Sunday, October 31, 2010

Drink of The Day: Ribena & Strawberry Smoothies

Fadzil is a big fan of Ribena, but not me and lil Naqi. We both loves fresh juices or yogurt drinks instead. Yesterday night, as I was doing some paper cutting and pasting recipes that I collected through magazines and newspaper into my scrapbook, I found a recipe for Ribena smoothies from the Ribena pamphlet that I received. It quickly captured my attention as it only involves only 3 ingredients and the method of preparation is so simple!

I've tried it out today and for someone who doesn't fancy Ribena, it tasted good! I love it, En. Fadzil tak payah cakaplah kan. Kata peminat Ribena :) Since it's so easy to prepare, and it's a healthy drink (the smoothies rich in vitamin C and calcium) why not I share it with you, my dear readers :)

To prepare the drink, all you need is:

- Ribena (of course :P)

- Yogurt



a blender/mixer

Since I love to experiment with recipes, I decided to use the blackcurrant with strawberry instead of the normal blackcurrant and strawberry yogurt instead of plain yogurt. You can modify the recipe according to your preference, if you want to...the choice is yours :)

The measurement is also simple. Basically it is 1:2:4.
-75gm Ribena, 150ml yogurt, 300ml ice cubes
-150ml Ribena, 300ml yogurt, 600ml ice cubes

Alternatively, you can measure it using a cup, for example:
half a cup of Ribena with a full cup of yogurt and two cups of ice cubes.

To prepare the smoothies, all you have to do is to pour the 3 ingredients into a blender/mixer. Blend it until the ice totally crushed and it's ready to serve! Ain't it easy? :)
Two glasses for both Me and Fadzil.
Our Naqi was asleep that time... :)

Ok, till we meet again. I need to sleep now. Can't wait to have fun tomorrow morning with the hot mommies and cute toddlies

Happy trying! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tag From Mastura: First Pregnancy

I've been tag by my ex-schoolmate Mastura to answer a series of questions on first pregnancy recently. So Mas, here it goes... :)

Two weeks before the delivery..
The Fatty Nadine :P

Yes, it's Fadzil and my top agenda after getting married.
We looove kids! ;)

Absolutely! :P

Shocked + excited+happy...
I was over the moon! :)


By instinct I think...
I felt weird after craving for Ayam Goren McD for a week (I had only that for my dinner for 7 consecutive days!!). You see, I'm not a fan of McD fried chicken before, I prefer KFC Original recipe better. Since Taipan's McD is just beside Watson, on the 7th day I made a pit stop there and buy my first pregnancy test kit (malu ok! :P). Went home and tested it and walla, 2 red lines popped out!

Mohd Fadzil Abdul Kadir, of course :)
It was supposed to be a surprise, but I cant help myself from smiling widely when my hubby came back from work. Hihi...

No. We wanted it to be a surprise for us. Unfortunately, during the first gender scan, the doctor accidentally showed us 'the thing' before asking us. It was so clear that we said, "a boy!" even before Dr. Siti managed to finish popping the question! hehe..

First EDD:
Same with my due date when my mom was expecting of me - 11.01.81 :)
p.s: Siti Nurhaliza's birthday :P

Second EDD when I was 7 months pregnant (due to the baby size, etc.)

On Friday, 09.01.09 :)

3.11 kg

Yes, from the 3rd month till the 5th month. I had to go to the loo approximately every 5 mins! :(
It was torturous since the loo is 100m away and I have to tag out everytime I had to go there. There were times I ended up sitting in the loo for half an hour sebab tak larat dah nak lari. Thanks to my ex-bos Mr. Liu, I finally got the light green to work from home for a almost a month..


Famous Amos Cookies - Fadzil had to top up my cookie jar every 2 weeks. I cried if my stocked were finished :P

Steak, Steak and Steak.
I was never bored of 'em. It's either TGIF, Chilli's or Tony Romas.

Chicken Fajitas Nachos
I can have the whole plate all by myself!

p.s: manalah badan tak naik dgn jayanya :P


During my sickness: Anyone who cook something with strong smell.
Acik loya!! :P

It's a BOY!

