Sunday, August 15, 2010

Europe Diary: Day 2 - The Sightseeing

From the airport, we took the Flytogate airport express and it passed through Lillestrøm before arriving at Oslo Central Station (Oslo Sentralstasjon or Oslo S) - Oslo main railway station and the largest railway station in Norway. The station consist of the old East station; which now turned into a shopping mall and the new West station; the ones we've been using. Both stations are connected via Oslo tunnel.

The first place Fadzil brought me upon arriving here is Narvesen - Norway largest chain of convenience store. Same concept with 7-Eleven, but in addition they also sell books, fresh fruits, home made chocolates, confectioneries such as muffins, rolls and waffles, and not to forget coffee. From my observation, coffee and confectionery are the must thing here. You can find a lot of cafes and bakery shops everywhere. Narvesen is more popular here than the 7-Eleven. You can find one on each end of the street!

Of all the things there, this particular chocolate caught my attention:

the Kvikk Lunsj or the Quick Lunch in English :)

It is locally produced by a company named Kraft Food Nordic by the brand of Freia and it is widely sell in Norway, Sweden & Denmark. At first, I thought it was an energy bar since its stated there quick lunch, apparently it is a chocolate similar to Kit Kat from Nestle :)

As we went out of the station, there is a square in front of the station called the Jernbanetorget (The Railway square). The Jernbanetorget is a hub, interconnecting the tram lines with train lines, regional busses and the t-bane service. We went to Trafikanten, a tower located at Jernbanetorget. Inside it there is an information center for all public transport services, sort of tourist information center. Here, you can get all the pamphlets and booklets with the full information on the busses, tram, t-bane and train services and all for free. They even provide the tourist with free map of Oslo with tourist attraction mapped clearly. It's easy for you to figure out where to go and which transportation to take you there. There, we purchased the 7-day passes which cost us NOK210 each (MYR 105). With this pass, I can use the public transportation unlimited for the whole week. It's easy and cheaper. As a tourist, I did make full use out of it.

From there, we walked straight to Karl Johans Gate, the most famous shopping street in the city center. It started from Oslo S railway station in one end and the Royal Palace, where the King & Queen of Norway resides in the other end. The Royal Palace is the highest place, so you can see the view of the whole stretch of Karl Johans Gate from there. The street is busy day and night with a lot of tourist from all over the world passed by every day. There are lot of street entertainers too, making the street more alive with musics. You can find a mix of boutiques, gift shops, cafe's, restaurants,hotels and historical buildings along the street. The hotel that we stayed is situated in the middle of this street; near to the Stortinget (Parliment of Norway). Will elaborate more about this street in a later entry, no photos were taken at that moment as it was raining when we walked. :)

We took the photo as we went out for dinner. It's 8pm local time and it was still bright and sunny. The hotel look even more beautiful at night. Kalau tak percaya pergi sini :)

The rain stopped as we reached the Best Western Hotel; the place I stayed during this trip. It is a historical hotel from 1899 and the building is well preserved. The interior inside is classical with a modern touch. Very nice :) The hotel is situated beside the famous Grand Hotel on the left and a tax-free shopping mall - Paleen on the right side. For your information, Grand Hotel is the place for the rich and famous. Madonna, Michael Jackson and recently President Barack Obama are just few names that have stayed in the hotel during their stay here. TGIF restaurant and Hard Rock Cafe Oslo are situated just next to Paleen, less than 100m from our hotel.

The building with all the tax free flag itulah Paleen.
From our hotel to the Hard Rock Cafe you can see posh cars and big bikes parked everyday.
Cuci mata betul kitaorang! Hihi..

