Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sneak Peek: The Small Crib

If you are an ardent reader of my blog, I am sure you remember my "house hunting" activity in 2009. After these two post, we actually put the activity on hold for a while due to several reasons. One of it was due to the location. The company that Fadzil is working with finally decided NOT to move to Cyberjaya (*sob*), thus we need to think again of a strategic location so that Fadzil can travel easily to the heart of KL city while I can travel easily towards the South...

After deep thinking and a series of discussions, me and Fadzil finally came to a decision; to buy a house for investment. I think that was the best decision we had came out with since at that time, we can't really decide on the location and we afraid, the longer we wait, the higher the price of the properties shoot up (It was true indeed!). Furthermore, Faaz was still a baby and living with the parents gives us the advantage in terms of his well being and his daycare.

We gone through the "house hunting" activity again, but this time it was a lot more easier since we know what we want :). Alhamdulillah, soon we found the crib we were looking for and within our budget. PH is still our preference since the rental price here is very competitive (this is very, very important factor for investment ;)). After going through a long process of buying the house, it was finally ours. Straight away after we got the keys, the house was rented. However, the previous tenant decided to move out a week before fasting. That is why we were busy on Ramadhan weekends, cleaning the house and meet ups with the future tenants (sampai persiapan raya pun last minute :P).

OTW to PH...
Faaz insisted that we buckle on the seat belt for him since the Civic doesnt have a car seat.
Good boy! ;)

When we first bought the house, Faaz Naqi was still a baby who did not understand what was going on. Since he is now bigger, we decided to bring him as well to the house on one of the session...just to see his reaction. And..for the first time, here's the sneek peek of our small crib, which we kept a secret for quite sometime :)

It is a small house with a bit of extra land. Enough for Faaz Naqi to run and play, if we decided to move in one day.
The outside..

The house has been renovated, with kitchen cabinets and plaster ceiling in the living room, dining room as well as the kitchen...quite a good deal for the price we've paid and quite nice for a small house. Alhamdulillah :)

The inside..

Faaz Naqi love the house! He ran everywhere, going up and down the stairs. That explained his presence in most of the photos I took :P

What made him more excited was the fact that the house is situated just across the playground. Hihi..I guess if we moved in, memang hari-hari ke playground lah dia. Confirm! :P

The view from a window upstairs: the field and the playground.

Faaz @ the playground. Happy! :)

When we came back to USJ home, Faaz proudly said to his grandparents that he went "to see Ash house". When being asked where is his house, he'll say "Putta Haits!" Hihihi..cute! :)

After seeing how much he loves the house, we felt like move in to the house terus pulak. Apetah lagi lately we've been to quite a number of housewarmings by friends. Teringin nak duduk sendiri. However, since the house is now tenanted again, we have another year to decide. In the meantime, we'll try our best to save as much as we could. We plan to change the outer look of the house to a more modern look if we were to move in. Fadzil himself has started to work on it. I must say the sketches he made via Google Sketch is very impressive. Keep up the good work sayang! ;) In the meantime, a LOT of saving is required. Cause to make our dream a reality..a LOT of $$$$ involved! huuuhuuu! Oh ya, we just received a good news from our agent last week: the current price of this house now has increased to 70K in less than a year! Alhamdulillah...nasib baik dah beli awal2. Legaaa :)

"Ya Allah, smoga Engkau murahkan rezeki kami dgn rezeki yang halal dan permudahkanlah semua urusan rumah ini. Tunjukkanlah dan berikanlah kami yang terbaik untuk kami wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Berkuasa. Ameen."


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wow dear!! ur house is so big ok!! i loikee...spacious in n out..:) I loike the kitchen cabinet as well! spacious too, cantik, neat, mcm style dapur org US lah. ;) Wah..klu Izu pn tk sbr nk pdah dah..;p but tk ur time...no pressure.hihi.

Psstt u all bli scnd hand house eh? i thot PH sume projek perumahan baru..apalah izu ni..:D BTW, yg ptg landed property kn..puas hati..rumah pn bsr..i'm sure kawasan situ pon strategic, esp part bdepan ngan playground tu..;p konfem Faaz ptg2 kt situ..hehe..

Well, congrats k! bsyukur ada rumah seniri kn..sbb rumah makin lama makin mahal. Izu doakan yg terbaik utk u all..nti dh pdh jgn lupe jmpt ktrg dtg k!:D

p.s ur house compound besar, sure puas hati bler wat landscape nti. tnt cantik! all the best, dear. ^_^

dyana "his other half" said...

small crib apanya ni. besar la ni. siap ada laman lagi untuk faaz run here n there. at last dapat juga tgk "ash house" :).

memang betul la it's good price that u get after seeing ur picture. siap ada playground lagi depan rumah tu. memang berbaloi-baloi. rasa cam nak berjiran pula. ahahaha.