Nope. It's the first child so a boy/girl is never an issue to me :)

61kg - 45kg = 16 kg.
I was fat :(

Yup, but a very small one. A present from my bestie :)

Surprise. Oh, I love surprises! :P

Nothing major. It's just at 6 months preggy my gynea told me I have excessive fluid in my water bag.
She said it's nothing dangerous, and that explained why my tummy was super duper big altho the baby was small in size :)

Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC) now known as Sime Darby Medical Center (SDMC)

zero hours if u mean in pain
and 2 hours if u mean the hours spent in the OT

My other half, Mohd. Fadzil Abdul Kadir :)

My gynecologist, Dato' Dr. Siti Zaleha, My anesthetist, Dato' Dr. Radha A midwife A nurse

It's a C-section delivery..

Of course! I will die in pain without the epidural. They cut my stomach!

Nope, spouse are not allowed to go into the OT. *sob*

Muhammad Faaz Naqi bin Mohd. Fadzil
(The Praiseworthy, Victorious, Pure) :)

1 year 9 months 18 days old :)

Faaz, few hours after born...

To all mommies who read this post, I tag you to do this if you haven't do it yet! :)


Monday, October 25, 2010

When He Starts Talking...

Since he reached 18 months, Faaz Naqi loves to sing and talk. From single words, slowly he tried to build his own sentence by using his own baby language. Each day I look forward to hear new words coming out of his mouth, sooo cute and never failed to make me and Fadzil laughed about it. :)

Few months had passed and with his new vocabs, he can now build few own sentence using proper words, both in Malay and English. It was still clear in my mind the day he started to build his own English sentence. It was a request actually, which goes like this,

"Mommy, make egg please".

Siap 'Please' lagi. How sweet. Happily I made him his favourite half boiled egg for his breakfast that day and smiled the whole day :)

And few days ago, he finally made his own Bahasa Melayu sentence which goes like this,

"Faaz kentut sikit"

Hahahaha! Yes, that was his first sentence in BM! :P I heard a "sound" and quickly asked him, "Faaz kentut ye??" and that was his response...siap ada 'sikit' tu yang tak tahan sungguh. Hihihi.

Owh, having a bubbly child takes a lot of patience. Sometimes they will say the same dialogue over and over again. Faaz did that whenever he learns new things and excited about it. Sometimes, they will simply make noise or demand us to talk to them whenever you and your partner were in the middle of conversation. It happens to us so many time, especially in the car. Pity Faaz, sometimes we were so into a conversation that he at the back felt left out. Usually, bila dah kena sound tu cepat2 we make up with him again. Hihi..

What I learned throughout this stage, support your child when they start to talk. Even if they talk in a language that we cant understand, just play along and talk to them. Avoid talking in baby language but use proper words/sentence. They might not able to follow you now but believe me, they will surprise you later. Remember, they cant speak yet but they understand :)

Faaz Naqi still in the middle of his talking journey and we are so proud of your achievement so far, son. Everything that came out from your mouth are cute and entertaining -especially when you just say whatever in your mind-confusing but funny!. After all, kids say the darndest thing! :P

Here's a clip of the F-family conversation recently. Sorry for the blurry image due to low light condition. Enjoy! ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Heading Towards Two Years Old..

Situation #1: Early weekday morning..

Mommy: "Ok Faaz, give mommy some hug, and kiss.."
Faaz Hugging and kissing Mommy
Mommy: "Ok bye2 Faaz"
Faaz: "Daddy??" while pointing at the bathroom's door..
Mommy: "Daddy not going anywhere, Faaz. Daddy work from home today"
Faaz: "Mommy go anywer"
Mommy: "Erk..."*speechless*

Situation #2: 10pm at nite...

Mommy: "Ok Faaz, here's your milk"
Faaz: "Mommy, matesh wer?"
Faaz: "Matesh wer, matesh?"
Mommy: "Matesh, Faaz??? Mommy can't understand you"
(while the eyes were busy scanning around and looking what could possibly be the "Matesh". Suddenly the eyes looked at the mattress...)
Mommy"Laaaa, Faaz nak mattress ke?"
Faaz: grinning "Yesh!"

Situation #3: Evening, after shower...

Mommy: "Ok Faaz, mommy finished combing your hair. Faaz so handsome lah!"
(both Mommy & Faaz were looking at the mirror)
Faaz: (while showing the palm of his right hand) "Mommy, colon Mommy..colon?"
Mommy: "Faaz nak cologne??"
Faaz: (nodded) "Yesh! colon"
Mommy (in her heart): "Hamboih, kecik2 dah pandai dah!"

