Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Simple Menu For Toddler - Part III

First and foremost I would like to apologize to dear readers for delaying this entry for so long. Its flattering to know that there are people who eager to try out my simple recipe sampai email2 suruh update blog :) Lately, my work commitment does not permit me to update the blog, as well as blog-hopping and leave comment as usual *sob* However, I'll try my best to find some time to do so time by time. Be patient with me, will you? Thank you :)

As posted and promised in the last entry, today I share with you another two simple menu for toddler. Hope your kids will enjoy it as much as Faaz.

Happy trying, mommies! :)

Simple Pancakes

I started introduced pancakes to Faaz when he was around 10 months old. However, at that time I am comfortable to use the pancakes mixture and make it a crepe instead of pancake. The reason behind this was crepe is very thin, thus it's easier for your baby to chew.
Faaz's first apple crepe with honey

When in comes to the ingredients, I omit the baking powder into my pancakes as I'm not comfy to introduce it to my son at such a young age. My key ingredients are: flour, egg and milk (I used formula milk) just like the English basic pancake. Then I added few drops of vanilla essence to reduce the smell of the egg and to give sweet aroma to the pancakes. From there, you can add anything to make your pancakes in various flavors and most importantly, giving it NATURAL SWEETNESS instead of using sugar! ;)

flour + egg + formula milk + blended raisins + vanilla essence

the pancake batter..

Here are some example of pancakes that I made without using sugar:

Adding blended bananas ~ you got a sweet banana pancake
Adding blended dates ~ you got a sweet dates pancake
Adding blended raisins ~ you got a sweet raisins pancake
Adding blended mango ~ you got a sweet mango pancake

For the pancakes which are not sweet, serve it with: pure honey or
applesauce instead. Your baby will love it as well ;)

Example of pancakes that can be serve with these sauce:

Oats pancakes - mix the oats with milk and warm water and add into the pancake batter
Apple pancakes - mix the blended apples with the pancake butter
Plain pancakes.

One last thing, I omit butter or oil when I prepared my pancakes before Faaz reached 18 months old. Just use the non stick pan, your pancake won't stick to the pan!

Making pancakes for your babies is easy isn't it? The keyword here is...BE CREATiVE! ;)
simple pancakes...

can turn into this...
with creativity! :)

Twice Baked Potato

This recipe is actually from a video that my friend, Tina posted in her FB recently. However, modifications are made based on the ingredients that I have at home. :) This recipe does not suitable for babies as it involves frying and the usage of salt.


2 large US potatoes, washed and rinsed.
olive oil

1/2 cup of fresh milk
1/2 cup of fresh cream or plain yogurt (whichever you like: creamy or sourly creamy. I used fresh cream).

for garnishing:

chopped spring onion
grated mozzarella cheese (I used the cheddar cheese instead)
1 small bowl of minced meat *
2 tbsp garlic powder *
salt *
*the original recipe used beef bacon*


Ensure that the potatoes are washed cleanly and rinsed. Place it into the baking tray. Preheat the oven for 190 degrees.
Coat the potatoes as well as the baking tray with olives oil. Baked in the oven for 45mins to 1 hour (the heat and duration depends on the oven you used. I used a mini oven :)
In the meantime, heat the pan with olive oil. Fry the minced meat.
Add in the garlic powder and some salt.
Continue to fry till it dry. Set it aside.

*for adult, you can add some black paper*

note: you can omit this part if you use beef bacon as the original recipe is :)
Cut the top part of the baked potatoes.
Scoop out the potatoes from the skins carefully and put inside a mixing bowl.
Add in the fresh milk and the fresh cream (or yogurt) into the mixing bowl together with the potatoes. Used the electric mixer to mix the ingredients till it soft and creamy.

