Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Europe Diary: Day 5 & 6 - Alone

Like I mentioned previously, Fadzil took a day off on my arrival day. Plus the weekend, we had 3 days to ourselves for honeymoon and visiting places. Monday soon came, and it was time for me to explore Oslo..all by myself :)

For a first timer, of course I was extremely nervous and worried. I kept on thinking on how I'm gonna survived 8 hours alone for two days. And, paling gerun my flight back to Malaysia was scheduled at 1.55pm on Wednesday; which means, nobody will send me to the airport :(

However, my perception changed after the first day I stayed at Oslo. Among the reasons that made me feel a lot more relieved was the atmosphere and surrounding here. From my point of view, Oslo is a safe city. No people loitering around, no street beggar. People here are very welcoming and helpful. There's one situation we had when we arrived at a subway station near Frognerparken. We we're a bit confused when we went up the street, wondering should we take the right turn or the left turn to go to Vigeland Park. As we opened our map, a guy who were walking with his family approached us politely. He asked us whether we were ok and do we need the direction to the destination we're heading. We told him that we were fine (since we don't want to bother him and his family), but he asked us the same question twice. To make the story short, he then left his family for a while and lead us the way to Vigeland Park. It was so nice of him! :)

Another reason that made me confident to go out alone is the hotel that we stayed is situated at a very strategic location. If I were too afraid to walk far, I still can enjoyed a lot of things within my 1km radius. Shopping? Cafe? Historical Building? Parks? you named it. The public transport is also very convenient to use. All are interconnected to each other. Three days traveling with Fadzil by buses, trams and trains were enough exercise for me :)

Can you spot Fadzil standing inside the bus?

On Monday morning, after breakfast together at the hotel, I sent Fadzil to the bus stop in front of the National Theater. I went back straight to the hotel afterward since it was drizzling and its kinda cold. I tried to get some sleep but couldn't so decided to watch movies via the youtube. Here, the internet speed is much more higher than us in Malaysia, you can watch the clips without having to wait for it to download first. I managed to cover few Malay movies - Pisau Cukur, Semerah Cinta Stilettos, Adnan Sempit and Papadom
(FYI, Fadzil dislike Malay movies so I am totally outdated when it comes this). It was noon when I became bored of staying in so I decided to do what I love to do - S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G! hihihi.. :)

muka org yg excited nak pegi shopping :P

The first destination was Zara Boutique since it was just about 200m from my hotel and to find the answer to my curiosity. Since the first day I stayed in Karl Johans Gate, each time I passed by Zara, I will see a lot of people coming in and out of the boutique with at least one Zara paper bag in their hands. I was curious, but just don't feel like going inside. Even Fadzil did asked me the same question everyday; "Bila you nak masuk Zara, yang?" (Rasa macam dia tengah uji pun ade juga..haha) Maybe because things are very, very expensive in Norway, I was thinking even with the Summer sale it will still be expensive than the Megasale in Malaysia. Kalau masuk tak dpt beli tak best kan, the feeling? Initially I don't want to get hurt..eceh :P but thinking that I will be back home soon, baik jejak kaki, at least once. So I went inside without any expectation..

Miss Zara from far..

First, I went to the ladies section. Quite a crowd. I found a nice white top, more like a boyfriend shirt. I took it and took a closer look at the price tag;

Ori price: NOK 299,00 and sale price NOK99,00!!

I just couldn't believed my eyes. I stared again at the tag while my head computing the price in MYR. "Yup, its MYR 49.50 after sale!!!". Felt like jumping with excitement masa tu jugak. Haha. As far as I've been to Zara, I never get this price for a long sleeve boyfriend shirt! No wonder people keep on coming in and out of Zara. It was damn cheap! I put back the top, and went straight to Zara Baby section. I almost go crazy when I saw the price tags again. Denim shorts for Faaz only cost me NOK 49,00 (MYR 24.90) and short checkered pants cost me NOK 29,00 (MYR 14.90!!). Baby shoes and sneakers are selling at NOK 79,00 (MYR 39.90) and the t-shirts ranging from MYR 14.90 to MYR25!! The mood to shop came instantly so I shopped a bit for little munchkin. I didn't realized how long I was there till Fadzil texted me and informed me to get ready. His boss wanted to take us out to Holmenkollen. Upsie! :P Luckily the hotel is really near. Quickly I rushed back and get ready.

It was nice of Fadzil's boss and his partner to pick me up at the hotel after work and drove us to visit the famous Holmenkollen ski jump. It was a new experience for me to be on top of the ski jump. The panoramic view was breathtaking. Paling best, to get there, kena naik 90degrees triangle lift. Then, the sweet couple treated us to dine at Holmenkollen Restaurant, a top end restaurant there. We had a scandinavian-inspired fish dishes with its famous apple cake as the dessert. Nyummy! Sempat I jeling the bill, harganya mencecah RM 900++! wow! it was so generous of them :)

was having my own sweet time..

