Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Special Entry: The Touch of BnTB

My email and FB inbox have been flooded with inquiries about the scarves I've been wearing recently. Some of them includes,

salam nadia, sweet agt la tudung yang nadia [pakai kat wedding reception tu...beli ke tempah? berminat la...hehe - Azura -

Hi Nadine, I'm ur silent reader, Sya. Cantiknya tudung you pakai masa raya warna biru tu. You look gorgeous! Mind share wif me u beli mana tudung tu? -syasya1001-

sporting betul u mom's family masuk studio..
boleh imagine keriuhannye kan..
btw..mmg comel btul muncung Faaz tu..!;)
I love ur blue scarf..cantek u!
Beli mane?? - Mommy Nadia -

hi nad, eh i nk tnye la..u pakai tudung yg cmne ek ..cantek la yg u pakai g wedding kat shah alam tu.i nk try pattern cmtu sweet -MaryD-

salam Nadine, oh my, you look so cantek in that brown selendang. Mana dapat. Nak jugak!! -mimie82-

This is no more surprise to me as I always get these type of responses whenever I wear something with a touch of Beauty & The Beads (BnTB). After all, it is one of the reasons that make me stay loyal to BnTB, your touch is magical, kakakku! :)

Let me share with you how I came to know about BnTB. It all started with the net, of course. It was in the last quarter of 2008 and I was preggy of Faaz. Bloated actually since I was in my last trimester. One day, Fadzil came home with a wedding invitation. His bestfriend, Doyok was getting married and we were invited. Knowing Doyok who came from royalty blood, I already imagined how grand the wedding will be. Sadly, the wedding date was 27th December 2008; which means only 2 weeks left before my EDD. I was sure nothing will ever fit me in since I was soooo huge (it's true so please don't say I'm exaggerating it. I was bloated from head to toe! *isk!). I decided to pass on the wedding but later changed my mind after Fadzil & Marina (Doyok's fiancee) managed to persuade me. I went hunting for the outfit to wear with my mom. Since it was a last minute thingy, there's not chance of wearing something custom made. While searching, we fell in love with a sweet pink chiffon baby doll dress wore by a mannequin. The best thing was, the mini dress was designed with pleats and puff which made it possible for my huge tummy to fit in! Weeee!

Thinking the mini dress was too simple, I was thinking of beading. However, I didn't knew any tailors that can do it. So I browsed through the net and that was when I stumbled upon BnTB, one of the top and famous beading designer at fotopages. I fell in love with the designs I saw on the pages and instantly I mailed the owner, the lovely Izansazlin :)

It was easy to deal with Izan, all you have to do is mailed her your material, tell her what is your preference/restrictions and how much is your budget. As for me, since I love most of her work, I always leave it to her creativity when designing mine. It always turn out the way I wanted. Memang puas hati. I guess we have the same taste, almaklumlah, we both Capricornians! ;)

Here's the preview of the touch of BnTB in my collection so far...

I purposedly asked for minimize the beading since I was so bloated.
(Nanti penuh sgt bling-bling jadi pokok christmas yg rendang pulak..hehe :P)

before and after...

Mak Buyong wearing the dress (I know, I know I was FAT :P)

~Kebaya Jingga~

I wore it during my cousin's wedding in 2009

and finally...

my very first Beauty Scarves :)

Beside the lovely beading designs, the sewing is also neat. Berbaloi2 with the price you pay. After all, it was you, the customer who set the budget kan.

Wanna see the creator of BnTB?

Taraaaaa, inilah dia tuan punya BnTB, the fashionista lady ;)

Cantik kan?! :)

Besides beautiful, I must say Izan is a very nice lady.
When I gave birth to Faaz, she did a special post on her fotopages about it. You can view the entry HERE.

Ok enough about me, lets "cuci mata" with some of the scarves collection (or well known as 'Tudung Beauty') yang buat I geram and tempah bukan 1 tapi 2 terus. Hehehe...

exclusive and elegant

Celebrities in BnTB...kelass gitu! ;)

Interested? ;) For more "mouth watering" view, please visit either of these:

And for enquiries /to place your order do email to:
Cakap je kawan Nadine @ Mommy Faaz. Tak cakap pun takpe :P

Uh, Oh! before I forget, for those who are interested please make your appointment early to avoid any disappointment. BnTB ramai peminat!! I booked for my two scarves for Raya as early as March I think. (Itu yang konon2 baju raya nak warna royal blue sudahnya scarf siap baju tak sempat tempah...hik! :P). For brides to be next year, kalau interested sila book dari skarang ok? ;)

Hope this entry help to answer all your queries ladies, Happy shopping!!
To Kakakku Izan, may BTnB be more successful in the future!

