Monday, November 22, 2010

Say -NO- to- Pacifier Mission

Last Friday evening, I've decided to train Faaz to fully letgo of his pacifier. It was an impromptu decision, without any prior discussion with dearest hubby as usual.

Since he turns 1 year old, Faaz only needed his pacifier whenever he wanted to sleep and after he turns 18 months, it only be needed at night before he doze off to lala land. Therefore, I assumed it will not be that hard to keep Faaz and the pacifier apart for good.

I was wrong...

The first night:

As usual, Faaz request for his milk and after 3-4oz drinking, he stopped and looked for the usual 2 things; his bolster pillow, and the pacifier. This time around, the pacifier was no where to be seen. As expected, he keep on asking for it. With no reaction and not looking at him, I told him that I've thrown it away. He couldn't be bothered with my answer. Instead, he kept on searching for it under his pillow for like a minute and then came to me again, asking for it. This time, I put him on the bed nicely, laid down beside him and hugged him. I looked him in the eye and told him softly,

"Faaz is a big boy now. Faaz gonna turn 2 years old soon. Big boy cannot take pacifier. See Abg Zayd, he did not take pacifier, even baby Izz don't take pacifier."

He was frowning at me, but became very quiet. I was unsure whether he really understand it..but he remained quiet for a while. However, when he started to feel really sleepy, he started to cry for it. "Merengek" to be exact, asking for it. Each time, all I do was telling him that I've thrown away the pacifier and there's no way I can get it back for him. It was tough to see him restless and sleepy and cranky at the same time :(

But I told myself..I need to be strong. Since Faaz is not really a cry baby, he did stop after 10 minutes. He laid on top of my tummy (his favourite spot) and be quiet. I stroke his hair, kissed his forehead few times. Alhamdulillah, he fall asleep. I was sooo relieved.

He woke up for milk at 3am and asked for the pacifier afterward. I told him the same answer before and as he was so sleepy, automatically he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

The second night

Alhamdulillah, it was easier compared to the previous night. I guess he must be too tired after running here and there at the mall. He asked for the pacifier like 5 times, restlessly and every time, he got the same answer he did not want to hear. He then asked for his milk instead and doze off with the bottle still in his hand after 5 minutes. Faaz was now 24 hours without a pacifier and I became more optimistic. :)

The third night

Both of us were lying on the bed, all prepared for bedtime. He drank his milk but did not asked for the pacifier after that, unlike the usual. He was a bit restless tho. He hugged me and kissed both of my cheeks and my forehead. Then he said,

"Faaz sayang Mommy"

I was touched. I smiled. Before I could say anything, he continued...

"Faaz miss puting (pacifier)"

while hugging his bolster pillow and looked at me with a hopeful, sad face. Oh my....I felt so sad for him. I felt like crying! :'( Suddenly the rush of guilty came in. I felt that I was too harsh on him, I felt I was mean to my baby boy..

"Oh Allah, please help me.."

my heart cried out loud. Suddenly Fadzil came into the room. I looked at him with, should-I-give-him-the-pacifier? look. He gave me the disapproval look. With a heavy heart I tried to entice Faaz again while Fadzil explained to Faaz why we did this to him and why he doesn't need the pacifier anymore. Five minutes after that, Faaz fall asleep with me still feeling guilty...

It's weird tho, I can bare seeing my child "merengek" but my heart sank when he starts to talk about it...

Me and Fadzil had a discussion about it later that night. We both agreed that it was the right thing to do and we should continue the mission till we succeed. Hopefully, by 2 years old Faaz is free from the pacifier.
Ameen. I pray that Allah gives me the strength to continue this tonight. Smoga malam ini lebih mudah dari semalam..amin. In the meantime, I keep my finger crossed that Faaz will not have any contact with the pacifier today. Cause my MIL on the other hand, had a slightly different view about it..

Faaz Naqi, let u know that Daddy & Mommy did this because we love you, son.
Mommy know you can do it, like you always say to me, "Fa-ash is strong!"

Update on 3.49pm.

