Monday, July 5, 2010

World Cup & Me

Four years ago, the World Cup was held in Germany.

Four years ago, I worked in Maxis.

and four years ago, I dated Mohd. Fadzil Abdul Kadir - now, my hubby :)

The relations between them??

Maxis was the main sponsor of World Cup (WC) live telecast in Malaysia. To ensure the network excellence (no call congestion, etc.), some of the engineers were required to standby on each night when the matches were held. Us, in the Radio Network Engineering Dept. was part of the team.

Holding a "single" title at that time, I was not surprised when my boss nominated my name as part of the standby team. It was still fresh in my mind leaving Gombak at 11.30pm to reach Sunway office (old office) at sharp 12am. The office environment was totally different by midnight. There were television, few stand fans, a lot of junk food and of course guys! During that time, there were only two regional female RF/Optimization Engineers; Me and Natalie. As Natalie was in charge of East Malaysia and was based in Kuching, Sarawak, I left alone as the only flower among the bees in the standby team.

girl power! :P

Although I am a fan of football, I rarely watch the world cup before. I go for EPL instead as I've been following it religiously since I was in primary school, influenced by my late father :). It was then when I was with the standby team that I learned about WC and begun to have interest for it. My favorite team back then (and now too!) was Brazil. I just admired the way the players played. It's a mixed between passion and skill - hence the "Samba" team. :) Oh, I love the combination of the R trio too - Ronaldo, Robinho & Ronaldinho
. It was fantastic.

Although Brazil was the only national team who have participated in every WC they lost to France in semi final *sob* *sob*. So happened that during the night of Brasil vs France, there was a blackout in the office, a half an hour after our shift started. Nothing can be done at that time so all of us decided to go home/go to the nearest mamak shop to watch the game. Since my boyfriend live few kilometers away from my office, I text-ed him and invited him to watch the game together. Since he too was a supporter of Brazil, we both shared the sadness that early morning *sob*. Being a real supporter (minus the banner :P), I wore a Brazilian t-shirt while he wore his Brazilian jersey, a gift from me. After the match, while he was sending me off to my car, he told me that he was hoping that in four years time, both of us can still watch Brazil plays in the WC together, as a husband and wife...awwwwh sweet :) But wait! he also added that he was hoping that in four years time, I can still fit in my xs size Brazil t-shirt, with HUGE evil grin! Cisss! naughty!! :P

Yours truly 4 years ago...hikhik :)

Bald Faaz after the confinement :)

Alhamdulillah, it has been four years since and what he hoped for has became a reality :) Not only we are watching the WC together as husband and wife, we've been given the gift of watching it with our own "product"- our son! Thank you Allah, for the blessing :) On a note, I still can fit into my t-shirt as before..actually, it was the first t-shirt that I tried on after my confinement. Punyelah risau kalau dah tak fit into it, worrying how Fadzil will sakat me endlessly..hehe :P

Us in 2010...before Brasil lost to Netherlands :P

Speaking of our son - Faaz Naqi. He become more actively kicking the ball when the WC started. He will start his action as soon as the tv shows the match. Semangat kot. At times, he do bother his Daddy to play with him while the man was busy watching the game. A dad is a dad...kenalah entertain jugak budak kecik tu :)) Oh, btw Faaz loves the Oligo advert between the matches. He will dance and sing along with the song and made all of us do the "oligo" dance..ahaha!

Mini Kaka, Robinho or Luis Fabiano??

cheeky!! :P

Brasil has lost (again)..*sob*. I guess I have to wait another four years to see them in action. Itupun jika umur ini masih panjang..insyaAllah. Perhaps instead of 3 there will be 4 or 5 of us?? :)


YOI said...

alololo...penuh dah gigi dia..hehehe..

pipi faaz tu nape nadia? kne kiss eh? hehehe..

RuZaNNa said...

I love the final sentence.. heheheh

Can't comment much because i'm so not a football fan.. up until now i have not watch a single game! hehe but that's a nice anecdote you have there :)


Faaz dah big boy la..
I love football too!..
and before Oman was born.. i never fail to accompany Armi when he had any tournament or match!! I suka main jugak.. jomla Nadine!! :)

Comella Faaz!!!

LyDiA said...

5 nadia?? haha I loike ;)

Nadine said...


Gigi dia blum penuh tp hampir penuh :) Rasanya ade lagi 3-4 batang to complete. Faaz ni susah sgt nak bukak mulut melainkan time dia gelak. Dahla dia jenis x demam bila tumbuh sedar2 dh ade banyak gigi. Hihihi...

Haha, ingat takde org perasan. A'ah, pipi dia kena cium, tp sape cium tu tak taula. Hehe..2 weeks ago dia pegi breakfast ngan nana & nani dia. balik2 je dh merah sblah pipi tu. lambat betul nak hilang the red spot. nasib x gatal..

Nadine said...


I like it too! ehehe..mintak2 murah rezeki to add new family members. care to join me next year??? ;)

oh ic. kalau pegi office im sure u are among those who arrives early and look fresh kan? I manjang having cold je due to lack of sleep. the funny thing was, my bos thought Faaz was not well, bila dia tau I duk jaga mlm just to watch Brazil in action terus dia ckp, "cheh!" hihi :D

Nadine said...


JOM!! Dlm duk world cup fever ni the spirit to be active in futsal again is very high tau. Semangat habis!! Hihi...

Ic, I sblum kawin jarang dpt jadi pom pom girl Fadzil sbb before kawin dia lebih active in futsal and most of the matches were held at night. I pulak was raised in conservative family when kuar mlm is a totally big NO. Pernah accompany few times je masa tunang sbb my mom tercair hati tgk anak dia buat muka kesian. ahaks! Yg I tgk match Brazil ngan Fadzil sblum kawin tu pun sbb office I blackout. Kalau tak mmg xde chance nyer :P

Awwwh, thanks dear! :)

Nadine said...