After settling down and refreshed myself, we went out again. Before that, I prepared and packed tuna sandwiches using the sandwich maker that I brough along with me. Fadzil said he wants to take me to Aker Brygge and have lunch at the Oslofjord bay. Baru romantik katanya..hihi :) We went there by a tram from National Theater station, about 100m from the hotel. While walking to the station, we made a stop at the University of Oslo; the most prestigious and oldest university in Norway (reminded me of University Malaya). I've been told that this building is used by the faculty of Laws only while the rest of the faculties have shifted to the new building in Blindern. One interesting fact is that the university is the home for 5 Nobel Prize Winners. This university is an open university too, it means that no fence were there to saperate the university from its surrounding. I was standing at the pedastrian walk in front of the university in the photo below :)

I was waiting for him so long to snap this photo which finally ended up as me posing with the "sakit pinggang" pose. hahaha! :P

It was cloudy when we arrived at Aker Brygge after the rain but the sun slowly made its way to shine again. Aker Brygge is the arm of Oslofjord bay, which made it a beautiful shopping and dining area facing the breathtaking view of the sea and beautiful boats.

The brown building is the Aker Brygge shopping mall :)

After finding the perfect spot, we had our lunch and continue to walk hand by hand along the bay. With the cool breeze, awwwwwh its so romantic! However, we constantly thinking of Faaz, especially whenever we saw kids at his age strolled by the parents in the pram. Rindu bangat sih! :)

Me, in the search of perfect place to have a romantic lunch at Oslfjord :)

Nice view behind me :)

We decided to continue exploring the Fjord the very next morning since I was tired and we didn't want to miss skype session with our beloved son. I was a bit worried tho, afraid Faaz will cry the minute he see both of us were away from him. But he didn't. He was smiling the whole session, giggling and apparently shy when he saw us. It did made me feel so relieved to see him cheerful like always. Rasa nak nangis terharu pun ade jugak. Ish, nangis jer :P

Our Faaz Naqi was pointing to himself while giggling when I asked him,
"Who is Mommy's bing bing?"
Bing bing is a nickname that Fadzil gave to Faaz since he was a baby

Later that evening, Fadzil took me out for dinner somewhere in the city center. He wanted me to try out the kebabs here which apparently look and taste differently from the kebabs in Malaysia. I too , was looking forward to taste it ever since Fadzil kept on mentioning about it the first time he went to Oslo. Dahla masa tu tengah preggy ok, nasib tak mengidam :P. The middle east kebab is quite popular in Oslo as one of the cheapest halal food you can find here. The locals also loves it and that explained the existence of few local kebab shops; similar to the middle east kebab except for the halal status. We went to Beirut Kebab, a Lebanese kebab shop. We took the stor kebab set - consist of a medium beef kebab with a soft drink. It cost us NOK65 each (MYR32.50). For your record, "stor" means medium size :)

The first question that I asked Fadzil the moment he gave me the kebab was...

"How to eat this?"

You wanna know why? The kebab was definitely different from ours. It's in a shape of a wide ice-cream cone!

Tadaaaa! :) Mr. Hubby modelling his meal :P

The kebab consist of pita bun shaped into an ice-cream cone, filled with generous filling of diced kebab beef (of which prepared with spices such as cumin) plus corns, sauteed onions, cucumbers and the special white sauce. Nyumylicious!! No wonder Fadzil had been mentioning about it over and over again. Tell you lepas makan tu teringat2 sampai I had to go and have it again the next day! Plan nak makan maggie mee to save budget tak berjaya nampaknya :P. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you...the way its eaten is by holding the cone in one hand and eat it like an ice-cream but instead of licking it, you use a fork instead :)

We went back to the hotel after dinner, had our coffee from the freshly brewed coffee machine at the lobby and went to bed early, preparing ourselves for the next day adventure.

To be continued...


LyDiA said...

coffee~~~ <3

Hihi bestnyer nadia ^^ mmg macam honeymoon. sgt romantic

p/s: bing bing is faaz? schooo cute =)

Nadine said...


Everytime minum kopi mesti teringat kat Nini tau! :)

Hihi, aah. Fadzil yg bg nama tu, asalnya Daddy's Bing Bing. Tp Nadia pun tak mau ketinggalan, so Mommy's Bing Bing pun started. Ahaha! Fadzil call dia bing bing dr baby lagi. Kitaorg pun tak ajar dia tp dia tau sendiri kalau panggil bing bing tu dia la tuh. Nasib tak confuse ngan nama betul :P

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Hmm br dpt bc pg ni..dr smlm tgk kt blogroll list nmpk mcm Nadia dh ada post br skali tok leh bc lg!;p

Nway, sgt detail n3! cn imagine everything u stated clearly.:) betul kata irra, izu pn tgk Nadia mcm student je! bahaya ni..hihi.

