Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eid 1431: Part II

This is a continuation from the previous entry... :)

We went back to KL on the 4th Syawal. Initially, we were supposed to tag in Fadzil's parents to go to Fraser's Hill for a vacation but we changed our mind. It will be too tiring and too rushing for us as we need to depart from Subang at 2pm. Moreover, me and lil Faaz were having flu and we worried Faaz's condition will get worse when we arrive there. Since it will be only us at home later, we decided to stop at Malacca on our journey back to KL. We wanted to bring Faaz for a sight-seeing but it ended up we tour the town inside the car instead. Why? The weather was too hot for us to handle, especially Faaz. Only few minutes outside had made him soaked with sweat! Pity him.

siap berpayung bagai due to the hot sunny weather..

Si bam2 yg baru bangun titun...

view from inside the car...

After having the famous Asam Pedas Melaka for lunch and bought some traditional cookies and belacan (they said Malacca's belacan is the best, yes? no?)for both parents we decided to continue our journey. Alhamdulillah, although there were quite a number of cars on the highway, it was a smooth sailing journey.

At first, we thought we can just 'lepak' and relax at home for the next 4 days of holiday but we were wrong. One by one invitation we received, not only open houses but birthdays and weddings as well. Among the events that we managed to capture includes...

Makan-makan at Aunty Faridah's place @ Sunway + surprise birthday for Fariz..

Followed by Aunty Fadzillah's open house @ Bukit Jelutong...

Wedding @ Shah Alam, papa's relative...

A visit by my Cik Bah @ Gombak..

All the invitations poured in until last week, the last week of Syawal. Due to that, I took this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have invited us and we would like to apologize for not able to make it to some of the invitation. Since I don't have extra baju raya this year, I have to 'dig' in my closet and recycle the kurungs that I have from the previous years. Hihi..

Frankly, this Raya we don't have the chance to visits/mingle with friends. Maaf ye kawan-kawan, kitaorg terpaksa dahulukan family this year. Thanks for your understanding. Next year kalau umur panjang jangan serik jemput kitaorg ye :). However, me and Fadzil managed to 'beraya' and pay a visit to our close uni friends - Azah & Basid. It's our second time visiting their home sweet home and this time we bring along our close uni friends too, Diyana & family. If not because of the spontaneous effort we made, memang langsung tak beraya dengan kawan2 la this year..huhu.

the daddies...

the mommies...

the kids..Faaz yang nak bermanja dgn Hadif :)

The place I'm working with also host an Open House. Before the 'makan-makan' (eating) session, we had the quarterly all employee forum.

This time around, it was a bit special as we invited the famous Marina Mahathir as an invited guest speaker for the Work Life Coach session. She shared with us her life journey, what it takes to succeed in the 21st century and defined ‘success’, in her own way. It was an interesting session except for the questions the moderator asked her. It's too cliche, the usual questions been asked by the media to her previously. Nevertheless, she answer the questions quite well. When being asked on how she define success, an interesting answer she gave was,

"It is when the day people come to my dad and ask him what's like to be Marina Mahathir's father?"

cause she always being questioned by people the other way round. Yeah, I guess it's not that easy when you live in a shadow of a well known and famous person like Tun...

Thanks for the photos, Nini! :)

It was nice to get to know the daughter of our previous Prime Minister, Tun Dr. M. I've met her parents before and she's just like them; friendly and smiley :). Among all, I love what she said about working women in the 21st century,

"You can never be 100% perfect all the time, after all you are a human being. There are times you concentrate and give your 100% to your work and there are times you are 100% fully committed to your family only but you can never give 100% to both at the same'll go crazy if you do that."

Yup, it's true. The keyword here is balance, and sometimes we need to sacrifice one for another. I really hope I can excel in both, as an engineer and as a wife/mommy. May Allah bless and show me the way and may I always get the support from my beloved family..insyaAllah, amin.