Situation #4: At night, while Mommy watching ANTM

Faaz Took the stool from the kitchen and put in front of Mommy
Mommy (whispering inside her heart): "Ape pulak ni? Ini mesti kes nak distract kita so that we pay attention to him lah nie (*maintain to ignore him*)
Faaz: Stood on top of the stool, both hand reaching up and said, "Ash is shooo tall!"
Mommy: *OMG!!*

Situation #5:Lunchtime, while feeding Faaz...

Mommy: "Faaz, Daddy's watch is...?"
Faaz: "Kaaa-shiooooooo!" (Casio)
Mommy: "Clever, what is Faaz's watch?"
Faaz: Pointing to his Ben 10 watch and said, "Tag Huyer!" (Tag Heuer)
Mommy: "OMG, who teach you this Ash?"
Faaz: "Faa-ash!" *grinning*

Situation #6: In the living room...

Mommy: "Faaz, what is Mommy's Car?"
Mommy: "Clever, Honda what?"
Faaz:" Chity" (City)
Mommy: "Nana's Car?"
Faaz: "Honda Chivic" (Civic)
Daddy: "Clever! Daddy's Car??"
Faaz: "Daddy car Meamer!" (Beamer = BMW) *daddy smiled proudly* cess! :P
Mommy: "Hahahaha, Daddy's real car, Ash?"
Faaz: "Weeeya!" (Wira)
Mommy: "Good boy! Ok, now what is Faaz's car?"
Faaz: Pointing to his playcar "Poooshi" (Poshe)
Mommy & Daddy: Gelak guling-guling :))

Situation #7: While changing his diapers...

Mommy: "Faaz sayang Mommy??"
Faaz: "Yesh!!"
Mommy: "Awwwwwh, good boy" *smiling*
Mommy: "Mommy sayang Faaz?, Yessss!!" *wink*
Faaz: "Gooood boy" *tried so hard to wink*

Months passed by but you are still the same cheeky baby of mine.
Love you a LOT Muhammad Faaz Naqi!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Special Entry: The Touch of BnTB

My email and FB inbox have been flooded with inquiries about the scarves I've been wearing recently. Some of them includes,

salam nadia, sweet agt la tudung yang nadia [pakai kat wedding reception tu...beli ke tempah? berminat la...hehe - Azura -

Hi Nadine, I'm ur silent reader, Sya. Cantiknya tudung you pakai masa raya warna biru tu. You look gorgeous! Mind share wif me u beli mana tudung tu? -syasya1001-

sporting betul u mom's family masuk studio..
boleh imagine keriuhannye kan..
btw..mmg comel btul muncung Faaz tu..!;)
I love ur blue scarf..cantek u!
Beli mane?? - Mommy Nadia -

hi nad, eh i nk tnye la..u pakai tudung yg cmne ek ..cantek la yg u pakai g wedding kat shah alam tu.i nk try pattern cmtu sweet -MaryD-

salam Nadine, oh my, you look so cantek in that brown selendang. Mana dapat. Nak jugak!! -mimie82-

This is no more surprise to me as I always get these type of responses whenever I wear something with a touch of Beauty & The Beads (BnTB). After all, it is one of the reasons that make me stay loyal to BnTB, your touch is magical, kakakku! :)

Let me share with you how I came to know about BnTB. It all started with the net, of course. It was in the last quarter of 2008 and I was preggy of Faaz. Bloated actually since I was in my last trimester. One day, Fadzil came home with a wedding invitation. His bestfriend, Doyok was getting married and we were invited. Knowing Doyok who came from royalty blood, I already imagined how grand the wedding will be. Sadly, the wedding date was 27th December 2008; which means only 2 weeks left before my EDD. I was sure nothing will ever fit me in since I was soooo huge (it's true so please don't say I'm exaggerating it. I was bloated from head to toe! *isk!). I decided to pass on the wedding but later changed my mind after Fadzil & Marina (Doyok's fiancee) managed to persuade me. I went hunting for the outfit to wear with my mom. Since it was a last minute thingy, there's not chance of wearing something custom made. While searching, we fell in love with a sweet pink chiffon baby doll dress wore by a mannequin. The best thing was, the mini dress was designed with pleats and puff which made it possible for my huge tummy to fit in! Weeee!

