Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Europe Diary: Day 1 (KL - Amsterdam - Oslo)

My journey to Europe started on 5th August 2010. We arrived at KLIA around 8.10pm. Faaz was cheerful, as always even though we already told him since the day before about my departure. When asked, he will say, "Mommy go aeroplane, Faaz go car with Nani & Nana". Hihi, that's all he knows :)

After check in the luggage at the KLM airlines counter, we went to a cafe. In the meantime, Faaz was so happy to be able to run here and there as the airport is quite spacious. He even met an admirer, a cute French girl who just able to walk. She tried her best to follow everywhere Faaz went...sampai naik heran anak teruna saya :))

Us, posing for the last time before I had to go inside the departure hall.
My eyes sore due to the "heavy down pore rain" from home to the airport. Faaz Naqi maintain jer...isk! malu Mommy :P

After about an hour on the plane, the stewardess started to serve us dinner. I wanted to skip it at first as the meal was served at midnight, and I'm not used to have heavy supper at night. However, I changed my mind, I cannot resist the smell of the pasta. Hihihi...

Moeslim (Muslim) meal for me :)

The smell that triggered the sudden hunger.
Fish pasta dia serious sedap!!

The dessert...lagi satu yg sedap. Nyum!

It was a tiring 12 hours journey on the plane. I just cant sleep. It was so uncomfortable to be seated for such a duration and I can't find the right position to fall asleep. Can't imagine if I was with my son, alone. I'm sure he will feel the same too. Worst, if I have to go to the loo in the middle of the night and no partner to look after him. Kena tahan all the way la nampaknya... huhu. I watched movies (including cartoon) along the journey and played some games until I doze off. I woke up 2 hours later due to the announcement. The captain ordered all passenger to be seated and buckled on the seat. There was a strong turbulence as the plane passed through Russia.

The plane touched down at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in Holland the next day, 5.45am local time (11.45am Malaysian time). It was 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled. The airport is very huuuuuge and nice. There were a lot of foreigners queuing at the Immigration checkpoint
. It took me almost 30 minutes just to pass through it. The immigration people were friendly and very polite. Since the transit duration is only an hour, I had to rush to the departure gate. It was a loooong way from gate E to gate B. Tercungap2 dibuatnya! Can you imagine if I were to push the stroller with my heavy backpack and run to the gate at the same time? Pengsan acik! Lainla kalau ade abang heroku disisi :)

Waiting patiently for the plane to take off...

The flight to Oslo was delayed almost an hour. The plane finally on board at 8.10 am local time (2.10pm M'sian time) and arrived in Oslo Lufthavn Airport an hour later. It was raining heavily and the temperature was 11 degrees celcius.

After getting my luggage, I went straight to the arrival hall and there stood a handsome man, waiting for his lady. Feel like running into his arm tapi apakan daya luggage ku besar gedabak :P The Metro service (train) is just in front of the arrival hall so we took the train to Oslo Central station. It took us only 15 mins to arrive at the destination. Our hotel actually situated nearer to the National Theatret station but Fadzil wanted to show me entire street of Karl Johans Gate. So we walked all the way to the hotel. It wasn't that tiring, probably due to the cool breeze. Karls Johans Gate is a famous street, it is the prime tourist attraction thus you can find a lot of tourist here. Will tell you more about the street in the next entry :)

The hare was as handsome as always...

but the dame was the other way round.
The result of exhaustion and lack of sleep after total 14.5 hours of journey


Alhamdulillah, minus the turbulent it was considered as a smooth journey. So far memang tak sesat, except on the plane itself. Muahaha! It was in the middle of the night and it was quite dark. I went to the loo but couldn't find my seat back. It was embarrassing but luckily most of the passengers were asleep :P I just couldn't believe it that I'm finally here, in the Scandinavian land. Thanks a lot Sayang for this wonderful trip after 3 years I duk bodek2 nak ikut pegi tapi tak dapat2. Hihihi...mmmmuahs! Love you lots! :)

my first step in Oslo - 6th August 2010 :)

Till be continued :)



We want more! we want more! we want more!.. :)

Nadine, u tau x.. banyak-banyak kali i went to the airport sebelum ni. Oman x pernah send me walau sekalipun sampai departure hall. Sebab.. i xmo KLIA banjir :P

Selalunya, he would stay at home with his nanny.. only Armi yg akan drive me there and babai babai i... Tapi macam biasala, sepanjang perjalanan nak sampai ke airport tu, mmg mata bengkak la. Hahahaha

dyana "his other half" said...

oh, i cant really wait for ur next entry. nak tau lagi citer :).

eh, mrs fadzil pun cute ape eventhough after long hours of journey.

cd mula la nak angan2 nak berjalan jauh2 cam nadia gak ni. hehe.

faisyura said...

