Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art & Crafts Activities For Toddlers

As most of parents out there, I had developed the interest in reading parenting books when I became pregnant. One of the topics that won my interest is introducing art and crafts for your child as early as one year old.

One might ask,
"Why you need to teach art at such a young age?"

The answer is simple;

It teaches your child expression, social skills, problem solving, imagination and cultural understanding

From art, a child can express him/herself...

From art, a child can build his/her social skill
through their senses, experimentation and risk taking...

From art, a child can do problem solving through decisions in using art materials and technique in art creation....

From art, a child can use the human imagination in visual art in being creative...

and finally...

From art, a child can learn about the history and cultural of their own! :)

Unlike those days, parents these days are taking art education more seriously. Kids as early as 3 years old has been sent to art classes apart from normal kindergarten classes. As for me, I am lucky enough to be introduced by arts by my parents at such a young age from home. For your information, my mother loves craft activities while my father is an artist by nature. He was so talented in portrait drawing that according to my late grandfather, my father's first art piece has been sold to a professional art gallery when he was just 11 years old! Sadly I didn't have his talent, but I do love arts, more to crafts just like mak..hihi. :)

That is why I started art activities with Faaz when he turned 1. From my readings, as a parents we can explore the art education with our kids even from home. It's even better, not only we can teach them the values behind arts, we can also spend quality times together as a family ;) Besides drawing and painting, there are a lots of other art activities that you and your child can indulge into. Just surf the net and you can find a lot of ideas and even tutorials on this. It's fun! :)

Faaz's first art activity - father's day card painting, june 2010 :)

We had a series of painting session at our home as Faaz loves water color. And since he's into it, we've decided to improve and add more tools to make the session comfortable. If before, the first painting session was merely for the purpose of decorating a father's day card, now it's more to develop his skills and educating him. I managed to teach him on colors, shapes and different types of lines. From my observation, Faaz favourite color is RED. Geng Tok Mak & Mak Ngah ler nie...hihi :)

If before he was shirtless, now he's got a proper apron/bib!

if before he just sat on the floor, now he has a comfy place to channel his creativity ;)

Apart from drawings and paintings, recently we did another art activity with lil Naqi; clay sculpturing! Oh wait, it's not the pottery in case you are wondering. It was more to shaping and sculpturing :) Instead of plasticine, me and Fadzil opt for sand clay instead. The sand clay was not that messy if you are wondering and it's definitely much, much more fun! It's already moist when we purchased, all you need is just to shape it and let it dry if you want to keep the model/sculpture you've made. Or, you can just mix it all again and keep it. If it's too dry, you can dabbed some water to make it moist again.

We bought it because of the cool photo shown! heheh.. available @ Toy's R Us @ RM20 each

In this activity, we wanted to teach Faaz on different textures so that he understand what does it means by "smooth", and "rough". We also wanted him to build up his creativity in producing his own product out of the clay.

the rough surface (above) and the smooth surface (below) :)

It was a fun that you get to play with the sand and at the same time let your imaginations runs wild! At first, Faaz Naqi was so committed, helping his daddy to shape the sand into blocks to make a light house.

However, his enjoyment only lasted halfway of the session....

The reason?

Look at the photo below.

Can you guess?

Oh yes...

He was more interested by the water inside the pail! Hahaha! Well, at least we managed to accomplish both of the objectives! (especially the creative part lor :P) :))

Personally, I feel that teaching arts and crafts to your child is definitely a good idea. Here are some of the advantages of art education:

  • It's already proven that early exposure in music and arts promotes the activity in a child's brain. Researches shown that kids with early exposure in both has the ability to learn fast!
  • Arts helps a child to understand other subjects such as maths and science more clearly.
  • It develop self esteem, self discipline, co-operation, motivation as well as nurtures inventiveness from the creative mind.
  • And most importantly, through art activity with your child, you can spend quality, meaningful time with your loved ones, improves the relationship and having fun at the same time!! :)
father-n-son quality time :)

togetherness!! :)

So why bother to wait?? Just spare some of your precious time, choose an art activity, gather your family members and get started! :)


dyana "his other half" said...