Mama just called me telling that Faaz bugging her to call me and ask for "puting". The minute mama gave the phone to him, non-stop this little boy asking for his "puting", mixed in English and his own language. As if he was trying to fight for his right. Honestly, I felt pity and funny at the same time. When I explained to him, he was quiet and according to Mama, he was kissing the phone when I talked. Faaz, Faaz *geleng kepala*

I dont know what's happened next as I can hear Faaz keep on asking "puting" from mama after I said "goodbye" to him. Let's pray mama can handle the pressure well...huhu. Keep my fingers crossed again.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art & Crafts Activities For Toddlers

As most of parents out there, I had developed the interest in reading parenting books when I became pregnant. One of the topics that won my interest is introducing art and crafts for your child as early as one year old.

One might ask,
"Why you need to teach art at such a young age?"

The answer is simple;

It teaches your child expression, social skills, problem solving, imagination and cultural understanding

From art, a child can express him/herself...

From art, a child can build his/her social skill
through their senses, experimentation and risk taking...

From art, a child can do problem solving through decisions in using art materials and technique in art creation....

From art, a child can use the human imagination in visual art in being creative...

and finally...

From art, a child can learn about the history and cultural of their own! :)

Unlike those days, parents these days are taking art education more seriously. Kids as early as 3 years old has been sent to art classes apart from normal kindergarten classes. As for me, I am lucky enough to be introduced by arts by my parents at such a young age from home. For your information, my mother loves craft activities while my father is an artist by nature. He was so talented in portrait drawing that according to my late grandfather, my father's first art piece has been sold to a professional art gallery when he was just 11 years old! Sadly I didn't have his talent, but I do love arts, more to crafts just like mak..hihi. :)

That is why I started art activities with Faaz when he turned 1. From my readings, as a parents we can explore the art education with our kids even from home. It's even better, not only we can teach them the values behind arts, we can also spend quality times together as a family ;) Besides drawing and painting, there are a lots of other art activities that you and your child can indulge into. Just surf the net and you can find a lot of ideas and even tutorials on this. It's fun! :)

Faaz's first art activity - father's day card painting, june 2010 :)

We had a series of painting session at our home as Faaz loves water color. And since he's into it, we've decided to improve and add more tools to make the session comfortable. If before, the first painting session was merely for the purpose of decorating a father's day card, now it's more to develop his skills and educating him. I managed to teach him on colors, shapes and different types of lines. From my observation, Faaz favourite color is RED. Geng Tok Mak & Mak Ngah ler nie...hihi :)

If before he was shirtless, now he's got a proper apron/bib!

if before he just sat on the floor, now he has a comfy place to channel his creativity ;)

Apart from drawings and paintings, recently we did another art activity with lil Naqi; clay sculpturing! Oh wait, it's not the pottery in case you are wondering. It was more to shaping and sculpturing :) Instead of plasticine, me and Fadzil opt for sand clay instead. The sand clay was not that messy if you are wondering and it's definitely much, much more fun! It's already moist when we purchased, all you need is just to shape it and let it dry if you want to keep the model/sculpture you've made. Or, you can just mix it all again and keep it. If it's too dry, you can dabbed some water to make it moist again.

We bought it because of the cool photo shown! heheh.. available @ Toy's R Us @ RM20 each

In this activity, we wanted to teach Faaz on different textures so that he understand what does it means by "smooth", and "rough". We also wanted him to build up his creativity in producing his own product out of the clay.

the rough surface (above) and the smooth surface (below) :)

It was a fun that you get to play with the sand and at the same time let your imaginations runs wild! At first, Faaz Naqi was so committed, helping his daddy to shape the sand into blocks to make a light house.

However, his enjoyment only lasted halfway of the session....

The reason?

Look at the photo below.

Can you guess?

Oh yes...