Nadine said...


Huwaaa..rumah Nadia kecik je Izu. Serius! Dalam entry tu itself ade 3-4x Nadia tulis "small". Dalam gambar je nampak besar dear. Hakikatnya mmg takleh nak banding dgn luasnya rumah Izu tau :) Itula, kitaorg kira untungla jugak masa beli dh lengkap semua. Cuma ingat kalau pindah nanti pintu cabinet tu nak tukar to more modern pattern/color mcm dapur izu yg modern looking tu ;)

A'ah Izu. We go for it since initially the purpose kitaorg beli rumah ni utk disewakan. This one about 5 years old, among the early phase in PH. Sayang rasanya beli rumah baru n sewakan.Kalau rumah baru kitaorg duduk terus kot :P hihihi.

Betul Izu, glad we made d decision. At least we have our own property dh. House price skang, masyaallah, tak terkejar rasanya kalau nak cari rumah impian. Thanks dear, Insyaallah...nnti kalau kitaorg beli rumah utk duduk, atau pindah je rumah yg ade ni you are among the first to be invited ;)

p.s: :) tula, bila tgk tu mcm2 idea je nak buat. tp kena simpan dulu la..hihi

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Ni lagi sorang tau. Small la Cee D..sbb ade tanah sket tu yg nmpk cam luas. Nadia rasa rumah Cee D lagi besar la. Dahla rumah baru. Tak sabar nak tunggu Cee D pindah, kitaorg nak dtg tengok :D

Hihi, itula. Rezeki Faaz. Takpe, kalau Faaz jadi pindah masuk rumah ni in the future, Hadif is welcome to come over to play together2 ok. Tp tula..bila Cee D pindah rumah baru nanti, kitaorg dh hilang jiran kat USJ nie *sob*


Betullah Nadine...luas lah tu..sgt2 tau!dapur aje same size my living room...wuhaaa!!!
n laman dia pun best tau..puas nak main kejar2 ngan Faaz..
how much u bought at that time..bagus u n Fadzil muda2 dah buat investment..(muda lagik ke kita u??)

dah ada tenant?kalau tak bg I sewalah..dekat aje nk g proton kan from PH...hehehe ;)

last but not least..cutenye Faaz..tgk last picture Faaz, yg berdiri tu..cekcilah Faaz..guwamm..!!

Thara said...

hey, we are in the same boat! i pon skarang ni tgh dok busy survey house bcoz we've decided to stop renting the house we're renting now. membazir lah kan each month bayar pada tuan rumah and in the end, that house isnt even ours! pasal tu yang skarang my hubs and i tgh gigih mencari rumah in Sunway (i LOVE sunway) that is within our means! :)

ur house looks really spacious! ure so lucky to have bought a corner lot house! u can do a lot more with a corner lot house pasal bole extend2 lagi kan! ;) thats why i heran -- kenape u sewa kan rumah ni, nadine? kenape tak stay in this house je?

mommaholicSURI said...

wau weeee!!! I can picture that when you moved in to that house later, every evening that cute little boy musti tarik tangan mommy dia nak main kat playground kan. And the residential looks tenang and aman. Nak jogging or budak-budak main beskal pun macam best kan.

What a strategic house u have, dear. I bet with a good price too. Pandai invest korang nih!! :)

Nadine said...


Ala, jangan la bandingkan rumah I ngan ur apartment. Mmgla nampak besar you. Tp for a house, mine is considered small. Cuma tula, ade tanah sket nampakla luas :)

Masa I beli, harga dia RM350K. Now market price for my house dh cecah RM425K. PH harga rumah cpt naik you. Tu sbbnya kitaorg tak terbeli rumah yg betul2 kitaorg berkenan sbnarnya. The price went up from 450K to 650K. Tak terkejar kitaorg! :P

Itula, since we are still staying with d parents we think investment is something good for us. Oh my, mmg kita dh tak brape nak muda lagi dh ni..esp I hokey, January is coming soon. Huhuhu...

Owh dh dear. Alhamdulillah, sana mmg senang cr tenant. Ramai yg view sampai we pening to chose. Last2 sape pay booking fee first we terima. Seminggu pas raya new tenant dh masuk :) You nak sewa abis rumah you yg cantik tu cemana?

Hihihi, sluar tu jersi type. Tu yg nampak sexy sket tu :))

Nadine said...


