Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Long Weekend: A Visit to Putrajaya

Salam to all,

How was your long weekend? I bet most of you had an interesting weekend; either went back to the hometown or went for a short vacation, right? And for the Hindu's I'm sure you guys had a wonderful Diwali celebration with family and friends :)

As for us, we were quite laid back and enjoying the long weekend at home, having some good rest and home meal cooking after a tiring week of working long hours. However, we did some outings around the KL area. Dekat2 aje... :) We went to Putrajaya on Friday, Saujana Subang on Saturday and just spending some quality times at home on Sunday...

Friday, 5th November
-Hospital Putrajaya-

My BFF from Uni, Inda had safely given birth to a premature baby boy weighing 1.1kg last Tuesday (02.11.2010). Alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are fine :) Since last Friday was a public holiday, we took the chance to pay her a visit. At first, we were planning to be there by 4pm so that I can have ample time to spend with her, unfortunately my little hero was in deep sleep at that time..kesian pulak nak kejut. At last, Faaz Naqi woke up at 6pm so rushingly I bathe him and off we went to Putrajaya Hospital.

There were a big crowd in her room when we arrived. Managed to meet up with Aunty Ani ,uncle Samsuddin n the rest of her siblings too. Meriah! Aunty Ani is friendly as usual and it was nice to see her joyful face that now she's officially an "Opah"! :) So much to hear, so much to talk with my Inda unfortunately we were running short of time. The Maghrib prayer was almost over when we bid goodbye. InsyaAllah, we'll pay you a visit soon when the baby finally go home. Mau tengok si mata sepet itu. Hihihi :)

the proud Opah, the proud aunty and of course the proud mommy :)

For those who knows her and wondering, Inda had been discharged from the hospital on Sunday night while the baby boy is still in the incubator, under monitoring. Chaiyo' Inda in your breastfeeding journey, smoga baby cepat2 gain weight and cepat2 balik rumah. We all constantly pray for the safety and health of your baby. Friends, do pray as well will you? Thanks.. :)

Oh ya, since the daddy has announced the baby's name officially on FB just now, let me share with you the little man's name. It's Ahmad Aiman b. Ahmad Fairuz. Cepat besar, Aiman! Aunty Nad n abg Faaz x sabar nak jumpa awak :)


After the visit and performed the prayer, we went to Alamanda for dinner. It was like the hundredth time for me (since my office based in Cyberjaya) to be there but it was the first time for lil Faaz. Upon entering the mall, he quickly saw the ToyCity and demanded us to bring him there. He was super excited to see that this particular ToyCity have a big collection of cars in the displayed area; not like the ToyCity he used to go in Sunway...I guess Daddy Faaz was so excited too that he ended up buying some for his collection too :P

After a while touring around, Faaz suddenly made a noise. He took my hand and direct me to the back section. Apparently he saw a "bike" for toddlers and wanted to hop in, "Faaz nak dudduk mommy, dudduk". Once seated, he wanted to use the paddle to move. Unfortunately his feet can't reach it...maka sedihla anak teruna saya. However, he didn't gave up. He used his foot to "walk" around. Sangat comel ok tengok dia terkedek2 nak pegi dkt Daddy dia! Hihihi...I wanted to help him but he refused. Aih, orang dah besar la katakan :P Faaz gigih ok...habis satu ToyCity dia tour while the SA there laughing at him..Faaz, Faaz..

As expected, it was hard for this little boy to let go of this bike. Even we pujuk with the toys Fadzil bought pun tak jalan. Lucky it was just a small drama before he went back to his cheerful behavior not long after. We straightly headed to Penang Village to have dinner and went back home right after.

That's pretty much how we spent our last Friday. In the next post, I will share the activity we did on last Saturday. Lets just say Faaz was having another fun time that we ended up having a tough time persuading him to go back...hihi.

Till then,

p.s: Faaz Naqi turns 22months old today. Two more months to BIG TWO! besar dah baby Mommy yg sorang ni...*sob*


mommaholicSURI said...

Alhamdulillah!Inda dah jadi mommy. Moga Aiman cepat-cepat keluar hospital and mommy boleh peluk cium Aiman. Amin :)

Hihi.. Faaz looks macho naik that bike tau!! Ni kalau encik Oman nampak ni, sure 2x5 Faaz jugak. Like Faaz is so obsess with cars, motorbike is Oman's obsession. Tapi kan you, Oman moto2 besar ni kekadang dia x heran sangat. Tapi cuba motor kapcai and skuter.. mak datuk, pangiil 10 kali pun x dengar hihihi.

Well Faaz, everytime, your mommy wish your months achievement, the day after is Oman pulak. It's true, cepatnya masa berlalu. Ala sedeynyerrr...

Take care, Nadine :)


I kan risau betul lah kalau lalu depan Toycity kt SP tu tau..
mahu Adam tak nak kuar..
specially bila tgk bnyk airplane, trains n car..aduh..

baik Faaz..tak de lah nangis sgt nak lepas bike tu ek..
kalau Adam abis..mesti jerit2 satu kedai dah..pening mommy n papa dia ;(

I love Penang Village food too.. I selalu makan kt TTDI KL..ooo kat Alamanda pun ade ek..
foods dia buat I terliur ni ;)

btw, congrats to ur fren Inda..
be stong and happy BF..

