Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Europe Diary: Day 3 - Bygdoy

We woke up at 7.30 am, getting ready and went down to have the complimentary breakfast. The dining hall is at level 4, the area looks like an attic but fully utilized. For us the Muslim, there are few choices that we can choose for: cereals, fresh fruits and yogurts, bread and jams, fresh salads. Or you can make some sandwiches from the scrambled egg, cheese, tuna with mayo/mustard and sliced salmon. Enough to make your stomach full ;)

Justify Fullmy breakfast

After filling up our stomach, we went back to the hotel room for another skype session with the family in M'sia as well as packing our lunch and snack for the day.

Oh ya, don't forget the map and plan ahead the places to visit
so that you will fully utilize the time you have :)

We went out at 10am and headed to the National Theater (Nationaltheatret). It is one of Norway most largest venue for performance of dramatic acts. The weather was bright and sunny, perfect for an outing. If you notice, the photos look nicer compared to the previous entry. All thanks to Mr. sunshine :)

If you took the tram to Aker Brygge like us, the first building you'll see upon arriving there is the City Hall followed by the Nobels Fredssenter (Nobel Peace Center). The center was opened in 2005, as a devotion to the famous Nobel Peace winner such as Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama who just been awarded as a winner in 2009. He did give his speech here in the City Hall during the award giving ceremony.

That is Nobels Fredssenter :)

We went to the Oslofjord to get the 24 hours Oslo Pass. This pass includes the boat fare both ways to Bygdøy as well as free access to all the museum there. The queue for the boat ride was there when we arrived. Thank God we don't have to wait that long for the next boat to arrive...phewww!

While Fadzil went to get our passes..

Our destination of the day is Bygdøy, situated at the western side of Oslo. Originally, Bygdoy was an island, but due to the post-glacier rebound, it becomes a peninsular. While walking from the jetty to the museum, we saw beautiful mansion and houses. We also saw a house that look moderate on the outside (typical European house) but it is equipped with eye detection machine at the main gate! We were impressed. According to Rune (Fadzil's boss), Bygdoy is an elite place to stay, the land here cost a fortune. In Bygdoy, you can find beautiful parks, forest as well as Oslo's top beach (including The Nudist beach). But the main reason we came there is because of the four main museums located in this area:

i) The Viking Ship Museum ( Vikingskipshuset - "The Viking Ship House")

Display the Viking ships and other related artifacts that was discovered by the end of 19th century.

F&N at the entrance...credit to our tripod. ;)

you have to climb to a mini tower to see the full view of the real viking ship..

cause it's huuuuge!

-The Oseberg Ship-
The famous viking ship that was found complete and intact.

perasan jadi model kejap :P

ii) The Frammuseet (The Polar ship FRAM)

The word "FRAM" means "forward". It is the strongest wooden ship that ever built and still holds the records for sailing farthest North and farthest South; the coldest and most dangerous Arctic and Antarctic.

You have to climb to the 3rd level to finally entered the ship. It's huge! There are a lot of rooms inside the ship including cabins and kitchen. You can view the rest of the photos in my FB soon.

Among all the artifacts displayed, these two really caught my attention:
- Horlicks drink from
- The waffle maker

Both came from period of 1893 to 1912.

iii) Norwegian Maritime Museum

The triangular shape building is the FRAM museum, while the Maritime museum is just beside it.

Anyone care to help me lift this up? :P

We decided to skip the Maritime museum and went to the gift shop located inside it instead to buy a replica of the viking ship to bring back home.

iv) The Kon-Tiki Museum

Kon-Tiki was a raft used by Thor Heyerdahl in his expedition across the Pacific Ocean. The name Kon-tiki originated from Inca sun God of the Polynesian island. The raft was made from some Balsa tree trunks and bamboo.

Above, right is the papyrus boat RA II and below right is the replica of of the boat used in the famous Tigris expedition.

V) The Norsk Folkmuseum
(Norwegian Museum of Cultural History)

This is a large outdoor museum, contains over 150 buildings including houses, barns, stables and churches which have been relocated from various districts of Norway. Actually, I was looking forward for the traditional dance performance but too bad, we missed it by half an hour. Don't want to waste any time, we decided to continue our journey. I wanted to try out the traditional Norwegian costume as well but unfortunately, the service was unavailable during weekends. I guess I have no luck on that day :(

One of the traditional house with rock fence

Take a guess, is it a barn or a stable??

However, we did enjoyed the tour inside the museum as there were lots of other attraction as well such as the traditional cake making demo, knitting demo (Norway is famous for its knitted sweaters) and handmade pottery demo.

Was trying my best to learn how to knit
(nampak sangat tak pandai bab menjahit ni kan? :P)

A demo on the making of Norway's traditional cake by a chef.
You can taste it when the cake is ready :)

We went back to the jetty by 5pm and took the boat back to Aker Brygge. When we arrived, there were a lot of people at the City Hall square. Apparently, it was the first day of MELA festival; an annual multicultural festival. "Mela" means meeting point and has roots thousand of years back in South East Asia. That is why most of the performances, arts, food and stalls came from the Asian people. Yang paling best for us, of course lah the food. Banyak stalls from Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Middle east even Thailand jadi tak perlu susah2 nak cari halal food. Although Malaysian booth is nowhere to be found, I saw people eating satay. Not sure from which booth as the crowd was so big!