cd baru beli water color tuk hadif last 2 weeks. plan nak buat birthday card for his akong. skali bukan kertas yg kena paint. he painted his hand and face! tgk la picture kat FB fariq tu. huhu. crayon and pencil color alhamdulilah dia dah OK. masa awal2 start dulu dia cam tak minat je. risau gak cd. takut di ngikut cd je. tak creative langsung in art. rupanya cd beli too early for him. huhu.

sand clay tu sangat menarik la. better clay dari plastecin kan.nanti nak try la. but not now kot. nak settle down with water color dulu. 2nd attempt ni tatau la masih face and hand ke yg kena paint nanti. hehe.


wah seronoknye Faaz ber"art n craft" with mommy n daddy ek..
its true Nad, A&C ni aktiviti sihat..mommy n daddy pun boleh curah creativity..;)
I pun intro awal2 kat Adam art activity sb nak biasakan dia..jgn jadik mcm mommy dia,time scool dulu susah betul sb tangan keras, tak reti lukis langsung u!
smp pernah jgak terpikir nk enroll Adam art n craft class..nanti bila besar sket la..
Cuma part clay n plastecin tu nanti nk intro kat dia..
tp betul, Adam mcm Faaz jgak..dia lg intrested main air plak ;)

nanti one day boleh kita kumpul ramai2 for A&C activity kan..mesti best!

:: iManja :: said...

kalau kat kindie yg montessori method pon byk ajar buat craft ni kan. Anyway apron faaz tu cam besh laaa...faaz pon nmpak enjoy sgt

Yup betul la dyana, mmg sand clay tu nmpak menarik...besh kan...i pon teruja nak buat...hehehe..

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hahaha, ye ke. Habis jadi tak birthday card tu? since Hadif sibuk cat tgn dia, buatla corak tapak tangan ;) Faaz dulu masa suruh nak cop tapak tngn dia geli2. hehe..dia mmg suka conteng atas kertas ;)

Oh yes, sometimes mmg benda yg kita nak introduce tu dia x minat sbb dia belum develop interest tu lagi. cam clay ni lah, Faaz minat skejap je. nanti nak cuba lagi. mana tau pasni dia dh ade interest tu :)

hehehe, ok good luck! go hadif go! :)

Nadine said...


Hehehe, kan? Air tu lagi fun for them! :D Tu sbb Faaz minat water color. Sbb he get to mix the color with WATER! haha!

hey, that's a great idea. perhaps boleh buat like a mini tea party jugak. buat activity sambil makan2 br best (ingat makan je I nie..:D)

Nadine said...


Hihi, thanks. Actually beli apron tu purpose nye sbg bib! Sbb Faaz suka makan soup, nak makan sendiri most of the time. nak mengelakkan baju dia lencun mandi soup tu yg beli. since boleh jugak guna as apron, i pakaikan aje utk drawing session. nak masuk pun sonang ;)

a'ah best. nanti beli la..kalau alany x leh buat lagi, sue n hubby pun leh main2 dulu. haritu I ngan hubby yg semangat ok..haha

Mimy Hamid said...

seronok nya korang...i respek uolls thread faaz..macam macam aktiviti...i least minda dia berkembang sihat the dia tau apa benda abaru..tang tangan kotor conteng mmg favvy dia la ek..hehe

Nadine said...

Hihi, thanks Mimy. Dah ade anak kan, mmg bnyk focus kat dia je. Nanti u ade anak pun sure mcm ni, excited tau especially first time mother. :)


p.s: x sabar nak tgk you in your wedding dress. mesti vogue da vass!! ;)

faisyura said...

aaaaa seronoknyeeee... aman damai je tengok Faaz buat art... suke sgt tegnok... kalo kitorg cuba buat cmni kan... haru biru...

Zaim mmg akan lebih creative, memula tu mmgla focus kat drawing paper dia lepas tu, pergi ke easel lepas tu tangan muke dia, pastu conteng Aariz, conteng lantai, conteng car... nak cat dia cakap... pastu lebih parah sekelip mate, conteng dinding and sofa aagagagaga... maka mommy pun jerit... 'bibik... kemas sume ni..' hahahah

aariz seperti biase, kacau daun... pastu cubaan untuk merase crayon and all... hmmmm... pengsan!

kene tunggu Aariz besar skit la kot.. ;)

Nadine said...