Nadine said...


InsyaAllah, sama2 kita doakan. Amin. Finally Inda dh join the motherhood club, weeee! :)

Hihi, thanks. Fadzil berkenan betul ngan bike ni tau, ala2 harley gitu. A'ahkan, Oman minat vroom, vroom! I'm sure kalau dia naik pun dia mesti suka. Silap2 terus momma belikan utk dia. The bike leh pakai lama tau, sbb seat dia leh adjust for growing toddlers.

Yes dear, anak2 kita lahir genap sebulan, sehari :) Happy 21st months old today, Oman! HAve fun learning and exploring things around you!

u take care too dear :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, setiap kali pegi ToyCity kat Pyramid tu I mesti teringatkan Adam kalau nmpk the displayed planes tau! Faaz dr baby mmg kurang nangis you. Even dulu pernah jatuh sampai berdarah gum dia pun x sampai seminit dia dh diam. Padahal masa mengandungkan dia, laju jer airmata I mengalir. Sket2 nangis, nangis. Faaz bosan kot dlm perut dulu I asik nangis so dia kluar je xmo nangis2 sgt :P

Oh ye ke, I tak tau pun kat TTDI ade. Dulu kat USJ ade tau dear, so close to our house. Makan kat sana je la, tp bila that restaurant closed, I pegi kat Alamanda pulak..

Thanks dear, on her behalf :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Happy 22 mos Faaz yg handsome dan macho! hihihi..(td wish Oman :)) Faaz suka bike eh? tk pe tah2 2bln lg mommy nk blikn kot...surprise..surprise! hehe kjp je dh nk 2thn kn..lps tu Oman n then Iris plak..sob2..Oh tp tk pe, lps tu mommy dh bley bg Faaz adik plak, kn? hihihi..

Nway, tahniah buat mommy Inda n suami..syukur dpt bby boy yg sihat, nama pon sedap. alhamdulillah..:)

Mimy Hamid said...

amboi anak bujang...tak sah tak beli mainan kan...eheh terserlah baby boy

Nadine said...


Faaz says thank you! :)
Hihi, Faaz prefers cars, tp ape2 ride yg boleh dia naik dan bergerak, suka aje dia. Hehehe, kena kumpul duit dulu la kalau mommy nak belikan. agak pricey..

itulah, they grew up so fast! insyaAllah izu, doakan murah lagi rezeki kitaorg nak dapat anak. amin :)

alhamdulillah...thank you on her behalf :)

Nadine said...


hihi, boys will be boys. even if they grew old :P

dyana "his other half" said...

Muka inda n her mother sangat berseri2. Nampak sgt they are very happy. And of course nadia pun cute and look very happy juga dpt jumpa ur best friend kan :).

huhu. cd takde experience lagi hadif with toycity. but last monday kitaorg bawa pergi jusco. tak keruan dia nak pilih toy yg mana satu. tp yang cd perasan dia asyik amik bike and fire engine. heran btoi cd. dah 3 kali berturut and different toy store, hadif asyik pilih fire engine. nak jadi bomba kah dia? hehe.

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Kan?? Ala Cee D ni, Nadia ni cameo jer kat sana. Tp mmg excited la jumpa Inda. Lama x borak2 ngan dia. :)

Hehehe, mesti Hadif dpt banyak toy kan? Jusco tgh sale skang ;)Wah, ade particular cartoon on fire engine ke yg dia suka. wah, kalau hadif jadi ahli bomba, jadi wira la dia! good2. ;)

zAhiRaH said...

owh penang village is like soo close to my office dh..but unfortunately i was not working that day..
penah try goreng pisang x kt sane? sedap :)

Nadine said...

Oh ye ke Zahirah, lain kali kalau weekdays kitaorg pegi sana I suh Fadzil give u a ring2 call ok :)

tak pernah, best eh? goreng pisang ngan aiskrim ke? :D

Thara said...

oooh i miss alamanda! everytime i round putrajaya/cyberjaya, misti teringat zaman kegemilangan asmaradana dkt MMU dulu. :P how life was less complicated then!

haha naseb baik faaz tak perosah mummy daddy to get that bike kan! kalau tak, garu kepala la mummy daddy! :P

ooh i love penang village! i especially love their fishballs soup! u penah try tak? highly recommended! :D

Nadine said...


Owh ye la, you org MMU, for sure la Alamanda tempat dating kan. Owh yes, alam uni, hidup pernuh warna warni. Hihi. Kalau you guys kt Alamanda, we all yg kat UIA dulu plg common KLCC le tempat dating. Asal pegi sana jumpa dia ni la, dia tu la..hahaha.

Hehehe, betul tu Thara, almost RM400 each tu.

Fishball soup? Tak pernah lagi. Wah ramai peminat penang village bg suggestions. Ni kena visit lagi dlm masa terdekat ni. Hihi. Thanks dear!