Wah, happynya Faaz! baguslah Faaz ni, if my doters mst dh nk msk dlm webcam tu dh nk terkam ktrg..hihi..untung korg, bley hanimun dgn sng hati n bleyla pg bdua lg sll. eh comel btul la nickname Faaz tu..!mmg sll ke korg pgil dia mcm tu?:D

Yup, i think kebab middle east kt europe mmg sdp n femes n very cheap! :D ni pn Hisham dok tingat2 kebab org pakistan kt kt uk tk perasan plak yg btuk ice cream ni, still roti pita tp digulung memanjang...donner kebab kot..tahla lain agknya! ngee.izu tk suka mkn kebab tk brp igt daa..:p

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Eh lupe..Nadia best jgk kn Best Western Hotel tu..Izu msa gi Stockholm dlu pon stay kt Best Western Hotel, Best Western Armani Hotel..tilam empuk gler mcm tk nk bgn2 dr tdo. ;p

my.mastura said...

wwaahh...sonot nye...aku suka jln2, apakan daya..x mampu aa nk gi jejauh..dlm Malaysia je la nampak nyer ..heheheh

Nadine said...


hahaha! smlm tu br nak karang pastu Faaz bangun. So I put the laptop aside. Nadia pegi ambil diapers baru nak change skali dtg dia dh selamat post entry kosong :P

Hihi, kata diary kan, tu yg detail sket. Akceli some things yg Nadia blajar kat sana mmg Nadia jot down dlm notebook kecik. Kot2 in future lupa leh refer balik ;)
Izu, kita Malaysian ni kan petite size compared to the mat sallehs, kalau izu jalan sorang x bwk anak mesti diaorg ingat izu student jugak :)

Kitaorg pun x budget dia nak jadi cool mcm tu, Izu. Risau jugak mula2. Tp betulla Fadzil kata, Faaz dr lahir mmg happy go lucky baby, dia mmg jarang nangis. I guess sbb tu dia ok. Tp kalau ade rezeki in future, nak angkut dia skali kot, masa tu rasanya dia dh besar sket dh okla travel ber2 ngan Nadia jika perlu. A'ah, bila nak bermanja-manjaan, itula nickname dia. Close family je yg tau. Hihi..

Haaa, everytime Fadzil duk cerita pasal kebab kat Oslo ni, mama n papa pun duk ckp kebab pakistan kat london sedap. Masa tu rasa tensen jer sbb Nadia sorang tak pernah merasa, asik dgr jer :P Alhamdulillah ade jugak rezeki nak rasa akhirnya. Hihi.

Nadine said...

Izu, ic..ic. Nadia br tau pasal hotel ni masa Fadzil duk book2 lah. Dulu dia duk kat Radisson SAS, dia switch to this hotel sbb walking distance ngan shopping centers, tourist attractions n transportation. Jadi senang hatila dia nak biar Nadia jalan sorang2 masa dia pegi keja :)

Eh Izu dh pegi Stockholm eh? Sblah je Sweden ngan Norway kan. Nape tak singgah Oslo? Hihi :)

Nadine said...


Aku pun sama Mas, kalau dpt pegi dekat2 dgn KL pun aku dh heppi sgt. Asal dpt jalan kan. Kalau tak kerana folo hubby pegi outstation ni aku pun tak mampu Mas. Takpe, kita simpan je duit, mana tau ade rezeki lebih satu hari nanti kan? :)


The best thing when we visit other country is to watch the beauty ofthe building, the scenery, the people. Sangat best your hotel was located in the middle of everything!! And those buildings in the pictures are nice and conceptual. Hehe. Nice photos!! :)

Awww.. Faaz looked very good when videocaming with his parents. Kalau i pun.. sure sejuk je hati.. at the same time, rasa sebak kan.. i sangat faham how you feel, dear.

Ok..ok.. now waiting for the next one. Want to know more bout romantic couple stories in Oslo. hik hik :)

Nadine said...