Happy surveying dear. I dh selamat menempuh fasa yg sungguh mencabar tu. Hihi. We've been searching for a house to buy last year lagi when the price of the house turun. Yes, I agree with u. Drpd menyewa baik beli b'cuz there's not much difference in terms of payment. Mcm my house, if the tenant pay extra RM200, dh sama amount ape yg we pay to the bank monthly tau.

Owh ic..yela dh serasi kan. Like us too, dh duk USJ, sblah taipan lagi, mmg love the area cuz everything dkt. but houses in USJ has been there for quite sometime, and the price dh matang. With the same price kat USJ can get a bigger n newer house in PH. The rental price plak almost the same. That's why we chose PH :)

Thanks babe. But mine is not corner lot, end lot jer :) Maybe from the camera angle it looks wider. Tp bolehla kalau nak extend a bit. Mmg most of the end lot there diaorg extend lagi to make the living room bigger.

Hihi, I tak duduk this house because we still living with the parents. Fadzil is the youngest in the family. So if we move out terus sunyi la parents dia..inipun after two years married br dpt greenlite beli rumah sendiri. Hihi. In the meantime, sewakan for a year or two will give us enough saving to makeover d house and buy the furniture once we decided to move in.

Oh btw, if u need some tips in buying a property, do visit my previous entry:

or u can always contact me. I'm more than happy to share with you. Good luck, babe ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, itu semestinya I guess. Alangkan now days kalau I balik awal je Faaz dh tunggu I dpn pintu rumah and insist I bring him to the playground. Selagi tak kata yes takde chance yer nak masuk rumah. Sampaikan ade skali tu we met aunty Fadzil kat playground dia siap tegur I sbb bawak handbag skali. What to do, nak masuk rumah pun tak sempat :P

Alhamdulillah dear, so far nampak mcm tenang. Only few metres from the house ade Musolla. Masa we clean the house during Ramadhan, mmg dgr ceramah free je dr sana sbb clear. Rasa tenang jer. Harap2 kalau pindah sana dptla slalu berjemaah kat sana :)

Thanks dear. Kitaorg br blajar2 pasal investment nih, masih menuntut dr papa Fadzil. You guys pun sudah ade investment through fotofanartics. Own business, own studio.. That's a big achievement! :)

RuZaNNa said...

Nadine.. i ada bg comment earlier.. tp rasa cam comment i hilang ajee..

Anyway.. seriously.. this you ckp small house? kalau mcm tuh.. rumah i sekangkang kera aje la kot.. hehehe.. love a house yg ada garden on the side.. like you said la.. senang anak2 nak main nnt..

Lucky you that you're able to buy an asset for investment.. kitaorg beli rumah sendiri pun still terkedek2 nak bayar.. huu huu.. tp jgn lama2 sgt tunggu nak beli rumah sendiri.. as the feel duduk sendiri & duduk dgn mak lain tau.. ehh.. mcm i ada experience aje.. heheh

Cpt2 beli rumah.. nnt kitaorg boleh come & visit.. heheh

Nadine said...


Oh ye ke..so far mmg tak dpt any comment from you yesterday. Maybe error kot.

Eh Anne, rumah you jauh lebih besar dr my house, like seriously tau. Kat sini kalau rumah intermediate 20x70 je. My house got some extra land sbb end lot + kitchen has been extended till the end. The room downstairs was like 1/3 of Imran's playroom I think. Lagipun the photos were taken when the house is empty, so nampakla luas. Cuba with the furniture n all, I'm sure nmpk crowded sgt :P

Owh babe, we would love to live on our own!! But Fadzil has his own commitment as a son (esp since he's the youngest). The parents wants us to stay and keep them company so we are trying our best to make them happy :)InsyaAllah, sampai masa mmg kami akan pindah. But we have to do it step by step, so that everyone is happy in the end :) You are lucky tau altho u anak last ur parents mmg bagi duk sendiri from start ;)

Insyaallah, doa2kan murah rezeki kitaorg. thanks! :)

my.mastura said...

bila plak ko beli rumah ni?? wwoo..rehsie eh..hehheh

cantik rumah u..aku paling suka belah luar..luas!

what u mean price up to 70K? masa ko beli bape rege nyer?

Nadine said...


Hihihi :D
Thanks Mas. Rumah ko lagi best, rumah baru kan? first hand ;)

Harga rumah tu, masa beli RM350K je, now the price market dh RM425K. Dlm 75K beza skang.

:: NieSha :: said...

wah..congrates nadine n fadzil...akhirnya dh beli rumah sendiri..bestnya...ada space lg tu untuk besarkan rumah atau nk buat landscape..bestnya...bestnya...wani jugalah yg masih menunggu...dan juga masih mencari rumah2 lain yg lg ok.