Stuff back the potatoes jackets (as well as the top part) with the mashed potatoes.
Garnish it with the minced meat, cheese and the spring onion.
Put inside the baking tray again.
Baked the potatoes for 15-20 minutes (until the cheese melted and the meat turns brownish)
at 190 degrees.
Ready to serve! :)


kella said...

oh my... new resepi! marvelouse la kentang tu nadine.. must try nih!

Mimy Hamid said...

pehh ni bukan kanak2 je suka aii pun suka...kreatif la ..ermmnad..i still remember pretzel yg u pernah buat?? ada resepi tak??


Nadine, you should write a recipe book! :)
Love the potatoes look after its ready. Sungguh tempting ok!!!!
Untung baby Faaz tau!!! Mommynyer sangat-sangatla hebat memasak!! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

nadiaaaa, the potato is so tempting. takleh tahan la. bila nadia nak buat tuk faaz lagi? nanti hadif sampai. hadif yg nak sangat2 senarnya bukan cd. muahahaha.

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

the potatoes look yummy! yay, bley cbe nti..dlm buku yg purple tu ada jgk kn recipe mcm ni..tk pnh cuba je..hehe..

TQ for sharing, dear! :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, sila la try. Hubby I pun suka jugak. Kella pandai masak kan? Kot Kella tau nak modified lagi bikin sedap jgn lupa kongsi ok :)


True Mimy, I pun suka gak. Jd hidangan seisi keluarga. Hihi..
Awwwh, u suka pretzel tu eh. Ok, nnti I ulang tayang resipi tu khas utk you ok? :)

Nadine said...


Awwwwh. You nie, suka puji tinggi2 tau. I kn dh tulis situ, I modified dr recipe yg I tgk. Kalau nak tulis recipe book kena ade recipe original sendiri..my collection masih sket you. tak sampai tahap buat buku lagi :)

Tryla you. Senang jer tu. Sambil bake potatoes tu you bleh layan Oman ke buat keja rumah lain ke. Jimat masa. Tp kalau Oman tak suka cheese you kena minimize la masa garnishing tu.

p.s: tak hebatla. Biasa-biasa aje :)

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Hahaha, tergelak Nadia baca comment Cee D tau! Comel pun ade jugak. Kalaula stock kentang + minced meat tu ade lagi kat rumah mmg ptg ni jugak Nadia buatkan utk Hadif tau (utk Hadif yer :))). Tp blum sempat lagi buat groceries shopping Cee D, bz jer. Huhu.

Ok, point taken here. Nanti kalau Nadia buat lagi Nadia calling2 Cee D ok?!

p.s: cubalah try..senang je tu ha :)

Nadine said...


Its my pleasure. Oh yes, dlm buku tu pun ade. My version ni lebih kemelayuan dan mengikut stock yg tinggal dlm fridge tu. Ahahaha... :))

YOI said...

sedapnye nampak..leh try pancakes tu sebab skrg da start intro dia sket2 ngan makanan bertelur. Setakat ni nampak ok. Dina plak tak bape layan kentang. Apa kene ntah minah tuh..Huhuhu...

Nadine said...

Dina dh boleh tolerate telur ye?? alhamdulillah. Senang la ibu dia lepas ni kan, tak susah2 lagi nak cari resipi yg x pakai telur.

Ic...dina tak suka kentang. Faaz plak skang tak bape suka nasi. Kenala Nadia pk menu2 lain selain nasi :)

Thara said...

oh, my, goodness. nadine, like nuurill said, u really have to start making ur own cook book! u cook extremely well! dah la creative pulak tu! clap clap mama faaz! :D

hey, the way i make my pancakes are exactly the same as u, cuma i tak penah try buat yang flavored ones. however for me, i lebeh suka tak letak butter. bcoz kalau letak butter, nanti dia punya shape tu burok lah. after a while, bila the butter wear off, baru pancake tu jadik bulat elok. u penah jadik mcm ni tak?

and how did u get the bear shape pancake? ada bear-shaped pan in store ke?

and seriously, ur jacket potato tu kannnn! omg buat i terliur tauuuu! babe, u buat open hse tak raya nanti? kalau u buat and U MASAK, pls jgn lupa ajak i. i nak terjah! hahaha.