Whoaaa seronotnyeee nadia! Sangat berani ok trave alone. Admirer sgt!
Enjoy there ;)

Btw, faaz makin ensem... tu pasal awek ikut.. awek tu geram pipi pau faaz heheh..

Thara said...

eeee bestnyaaaaaaaaaa! jeles jeles, nak pegi jugaaaaaaaaakk! ok, my question still remains. why are u here in Oslo? u ikut ur husband for business or ure there for leisure? whatever the reason is, u are one lucky chic ok!

oh speaking about taking a toddler on airplanes. seriously. i feel you! i baru balik dari langkawi, and it was only a 45 mins journey, but even then, Aydein was so restless! thank god for the teetotheteetees that successfully pacified and lulled him to sleep. otherwise, i dunno what would happen!

btw just curious, sape amik gamba u tepi window masa u atas flight tu? and hows ramahdan over there?

happy fasting babe!

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

hehe merah btol mata Nadia..sian..klu izu pn mst banjir punye la..hihi..

Nway, mhl tk airfare KLM, return tix per person brp ek Nadia? the pasta n the cake look yummeh...hihi..klu izu tadenye resist..mmg mkn je.:D wah Nadia, amek gmbr seniri ke kt dlm plane tu or ada org sblh amekkan? hehe..

Nway, slmt bpuasa di perantauan..bler flight blk Msia? cnt wait for next n3!!:D

YOI said...

uih..siapakah yang mengambil gambar masa flight take off? Bestnyeh jalan2 tgok negara orang...Nurul ni, Sabah n Swak pon tak lepas lg :P

RuZaNNa said...

Congratulations on your first solo flight :).. sam cam sgt crazy kan bila nak kena change flight.. i remember one time i has to run to my next gate sbb the earlier flight was delayed.. dah la kena lalu immigration.. airport officer nampak kitaorg lari pun dah tau sbb nak kejar the flight.. sampai kat gate tercungap2.. hahah
And yes, i pun pernah tersesat dlm flight lepas blk from toilet.. couldn't find my seat.. hahaha..
Looking forward for the next entry :)

mama said...

salam..i undertsand how u feel. First time I was apart from both hubby & daughter when she was 5 months for 2 weeks. The nite b4 mmg dah nangis dah when hubby said he gonna missed me. Morning b4 we left to the airport, I saw my MIL cried while holding my baby. I held back my tears also and cried along the way. Kat airport bila nak departure tu nangis lagi. I just can't look at hubby's face coz too sad :( On the plane while waiting to take off pun nangis lagi. When i reached the apartment mlm nak tido pun nangis lagi...huhuhuh. Luckily she was 5 mths so tak berapa paham. Now entering 15 mths if kena travel tak tau la. She's turning into miss sticky :D anyway, enjoy ur holiday!

uja said...

nadia..update la lagi! :)

Anonymous said...

selamat menyambut ramadhan..
selamat berhoneymoon...
i nak tahu cerita dari Oslo ni...

irradhil said...

wah.....merah btul la mata u....same goes to me brni.Faaz xnangis ker?esya kuat meraung coz die dh sleepy ms tu.meraung xnak naik keta ngn papa n mummy.ira pn aper lg....xcukup tisu 1pack tu tau.huhu.1st time tinggal ank kan.

nadia...cumillll jer u pakai jeans jaket tu.lgla nmpak mcm bdk2 skolah.btw....serius i likeee!!

hepi holiday.....

Diyana Didie said...

enjoy ur trip akak! update lagi nnt. tak sabar nih :)


ala sian u Nadine,mesti seddey kan nak tinggal Faaz..
But Faaz really good boy kan!
kena beli hadiah bnyk for Faaz ;)

neway, dear..are still in Oslo??
bila balik?

happy holiday and selamat berpuasa di perantauan..

looking fwd ur next entry dear!

Nadine said...


Awwwwh :) Tungguuuu, nnti I sambung cite ok. Right now br sparuh je gamba dh transfer. Sparuh lagi still with Fadzil kat Oslo. Camera I tinggalkan kat dia :) Cite takde gamba tak best. Hihi..

You, masa nak pegi tu, mmg I prefer pegi sendiri tau. Dah agak dh mmg akan banjir airmata punye. apakan daya, parents in-laws I insist. Sbbnya menantu dia kan first time nak tavel to Europe sorang2, at least kalau diaorg anta senang sket hati diaorg. So sweet of them :)

Plg tak tahan masa nak pisah tu la, Nana Faaz ajak dia pegi chocolate shop nearby nak divert attention dia, dia bleh plak tarik my hand and said, "Mommy come, Mommy come". Hohohoho, berjurailah airmataku. I trus lari masuk toilet n nangis puas2. Masa nak basuh muka tu makcik cleaner tu stare je kat I. Hahaha, malu! :P

Nadine said...