Nadine said...


Thanks dear. Alhamdulillah. Selesai satu pencarian. Tp nnti kena cari lagi satu pulak cuz this one is meant to be for investment stakat ni. :)

Takpe Wani, buying a house is a huuuge investment. Mmg kena ambil masa n pk betul2 to make the right choice. I pray u'll find ur dream house soon dear. Nanti jgn lupa ajak Nadia pegi rumah Wani yer..bestnya tgk gamba Wani & friends haritu :)

irradhil said...

besnyer nadia.....dh ader umh sndri.muda2 dh ader harta.irra ni name jer lawyer...tp asik duk buat agreement org jer...umh sndri xbli2 pn lagi.sob...sob....

besarrrr la umh nadia ni....compound pn luas.aderla ruang utk Faaz main kan.besnyer....besnyer.....

untung nadia n fadzil.n Faaz too.

YOI said...

waaaahhh..untungnye! umah besar, siap ade laman yang luas..rumah baru and kete baru juge ye..civic? Memula ingatkan gambar kete depan umah tu, kete wira fadzil..hehehe..dan yang cakap tepon tu, fadzil..tp bukan kot eh? macam lain jek..hehehehe...

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah. Takpe Irra, slow2 k. Nadia pun makan masa jugak cari rumah ni. Ye ke Irra buat agreement jual-beli rumah jugak. Kalau Irra duk KL sure Nadia hire Irra jd my lawyer tau! :)

Thanks Irra. Rumah Nadia kecik je, tp sbb takde lagi perabut + angle camera tu yg buat dia nmpk luas. Kalau Irra tgk with naked eyes, comel je rumah ni :)

Nadine said...


Mcm Nadia ckp kat semua comment2 kat atas, rumah Nadia tak besar mana pun. Dlm gambar je nampak besar :) Tp rumah kitaorg adela sket tanah extra. Tp takleh lawan la ngan rumah Nurul. Brand new with modern design ;)

Hihi, takla Nurul. Keta Civic tu dh ade since Nadia bertunang lagi. It's not ours, pinjam aje :P Faaz & Mommy pegi lambat. Daddy Faaz dh ade awal sbb supervise org buat keja kat sana. Yup, kereta yg Nurul nmpk tu Fadzil's Wira. Mana bleh jual keta tu Nurul..bnyk berjasa keta tu since zaman Fadzil nak tackle Nadia kat Uni dulu! Fx pun puas Fadzil bawak naik keta tu for 5 years! Hihihi..

Hahaha! yg ckp kt phone tu tukang kebun yg we hire to clean up the lawn la Nurul :P

YOI said...

modern sangat la nadia oooiii..tak siap2 lagi umah tuh...pemaju nak wat jadi umah atas angin, abad ke-30 kot baru kitorg leh duduk! huhuhuhu!!

*nak masuk skrg pon tak mampu lg kot nak penuhkan umah baru tuh..haha!*

kella said...

Alhamdulillah.. nadia, syukur kan, best la dapat rumah tanah.. best sangat ada ruang kat luar juga..
tumpang gembira nih..
kita faham sangat perasaan tu, sebab kita pun baru dok rumah baru 3 bulan lepas, tapi rumah tinggi..heheheh... taklah semeriah umah u nad.. tak mampu lagi nak renovate macam2, cuma basic2 aje..
insyaAllah, murah rezeki nt memang nak cari sangat rumah tanah ni, apa pun Alhamdulillah dapat dok rumah sendiri..syukur sangat, tak payah abiskan duit untuk bayar sewa, bayar untuk rumah sendiri ke berbaloi..
betul tu, mohon sangat pada Tuhan,moga dipermudahkan segalanya.. moga dimurahkan rezeki lagi.. InsyaAllah..

Nadine said...


:) Thanks dear. Betul tu, syukur sgt dpt duk rumah sendiri. Tk kisahla condo ke, apartment ke, rumah tanah ke..yg penting kita punye sendiri kan. Waaa, congrats yer. Dh masuk duduk rumah sendiri. Bestnya!! Kitaorg belum ade rezeki utk duduk sendiri lagi, sewakan je dulu. Insyaallah, one day we follow ur footstep pulak, doa2kan yer :)

Diyana Didie said...

ini bukan small nie akak...hehehe cantiks! n pandai pilih rumah. best best. kasi faaz adek ramai ramai baru sesuai dgn size rumah. nnt dah renovate sure cantek gila! :)

Nadine said...

Thanks Adikku :)

Hihi, rumah ni kecik je bukaan dia DD, but good enough for our small family..alhamdulillah. Gambar ini kasi view nampak luas je :)