He was more interested by the water inside the pail! Hahaha! Well, at least we managed to accomplish both of the objectives! (especially the creative part lor :P) :))

Personally, I feel that teaching arts and crafts to your child is definitely a good idea. Here are some of the advantages of art education:

  • It's already proven that early exposure in music and arts promotes the activity in a child's brain. Researches shown that kids with early exposure in both has the ability to learn fast!
  • Arts helps a child to understand other subjects such as maths and science more clearly.
  • It develop self esteem, self discipline, co-operation, motivation as well as nurtures inventiveness from the creative mind.
  • And most importantly, through art activity with your child, you can spend quality, meaningful time with your loved ones, improves the relationship and having fun at the same time!! :)
father-n-son quality time :)

togetherness!! :)

So why bother to wait?? Just spare some of your precious time, choose an art activity, gather your family members and get started! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Long Weekend: Swimming

Saturday, 6th November
-Saujana Golf & Country Club-

This is a continuation from the previous entry. Initially, we wanted to go for a picnic on Saturday morning. However, Fadzil slept pretty late the night before, as he was settling some of his programming job. I didn't have a heart to wake him up, so I let him doze off after Subuh prayer and cancel the plan. Perhaps some other time... :)

It was when we were relaxing that evening that Fadzil's eldest cousin, Kak Abri invited us to join them @ Saujana Club. Faaz was delighted when we told him that we wanted to bring him to see his bestfriend; kakak Tasya. Tasya is Kak Abri's daughter, Faaz's eldest cousin. :) Actually Faaz had skipped his afternoon nap, we have tried all means to put him into sleep but failed. Thinking that the probability he would fall asleep during the journey was quite high, rushingly we packed and drove off to Saujana. My instinct was right. As we reached the parking lot, Faaz eyes were almost closed. Pity him. We tried our luck by calling out his name slowly. Luckily, he opened his eyes widely with a grin. He was recharged again. Alhamdulillah...


we brought along donashi for tea :)

Since he was sleepy at that time, he suddenly became shy and reserved. The minute Fadzil put him inside the pool with Tasya, he cried and refused to swim. Hihihi, elele..jual mahal pulak dia :P

But it wasn't that long. When I carried him and went inside the pool, he started to loosen up. Bit by bit he got excited when people splashed water to him. He started to smile widely. Slowly I put him down, inside the pool. He started to warm up, but still his hand held mine firmly, smiled shyly at Tasya. Slowly I pulled off my hand...

"shy2 cat" :))

and the next thing you know...

they became good friends again :)

For your information, nowadays Faaz dislike to bare his body to strangers. If someone else happens to be there when his diaper is changed, he will be uncomfortable, and tried to cover his body with anything that he could grabbed and demanded us to be quick. Whenever he sees a topless guy, he would say "shishame" (shame shame). That explained why he was wearing a sleeveless in the pool, unlike the previous time. Sian dia, nanti mommy get you a proper suit k sayang... :)
Although previously he was really sleepy, the pool successfully made him recharged. Tasya was constantly being bullied by Faaz, splashing here and there...sorry Sya, sampai air masuk mata you. And as expected, it was quite a challenge to let him bid goodbye to the pool. Hihi. Jenuh I told him that it was getting dark, convince him that he has to get ready that we want to bring him "to go car"...semua bo-layan :P Makin galak main air ade la...

Ish, ish, ish...

Being someone experienced in this situation (ecece..), finally I managed to get him out of the pool, elok2 dah nak masuk Maghrib. Although he didn't cry, he did made a sour face...tak percaya?

tengok gambar ini...


Later that night, we were invited for a dinner at the coffee house. The food was nice but I couldn't finished it all as the portion was too generous for me.

-Rafiq, Faaz, Fadzil, Tasya & Imran-

Thank you, Abg Ramleh & Kak Abri for having us and thanks Tasya for spending time with you "bestfren". Faaz had so much fun! Faaz kata, next time ajakla dia lagi, tapi inform awal2 sket so that mommy dia sempat pack and bawak float skali. Hihihi.. :p

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Long Weekend: A Visit to Putrajaya

Salam to all,

How was your long weekend? I bet most of you had an interesting weekend; either went back to the hometown or went for a short vacation, right? And for the Hindu's I'm sure you guys had a wonderful Diwali celebration with family and friends :)

As for us, we were quite laid back and enjoying the long weekend at home, having some good rest and home meal cooking after a tiring week of working long hours. However, we did some outings around the KL area. Dekat2 aje... :) We went to Putrajaya on Friday, Saujana Subang on Saturday and just spending some quality times at home on Sunday...