Oh, do you still remember Azah from the 3R series? She was there too.. me and my girlfriend
, Nini managed to snap a photo together with her as well! :)

she's tall...lucky I wore my wedges that day :P

This is how we spent our month of Syawal this year. Jika ada umur panjang, insyaAllah next year I update lagi :)




Nad..bestnye makan2 time!!
mmg penat tp seronokkan?? boleh gathering!..kalau Nadia skrang mmg sgt suka pergi open I boleh makan!!!hahahahaha..

btw..Faaz cute sgt dgn baju choc tu..titun tu tido yer??cutenes!!

cepat2 post entry pasal scarf tu..the brown color scarf tu pun coming from the same boutique ker??so lovely dear!!cant wait!!

mommaholicSURI said...

I agree Melaka memang panas. Dulu masa we all pergi pun...even pagi pun dah panas.. hihi.. Armi tahan lagi panas, tapi Pakcik Oman tu, putera lilin, kalau kene matahri jer xleh bukak mata, garu-garu. Hihi :)

Uuuuu.. Marina Mahathir. comei jek u sebelah dia. Have you got the chance to talk in person to her? She has a smiley face. :)

Mimy Hamid said...

napa tak terserempak kat melaka eh..tak de rezeki la..hehe..nice kan makan asam pedas melaka...rasa dia yummy pure melaka mari...

eh itu azah 3r?? why nmpk macam lain je...lain sangat..meriah nya open house ur opis..hebat hebat

Thara said...

u sound like u had a fun raya urself! pusing2 merata jugak eh! i went to Melaka last Raya as well tapi tak terserempak dgn u pon! actually we were at 2 same places last year -- Melaka & BP -- tapi both kita tak terserempak kan. tak panjang lah jodoh kita! cis! :P hehe, takpe takpe, maybe next time :)

get u got to meet marina mahathir and azzah! nice! wait, i thought azzah sepatutnya dkt oversea continue her studies or something. dah balik eh? im so outdated!

Nadine said...


Masa I baca ur first sentence tu I dh boleh agak mesti selera you dh datang kan? Good to hear that! :)
Yes dear it was fun tp tula, this year mmg ramai relatives bnyk event so friends punye tak sempat nak pegi :(

Awwh, thanks :). His favourite shirt tu you. Asik nak mintak baju tu je everytime nak go out (if u notice bnyk gamba dia pakai baju tu :P) Tp material dia pun best tau you, lembut sgt blah dlm. Sejuk :)

Oh yes, its from the same magical touch. I love it too! sure Nad, nnti I update after 1 more post tertunggak. hihi..but If u cant wait I can give u the contact number pun :)

Nadine said...


Sgt kan?! We went during lunchtime so u can imagine lah how hot it was. We the adults tak tahan, Faaz apetah lagi kan. Masuk keta balik mmg terus I changed his attire.

Youuuuu, *wink*. Hihi..dah dapat jumpa parents dia dpt pulak jumpa anak dia...mmg sgt bestlah :) Yes! I managed to. Tp skejap je la since she's the center of attraction. Bkn ladies je, guys pun sibuk nak bergambar dgn dia tau. And yeah, senyum mmg tak lekang dr bibir dia :)

Nadine said...


Tula..tade rezeki nak terserempak kat sana. Takpe2, insyaAllah kita "terserempak" hujung bulan 11 ni ok. Dgn Megat skali kan..hihihi. A'ah Mimy, menjilat jari sungguh! nyum! :)

A'ah Mimy, itu Azah 3R. Dia dh berisi compared to dolu2 tu yg nampak muka dia lain. Tp peramah dia still maintain. Tersipu dia bila I ckp I was a big fan of her masa 3R dulu :)

Nadine said...


Yes dear, I pun pusing merata. Tp merata KL/Selangor je..hik! La ye ke, haih takde 'ong lah this time. Yes, yes next time insyaAllah :)

Babe, dh lama dh dia balik. Hihi. Now she's active in NGO works as well, jadi advocates perjuangkan hak wanita. Cool huh? :)

LyDiA said...

hahahahaha tak tahan ok smpi skang klu tgk gambar itew, still terbayang mcm mane "dia" nak tgkp gmbr dgn MM ^^

okok yela gmbr dgn Azah nini nmpk sgt pendek smpi die kene telengkan kepala dia. cess =p

faaz!! makin chubby pipi die =) bila nak jupa kakak nini ni, yeay! berjaya peraasan jd kakak.