The following day, I decided to go to Oslofjord bay. I wanted to visit the Akershus Fortress and Akershus Slott (castle) as it's the only place left to visit before I went back to Malaysia. Since I carried the tripod with me (semangat nak ambil gambar, muahaha!) and wanted to save my energy to climb on top of the Akershus hill, I took the tram. It was really sunny when I arrived so I took my own sweet time to climb the hill, and tooks photos in between, when I saw nice scenery :) Actually, you can go for a tour inside the castle including visiting the royal tomb, it cost you NOK 80,00 (MYR40). But I decided to skip that as I felt I had enough tour own my own plus I was too lazy to wait for the next tour session.

The Aker Brygge Shopping Mall

H&M outlet

I went down again and headed to Aker Brygge Shopping Mall; to shop again. Hihihi..This time I went to H&M. For those who didn't know, H&M is very popular brand in Europe, and they have about the same concept as M&S. In Oslo itself, you can find H&M outlet almost in every street. I fall in love with the accessories in the woman's section especially the scarfs and the bangles. They have a wide range of crumpled scarfs which are now popular in our country too. The clothes, however still expensive although with the discounts. Of course my main destination was the kid's section. Here, the sale was much cheaper compared to the adult's. Colorful and cute t-shirts 2 for the price of 1 which only cost you NOK49,00 (MYR24.90). But the main attraction for me were the cute sleepwear. Although it was slightly expensive (NOK 99,00 = MYR 49.50), I just couldn't resist the temptation and bought few for Faaz Naqi. You cannot find the same design in Malaysia and I afraid that kalau tak beli, menyesal pulak nanti :P

I decided to skip the tram and walked slowly back to Karl Johans Gate. I wanted to explore more outlets and boutiques along the way since that was the last day of my stay in Oslo. Among the boutiques that I've visited including LV, Karen Miller, UCB, and Ferragamo. Didn't buy anything but just to see the collections and compared the prices. As expected, it's still expensive when you convert it to MYR... I also went to few souvenir shops along the way to buy some souvenirs for close family, but I didn't shop much as it was quite costly. The cheapest fridge magnet cost you RM35 each or 3 for RM100. Moreover, Fadzil had bought some souvenirs from his 2 previous visit which is more than enough for us. I want to save some $$ to buy souvenir at Amsterdam instead.

The souvenir shop..trolls are among the popular icon of Norge besides the vikings and the muse.

As I was about to reach the hotel, I was quite puzzled to see a big crowd of children with bike along the street in front of the hotel. Apparently, they were launching the Oslo Grand Prix in front of University of Oslo. The launching will started with the kids of Oslo riding the bikes followed by the contestants. I was told that the famous Neil Amstrong was also presence there. The children that took part in this event were as young as 1 year old, and they look very confident even in their tricycle, soooooo cute!! I just cant help myself from grinning and smiling when I looked at their expressions.
Among the crowd, this one particular boy caught my attention the most. Somehow, he reminded me of Faaz Naqi...maybe its the puffy cheek :) After the launching, I made a pit stop to Zara again and to bought the tops I've been eyeing the previous day. Thanks to Mr. Fadzil for the sponsorship. Hihihi..then, I quickly made my way back to the hotel and get ready for dinner.

The 427 contestant, my personal favourite! ;)

That night, the CAD team have their group dinner and I was invited to join. We had our dinner at Mehfel, one of the finest halal restaurant in Oslo. Alhamdulillah, 2 days in a row orang belanja. Rezeki.. :) That night was also the eve of Ramadhan, the last night of my stay in Oslo.

That was how I spent the two days alone in Oslo and this entry also wrapped up my story in the land of Scandinavian. Alhamdulillah, I was blessed with this opportunity. Hopefully someday I can have a nice holiday abroad with my family, insyaAllah jika ada rezeki nanti. Doa-doakanlah ya :)


dyana "his other half" said...

yeay, dah ada update. i was bored sebab mood nak balik penang sudah tiba. hehe.

murahnya short2 and baju2 faaz kat sana. mmg patut beli pun. rugi kalau tak beli. best la faaz this year. baju raya from oslo :).

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Weee..part shopping plg best!! murah2 jgk ye Zara kids tu..untungnya Faaz..klu izu pn sure rambang mata bli bju gurgals..hehe..n yep H&M mmg femes kt Europe dear. tingat masa shop kt H&M Venice dlu..:)

Nway, 247 contestant tu mmg ada psamaan dgn Faaz la esp tang puffy cheeknya cute kn ank2 mat salleh ni..chubby2..geram tgk! patu mata biru..wah..hehe...