Betul dear, I agree. Since its my first time pegi European country, jatuh cinta sgt dgn scenary dia. Subhanallah, cantik sungguh dgn lautnya, tumbuh-tumbuhannya, awannya. Fascinating! :) You dh banyak kali travel mesti dh experience mcm2 musim kan. Mesti cantik every season kan? I hope I can experience it one day :)

Alhamdulillah, he was well behaved. Skang pun kalau dia rindu atau duk tanya daddy je, kita ckp jap lagi we video call daddy, terus dia ok jer. Belum lagi dia nangis2 ke wpun Fadzil been away almost 2 weeks already. Syukur sgt2. :)

Haha, takde romantic sgt pun you. Kitaorg couple yg slumber je. Fadzil lagi banyak teasing rather than romantic2 nie...hihi. But its fun tho, teringat zaman berchenta dulu. Mmg seronokla dpt luang masa sama2, mcm masa br kawin dulu...lama x dpt peluang mcm ni kan, skali dpt digunakan semanafaat yg mungkin ;)

sarah said...

oh my..i really miss those places..really do. sbbkan susah struggle sorg2 la i appreciate every single thing over there..nak nanges boleh tak..? ;(
narvesen...huhu..ada yg dekat dgn rumah i..tula tempat i mencari choc milkshakes packing mcm botol bedak and muffin choc chip yg sgt2 sedap. and beli topup pn kat sana gak.
u guys stayed at the hotel? wow!! true, mmg celebrities je dok sana. wow! u must post a story la apa yg ada dlm hotel tu..i xpernah masuk. hehe


Bestnye..loVe to see the old historical building and the photos were nicely taken too..
t'masuklah model cun kt dalam tu sekali yer ;) building cantik2..automatically jadik ur trip as a romantic one kan..??

u..I mcm sedih tgk u vcam ngan Faaz..sebbak thinking kalau i kat ctu..but lucky Faaz sgt behave well so cute dgn bing bing nickname ;)

nice entry and waiting for more..
entah bila I nak smp sane...;)

dyana "his other half" said...

betul cam izu cakap tu nadia. ur story is very detail sampai cd boleh bayangkan tempat2 nadia pege tu. macam dlm buku cerita juga :).

kebab tu nampak serious sedap. cd pun takleh nak bayangkan how to eat it. and even nadia dah cerita pun cd takleh imagine. kulit kebab tu tak keras cam kita punya ke? kalau makan ngan fork kulit tu akan ikut sekali ke? hehe, banyak lak cd tanya.

irradhil said...

besnyer nadia leh knl European country...untung u tau.irra mmg berangan2 mak jening dr dl lg la nkg oversea sbb keja ker.mcm nurill kan.pegi kjp pn xperla aslkan berjln2 knl negara org.your hubby sll nyer outstation lm ker?nti2 mmg kena bwk Faaz nati jenguk daddy die kt Oslo.heheheh

wahh...Gud boy btul la Faaz ni...xnangis pn bile daddy xder.kalu esya la....bgn pg cr abi...nk mndi pn ngn abi.mmg abi's doterla minah sorg tu.huhu.mmg ssh irra nk handle die biler hubby xder even a day.huhu

Thara said...

u are SO LUCKY! bestnyaaaaaaa! bestnya bestnya bestnyaaaaaaa! grr i cant sat it enough! and the kebab! WHOA! like ive never seen before! bole bungkus tapao satu ke malaysia tak? hahaha. tapi mak aih, the price! agak pricey lah to me :P

glad ure having a good time! still waiting for more romantic-story-at-romantic-place entries! :P take care babe! ;)

ps : i sebak bila baca part u dgn faaz skype. tetibe mata berair. tak masal. :P

Nadine said...


Awwwh. I understand how u feel. I pun sama, since its my first time sorang2 travel, first time pegi Europe I sgt2 appreciate ape yg I lalui. Syukur alhamdulillah :) Pasni nak dpt peluang lagi belum tentu..

You salah baca kot Sarah (ke I yg tulis buat you confuse..hihi). I duk kat Best Western je, bkn Grand Hotel you. Best Western kat sblah je Grand Hotel. Tak mampu kot nak duk Grand Hotel tu, Sarah. :)

Nadine said...


