Monday, October 11, 2010

My Sister's Convo Day

Sunday, 03.10.2010

If Abah is still around, I am sure he is a one proud father...

He quit his job and enrolled himself in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and later became the Law graduate in late 80's.

Approximately 20 years later, his eldest daughter and his son in-laws became the Engineering graduates of the same University in 2005.

And 4 years after, on 03.10.2010 his own history has been re-created when his youngest daughter became the Law graduate of the same university.

Alhamdulillah... :)

Congratulations, Kak Ngah! We are so proud of you! :)
Can't wait for the call-to-the-bar session next! ;)

It has been years since I last step my foot at IIUM. To avoid the hassle of finding a parking near the CAC Hall where the convocation took place, we parked at Kulliyah of Engineering which is situated at the back of the hall. I can't help myself from smiling when we passed by the lecture halls as we walked towards the CAC many sweet memories here! :) Me and Fadzil were surprised too when we found out there is now a building built on the ground where my family and Fadzil's parents first met after the convo! wow..

Mommy & Faaz at the car park...

Like my convocation last time, my mother's family were also presence that day. Most of them came all the way from Batu Pahat to give us support, since Abah is no more with us. Isn't them sweet? I love each and every of them.

You guys are the best ;)

Although Faaz barely understood what a convocation is all about, and despite of the big crowd after the graduates marched out, this little man seems to enjoy himself there. Anyway, I did mentioned to him on the way to IIUM that he gonna visit Daddy's, Mommy's and Mak Ngah's school. Hihi...

Of course, yours truly did not missed to snap a photo with Mr. Hubby. After all, IIUM was the place where he started to fell in love with me.. (^___^)v

A Special note to someone...


although you are no more presence in our life today to be able to witness the convo or
to read this post, I just want to write this, you are truly an inspiration. We are proud to be your children. Without you and Mak, we can never go this far, we can never taste the success. May your soul is in peace and may heaven is the eternal place for you.

Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah Abah, Allahyarham Muhammad Nor Hj Muhamad.


To the ladies who are eager to know about the scarf I wore...I'll answer your inquiries in the next post, insyaAllah. Stay tune!! :)


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Congrats to your sister, dear! IIUM graduan jge rupanya..n ur father too? wow, amazing! I'm sure your father feels proud of all of you dear. :)

Psst, mst best kn dpt jjk kaki lg kt IIUM..dtg ngan Faaz lg..wish i can visit IIUM too..tpt jatuh lg kn dikenang, inikan pula tpt bcinta ngan si dia tak? hahaha..(fail sguh peribahasa..BM apatah lg BI..;p)

May be tgu adik isham convo je la nti. skrg he's there on his 1st sem, 1st yr. ;)

mommaholicSURI said...

Arwah your Father must be very proud nadia. Adik beradik Nadia semua bijak-bijak dan even he's not there celebrating with your family.. i believe his determination and spirit is always there with everyone, kan.

Congrats to your sister. wow, a lawyer to be!!! :)

irradhil said...

Congrats to your sist and welcome to d loyar buruk club!!!yeahhhh....just kidding...jgn jd loyar buruk cam irra sudahhh!!hehehe

wah....lm giler xg uia.mmg byk kenangan kan!!!rennnnduuuunyer zaman kanak2 ribena dl2 tu.hehehehe

ic....ur father pn iium graduate gak.he must be proud of u n your siblings...sumernyer dh berjaya.alhamdullilllah....hrpnyer ank2 kite pn nnti akan berjaya gak.Amiiinnnn....

Thara said...

congratulations to your sister! im sure arwah is smiling down on all of you right now :)

hey, nanti kalau i need a lawyer service, bole la carik ur sister kan! what is she specializing in btw?


Congrats to ur sista!
Mesti Arwah happy..specially ur sister pun grad from law school jgak ek!
ur sister pun kecik molek macam u jgak lah dear ;)

I guess ur sister mesti bnyk cakap ek compare to u..kut!!maklumlah a lawyer to be..
sb I selalu pun malas nak gaduh with my sister yg bdak law jgak..asyik selalu berhujah mesti kalah!heheheh ;0

best nye boleh melawat tmpt bercinta..bilalah I nak g melawat UTM plak ni!!

Nadine said...