Thinking the mini dress was too simple, I was thinking of beading. However, I didn't knew any tailors that can do it. So I browsed through the net and that was when I stumbled upon BnTB, one of the top and famous beading designer at fotopages. I fell in love with the designs I saw on the pages and instantly I mailed the owner, the lovely Izansazlin :)

It was easy to deal with Izan, all you have to do is mailed her your material, tell her what is your preference/restrictions and how much is your budget. As for me, since I love most of her work, I always leave it to her creativity when designing mine. It always turn out the way I wanted. Memang puas hati. I guess we have the same taste, almaklumlah, we both Capricornians! ;)

Here's the preview of the touch of BnTB in my collection so far...

I purposedly asked for minimize the beading since I was so bloated.
(Nanti penuh sgt bling-bling jadi pokok christmas yg rendang pulak..hehe :P)

before and after...

Mak Buyong wearing the dress (I know, I know I was FAT :P)

~Kebaya Jingga~

I wore it during my cousin's wedding in 2009

and finally...

my very first Beauty Scarves :)

Beside the lovely beading designs, the sewing is also neat. Berbaloi2 with the price you pay. After all, it was you, the customer who set the budget kan.

Wanna see the creator of BnTB?

Taraaaaa, inilah dia tuan punya BnTB, the fashionista lady ;)

Cantik kan?! :)

Besides beautiful, I must say Izan is a very nice lady.
When I gave birth to Faaz, she did a special post on her fotopages about it. You can view the entry HERE.

Ok enough about me, lets "cuci mata" with some of the scarves collection (or well known as 'Tudung Beauty') yang buat I geram and tempah bukan 1 tapi 2 terus. Hehehe...

exclusive and elegant

Celebrities in BnTB...kelass gitu! ;)

Interested? ;) For more "mouth watering" view, please visit either of these:

And for enquiries /to place your order do email to:
Cakap je kawan Nadine @ Mommy Faaz. Tak cakap pun takpe :P

Uh, Oh! before I forget, for those who are interested please make your appointment early to avoid any disappointment. BnTB ramai peminat!! I booked for my two scarves for Raya as early as March I think. (Itu yang konon2 baju raya nak warna royal blue sudahnya scarf siap baju tak sempat tempah...hik! :P). For brides to be next year, kalau interested sila book dari skarang ok? ;)

Hope this entry help to answer all your queries ladies, Happy shopping!!
To Kakakku Izan, may BTnB be more successful in the future!

*Disclaimer: All photos shown here are taken from
BeautynTheBeads & my personal photos*

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Sister's Convo Day

Sunday, 03.10.2010

If Abah is still around, I am sure he is a one proud father...

He quit his job and enrolled himself in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and later became the Law graduate in late 80's.

Approximately 20 years later, his eldest daughter and his son in-laws became the Engineering graduates of the same University in 2005.

And 4 years after, on 03.10.2010 his own history has been re-created when his youngest daughter became the Law graduate of the same university.

Alhamdulillah... :)

Congratulations, Kak Ngah! We are so proud of you! :)
Can't wait for the call-to-the-bar session next! ;)

It has been years since I last step my foot at IIUM. To avoid the hassle of finding a parking near the CAC Hall where the convocation took place, we parked at Kulliyah of Engineering which is situated at the back of the hall. I can't help myself from smiling when we passed by the lecture halls as we walked towards the CAC many sweet memories here! :) Me and Fadzil were surprised too when we found out there is now a building built on the ground where my family and Fadzil's parents first met after the convo! wow..

Mommy & Faaz at the car park...

Like my convocation last time, my mother's family were also presence that day. Most of them came all the way from Batu Pahat to give us support, since Abah is no more with us. Isn't them sweet? I love each and every of them.

You guys are the best ;)

Although Faaz barely understood what a convocation is all about, and despite of the big crowd after the graduates marched out, this little man seems to enjoy himself there. Anyway, I did mentioned to him on the way to IIUM that he gonna visit Daddy's, Mommy's and Mak Ngah's school. Hihi...

Of course, yours truly did not missed to snap a photo with Mr. Hubby. After all, IIUM was the place where he started to fell in love with me.. (^___^)v

A Special note to someone...


although you are no more presence in our life today to be able to witness the convo or
to read this post, I just want to write this, you are truly an inspiration. We are proud to be your children. Without you and Mak, we can never go this far, we can never taste the success. May your soul is in peace and may heaven is the eternal place for you.

Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah Abah, Allahyarham Muhammad Nor Hj Muhamad.


To the ladies who are eager to know about the scarf I wore...I'll answer your inquiries in the next post, insyaAllah. Stay tune!! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eid 1431: Part II

This is a continuation from the previous entry... :)

We went back to KL on the 4th Syawal. Initially, we were supposed to tag in Fadzil's parents to go to Fraser's Hill for a vacation but we changed our mind. It will be too tiring and too rushing for us as we need to depart from Subang at 2pm. Moreover, me and lil Faaz were having flu and we worried Faaz's condition will get worse when we arrive there. Since it will be only us at home later, we decided to stop at Malacca on our journey back to KL. We wanted to bring Faaz for a sight-seeing but it ended up we tour the town inside the car instead. Why? The weather was too hot for us to handle, especially Faaz. Only few minutes outside had made him soaked with sweat! Pity him.

siap berpayung bagai due to the hot sunny weather..

Si bam2 yg baru bangun titun...

view from inside the car...

After having the famous Asam Pedas Melaka for lunch and bought some traditional cookies and belacan (they said Malacca's belacan is the best, yes? no?)for both parents we decided to continue our journey. Alhamdulillah, although there were quite a number of cars on the highway, it was a smooth sailing journey.

At first, we thought we can just 'lepak' and relax at home for the next 4 days of holiday but we were wrong. One by one invitation we received, not only open houses but birthdays and weddings as well. Among the events that we managed to capture includes...

Makan-makan at Aunty Faridah's place @ Sunway + surprise birthday for Fariz..

Followed by Aunty Fadzillah's open house @ Bukit Jelutong...

Wedding @ Shah Alam, papa's relative...

A visit by my Cik Bah @ Gombak..

All the invitations poured in until last week, the last week of Syawal. Due to that, I took this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have invited us and we would like to apologize for not able to make it to some of the invitation. Since I don't have extra baju raya this year, I have to 'dig' in my closet and recycle the kurungs that I have from the previous years. Hihi..

Frankly, this Raya we don't have the chance to visits/mingle with friends. Maaf ye kawan-kawan, kitaorg terpaksa dahulukan family this year. Thanks for your understanding. Next year kalau umur panjang jangan serik jemput kitaorg ye :). However, me and Fadzil managed to 'beraya' and pay a visit to our close uni friends - Azah & Basid. It's our second time visiting their home sweet home and this time we bring along our close uni friends too, Diyana & family. If not because of the spontaneous effort we made, memang langsung tak beraya dengan kawan2 la this year..huhu.

the daddies...

the mommies...

the kids..Faaz yang nak bermanja dgn Hadif :)

The place I'm working with also host an Open House. Before the 'makan-makan' (eating) session, we had the quarterly all employee forum.

This time around, it was a bit special as we invited the famous Marina Mahathir as an invited guest speaker for the Work Life Coach session. She shared with us her life journey, what it takes to succeed in the 21st century and defined ‘success’, in her own way. It was an interesting session except for the questions the moderator asked her. It's too cliche, the usual questions been asked by the media to her previously. Nevertheless, she answer the questions quite well. When being asked on how she define success, an interesting answer she gave was,

"It is when the day people come to my dad and ask him what's like to be Marina Mahathir's father?"

cause she always being questioned by people the other way round. Yeah, I guess it's not that easy when you live in a shadow of a well known and famous person like Tun...

Thanks for the photos, Nini! :)

It was nice to get to know the daughter of our previous Prime Minister, Tun Dr. M. I've met her parents before and she's just like them; friendly and smiley :). Among all, I love what she said about working women in the 21st century,

"You can never be 100% perfect all the time, after all you are a human being. There are times you concentrate and give your 100% to your work and there are times you are 100% fully committed to your family only but you can never give 100% to both at the same'll go crazy if you do that."

Yup, it's true. The keyword here is balance, and sometimes we need to sacrifice one for another. I really hope I can excel in both, as an engineer and as a wife/mommy. May Allah bless and show me the way and may I always get the support from my beloved family..insyaAllah, amin.

Oh, do you still remember Azah from the 3R series? She was there too.. me and my girlfriend
, Nini managed to snap a photo together with her as well! :)

she's tall...lucky I wore my wedges that day :P

This is how we spent our month of Syawal this year. Jika ada umur panjang, insyaAllah next year I update lagi :)