Cantikkan bangunan2 dia? Well preserved. Luar nampak lama tapi kat dalam modern deco :) Bkn bangunan jer you, weather dia yg sunny tp sejuk mcm aircond, the blooming flowers and the greenery at the parks, mmg naikkan mood. :)

Lagi satu I suka time summer ni pencahayaan tu membantu jugak gamba2 nampak cantik, wpun org dlm gamba tu tak cantik. hihihi :)

Owh, mmg sebak you. Itu I ambil snapshot dr video yg kitaorg record masa conversation tu. I simpan sume video conversation kitaorg dlm notebook I tau. I bawak je mana2 I pegi jalan. Bila teringat I played back. Kdg2 senyum dgn keletah dia, kdg2 meleleh air mata. Tp depan dia I mmg tried my best to avoid crying. Alhamdulillah, its not so bad sbb Faaz sgt ceria. Senyum tak lekang dr bibir dia. He such a good boy! :)

Nadine said...


Ala, Irra kan dh sampai China. Nadia blum pernah pegi sana lagi :) InsyaAllah, mana tau ade rezeki lebih in future. Bleh pegi jalan dgn anak2.

Hubby Nadia pegi sana setahun sekali atau dua kali, depends on the job requirement. Brape lama pun depends jugak, kalau meeting/workshop dlm 1-2 minggu, tp kalau training 3-4minggu. Kali ni dia pegi 2 minggu je. InsyaAllah, ade rezeki lagi mmg nak bawak Faaz skali. Ni pun sbb Nadia pegi travel sorang2 kan. Kalau pegi skali ngan hubby mmg dh bwk dah budak kecik tu.

Faaz, masa nak tido mmg dia cari I. Tp bila nenek dia kata mommy work, dia senyap jer. Kalau celik je mata plak mmg dia tnya kitaorg berdua. Tp cam biasala, bila ckp daddy & mommy go work dia ok :) Cuma bila rindu tu dia suh atuk dia on skype, nak borak ngan kitaorg. Bila I dh balik tu br nampak dia sgt rindu daddy dia. Asik tnya je kat I. Plg tak tahan smlm masa I fed dia lunch kat pond luar rumah, any car passed by dia kata daddy come! huhu, sedih ok. Nasib baik masa tu lg bape jam daddy dia nak balik. :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hihi, maybe sbb Nadia jot down anything that I want to remember in a small notebook. Selain bleh share with my readers (mana tau ade yg br nak pegi sana ke kan), its for my own reference kot2 ade rezeki nak pegi sana lagi :)

Mmg sedap Cee D ;) Kalau la dpt resepinya kan. hihi..Owh, sbb isi dia bnyk kan, kita makan isi dulu. agak2 dh half cone tu, br siat2 roti pita tu n cicah dgn isinya :)

Nadine said...


:) Alhamdulillah, ade rezeki kali ni. Bersyukur sgt. Next time Aien pegi outstation make sure dia bawak you & Aydein skali ok?! :)

You, sblum my hubby bertolak balik Sabtu petang tu, I siap ckp kat dia, ade possibility tak kebab tu bleh ditapau wpun hakikatnya I tau for sure la basi sbb the next day br sampai M'sia kan :P Kalau bleh tapau mmg I nak sgt. Hihihi..
Yes dear, things are very expensive in Norway. Kebab tu benda paling murah tau. Can you imagine, a large vegetarian pizza cost you MYR300 each? blum yg ade salami bagai tu kan. Even kalau snek mcm chocolates, chips and ice-cream pun, tak boleh jumpa la harga RM10 ke bawah. Paling murah mmg std RM10 je.