Friday, 5th November
-Hospital Putrajaya-

My BFF from Uni, Inda had safely given birth to a premature baby boy weighing 1.1kg last Tuesday (02.11.2010). Alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are fine :) Since last Friday was a public holiday, we took the chance to pay her a visit. At first, we were planning to be there by 4pm so that I can have ample time to spend with her, unfortunately my little hero was in deep sleep at that time..kesian pulak nak kejut. At last, Faaz Naqi woke up at 6pm so rushingly I bathe him and off we went to Putrajaya Hospital.

There were a big crowd in her room when we arrived. Managed to meet up with Aunty Ani ,uncle Samsuddin n the rest of her siblings too. Meriah! Aunty Ani is friendly as usual and it was nice to see her joyful face that now she's officially an "Opah"! :) So much to hear, so much to talk with my Inda unfortunately we were running short of time. The Maghrib prayer was almost over when we bid goodbye. InsyaAllah, we'll pay you a visit soon when the baby finally go home. Mau tengok si mata sepet itu. Hihihi :)

the proud Opah, the proud aunty and of course the proud mommy :)

For those who knows her and wondering, Inda had been discharged from the hospital on Sunday night while the baby boy is still in the incubator, under monitoring. Chaiyo' Inda in your breastfeeding journey, smoga baby cepat2 gain weight and cepat2 balik rumah. We all constantly pray for the safety and health of your baby. Friends, do pray as well will you? Thanks.. :)

Oh ya, since the daddy has announced the baby's name officially on FB just now, let me share with you the little man's name. It's Ahmad Aiman b. Ahmad Fairuz. Cepat besar, Aiman! Aunty Nad n abg Faaz x sabar nak jumpa awak :)


After the visit and performed the prayer, we went to Alamanda for dinner. It was like the hundredth time for me (since my office based in Cyberjaya) to be there but it was the first time for lil Faaz. Upon entering the mall, he quickly saw the ToyCity and demanded us to bring him there. He was super excited to see that this particular ToyCity have a big collection of cars in the displayed area; not like the ToyCity he used to go in Sunway...I guess Daddy Faaz was so excited too that he ended up buying some for his collection too :P

After a while touring around, Faaz suddenly made a noise. He took my hand and direct me to the back section. Apparently he saw a "bike" for toddlers and wanted to hop in, "Faaz nak dudduk mommy, dudduk". Once seated, he wanted to use the paddle to move. Unfortunately his feet can't reach it...maka sedihla anak teruna saya. However, he didn't gave up. He used his foot to "walk" around. Sangat comel ok tengok dia terkedek2 nak pegi dkt Daddy dia! Hihihi...I wanted to help him but he refused. Aih, orang dah besar la katakan :P Faaz gigih ok...habis satu ToyCity dia tour while the SA there laughing at him..Faaz, Faaz..

As expected, it was hard for this little boy to let go of this bike. Even we pujuk with the toys Fadzil bought pun tak jalan. Lucky it was just a small drama before he went back to his cheerful behavior not long after. We straightly headed to Penang Village to have dinner and went back home right after.

That's pretty much how we spent our last Friday. In the next post, I will share the activity we did on last Saturday. Lets just say Faaz was having another fun time that we ended up having a tough time persuading him to go back...hihi.

Till then,

p.s: Faaz Naqi turns 22months old today. Two more months to BIG TWO! besar dah baby Mommy yg sorang ni...*sob*

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Thoughtful..

Although the company that I'm working with is based in Cyberjaya, I have been working in Subang Hitech for nearly half a year. I am based in the customer's office eversince I was assigned in the HSDPA rollout projects.

