Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eid 1431: Part I

Today is 26th Syawal 1431. Four days left before the month of Eid closing its curtain and only today I managed to update about our Aidilfitri celebration this year. Oh well, better late than never! Hihi.. :P

Same as the previous years, I celebrated 1st Syawal with my in-laws in the city itself. This year, we celebrated Aidilfitri with modesty. The shopping and preparations were all last minute. Actually me and Fadzil had decided earlier that we want Royal Blue as our Raya theme color. However, due to our busy-ness, the visit to the tailor was postponed until the very last minute. For sure lah tak sempat siap kan? :P It was hard to find a royal blue baju kurung, not only because of the color but the size as well. You see, when it comes to baju kurung, only XS size can fit my body nicely. If I go for S instead, it's either the sholder is too wide or the hand is too long. Susah juga jadi orang yg rangka badannya kecik nie..huhu. So when I found one, I grabbed it and straightly we decided the theme color based on my kurung -GREY :)

Faces of Faaz Naqi dipagi raya :)

However, it was indeed a merry celebration for us since we became the host for mama's siblings gathering this year on the 1st Syawal itself and for my side, mak & her siblings managed to gather on the 3rd Syawal at my grandmother's house. It's not easy to gather everyone on normal days so we treasure the togetherness. Penat dan ngantuk ditolak ketepi buat seketika :)

1st Syawal 1431

As usual, after Aidilfitri prayer at the Mosque, we seek forgiveness to each other. If two years ago I feel touched the first time I seek forgiveness to my husband for the very first time, this year I felt the same feeling when Faaz Naqi touched my hand and then kissed it for the very first time...awwwwwh, I felt like crying!

me and mama berbelang-belang this year :D

After the forgiving session, we took some family photos together. MIA was Fadzil's eldest brother Ju & his family...

Faaz insisted to be seated in his car. Sabar je la :P

bila suruh posing masing-masing tak mau kalah. sila tengok anak teruna saya :P

Ini pula pose org dewasa excited dapat duit raya..hahaha!
Thanks papa, so generous of you :)

This year, our Eid is even merrier with the presence of Reen's fiancee, Adam. This is the first Eid celebration for him :)

Usually, after having our scrumptious meal, we will join the others to gather at one of mama's siblings house for a gathering since they don't have a hometown or kampung anymore. However, this year my parents in-laws decided to become the host. Within an hour, USJ house was packed with people. It was chaos ( I think our house was the loudest...nasib ramai orang balik kampung. Hehe!) but it was fun to be part of Hjh. Wan Cha's colorful family :)

all of us at 6pm. Tired but happy :)

note: boys rules in this family ;)

2nd Syawal

We went back to my mom's hometown in Batu Pahat after breakfast. If last year, we managed to reach Tok Mak's house within 3 hours time, this year we can't. We were stucked in the traffic jam from the 3 Seremban's exit until Pedas' exit, and when we finally reached Yong Peng's exit, we were stucked in another jam, worse than the previous one. It was a tiring day especially for Fadzil since he was the driver.

3rd Syawal

A week before raya, my Tok Mak already reminded all her daughters to inform their family that she wished to take a family photo in the studio on the 3rd Syawal. It was a tradition she used to have with her family those days and since my Tok Ayah passed away, it has been stopped for a while. To fullfill her wished, all of us blocked our 'event calendar' on 3rd Syawal and wore again the first raya outfit on the 3rd raya untuk nampak seragam. Hehehe..