Nadine said...

hahahaha! Nini nie, buat lawaks dipagi hari :)) Nadia still pk2 ni Nini, should I mail "dia" the photo or shouldn't I???

Hihi..lain kali kalau ade event sila pakai heels utk meninggikan diri anda hokey (eceh..ckp mcm Nadia tinggi sgt je :P)

pipi makin chubby tp badan sudah mula slim la AUNTY Nini. Cess, mentang2 bos tnya umur dia, perasan muda lah tu :P

Mrs. Ishamizu said...


Nape tk call nk dtg Melaka? Izu ada je kt Muar...klu Nadia call bgtau, bolela ktrg blk umah jap...bley ajak dtg neraya kt ni..!:(

Tp betul, Melaka mmg pns sgt..sbb kedudukan dia dkt ngan laut kan..rumah izu mmg dkt sgt ngan selat melaka tu, mmg caya tny Zura..dia pnh dtg..hihi.

Well, ur raya mmg superb la dear..seronok sgt tgk..sakan tau..meriah..ktrg tk de beraya mana..

Nway, Azah dh nk jd mommy eh?? congrats Azah!!:)

p.s bestnya Nadine dh pnh jmp Tun M suami isteri n anak dia, Marina tu..Tun M is always be my favorite PM. ;)

Nadine said...


Masa masuk je exit tu kan, mmg kitaorg teringatkan Izu & Isham. Hajat dihati nak sgt sgt singgah rumah Izu. Tp Fadzil kata haritu raya ke-4, mesti korang tgh bz beraya, nnti kacau. So Nadia tak jadila contact Izu. :) A'ahkan, Melaka tepi laut..Nasib rumah Izu dh ade aircond kan? Oh btw dear nnti msg me @ FB ur contact number yer. My phone has been stolen few days ago..*sob*

Izu, sakan beraya kat KL je Izu. Nadia still x puas sbb relatives kat Johor & N9 ramai nadia x sempat visit this year.

Izu.. :) :)
I leave that one for Azah to confirm ;)

p.s: Izu, gimme 5!!! ;)


Nad..its ok..
I can wait ;) ahaks!
kalau bc entry u mesti lagik best..n smgt nak order skali hehheehe ;)
btw shirt tu u beli mane ek?..
U know..since Adam kan size a lil bit chubby..I jarang pakaikan dia shirt..takut dia rimas..
after u said the material dia sejuk..mmm..intrested plak!

kella said...

amboi nad.. nampaknya sangat meriah le tahun ni punya raya ya?
oh satu yang perlu disetujui! ingatkan masa kami pegi tahun lepas je panas yang amat.. rupanya sekarang pun masih lagi kan...?
sampai mood pun ilang.. asyik cari kompleks atau tempat yang ada aircond! hehehe...

suka tengok si faaz..selalu pun akan suka..
dia dah makin besar dah..

Nadine said...


Ok, sure. thanks for ur patience :)
Owh, it's quicksilver dear. Comel2, n t-shirts dia cool2 tau. I love the boardshorts the most. cute! hehe.. Check it out at Pavi. Ni link kalau u nak cuci mata:

Nadine said...


Meriahla jugak. Tp meriah di KL compared di Kg. Hihi.. :)

Ha, betul2 Kella. Terganggu mood sbb nak cari aircond atau tempat redup. Nak ambil gamba pun susah, mata jadi sepet je. Hehehe..

Thanks Kella..a'ah, dh big boy dh dia. Skejap je.. :)

MaRyD said...

hi nad,
eh i nk tnye la..u pakai tudung yg cmne ek ..cantek la yg u pakai g wedding kat shah alam tu.i nk try pattern cmtu sweet

Nadine said...


jawapannya in my new entry. do check it out ;)