Cee D,

:) Ok dear, insyaAllah will update soon. Tunggu gamba ditransfer dulu k. First few days ni nak spend more time ngan Faaz dulu, rindu bangat sih! :D

Awwwwwh, sweet la Cee D ni. Serius comot Cee D kalau banding ngan Fadzil. Malu ok :P

Hihihi, takpe2. Berangan2 dulu sambil kumpul duit k. Nadia pun dh lama berangan. Cee D berangan masuk Hadif skali tau, mesti lagi best holiday itu nanti ;)

Nadine said...


When there's a will, there is a way. Hahaha, mcm poyo je kan statement tu :P Sbnarnya disebabkan sokongan Fadzil, parents dia, close friends itula yg buat keberanian datang. Rindu kat Fadzil pun yer jugak. Hihi. Masa last minute tu ade jugak rasa nak back off Zura, tp mengenangkan ribuan yg telah dibayar utk tiket, ku tempuh juga. Cuak jgn ckpla tp mat salleh kat Amsterdam & Oslo sgt2 helpful n peramah termasuk immigration officers. U akan rasa selamat kalau sesat pun :)

Thanks Zura. Hihihi, Faaz cuak kot sbb tak pernah budak perempuan nak ikut dia, apatah lagi kemana2 dia pegi. Hahaha! :)

sarah said...

u make me wanna tell my story la plak..hehe. siap kene tahan kat amsterdam lg u! haha. good experience kan?

Nadine said...


Ala you, janganla jeles. I pegi berdua je kot. Kalau ber3 lagi best kan, the whole family ade :) Ape kata u bodek Aein lagi next time dia ade trip. Pegi sama2 bleh bawak Aydein skali. Mesti best!! I ni pun dh 3 tahun bodek br dpt green light. Hihi..

Confuse eh Thara? :) Fadzil keja ngan oil & gas Norway. His bos & the rest of the team based sana. So tiap2 tahun dia pegi sana for series of meetings. This time, dia ade forum skali to attend. I went there to visit him, so I mmg totally on holiday :)Masa I dtg, Fadzil ambil cuti Jumaat so 3 harila kitaorg jalan2 sambil honeymoon :) and the rest of the days, I pegi jln sorang2 when he's at work. Balik keja jalan lagi since sana matahari ade sampai kul 9-10mlm. We make full use out of it :)

Owh, owh you sama ngan I experiencenya masa we went to Langkawi last year (sambut anniversary yg ke-2 thn jugak) :). Dahla masa tu Faaz was 11 months and br dapat kaki. Dia sibuk nak jalan2 dlm plane you...huhu. Haru betul. Nasibla my in-laws ade skali, so dia ulang alik fr our seat to their seat. Tak bagi jerit ok, huhu..

Hehe, owh itu senang aja tricknya. Connecting flight from Amsterdam to Oslo to kecik je you. Seat dia 2-3-2. Bnyk empty seats jugak. Masa tu I letak the cammie on top of my backpack yg I letak atas empty seat. Then, tekan je butang self-timer 10secs and walla! :D I dpt idea tu masa tunggu stewardess tolong letak my backpack kat tempat luggage. I kan rendah, tak sampai. Hahaha! :))

Nadine said...


upsie, nanti I cite pasal ramadhan kat Oslo eh. nanti panjang plak comment. Happy fasting 2u2! :)



Hihi, mmg tak dpt ditahan Izu. Sooo glad I'm back here. Tp started to miss Fadzil plak. Huhu..

Masa Nadia cari plane tu kan Izu, KLM is the cheapest flight. Tu yg Nadia pilih. Dia punye rate varies from week to week and depends on no. of transit. Basically, lagi murah kalau banyak transit. Hihi..Nadia punye all in pegi balik masuk tax RM5600.

A'ah Izu sedap pasta tu. Nasib tak tolak, kalau tak rugi dh. Hihihi. Gamba tu Nadia amik sendiri, caranya baca comment kat atas. Hihi :D

Flight balik M'sia smlm sampai harini. Alhamdulilah dh selamat sampai. :) thanks Izu, cite biasa2 je, mcm cite izu pegi melawat dulu2 tu. Tp izu lagi best sbb pegi lagi bnyk tempat with the entire family. Sgt best n untung ok! :)

Nadine said...