*Disclaimer: All photos shown here are taken from
BeautynTheBeads & my personal photos*



owh dear..impressive entry!
the BnTB mmg walla u..bukak blog dia pun mcm nganga terus..mmg cantik n very neat handwork..salute lah kat kakak tu..
very good idea kan..letak beads kt tudong..kdg2 nk dpt yg kita suka kt kedai, susah kan..
btw,Nad..mind if u sharing cost of for the it so much!

thx dear for sharing ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

omg...i dari dulu mmg buka btb nya fotopages..then terperasan baju pink maternity tu...u punya ke?? cantekkk tak sangka tauuu...heheh btw..mmg i suka tgk design manik dia ekslusive then owner nya tu pun stylo...

Thara said...

niceeee! i ni mmg la hantu beads! kalau baju bole penuh beads, lagiiiii i suka! i prefer beads than sequins though. dia charge mcm mana? kene tengok design ke, ataupun, based on material? good entry, nadine! i loike! :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Yeap agree with others. Good entry, Nadine!

Lepas found her page masa nak survey2 beadings untuk my baju for Irma's wedding dulu, I terus banyak kali jugak cuci mata kat BnTB, oh my memang sangat cantik and kemas her works. Tapi tergerak lagi sebelum ni nak cuba, sebab takut mahal gitu! because her hasil tangan sangat rich. Tu yg Takot.. hihi.. Nasib you buat this entry so that i know that all boleh dibawa berunding :)

It's really one of good option for those who loves beads so much! :)

Nadine said...


Kan? You yg tengok je dh teruja apetah lagi I yg pakai..rasa cantek skali gitu. Heee :P
The cost depends on ur budget dear, and dont worry, it's really reasonable. Tak sampai pun mcm harga Arzu yg sometimes absurd.

trylah tempah sure u'll like it as much as I do ;)

Nadine said...


Yeke. Samalah kita ;)A'ah, that's mine.Thanks :)I tak pernah upload gamba I pakai baju tu sbb I sgt booolat. Maklumla lagi 2 minggu nak meletops, kembang bagai!

Nadine said...


Really? I love beads when it comes to special occasion. Penyeri diri..hihi. Since u love it, next time trylah hantar babe. I can assure u mesti suka. Price depends mainly on ur budget dear. Anything u can contact kak Izan n discuss with her. She's a very nice lady ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, thanks babe.

Oic, kalau la masa tu you story mory kat I, mesti I dh share with u dah. Nanti ade event lagi blehla try tempah kat BnTB :) BTW, I pun ade tempah beadings for my SIL wedding end of this year :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

cantiknya!! mmg sgt2 kreatif!! i salute k.Izan ni. mmg cantik rekaan2nya tuh kn. :)

As I love beading as well, so mmg tk thn tgk bju, scarf beading2 nih..hehe..tingat izu pnh jahit beading kt my baju akad nikah dlu. :D wpon tk pndi jahit, tgn kayu tp sgup belajar ngan kazen kunun nk bg bju tu ada sentuhan sendiri la ..;p But lani tk smpt dah..ada jer makhluk kenit nk tburaikan bead2 tu..;p

Nadia, some of ur pick kn sekali imbas tgk ada iras2 Posh beckham tau...:):)

Nadine said...


Cantikkan? :)

Wow! Rajinnya Izu!! Nadia pun suka beads, tp maaflah bab jahit menjahit ni mmg FAIL punye. Masa kawin dulu hantaran je Nadia buat sendiri.

Hah? Posh? Hahaha, kelakar la izu ni. Anyway I take it as a complement, thanks dear. Tp kan, muka posh tu sharp Izu, muka ku booolat! :))

kella said...


:: iManja :: said...

ohhoooo beshnyer cuci mata...kagum sungguh kiter tk sesuwei kot...lasak sgt. sayang je nanti...

Nadine said...


Hihihi. Takpe sue, someday mana tau ade event nk kena attend..dinner ke, wedding ke, time tu lehla try ;)