It was a chaos at the photo shop too. Hihi, biasalah bila dah kumpul ramai-ramai and have to wait pulak for the turns to come. Of course the young ones dah mula "bising". Faaz seems not to have a mood to smile that day. Puas the Chinese lady tried to make him smiled...failed. Paling sadis, our nucleous family photo...Faaz punya masam, tak bleh blah! Haha! I guess it's either he was bored since our turn was the last among the 7 families or...he was shy cause he still unfamiliar with my aunties & fam since we seldom meet each other. Issokay baby...Nek Dah, Tok Mak, Tok Nek, aunty Pijah and aunty Nini thinks you are still cute even with the sour face. Mommy and Daddy think the same too. Can't wait for you to see this photo when u've grown bigger..hihi :)

Hjh Zainun Jamaluddin big family

note: girls rules in this family ;)

Allahyarham Muhammad Nor's family.
Combination of blue + grey :)

Wished abah was here with us tho :'(

The "F" family - Faaz Naqi, Faizah Nadia & Fadzil :)
Me and Fadzil cant help ourselves from grinning everytime we saw this photo..haha! :))

This year, we also have a new addition in the family; the cutie Zara Areej Fariha. She is the daughter of my cousin. The best thing about Areej is that besides her mom, only me can make her stop crying/ fell asleep easily. Ni yang buat aunty Nadia lagi sayaaaang kat Areej tau! :)

Isn't she a doll? :)

After the photo session, we decided to visit the relatives in Johore. We went around Batu Pahat area up to Keluang & Ayer Hitam. We've decided to call it a day after our two heroes too tired and fell asleep at one of the houses we visited...hihi.

Tido tak hengat :D

Basically this was how we spent our first three days of Eid Mubarak. See you in part II soon!


mommaholicSURI said...

Yey! Entry yang ditunggu telah tiba.

First time i tengok muka Faaz masam betul masa gambar yg ber3 to you. Hik Hik.. Tapi dia tetap chomel!! :)

Wau! seronoknya ade family photo ramai-ramai mcm your both sides families. Happening tul!


Nadine said...

Hahaha..believe it or not, it's our first time too! Sejak lahir sampaila skang I tak pernah tgk dia masam mcm tu tau you, cuz he is always cheerful. Kalaupun ade dia nak majuk with us, mmg br nak masam bila pandang kita je terus mula grinning. I guess he must be boring to the max sbb lama sgt tunggu giliran kat dlm studio tu or he's annoyed with d lady yg tried to cheer him up :P

Thanks dear, we thot it's cute too. Nak2 buat julung kalinya dia pose mcm tu kan. My mom siap besarkan gambar ni hokey cuz she thinks the photo still nice altho Faaz mogok boring. Hihi..kenangan lucu yg tak dpt dilupakan nie :)

Owh, it was fun! wpun havocnye aduih mak, riuh sekampung! :D

marissa said...

meriahnya raya Nadine! sonok tgk gamba2 raya korang. sederhana pun, mummy maintain vogue n gojes gitu. hv u heard of the saying 'less is more'?? ;)

hahaha, mmg tak bleh blah tul muka Faaz tu tau. nevertheless, the F family photo still look sweet :)


sporting betul u mom's family masuk studio..boleh imagine keriuhannye kan..
btw..mmg comel btul muncung Faaz tu..!;)
I love ur blue scarf..cantek u!
Beli mane??

betulkan..part bila anak salam cium tangan tu mmg seddey kan..
tp takboleh touching lame2..sb everyone happy..kita je yg feel sekejap..biasala kan..naluri ibu!

cant wait for the part 2..

:: iManja :: said...

wah meriahnyer raya u...rajen amik pics reramai eh...faaz masham camtuh pon still hensem taw...nampak macho gitu.

Suka la tgk nadia punyer shawl collection. Nak pakai muka tembam ni tak sesuwei plak...hahahaha

neena_kechik said...


lame giler tunggu kak nadia post citer baru.hehehe bz eh???
suka tgk org tangkap gambar family ramai2.neena rasa neena x pernah lg kot.huhu kene cube next time!!! hehehe mesti faaz dpt byk duit raya tahun ni kan??? bagus tau faaz ni berdandan dgn sampin =) anak2 sedara neena tahan 2-3 minit jer.pastu tercabut dah!!! hehehe
to `F` family: u`re happy family!!! =)

irradhil said...

bestnyer raya nadia.....
meriah kan biler dpt berkumpul ramai2...

ha..ader pn F family photo.cian kt Faaz.w/pn masam tp still leh snap kan. ttp comeyyyy.hehehe.esya hrtu siap meraung trus pth balik.huhuhu

Nadine said...