Thank you on behalf of Hidayah. A'ah Izu, kitaorg anak beranak product IIU, kecuali adik last :) Selain nak ikut jejak arwah, kitaorg adik beradik sbnarnye manja, xmo pi uni jauh2. IIUM plak 5 mins away from home jer. How convenience :P Haha!
Awwwh, so sweet of u to say that. Alangkah indahnya kalau dia tau...

Best sgt Izu, especially lalu kat LT1 & LT2. Kat situ start mula class masa mula2 masuk main camp kan? Teringat zaman bersadai kat tangga LT tunggu class, menghafal last minute b4 exam and urm, of course time kena ngorat dolu2. Hihihi. :)

Haaa, nnti pegi tau kalau dpt. Bawak 3-3 (atau mungkin 4 atau 5??) anak skali. Wah gitu! Hihi..oh ye ke, adik Isham ambil course Engineering jugak ke? Mesti genius cam abg dia ek? :)

my.mastura said...

waaahh..meriah nye bunga!!! hehehehe bunga lagi besar dr adik ko..hehehe

eh, who's the guy beside her eh? her bf eh? heheheh

i'm sure ur abah is soooo proud to all of his children...dun worry la...korg2 sumer genius :D

Nadine said...


Thanks dear for your kind words. You and your siblings ape kurangnya, semua berjaya juga kan? Ramai pulak tu! :)

My sister said thanks! Yeah, a lady lawyer in 1 months time. Kak Ngah, if u read this sila jangan loyar buruk lagi ye. Along tak larat nak layan dah :P

Nadine said...


Yeah! Satu geng dgn you. Ape plak you loyar buruk, Mommy Lawyer yg hot tau! Nanti kalau adik I nak mintak advice ke opinion ke I suggest you bleh? :)

Napela dulu kat IIU tak pernah kenal kan. Padahal I ade ramai kawan2 from Kulliyah of Laws tau. Irra ngan hubby dulu sama2 IIU jugak ke?

A'ah you, my dad pun blaja uni sama. You pernah blajar under Prof Aziz Bari tak? Dia close friend my dad masa sama2 study diploma kt ITM and study LAW kt IIU. :) Actually masa habis study their professor tawarkan both of them utk jadi tenaga pengajar IIU tp my dad tolak cause he wants to start his own firm :)

Alhamdulillah, thanks dear. Aamin , insyaAllah Irra, sama2 kita doakan anak2 kita berjaya dunia & akhirat.

Nadine said...


On behalf of my sister, thanks a lot babe! :)

Hihi, boleh aje if dia dh dpt 'lesen' lawyer officially. She specializing in Banking since according to her it's the most wanted lawyers these days :)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear, yeah like father like daughter. Jeles cikit kat dia since I was the one who always wanted to become a lawyer (criminal lagik)at first.I used to be active in debating and pidato masa zaman skolah dulu. Oh well, dah tertulis jodoh I utk jadi Engineer and I have no regret :)

Hihi, yup we are all shorty2 tp adik I lagi rendah dr I okeh. kih kih. BTW, my parents both are small size :)

Adik you pun amik law jugak eh. Wah, another similarity btw us! :)
Hehe, mmg penat. Tp I suka layan since I jugak suka debate. Our mom la yg slalu pening with us..hihi, sorry Mak! :P

You & Harith grad from UTM eh? Cool!

Nadine said...


Hehehe, ko orang ke 4 ke 5 ckp mcm tu. Dahla dia rendah kan, bila peluk semua bunga2 tu tenggelam dia terus. :D

Hihi, yer. Stakat harini, itulah bakal adik ipar aku. Amacam, padan tak? Hihi...

Thanks Mas, ish mana ade genius. Sama je kita2 ni ha..semua dh jadi ibu2 yg berjaya kan? :)

Mimy Hamid said...

nad, u pun ex iium kan...terimbas la kan hik hik...

Nadine said...

hihi, yes dear :)

kella said...

wah... tahniah untuk adik u nad..
semoga dipermudahkan segalanya lepas ni...

suka tengok gambar faaz posing sorang 2 tu.. ensem dah dia.. :)

Nadine said...

Thanks, Kella...Ameen! :)

hihi, Faaz say thanks to aunty Kella.