Kalau you nak tau, Norway is among the most expensive country in the world :)

Nadine said...

eh..terpublish halfway plak :P

Takde romantic story la you. Kitaorg ni sempoi n slumber couple, not mushy2 type :) Thanks, you take care too, I dh selamat sampai M'sia on Thursday, fyi. Fadzil pun dh selamat sampai mlm semalam. We are one happy family again. Weee! :)

p.s: awwwh. mmg sebak. kalau tengok video tu lagi sebak. Fadzil ckp kat I, patut I ok sket sbb Faaz non stop giggling n smiling bkn meraung2 nangis masa skype session tu tp dia senyum buat aksi2 comel tu pun bleh buat airmata ni bergenang. Hati perempuan kan...sensitif :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Ic..good. Izu pn sbnrnya dlm hbeg mst wajib bwk pen, note book kecil klu Nadia la mst nk jot down, tkt tlupe..:) tp ada ank ni ssh sket you..dok layan derg nk itu ini je yg lbh. hihihi..tu yg sll karangan/journal travel mcm izu mmg fail bab2 writing ni! hik.

Oo aah mmg tk pnh smpi lg Oslo..:( tau sblh je ngan Stockholm tu tp tk smpt n tk de budget..masa tu Hisham keje jd dia sebulan leh cuti tk lbh 3hr je..3d2n kt Stockholm dlu tu pn tk hbs pusing..
and Stockholm samala mcm Oslo jgk currency dia..tgk duit dia kecik dpd duit kte TAPI bila dh smpi sana..huhu mahal gler sumenye.:D

untung Nadia, dpt dok sana seminggu..smpt tak gi Stockholm?:)

Nadine said...


Betul tu, bila dgn anak mmg takde masa la nak jot down pape. One of the reason I took note some of the details sbb takut sesat. Hehehe.

Izu, ape plak tak good in writing. Nadia dr dulu folo blog izu tau, love your fotopages so much. You're really good at photoblogging tau! :)

Oh ic..Nadia plak tak sempat pegi Stockholm. Mcm Izu jugak, Fadzil keja, dia cuma ambil cuti Jumaat + Weekend bawak Nadia jln2. Sbnarnya teringin jugak nak pegi sana sbb teringin nak tgk main office Ericsson. Hahaha, bleh tak? :P Haaa,mmg mahal kan? sana pakai Swedish kroner, rite? Lebih kurang rate dia dgn Norwegian kroner :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Oh ye mst antara Nadia n Fadzil, Fadzil lg igt jalan kn? Izu plak ngan Hisham tbalik, Hisham sll tk igt jln, so dia kata izu la reliable navigator dia, sbb mobile garmin dia pn klh.;p

Nway, tq for ur support, dear..:)but honestly i still think my writing still not reach at good par..informal one bley la hihi..Ooh fotopages tu, tah hape2 je. malula. hahaha. tp now ni dh tk active dh..:) la Fadzil bz nk wat pe la one day mana tau ur company send u to visit the main office, smpi la Nadia kt Stockholm tu..ada rezeki leh bwk Faaz skali kn!:) Yup, it;s Swed kroner..tq igtkn, izu pn dh lupe..dh 3thn dh blalu..hihi.

kella said...

aduhh... u pun buat me rasa terharu.. tersebak juga dengan cerita faaz tu..
how sweet je me tngok dia dlm screen tu ! mesti moment tu sangat la sweett... oh.. :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, tak. Antara kitaorg, Nadia yg lagi ingat jalan. Tp bila pegi tempat org kan, Nadia blurrr je rasa. Especially nak ambil subway blah kanan ke kiri :D Tu yg jot down any landmark ke ape. Kalau kat M'sia ni slalu Nadia la tukang baca map kalau nak nak gi cari venue :) Wah, Izu lagi handal dr garmin eh. Fadzil mmg slalu guna garmin jer. Hehe.

A'ah, Nadia folo fotopages izu dulu. Bila izu lebih aktif blog, Nadia tukar baca blog izu plak. Hihi.. :)

Nadine said...


Memang you :) Siap letak camera kat blakang record video session tu. I keep in in my notebook lappie, mana pegi jalan I bawak. Agak2 teringat tgk la balik. Hihihi..rindu punye pasal :D

Mimy Hamid said...

menarik ar food ni..apsal msia takde nak jugak ar..nk gi oslo jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhh huwaa sedihh

Nadine said...

mmg sedap Mimy, teringat2 sampai skang. tula, kalau ade org pndai buat mmg Nadia nak blajar buat, kalau bukak kedai ni sure laku. Hihi..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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