Mmg meriah! :) Sbb tu bila org tanya, "how's ur raya?" I'll say sederhana tapi meriah :) I'm sure your raya is fun too, kan?!
Awwwh, thanks. So sweet of u to say that. Vogue kah? I rasa simple bangat. Hihi :)

Hahaha, kelakar kan anak bujang I. Mmg muka tak bleh blah :P Thanks again, sweet sgt la you nie :)

Nadine said...


Kalau tak kerana Tok Mak I teringin takdenya kitaorg nak pakai balik baju raya semula n beratur kat kedai gambar tu. Semuanya kerana nak penuhi request nendaku terchenta. Hihi..dia happy, kitaorg pun happy jugak :)

Haha, tula. Muncung bkn main lagi. Bila everyone showed him the photo n tanya why dia x smile, mesti dia buat muka blur je. Hehe..

Thanks dear! It's a normal plain scarf yg I hantar for beadings. Konon2 raya thn ni nak pakai royal blue. Skali tudung dh siap baju tak tempah2 :P Tp sbb I rasa scarf tu cun sgt, I pakai jugak wpun x bape nak matching. Hihi.. Mmg ramai org tanya pasal my scarf. Nnti I blog about it, then u can find the info there, ok :)

Nadine said...

Ups! lupa plak..yes dear, part tu rasa sebak la jugak wpun tau dia tak faham lagi concept bermaaf-maafan. Rasa suci je diaorg ni kan time tu :)

Nadine said...


Rajin sbb nenda terchenta you. Dia je kitaorg ade, jadi ape dia mintak kitaorg cuba tunaikan sebaik mungkin :) Thanks dear. Macho eh? Mesti Faaz suka kalau I bgtau dia aunty Sue ckp dia macho ;)

Thanks Sue :) Eh jomla join pakai. Sue, muka Nadia pun tembam! kalau tak mana dtgnya pipi Faaz tu kan? Hihi. Kdg2 pakai nmpk tembam Nadia blasah je, kadang2 boleh hide tau extra pipi tu kalau pakai scarf mcm nie ;) Jomla! :)

Nadine said...

Salam Lebaran Neena! :)

Wah, Neena tunggu ke. I thot takde sape nak kisah since some of the photos pun dh lama upload kat FB. Thanks dear :) Dh habis raya kan Neena, mmg keja pun melambak lah..huhu.

Cuba la Neena, its fun! Sblum nak tangkap gamba tu pakat2 dulu, then sampai masa senang. Pegila studio yg best2 mesti lagi cantik gamba korang. Akak ni kat kg tak bnyk choice, style pun old school gitu. Hihihi..

Duit raya Faaz boleh tahan la. Sume Daddy dia dh siap masuk dlm ASD. Neena tau, pakai sampin tu ade trick tau. Akak kena pakaikan skali ngan pants so that Faaz ingat it's part of the pants. Jadi takde la dia sibuk nak bukak2, nnti shame2. Hehe. Kalau tak..mmg same case ngan anak buah Neena punye.

Awwh, thanks adikku yg kiut miut! Amin. :)

Nadine said...


Yes dear, seronok sgt2 dpt kumpul ramai2. Thn ni almost sume ade, tinggal uncle kat Swiss je tak balik raya.

Hihi, tulah tu. Sian dia bosan. Takpela eh Faaz, stahun skali jer. Hihi. Haa tula Irra, bila tgk gamba ni teringat kat you. Wondering jugak berjaya tak pujuk Esya tu. Takpela Irra, insyaAllah next year Esya dh ok sbb dia dh besar sket. Silap2 next year dia posing sakan tau ;)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Sgt meriah..i loike...! sume sporting bgmbr...esp kt studio tu..best2!