RuZaNNa said...

Itu dia.. another round of recipes from the chef!! looks yummy as always.. how i wish imran makan pancakes.. but for now, what i observe, die tak suka telur based food.. dah 2 kali buat pancakes... 3-3 kali die tak nak makan.. maybe later..

Btw, you dah start introduce meat eh? hehehe.. i slalu interchange meat and chicken punya recipe.. tp i tak suka guna meat sbb byk sgt fat..

Anyway, keep the recipes coming!! :)


owh Nad, u know wat..I hv promised myself weekend ni nak cook for Adam..probably ur recipe for bfast!
sgt kesian dah lama Adam makan bfast cereal kosong!
the pancakes mmg yummy plus with the potatoes.
thx u!
as Nuurill said..mmg boleh buat buku recipe tau..I boleh jadik dist for u..hehehe ;)

Nadine said...

Awwwwwh, thanks Thara. So sweet of you to say that. :)
Tp you belum pernah rasa I masak lagi, so takleh puji lebih2. Kang nampak je cam sedap rasa kurang cemana tuh? Hihihi.. :))

Owh, ic. Erm, you letak butter tu seketul2 dlm adunan then u kacau ke u cairkan dulu butter tu? Like me, I melted the butter first before pour it into the mixture. Nanti pancake u garing sket on the outer side.

Owh the bear shape mold tu was a gift from my girlfriend masa uni years, br skang I pakai. Dulu, they called me ratu teddy bear sbb I agak obses with teddies. Hehehe..
So far I tak pernah nampak that mold tp I pernah nampak hello kitty n winnie the pooh kat Daiso :)

Owh, I mmg suka masak2 n panggil org dtg makan tau. Cumanya tula, we still don't have our own place lagi. Slalu kalau in-laws I pegi holiday je la chance I. Hihi..Insyaallah, doakan2 rezeki lebih bleh cepat kitaorg pindah rumah sendiri. Then, tak yah tunggu raya, bila free je I ajak you dtg makan. Jangan tak datang tau.. :)

Nadine said...


Ic. Memang lain budak lain ragamnya kan. Mcm Faaz dia lately takmau nasi. Ingatkan dh 18 months ni nak la try nasi with lauk ke instead of porridge. Tak mau plak dia. He loves pasta/macaroni these days.

A'ah. Lepas I buat baked potatoes tu, I used the leftover of the minced meat to prepare pasta sauce for Faaz. Nampak dia ok, suka. I guess sbb minced meat halus, senang dia chew kot. Less visible fat pun yer jugak. Hihi.. Tp pas habis minced meat tu I sambung balik the normal routine with fish and chicken. Seafood ntah bila nk try ntah. Mommy dia allergic, daddy dia kureng sket seafood so mcm mls nak beli. Hehe..

Thanks Anne!! InsyaAllah, I will :)

Nadine said...


Ye ke, wah mesti Adam sgt happy! BTW, how ru? I hope you getting better now :)

Wah, sudah ade org tawarkan diri nak jadi distributor. :) Ok, now I need is customers. Agak2 ade ke org sudi nak beli buku dr org yg baru setahun jagung pengalaman ni eh? Hahahaha...berangan je I ni :P

irradhil said...

wahhhh...sungguh kagum ngn nadine...carrier woman cum a good cook.i salute u nadine...untung Faaz and ur hubby.

i can be ur customer...heheheeh....bli jgn xbli...buat blum tentu lagi.heheheehe.

Nadine said...


Mula2 kan, I was like...awwwwwh, so sweet :)

then, bila I baca perenggan kedua tu,

hahaha!! ketawa tak hingat okeh! :))
lawak la Irra nie. mcm tagline plak cuz it rhymes. creatip sungguh you! :)