri wpun bnyk yg berterabur :P

Nadine said...


Wah!! macaron Harrods! mesti cedap kan? untungnya jd kesayangan bos :)

Kak Ima said...

Salam Nadia, Kak Ima used to be your silent reader. Lepas baca entry nadia smlm, terus akak pegi empire waktu lunch tadi. memg comel sgt macaron nie, yum yum pun yer jugak. mekacih ye kongsi, kalau x mmg akak x tau pun pasal nie. anak2 akak suka sangat!

Nadine said...

Salam Kak Ima,

Thank you sudi baca my blog :) Kan? sgt comel kan? Nadia dh la suka benda2 comel ni, cepat jer jatuh hati. Hihi.. :)

Its my pleasure sis. Glad ur kids love it. Anak Nadia pun suka. Kids love sweet, sweet things don't they? :)

neena_kechik said...

salam.kak nadine, neena x tertarik dgn macaron tu tp tertarik kat kerusi yg faaz duduk tu!!! hehehe cam best jer!!! mula2 tgk mcm pelampung yg bdk2 guna nk mandi tu tp bila duk pusing2 kepala, eh kerusi lah.hehehe faaz,pinjam bole??? hehehe

LyDiA said...

ooo ini ke macaron nyer? nmpk cam sedap yg chocolate nyer ^^

coffee shop yg comel and romantic... I loike ^___^

faaz yg super duper cute and makan bersopan santun =) double likey!

Nadine said...


Hihihi...tajam betul mata Neena yer. Itu our prezzie utk lil Faaz for his 18th months anniversary. I'll blog about it soon! ;)

p.s: sbnarnye Mommy Faaz pun teringin nak duk atas tu Neena, malangnya its up to kids @ 5 years old only. *sob*

Nadine said...


Yes, dear. Inilah macaron. Nnti one of these days we go Gallery for lunch k? Bleh tapau macaron n coffee (my friend kat atas ni kata sedap! :D)

Faaz sopan santun??! hahaha, wait till u see him live, Nini. He's so playful these days!! :)

faisyura said...

comel comel! macaron comel faaz pun comel.. hahah... teringin nak try jugak... hmmm tak pernah lagi ade time nak ronda-ronda empire.. (mcm jauh sgt je kan... ;P) tapi bile tgk macaron ni rase mcm bersemangat plak.. will find jugak time to visit empire tu.. tq for sharing nadia.. kitorg kan sejak anak 2 ni, tak berape rajin nak try2 makan sane sini sebab pening nak melayan dedua org itu, especially zaim lah... kalo outing tu mmg semput mengejar je... yg sorg lagi tu pulak melekat mommy mcm koala.. tu pasal rela duk umah or main playground aje.. ngeeee..

Nadine said...

hihi, thanks Zura :)

Zura, Aariz melekat kat Zura cam koala??! sgt comel ok!! Boleh dibayangkan :)

Nanti bila2 ade masa Zura pegila Empire. Dia x bape besar. Ok kot. Pegi level 3 tau, Toys R US dia besaaar sgt! Im sure Zaim n Aariz will love it! ;)

Thara Sofian said...

eh la ye ke. i nvr knew there's a difference btwn macaroon and macaron. what u had, i usually refer to as macaroons, not knowing the difference! good info, thanks! ;)

'em macarons look real good! ive nvr tasted any, but always have wanted to get some! and ive never been to Empire either! so thats gonna add to my wish list -- 1) visit Empire, 2) get some macarons! :D

Nadine said...

Hihi, I tau masa mula2 I pegi Bakerzin dulu la. I gi tanya d SA, asal ejaan dia mcm tu, bkn macaroons ke? then dia explain briefly. Kalau tak I pun tak tau :)

Oh yes, two good reasons which I think Aein will definitely agree. Do check out their Toys R Us, I bet Aydein will enjoy it! ;)

◕‿◕ M a S s ◕‿◕ said...

thanks for sharing.
kena jenguk jugak whisk ni nanti...

drop by & hello !

Nadine said...

hi mass,

no problemo ;) thanks for dropping by!! :)