Hehe, gamba itu telah diambil secara self-timer (auto) oleh encik camera. Haha. Bila travel sorang n nakkan kenangan, inilah caranya. Masa Nadia pegi jalan2 time Fadzil keja gigih Nadia angkut tripod sbb nak rakamkan kenangan tu. Pasni blum tentu dpt peluang mcm ni lagi :)

Takpe Nurul, Nadia pun Sarawak tak lepas lagi sbnarnyer. Hihi. Nanti insyaAllah, ade rezekinya nak pegi mcm ni. Bawak Dina skali..mesti lagi seronok. Takyah start ngan hujan air mata cam Nadia nie. Hihi.



Thanks! :) Itula, tercungap2kan? Rasa cam kena lari marathon pun ade. Dahla masa tu campur cuak takut tak sempat sampai and takut salah direction.

Oh ye ke. Hihihi, cuak kan. Dahla gelap, mamai2 pun ade. Nadia sampai kena balik ke belakang kat toilet tu n pk dr jauh dulu mana tempat Nadia sbnarnye. Muahaha :))

Nadine said...

Salam Mama :)

Oh wow, pegi sana sbb keja ye. U must be one strong lady. I mmg salute dkt working-travelling mommies tau. Sbb I slalu mengelak bila nak kena hantar for oversea assignments. I tak sanggupla lama2. Huhu. Rasa mcm takleh perform keja.

You lagi sedihkan tinggalkan anak kecik lagi, MIL u nangis, hubby you sedih. Huwaaaa, sedihnya :'(
I ni sume org relax je including my son tp I kalah jugak dgn air mata. Tak taula if I were in ur shoes. Heads up to you! kdg2 rasa best kan bila nak jadi clingy ni. Mcm rasa dia perlu kita lebih dr org lain. This is what I experience now, kinda like it. Hehehe :)



Okeh! Will update more. Stay tune. :)
p.s: Haritu tgh video conferencing Hayy join sama. Dia plak tersipu2 malu tgk kitaorg. Hahaha, kelakar sungguh! :)

Nadine said...

Hi Fa10 :)

Thanks a lot. It will be nothing compared to your holiday entries yg merata2 n sume tempat2nya best! Jeles tau tgk you n ur family pegi cuti2 mcm tu. Smoga I pun dpt rasa mcm tu jugak kalau umur panjang dan ade rezeki. Amin :)



Faaz x nangis Irra. Dia mmg jarang nangis sejak dh masuk 18 bulan ni. I pegi keja pun dia bleh slm kiss n bubbye cam biasa, tak mcm dulu2. So haritu dia ok...lagi satu maybe dia ingat I pegi keja cam biasa kot. You sbb pegi berdua kan, mesti Esya pk, asal Mama dia pegi jalan ngan papa dia je tak bawak dia skali :)

Ye betul, sbb itu dlm sling bag Nadia dh set aside 4 packet tisu. Yes, sedihkan tinggalkan anak. Nak2 first time.

Hihi thanks :) Jacket tu hadiah dr hubby masa nak pegi first honeymoon pas kawin dulu. Jacket faveret. :D Mcm budak skolah? Hahaha, masa kat Amsterdam pegi and balik, jumpa org M'sia/S'pore je sume ingat I student nak balik holiday. Ade sorang tu sampai kena tunjuk gamba Faaz br dia nak percaya. He thot I buat2 cerita takmo layan dia borak. :P



Thanks adik. Will update more, soon. InsyaAllah. Blog you pun akak blum smpat jengah lagi nie :)

Nadine said...


Haah, sedih wooo tinggalkan anak. :)
Owh, I kat sana mmg shopping for Faaz je you. Utk diri sendiri cuma 1-2 souvenir yg boleh reminds me of the trip. Itupun sbb Fadzil desak. Hihi..

I dh balik dear! :) Takleh lama2, rindu anak. Hihi.

Thanks dear, happy fasting to u as well. :)

Nadine said...


Kena tahan??! Oh wow. Share plis, nak tau jugak ni. You tau I mmg sgt kagum kat you dr dulu lagi masa Fadzil citer u kena pegi sana sorang2 lama2. Just cannot imagine myself in your shoes tau. Heads up to you, Sarah :)

Yes, very good experience. The one that I will treasure forever. :)

en_me said...

sonoknyerr mak teww jalannns.. ehehe

my.mastura said...

pasta??? kalau aku pon, aku x tolak..hehehhe

heh..x puas la baca..dlm flight jer..nk tgk scenery..

Nadine said...


hihi, nama pun berjalan kan, mestila seronok ;)



itula, dr perut kenyang terus jadi lapar. Hihi.

oh gamba scenary nnti aku update soon. :)

Mimy Hamid said...

yeayyy dah sampai food KLm best jugakk...hehe

Nadine said...

Hehehe, bulan pose lagi la kan, tgk food nampak sodap je semua :D