BTW, all pics are nice. loike them..i.Allah all of you ada peluang nk bcuti2 oversea lg. amin. doakn kmi jge ye, sbb mmg love traveling so much! hehe.

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Hihi, I understand ur eagerness. Nanti kim salam kat mama Cee D yer :)

Suprisingly murah. Mcm tak percaya pun yer. One of my friend ckp maybe they were finishing off the summer outfit sbb dh nak masuk spring n winter. tu sbb murah. make sense jugak since most of the clothes yg murah sume yg lengan/sluar pendek.

Wpun baju raya Faaz dr Oslo, tp I'm sure baju raya Hadif lagi mahal kan? Faaz punye harga sale je. hehe..

Nadine said...


Yes dear, SGT rambang mata. Yg girls jgn ckpla kan, dgn dressesnya, leggingsnya, skirts nye..grrr, geram ok!! Nadia pun lama jer kat Zara tu sbb duk pilih2 jugak. Rasa mcm ambil bnyk sgt takut Fadzil balik dr keja pengsan plak tgk bnyk sgt. Hihihi..

Ic, ic. Bestlah H&M tu Izu. Nadia br first time tau :) Mcm accessories dia jual dlm bundle2, kalau convert mmg murahla. Scarf mahal sket tp cun2. lagi satu, lupa nk mentioned, leggings utk ladies, OMG, se-cute budak2 punye izu, RM30 je pulak each! hihi..

Ha'ah Izu, geram sgt tgk dia. Nadia dh usha dr sblum dia masuk track lagi. Rasa nak pegi dkt nak ambil gamba sama2 tp Nadia malu la pulak. muahaha! diaorg mcm anak patung kan?! :)

Thanks Izu, Aminn utk Izu jugak..rasanya Izu tak lama lagila tu, Isham kan nak gi UK nnti. bestnya!

Anonymous said...

I tak pernah masuk lg ZARA kat sini walau pun time 75% sale...
orang kata memang murah bila sale, tapi i ni ada sikit gen kedekut.. heheheh. Beli kat H&M ajelah..

mommaholicSURI said...

Owh syoknyer Faaz. Dapat baaaaanyak baju from Oslo ek. :) Kalau i jadi u pun, dengan harga and brand macam tu.. confirm borong punya. Mana nak dapat selalu, kan? hihi :)

wah! contestant no 427 mmg sangat comei. No wonder he reminded you to Faaz Naqi yang pipi gebu tu. hihihi.

I rasakan Nadine, your entries on the Oslo trip mmg very very good untuk those who going to visit oslo in future jadikan panduan tau. Sangat2 informative!! :)

sarah said...

gee...mmg best shopping kat zara sana..i and my friends terlalu bnyak shopping kat zara and H&M (esp time summer sale) smpai time nak tukar2 lauk pn pakai plastik zara and H&M..haha berlambak2. tp kat KL i dh xbeli pn zara..mahal! kat sana, sehelai dlm rm30-6o je plg mahal pun..mknan kat market lagi mahal.huhu miss la nak shop mcm tu lagi.. :(

Nadine said...


Oh ye ke. Satu hari cubalah masuk tinjau2 macam I. Mana tau tersangkut jugak. Hihihi.. :)

Haritu compare, harga kat H&M slightly expensive then Zara. Tak taula sama ke tak kat sana.

Nadine said...


Betul tu. And for the first time Fadzil really encouraged me to "borong". Hahaha..yela, compared the prices kat M'sia, baju local brand lagi mahal kot. But I was so eager to shop for Faaz that I dont really shop for myself. so sweet of Fadzil bikin surprise masa dia balik later on, he bought me another top from Zara. Okla dpt sepasang dua :)

Awwwh, thanks for ur kind words. Would be nice if anyone can get a tip of two out of these entries :)

Nadine said...


Waaaa, I boleh bayangkan betapa penuhnya tangan you bawak paperbag Zara and H&M masa shopping. I saw quite a number of ladies mcm tu jugak kat sana. Tu yang sblum I singgah I was really curious, mmg sgt murah ke. Hihi..

Haha, yes I agree with the prices punye comparison tu. Even the famous Swiss ice-ream tu (ape eh nama dia lupa dh..) pun lagi mahal dr harga 2 pants Faaz. Hihi..

kella said...

seronok dapat baca smua ni, even coreten u ni panjang nadia, tapi still i nak baca n terus baca! i like! :)

oh.. yg dalam bas tu fadzil mungkin yg tengah berdiri di sebelah kiri sekali ya? betul ke? hehehe teka aje.. kalau betul dpt adiah tak? hehehe.. just kiddin! :D

waaaahh... im quite surprised dengan harga2 yg u mentioned tu! mcm sangat murah? mmg murah ler.. best ler faaz dpt bju dr overseass.. mommy mesti dh pilih yg cantik cantik... hmmmmm luckly faaz..
tapi mmg betul la nad, no 427 tu persis faaz laaa.. kan? hehehe.. lg btambah rindu u pdnya! :) takecare..