Izu suka sgt tgk ur family pic tu tau..so sweet!! Wpon Faaz masham tp dia persis sorg model bby yg tsgt la adorable...pndi posing tau!!:D

irradhil said...

aci x kalu irra ckp this friday kitorg nkg studio.pakai balik bju ry on 29syawal not 1st syawal.hehehehehe.nk jgk.

irra kan...klu citer bab2 bermaaf2an ni....rs nk lari jer dr salam hubby ms raya hrtu.bkn aper...sbb terigt perangai jahat yg sll irra buat kt die.hehehe.my hubby pn satu...time kite bersyahdu syahdan tu la die nk bg tazkirah....makinla sayu.heehehe.

RuZaNNa said...

I love the family potrait! you look really lovely in that picture tau!! and agree sporting betul family members you to join and come to take pictures.. :)

Nadine said...


Awwh, thanks dear :)
Faaz pandai posing? Pandai posing tunjuk perasaan eh? Hihihihi...



Yeke..penutup Raya eh? Bestnya. All the best Irra, insyaAllah kali ni mood Esya dh ok. Nnti jgn lupa upload gamba dlm FB yer. Nak tgk!! :)

Hahaha, ye ke. Comellah korang nie :) Hubby Nadia plak tak bnyk ckp. "Ok" je ayat dia. Nak feeling lebey pun susah. Hihi..

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks babe :) Credit goes to my sis, my Mak Long and my cousin yg rajin "kerjakan" my face pagi 3rd Syawal tu. Without them mmg confirm muka I plain je haritu. Hihi..

Thara said...

hey, sape kata ur raya photo tak picture perfect? cantik je i tengok! :)

jap, i teringin nak tanya ni dari dulu tapi tak tertanya. fadzil family ni actually from what family background? pakistani ke? pasal they dont look malay! and ur brother in law just embraced Islam, yes? the girl in the picture tu is Fadzil's sister la kiranya kan?

hehe. sessi mengenali kawan saya cik nadine dgn lebeh rapat. :D ooh btw, kesian u. masa u balik BP tu jam eh? my journey on the other hand, was smooth sailing, alhamdulillah. maybe bcoz we traveled to BP a day before Eid kot. :)

Nadine said...

:) thanks Thara. Masa first raya tu takde gamba proper. Nasib raya ke-3 pegi studio. Kalau tak, mmg takde langsung..

Hihi, baiklah biar saya jelaskan disini. Dlm gambar u tgk kat atas tu, family mama Fadzil. Nenek Fadzil asalnya anak mami utara tp mama n her siblings suma lahir/dibesarkan kat Sabak Bernam. Family papa yg asal dr Pakistan and they speaks urdu :)

Oh Adam mmg br embrace Islam sblum Ramadhan haritu. Belum jd in-laws lagi, br jadi fiancee my sis in-laws. Insyaallah, end of this year diaorg kawin. A'ah, the girl tu kakak Fadzil :)

A'ah you jam! Restless giler duk dlm keta tu. Faaz lagi la kan, dia kat blakang tu mmg restless abis lah. Untung korang kan. I guess this year ramai org balik kg lambat kot. Tu yg dh raya jam..huhu.

Mimy Hamid said...

lovely family.!!! suka tgk..nad, faaz dah kurus skit la..napaa??

Nadine said...

Awwwwh, thanks Mimy :)

A'ah you dia dh kurus dh. Dia lately kurang makan, main lebey :)

kella said...

nad.. lama tak jenguk sini.. sorry ya.. tak sempat..
datang2 tadi terkejut tengok byk entri yang dah terlepas ni..

wah.. sukanya tengok ur big family ni nadine... so lovely.. so happening! :)

Nadine said...


No worries dear. I pun kdg2 tak terkejar your post. Laju kan you update blog...bagus tul :)

Thanks dear, I love each and everyone so much! :)