Hahahaha! gelak besar Nadia baca comment Nini tau. :))

Takdela, mana tau kot lah kan, kot..kot ade rezeki dpt twins ke...haaa, mana tau kan, kan, kan?
(mengharap mode although the chances are pretty, pretty slim :P)

irradhil said...

alahai cumillnyer faaz pakai jersey.mmg big fan of Brasillll la.hheheheeh.

irra pn sm cam nurill.always accompanied my hubby to d field but yet i'm never try to play futsal.hehe.sure pancittt.

psst:wahhh....terbukti sudah bodymu maintain jer.sama jer dr anak dara sampai mak dara.aper rahsia mu????

irradhil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RuZaNNa said...

It's ok Nadine.. you go ahead first.. i think i'm not ready to devide my love between my children.. mungkin 2012 kot.. Insya Allah.. heheh

dyana "his other half" said...

u dated fadzil 4 years ago? eh sama la with us :). kitaorg start dating masa world cup started. hehe.

unlike ur late abah, my abah loves world cup rather than EPL. dah kenal fariq baru la belajar pasal EPL pula. awal2 lagi cikgu yg ajar EPL ni dah tanamkan dalam otak MESTI SUKA MU walau apa pun yang terjadi. ahahaha. and me too heart brazil very much! sungguh frust dia kalah ngan holland. i still remember the 3R. memang sungguh best. and masa WC98, brazil kalah ngan france. also i was so frustrated. huhu.

and now, im going for german. hehe. fariq lak spain dulu kini selamanya. hehe.

Mimy Hamid said...

setia tul ..loyal fan brazil...ada anugerah leh rangkul faaz pun sama gak...tapi dear..brazil dah balik daaa...hihi

Nadine said...


Hihi, insyaAllah. Anne muda lagi, no rush. Tp I, 30s is around the corner. The longer I waited, the higher the risk. Tp ape2pun bergantung pd rezeki Yg Maha Esa :)

Nadine said...


Hihi..thanks. Jersi tu utk budak besar sbnarnye. Takde size for Faaz. Tp daddy dia semangat sgt suh pakaikan jugak. Tgk2 Faaz suka sgt pulak the jersey sbb dia ingat itu baju daddy dia :))

ic..ic. Nadia masa dh kawin, dpt teman few matches je. sbb lepas tu mengandung n mmg muntah2 teruk sgt. so x patla nak teman2 nie :)

hahaha..kelakar la irra ni. nadia tgk body irra pun slim melim jer. ;) Nadia mmg bnyk recycle baju2 lama sbb most of them masih muat. Takde rahsia pun, I guess it comes from the gene. Arwah abah saya pun kurus kecik je orgnye. :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hihi, Cee D salah paham kot. Bkn start dating during WC tapi we were still dating during WC2006 :)
We were officially girlfriend and boyfriend in December 2004, a month after we bid goodbye to UIA :)

Ye ke, satu geng lah kita!! Sedihkan Brasil couldn't make it *sob*sob*. Hihi..ic, Nadia x sokong team lain, setia pada yg satu. eceh! :P but I'll definitely watch the final and I bet its gonna be interesting ;)

:: iManja :: said...


faisyura said...

nadia satu family geng Aariz ;) Hmmm tengok Faaz ni dh mcm Aariz la plak.. Nanti zura letak gmbr Aariz pakai baju brazil hehe..

Zura sokong Germany sbb aritu beli baju Germany utk bday party Zaim hahaha.. Zura tak minat pun bola tapi kan dah di kelilingi lelaki ni, maka tibe2 layan jugak bola.. ;) heheh..

happy wc nadia! ;)

kella said...

me to frust giler brazil tak mara!! serius frust! hmmm.. nak uat camano.. takleh nak sambung samba lah!

chumel sungguh la si kecik faaz tu ngan jersi brasil! i like sungguh! :D

Nadine said...

Sue yg sweet,

thanks dear :)


Ye ke..hehe, geng la Aariz & Faaz! Hihihi. Ok, upload cepat2 tau! dgn gamba besday party Waka Waka Zaim to. Im sure it was a blast! tak sabarnyeeee :)

Hihi..ic. Germany play well this time. Thumbs up. Goodluck for the match tonite. Tgk tak nie?? :)
Happy WC to u too, dear :)

Nadine said...


Hehehe..mmg kami penyokong "berani mati" brazil. Eleleleh, England lagi la, awal2 dh packing balik tau! :P At least brasil masuk quarter final. Hehehe :D


Kan? kan? kena tunggu 4 tahun lagi nak bersamba...Hihi, thanks dear, me likey too! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

hmmm, aritu dah comment. tp mesti hilang lagi kan. hehe. dah 2x kena. huhu. takpe, i'll comment balik. ahahaha.

as for me, terbalik ngan u. my abah favor world cup more than EPL. jadinya bila kenal fariq, baru la belajar pasal EPL. and he had tanamkan in my mind mesti minat MU. no matter what happen.

and i heart brazil too! since dulu kini n selamanya. fariq lak heart spain. suka la dia tu spain masuk final. hehe.

eh, u dated fadzil 4 years ago? same with me n fariq. tp u know fadzil more longer than i know fariq surely. hehe.

Nadine said...

Ala, baik sungguh tau Cee D ni pegi comment 2 kali. Ni yang lagi sayang kat Cee D nie :)

Comment sume dh dtg balik Cee D. Blogspot dh ok kot...weeeeee!! :)

:: iManja :: said...

komen kat sini dah kt blog kiter plak wat hal.....hahaha