RuZaNNa said...

Dear.. why didn't you try your luck as well kat LV? mana tau die jual murah mcm Zara.. if not, sure dah bawak balik sebijik.. heheheh.. anyway, that's a real good bargin you found at Zara.. i've never bought anything from zara in m'sia sbb mahal sgt.. tak mampu.. huuhuu..
Anyway, 1 thing that i really like travelling in europe is to see the children.. kanak2 kat sna sungguh comel ok!!.. dulu masa i was in sweden adn finland, i just couldn't take my eyes of the kids.. especially this ones with clear blue eyes, blond curls.. oh comellll!!.. i told ikhwan that kalaau pregnant lagi nak pergi europe.. nak tgk the cute kids.. mana tau terberkenan, dpt la seorg iras2.. heheh..

Thara said...

eh babe, baiknya org dkt situ! siap tolong u tunjukkan jalan and all! ive always thought westerners tak suka asians. nak nak lagi yang mcm kita ni yang berhijab. sangkaan i meleset sama skali!

oooh babeeee! i naik gila baca ur entry part baby apparels price tu! especially the ones in zara tu! why laaaaaaaa u tak roger dkt FB ke apa. bole i kirimkan duit nak pesan juge! grrrr. :P

glad to hear u had a blast there. and yep ure right. that chubby boy mmg ada ala-ala faaz! oh hey, dok beli brg utk faaz je, what did YOU get for YOURSELF? :D

Nadine said...


Kalaula LV jual murah mcm Zara, mau lebih dr satu I beli. Hehehe. I masuk boutique LV tu, tp cuci mata je la. Price wise kalau convert about the same ngan M'sia tp design dia baru2. Geram jer tgk..hihi.I slama ni kalau masuk Zara mmg time sale jer you. Time tak sale takdenya. Tu yg first few days mcm mls nak masuk Zara, I thought harga dia lagi mahal eventho tgh sale, rupa2nya tak..

Waaa, you dh pernah pegi Sweden n Finland? Bestnya! I slalu berangan nak pegi Stockholm sbb nak melawat office I punye main branch. Colleagues yg pegi kata office sana cantik n futuristic. Tp tula, bila kena pegi utk buat assignment, takmo. Nak pegi melawat jer. Hehehe :P

Hihi, oh yes, I dulu ngandung Faaz mmg tgk gamba anak mat salleh mata biru yg comel je ari2. but no luck lah, Faaz cuma cerah skeeeet je dr parents dia yg malap ni. Hahaha! :))

Nadine said...


Tempat lain I tak sure but people of Oslo lagi peramah dr M'sian! Feel so welcomed there. I guess sbb sana bnyk expat. And they even have a big Islam community kat Gronland (mcm small Islamic town with mosque). Sana mmg ramai Arabs, Pakistani, Indians and Africans duduk. Twice I met Norwegians yg terus ckp their language kat I sbb diaorg ingat I local. Bila I ckp I can only speak English br diaorg sedar I tourist :)

Oh, I'm so sorry babe. Masa tu I ade gak terpk nak tnya kot sape2 nak kirim, tp bila I chat with Nuurill and my bestie I tanya nak kirim pape, both ckp issokay. So I thot nobody else interested lah. Takpe2, next Fadzil trip to Oslo, I akan kirim bnyk2 kt dia..

Since sana murah2 kan sales dia, OMG the queue kat changing room panjang giler. Naik mls plak I nak shop for myself. Some of the ladies yg mls nak queue, slumber je tukar dpn cermin2 besar kat situ. Haha, terkejut jap acik :P In the end, I bought a bf shirt for myself and when Fadzil came back later, he bought me another top as surprised. Tu je la rembatan utk I dr Zara. hihi..

Diyana Didie said...

hubby akak kerja sana senang lah nak pegi sana lagi..lepas nie pegi tmpt lain from kata tiket sgt murah. nie last entry ke kak?? ada lg kan? Amsterdam?

Nadine said...


Yup true. the company he's working with is a Norwegian based oil & gas company. pernah dgr AkerSolutions? :)

Ticket varies by days and season. Time summer agak mahal compared to winter. Ye la, x ramai org nak pegi sana time winter cuz its temp easily reached -21deg celc. Org sana pun ramai lari to Asia time tu :)

Akak stop dulu la dik..takut org busan. Hihi. But I'll definitely blog about Amsterdam sbb sudah jatuh chenta kat sana. Wished I can go there with my fam for a holiday! :)

Mimy Hamid said...

i like your journey terasa macam i pulak ada kat oslo..heeh

Nadine said...

:) thanks Mimy, glad u enjoy reading my lengthy story. Hihi..

Anonymous said...

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