It's hard at first to work here when you are an outsider (a consultant to be exact) especially when it comes to facilities. Sometimes, it does made missed my old workspace in Cyber. However, after nearly 6 months things are getting a bit better, I find myself being comfortable working in my own cubicle.

And today, the customers made us the contractors feel welcomed here. Not only to their staff, the management also gave each and every of us warm greeting together with a Deepavali gift packs. It's something small, but means a lot. It was thoughtful..

Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profundity.
Kindness in giving creates love.

Thank you Maxis, you've made me missed my good old times working as your staff even more! :)

Happy Deepavali, Malaysian! Have a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outdoor Activity : Remote Control Car

Nowadays, lil Faaz have few new obsessions. Among them includes....

1) musical instruments

2) mickey mouse of the mickey mouse clubhouse

3)Video Games

x-box'ing with his Daddy. tak padan dgn kecik!! :P

However, there's one obsession that remain as his main interest from he was just a baby; CARS! Playing with cars is a must do thing for him everyday, anytime, everywhere. I even have to bring at least a toy car in my handbag everytime we go out. It's an essential thing besides his milk, pacifier and a diaper! :P Because of the obsession, Faaz can now recognize and differentiate the cars he see s on road by looking at the logos. Some of the brands that closed to his heart are BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Ferrari, Porche, Toyota and MyVi. Zura, remember you did tell me this few months back? You are absolutely right dear, Faaz dah kenal types of cars! :)

It becomes a routine for him to play with his toy car before going to bed every night that sometimes, he does fall asleep while playing with his toy cars...

cantik je tersusun...hihi.

Since he is soo into cars, we decided to go to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (Titiwangsa Lake Garden) to let him watch the remote control car race last two Saturday. For those who did not know, the event is held on every weekend at the track situated near the Nelayan Restaurant. If I'm not mistaken, the activity has been there for quite sometime because it was still fresh in my mind having the same activity with my siblings and my parents years ago.

At first, Faaz Naqi was wondering what's with the loud noise he heard as we got out of the car. Curiously, he kept looking around, trying to search from where the sounds came. He was so excited when finally he saw a remote control car passed by the place we were standing and immediately shouted, "emote car, daddy!!" :)

His eyes just couldn't stop tailing each car that passed by. Although it was hot and sunny, Faaz couldn't be bothered of sweat. Usually, it's not the case, Faaz memang "putera lilin" tapi kerana minat, dia ok je...Yang tak ok? Both of us..hihi. We had to take turn carrying him so that he can get the clear view of the race..lama-lama pancit hokey :P

Faaz with daddy...

Faaz with mommy...

It took us quite sometime before we successfully persuaded him to get into the car again. Lucky he didn't cry at all. We told him that we want to bring him to see the place where his daddy grew up and surprisingly he kinda understood. He was excited when Fadzil showed him his old house and his old school. Oh yeah, Fadzil grew up in Titiwangsa neighbourhood, for those who didn't know :)

Faaz fell asleep during the journey back home. He must be too tired, that's what we think. However, the minute we arrived home, he was awake. The first thing he requested was not the milk like the usual, but instead, battery ("batteyee"). We were puzzled at first, but figured it out soon. He wants to change the battery of his remote car. Terpaksala the Daddy searched for extra batteries and lucky he found some.

The minute Fadzil came back to him with a screwdriver, he told him "Fa-ash fix car, Fa-ash fix car!". Tinggi cita-cita this little man, he wanted to change the batteries by himself! :)

Can you see how dedicated he was? :)

But a kid is still a kid. When his attempts failed few times, he finally became bored and run to his daddy for assistance. As soon as it has been fixed, with enthusiast (Mesti semangat lepas tengok race nie..hihi), he played the remote car all by himself till he was tired and finally doze off.

Faaz Naqi, Daddy and Mommy knows you are soo into it. We'll try to make it a routine at least once a month. Later, when you grow slightly bigger we ask Daddy to bring us to Sepang Circuit for Formula 1 race plak, ok? ;)