Zura, bagus tau, lagi creative anak lagi bijak! sbb otak dia berkembang dgn jayanya.

aariz nak rasa krayon? looks nyummy ye aariz? hahaha! Faaz x suka crayon sbb dia tak reti tekan bila guna. So bila dia color je, warna cair ala2 x nmpk. hehe

issokay zura, maybe zura n the kids boleh buat arts activities yg lain such as paper folding ke? im sure they'll love paper jet/planes ;)

irradhil said...

wah....bagusnyer nadine.....bagusnyer Faaz....
irra xstart lg buat art xtvt kt esya....apron dh bli tp water color blum lagik.heheheheeh.hangat2 taik ayam la irra nih.huhuhu.

esya suker pen jer buat ms skrg.kalu bg pensel pn xmo.huhuhu.plastecin ader member bg pressie hrtu tp die mcm xminat lak...lg satu...dina pn sibuk nk jgk...nk masukkan dlm simpan!!!hehehehehe.

irradhil said...

wah....bagusnyer nadine.....bagusnyer Faaz....
irra xstart lg buat art xtvt kt esya....apron dh bli tp water color blum lagik.heheheheeh.hangat2 taik ayam la irra nih.huhuhu.

esya suker pen jer buat ms skrg.kalu bg pensel pn xmo.huhuhu.plastecin ader member bg pressie hrtu tp die mcm xminat lak...lg satu...dina pn sibuk nk jgk...nk masukkan dlm simpan!!!hehehehehe.

kella said...

nad! u ni memang betul2 dah bersedia dari segi mental dan fizikal untuk ada anak! u're just too good ( to be true... tetiba ingat lagu pulak! ;p )

betul apa yang u cuba terapkan ini... me nanti kalau ada anak, nak buat macam u jugak! boleh kan kalau me jadikan u as a role model hot mommy! kalau me ada anak nantila kot.. insyaAllah.. me akan buka blog u ni selalu untuk rujukan.. hehehe :D

Nadine said...


Ala dear, ape yg bagusnye. Benda yg I minat kan, rajin je la. Hihi :)

Eh ok la tu Irra. First step sudah ade. Nak tinggal step2 seterusnya je tu. :) Oh yeke, pencil color dia tak minat? kalau minat Irra bleh belikan coloring book yg menarik utk dia. Dr pencil color pun bleh ajar mcm2 kan.

Ic..sama la mcm Faaz ni. Sand clay ni pun dia kurang minat jugak. Tp takpe, I'm sure besar sket lagi mesti diaorg suka punye :)

Nadine said...

Kella, lagi sorang tau. Suka puji2. Thanks darling, ur so sweet! :)
I takla bagus mana you. I failed jugak in certain motherhood thingy such as bfeeding :( Tapi perjuangan belum selesai, kita belajar dr kegagalan. Nanti kalau Kella jadi mama, mesti Kella pun nak buat yg terbaik utk anak2 Kella. and because of that, minat n skill akan dtg dgn sendiri. Setiap org punye motherhood lain2 tau pengalaman dia. Nanti sampai masanya kita kongsi sama2 hal parenting ok :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wow, the sand art look pretty exciting! ?And no wonder artworks Faaz sgt cantik n creative bcoz it runs in the family blood eh..keep it up, coz practice makes perfect! manatau Faaz leh jd artist as a part time nti..can make $$$ tau! :D

Nadine said...

Hi Izu,

Long time no hear from you. BZ packing eh dear :) Have a safe journey ye.

Awwwh, thanks dear. Hehe, part time Nadia approve. full time tak bley. Hehehe..memilih tul mommy Faaz kan :P

Nnti dh settle kat sana blehla izu explore art for kids. Sana mesti lagi bnyk choice yg best2 kan. Main dgn salji contohnya. arrrgh, bestnyerr! :)