We went straight to the hotel due to exhaustion. Plan konon2 nak pegi MELA that night to have dinner tp terlajak tido. Ended up we woke up around 3am, have maggie mee for supper while chatting with Faaz Naqi. Hihihi...

Okla, I better stop now before this entry becomes too lengthy and boring. Will update about day 4 & 5 combined. Banyak sangat entry pasal ni nnti boring plak korang kan. Hehehe. Oh ya, if you noticed, it was me on most of the photos. This is because, Fadzil had been to all museum during his previous trip, dia kata gambar dia kat all the places dh banyak. This time he went there as my personal tour guide.

Awak sangat sweet sayang, sbb sanggup pegi lagi tempat2 ni utk sekian kalinya.
Mmmuahs! love you a lot! :)

Till next entry...bye! :)


dyana "his other half" said...

FRAM museum tu sangat menarik bentuknya. tiba2 cd angan2 nak buat rumah bentuk triangle juga. ahahaha.

tak boring la cerita nadia. at least we can learn about norway. banyak benda yg cd dah belajar. hehe.

and the last pics. as usual la. cute couple :).

Aziati Wan Haron said...



untung u ada tourist guide kan??
tp semua tmpt u pergi mg bersejarah betul..sgt informative!

waiting for ur next entry..
* bila entry g shopp' complex plak ni??? ;)


Seriously Nadine, u dah leh jadi tour guide pulak lepas ni. Lengkap nyer cerita you. I loike!! :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Bentuk dia triangle sbb betul2 memuatkan kapal FRAM tu. Kalau mcm tu dlm rumah Cee D pun kena la bina sebuah kapal, br sama. Hihihi..

Thanks dear. You are so sweet :)

Awwwh, thanks again for the compliment. Nampaknya Nadia kena blanja Cee D chocolate la mcm nie. Hihi :)

Nadine said...


Hello :) Well, sort of. I went there to visit my hubby and celebrate first Ramadhan with him :)



Untung sgt!! Dahla FOC, extra, extra nice to me plak tu. Plg best, boleh dipeluk bila2 masa je. Hihihi..

I tak shopping bnyk sgt pun you, Norway is one of the most expensive country after Japan. Tp nnti I do a bit review about shopping in Oslo ok? :)

Nadine said...


Ye ke. Hmm, sape2 nak pegi Oslo pasni? Anyone need a tour guide. Do email me ok. Tapi dia package of 3. Amik satu tour guide it comes with a young boy and a man. Muahaha! :))

I boleh jadi tour guide sbb I got one abg ensem yg guided me kot. Hihi :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm going to Oslo soon. Was finding some info tru google and I landed here. Thanks a lot for all the info, really what am looking for. Please continue to write more on the interesting places there. BTW, how much is the Oslo pass cost you?

Nadine said...

Hello there, stranger :)

Thanks for dropping by my page. so glad that I can help you in a way. Yes,I plan to update the trip to 2 famous places: the Holmankollen ski jump & Vigeland Park in the next entry. Do drop by again k :)

The Oslo pass cost us NOK 230 each for the 24hours pass. You can buy 48hr pass and 72hr pass as well :)

kella said...

bertuah u nadine! teruja mendengar celoteh u n gambar2 yg sangat menarik! walaupun tak pernah pun jejak kaki ke negara orang, tapi rasa sangat gembira..actually tumpang gembira bg pihak u yg dah berjaya ke sana.. kenal tempat orang kan.. terima kasih sebab sudi berkongsi ya nad!

both of u are so sweeeeet...

i like..

Nadine said...


Yes, I'm thankful dear. Dah nak dkt umur 30an brla dpt merasa. Nadia plg jauh pun travel sblum ni, Brunei. Itupun kira balik kg sbb pegi melawat sedara mara blah mak. Kali ni rezeki Nadia, sape tau esok lusa Kella pulak kan? :) Thanks Kella..

Awwwwh, thanks for your kind words.
You are sweet too! :)

Mimy Hamid said...

perfect vaccay....suka sgt explanation....at least tak pegi dapat gak tgk..huhuh...

Nadine said...

Thanks Mimy. Takpe, nnti you nak pegi honeymoon kan? Mesti sgt best, jgn lupa update lepas tu tau :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Nadia..tk boring lgsg izu baca..izu mmg suka tgk tpt2 org! tk sbr tgu next n3 tau..!:)

Hey, i noticed the love pendant that u kept Faaz pic inside..lovely, besar plak tu..loike it. bli kt mn eh? izu ada yg kecik punyer, isham bg mse bchenta dlu..msh ada lg dgn gmbr ktrg side by side..hihihi.

Nadine said...

Izu ni sweet lah :)

Hihi, kebetulan Nadia br post gamba love pendant tu kat next entry. Wah iye ke..romanticnya!! :) Nadia beli kat forever21. Ada gold/silver color. Nadia suka beli accessories kat sana. Cun2. :) Oh ye ke, Nadia masa pegi tu letak gamba Faaz jer, dah balik br letak gamba Fadzil kat sblah tu. Masa nak pegi tu tak sempat. Hihi