Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Got Curve?

Ok, not this curve...

but this curve... :)

Most ladies having problem with the lower part of the body after pregnancy, especially the thigh and the bum. And I am one of them :P I feel my butt is waaaaaaay bigger than before, and I'm sure it IS the fact not simply "feeling" cause sometimes, Fadzil do joke about it..huwaaaa (T_T). That is why I enrolled myself into the aerobics and pilates class, konon-konon to get the hourglass curve rather than apple or pear curvy body :P Tinggi kan angan-angan saya? muahaha! :))

I still remember, when Faaz was 5 to 6 months (when I was chubbier), I wanted to buy a new pair of jeans but I couldn't find one due to a problem; the waist tends to gap in the back. I'm pretty sure it's due to my big bum...arghhhh!

I never knew that Levi's jeans cater for this type of problem until recently I went to their outlet and this banner captured my attention. Hmm, just wondering, does this range really solve the problems for curvy ladies?



owh dear..I mmg faced this -lower part problem since ever..b'coz of my hip and butt..
and yet it getting worst when I delivered Adam..
Levis is no longer my choice since I never suit well with all their cutting even before pun - still remember the only suit me last time is 505 (which is unisex - OMG!!)

still remember last year when I went to CK looking for the suitable jeans.."sorry we dont have that size "tett!!!!-- CK banned!!

and finally,I found my suitable jeans coincidently at GAP!
which I love so much right now..
suit with my figure and yet at cheaper price compare to others!

have a try for this cutting dear!

Nadine said...


I guess we Malay ladies mmg prone to this kind of problem kot eh? huhu...

Oh GAP, yes I heard they have the jeans for curvy body too. I never tried GAP before. Selesa jugak yer? I managed to fit back into all my old jeans, cuma wondering yg curvy collection ni ok ke tak. In case I jadi chubby balik (rasa mcm dh naik 2-3kilo jer nie :D) I'll definitely go to GAP. Thanks for the info :)

Mmg dr dulu I wear Levi's. So dh used to it. It's ok to wear unisex jeans dear. In fact, my first jeans was my abah's 1978 levi's orange tab tau (betapa kurusnya abah I kan?!) I just trim the end part to suit my height n walla, I have a vintage faded jeans. Sampai skang pun elok je jeans tu. Levi's denim mmg tahan lama :)

faisyura said...

huhu.. i have both curve... yg first tu best, yang second tu hate it amat sgt... i face the same problem too bile beli jeans.. mmg down terus mood nk shopping... maybe i should go try this too... skg ni ESPRIT jeans je fit me well... tatau apesal.. kurang alert la type ape tp mmg ngam.. bile nak beli lain, hehe tak ngam dah... lame dah actually tinggalkan dunia levi's... *sedihhhh*

dyana "his other half" said...

oh I have the first curve. hehe. tp company punya la. the 2nd curve tu maybe boleh try. never knew they have that kind of jeans. and i have the same problem too dear. bukan after bersalin hadif je. sedari time anak dara lagi. hehe. based on ur picture, i guess im gonna need the bold curve. hehe.

RuZaNNa said...

This is good info.. kebetulan i pun tgh nak carik jeans baru.. tp most of the jeans kat sini low waist.. itu i tak suka.. sbb nnt nampak perut ku yg boroi ini bila duduk.. heheheh..
Nak pergi check out levi's and gap lah camni.. hhehe
Thanks nadine & nadia!


Yes yes yes.. try GAP.. sebab byk yg x low waist.. especially untuk orang yg macam i.. yg banyak 'packs' terlebih ni.. muahahahaha..

Satu lagi.. cuba try Zara. i have bought 3, 1 of them skinny jeans and it can cater my excessive body well so far. hehe :)

By the way Nadine, love this entry. I dah berkurun x visit Levi's. mana tau memang ade yg sesuai untuk i.. hihiihi. :)

Nadine said...


Jangan sedih2 dear. Banyak lagi jeans yg suitable for curvy ladies. Nadia pun baru tau ni haaa. :)

p.s: esprit ade jeans eh. nadia tak tau pun *blush*

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Sime Darby bagi jeans kat staff?? giler cool! Nadia tau slalu company bg t-shirt jer. Untungnya Cee D :)

Nadia pun rasa Nadia kena amik bold curve tu bila badan naik lagi, Cee D. Sbb masa Nadia nak cari jeans dulu tu ituler problemnya bila Nadia tried on the jeans. tu yg tak jadi beli tu :D

Nadine said...

Nampaknya ramai dh promote GAP. Harus pegi check it out nie. :)

Wah Mea, u ade 3 pairs of Zara jeans? Mmg peminat tegar Zara nie :) I kalau pegi Zara beli tops jer. Pants tak pernah try lagi..how's the price range like? Is it mcm std Guess jeans or like CK?

Nadine said...


Betul, betul, betul. I pun tak suka low waist cut, but its widely available in the market. Mmg tak support perut. Rasa longgar je perut tu (if u know what i mean). hehe..And lagi satu, kalau pakai baju tak brape nak labuh, angkat tangan sket dh terselak..huhu.

Happy shopping dear! whichever u buy nnti let me know yg mana best pakai k ;)

dyana "his other half" said...

oh No-No bukan the first jeans curve tu. the Blackberry curve i meant. hehe. sorry2. tersalah paham lak.


Muahahahahaha... Zara i memang suka nak mati. :p Zara baby and kids pun. U dah pernah try masuk kat OU.. pun i gilerr bila masuk.. haha..

Price dia x mahal macam Guess or Ck u.. it's 190 ke 400... i beli tiga2 tu yg 190 and 250 each.. :) berbaloi-baloi!!!!! :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Oooooooh ok. Upsie, sorry Nadia salah paham :"> Eh eh, itu lg best tu! So skang CD on BB la yer :)



Hahaha..ic. Pernah dear. Bought few leggings n dress for my nieces :) Ini kalau Oman dpt adik gugurl mesti you pegi borong kat sana kan? kan? Hihi.. :D

Oh ye ke, that is quite reasonable. About the same price as Levi's jugak. Nanti kalau Zara sale bleh la I pegi cuci2 mata dulu. thanks dear for the info :)

Thara said...

hey, this is a good entry! finally, someone addresses the same issue im dealing with! hahaha.

my hips and butts mmg bermasalah dari duluuuu lagi! sometimes, tak bole masuk. sometimes, bila dah bole masuk, pinggang pulak longgar! in the end, kena pakai belt, but it wont have the same nice effect anymore! pastu sekarang, lepas dah bersalin, lagi lah! grrr geram ok.

thats why i dont usually wear jeans. jeans make my legs look larger somehow, i dunno why. levi's dont cater my size, obviously. thats why this entry catches my attention. betol ke ni u? any outlets ada jeans this type?

Nadine said...


Don't worry dear. U are not aloonee *in MJ tune* hihihi... :)

I know what u mean, I faced the same problem too bila pakai certain jeans. Pakai belt not helping at all, make it less smooth kn. Tp u tgh diet...Im sure soon u can fit nicely into any jeans soon. go Thara, go! ;)

my nature of works require me to wear jeans especially the first three years of working dulu. Almost everyday pegi keja pakai jeans sbb I kena panjat comm tower, site survey & pegi buat drive test. So jeans mmg dh sebati ngan I..cewah :P

A'ah betul. Apparently this range is in the market since February this year. The sales asst tu suh I cuba tp masa tu I tgh bz layan Faaz so mcm malas nak try2. If u happen to go shopping singgah2la any Levi's store n cuba. Takpun leh gi GAP or Zara as suggested by the hot mommies up there :)

Anonymous said...

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