Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outdoor Activity : Remote Control Car

Nowadays, lil Faaz have few new obsessions. Among them includes....

1) musical instruments

2) mickey mouse of the mickey mouse clubhouse

3)Video Games

x-box'ing with his Daddy. tak padan dgn kecik!! :P

However, there's one obsession that remain as his main interest from he was just a baby; CARS! Playing with cars is a must do thing for him everyday, anytime, everywhere. I even have to bring at least a toy car in my handbag everytime we go out. It's an essential thing besides his milk, pacifier and a diaper! :P Because of the obsession, Faaz can now recognize and differentiate the cars he see s on road by looking at the logos. Some of the brands that closed to his heart are BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Ferrari, Porche, Toyota and MyVi. Zura, remember you did tell me this few months back? You are absolutely right dear, Faaz dah kenal types of cars! :)

It becomes a routine for him to play with his toy car before going to bed every night that sometimes, he does fall asleep while playing with his toy cars...

cantik je tersusun...hihi.

Since he is soo into cars, we decided to go to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (Titiwangsa Lake Garden) to let him watch the remote control car race last two Saturday. For those who did not know, the event is held on every weekend at the track situated near the Nelayan Restaurant. If I'm not mistaken, the activity has been there for quite sometime because it was still fresh in my mind having the same activity with my siblings and my parents years ago.

At first, Faaz Naqi was wondering what's with the loud noise he heard as we got out of the car. Curiously, he kept looking around, trying to search from where the sounds came. He was so excited when finally he saw a remote control car passed by the place we were standing and immediately shouted, "emote car, daddy!!" :)

His eyes just couldn't stop tailing each car that passed by. Although it was hot and sunny, Faaz couldn't be bothered of sweat. Usually, it's not the case, Faaz memang "putera lilin" tapi kerana minat, dia ok je...Yang tak ok? Both of us..hihi. We had to take turn carrying him so that he can get the clear view of the race..lama-lama pancit hokey :P

Faaz with daddy...

Faaz with mommy...

It took us quite sometime before we successfully persuaded him to get into the car again. Lucky he didn't cry at all. We told him that we want to bring him to see the place where his daddy grew up and surprisingly he kinda understood. He was excited when Fadzil showed him his old house and his old school. Oh yeah, Fadzil grew up in Titiwangsa neighbourhood, for those who didn't know :)

Faaz fell asleep during the journey back home. He must be too tired, that's what we think. However, the minute we arrived home, he was awake. The first thing he requested was not the milk like the usual, but instead, battery ("batteyee"). We were puzzled at first, but figured it out soon. He wants to change the battery of his remote car. Terpaksala the Daddy searched for extra batteries and lucky he found some.

The minute Fadzil came back to him with a screwdriver, he told him "Fa-ash fix car, Fa-ash fix car!". Tinggi cita-cita this little man, he wanted to change the batteries by himself! :)

Can you see how dedicated he was? :)

But a kid is still a kid. When his attempts failed few times, he finally became bored and run to his daddy for assistance. As soon as it has been fixed, with enthusiast (Mesti semangat lepas tengok race nie..hihi), he played the remote car all by himself till he was tired and finally doze off.

Faaz Naqi, Daddy and Mommy knows you are soo into it. We'll try to make it a routine at least once a month. Later, when you grow slightly bigger we ask Daddy to bring us to Sepang Circuit for Formula 1 race plak, ok? ;)


dyana "his other half" said...

comel je faaz with musical instrument tu. nanti boleh duet ngan aunty main piano. hehe.

oh, hadif pun suka sangat mickey mouse. nampak ja mickey terus muka bersinar2 macam kena pukau pun ada. one day hadif tanak pakai baju langsung. than i try to take out his mickey mouse tshirt. terus senyum and rela hati nak pakai tshirt tu. hehe. maybe kita boleh plan for mickey on ice one day nadia :).

remote control car kat titiwangsa tu best kan. abah cd pun ada satu remote car cenggitu. tp elok je simpan dlm stor after modified semua. alasan dia nak simpan kasi cucu pakai. ahahaha. ntah bila tatau la. hadif tak minat sgt dengan car.

faaz the handy mandy :). sama cam hadif juga. at least faaz cari daddy minta tlg. hadif kalau dah mengamok smpi guling2 sebab tak boleh buat sendiri. hehe.

apa2 pun faaz mmg comel n clever la. obedient pun ye jugak. suka cd tgk.

Mimy Hamid said...

amboi kecik lagi dak banyak interest...good hobby mana tau one day will be racer..yeahh go faaz...nak pinjam satu boleh..hahaha

p/s : bedak pixy ada jual kat watson yang besar etc mid valley, klcc

mommaholicSURI said...

Owh this is so exciting, Faaz. Lucky mommy and daddy brought you to watch the remote control car race!! hihi.

Nadine, you perasan x dekat Subang pun ade? i'm not sure which section is that place but it's somewhere near SS19. I remember Armi brought me there once masa zaman berchinta dulu. Haha. yeah it's kind of exciting and for Faaz who's really into cars.. he definitely very very happy kan? hihi.

Wow! Faaz dah boleh recognize the logo of the cars. Bravo, Faaz. You're so advance you know. :)

And looking at his picture troubleshooting the remote car, OMG, he is so dedicated. Faaz nak jadi Engineer F1 ek nanti? hihihi..

Yes Faaz, you're so clever!! :)

Take care, Nadine. Kiss to your little one. :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Cee D tere main piano eh? How cool! I never knew that. Senyap2 je mama Hadif ni, ade bakat terpendam rupanya. bestla cee d, nnti lehla main piano n nyanyi nursery rhyme ngan Hadif. Nadia tau main lagu mary had a little lamb je. Heee :D

Cee D, kalau la ade, mmg Nadia plan nak bawak Faaz pegi. Haritu nmpk iklan kat Disney Channel, dh excited dh, skali tgk vanue: Surabaya :P

Oh ye ke, untungnya Hadif. Awal2 atuk dia dh siapkan toy utk dia. A'ahkan, Hadif more to bikes kan? Vrom, Vrom! ;) Guling2? Mesti sgt comel kan? Hihi.

Awwwh, thanks dear for your kind words. Hadif pun sama jugak, kalau orang minang ckp, "ontok yo budak ni" :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, kids at this age mmg suka explore mcm2. Racer? Kalau kat track mommy bagi, kalau race kat jalan raya, NO, NO, NO! :)
Aunty Mimy nak pinjam ke? Faaz kata kalau mau, kasi pun boleh, as wedding gift. nak ke? Hehehe

p.s: owh thanks dear for the info, nnti nak pegi carikla ;)

Nadine said...


You, kt Subang pun ade ke?! Wow, I never knew that. I guess Fadzil pun since he never mentioned it before. Eh chop! Armi grew up in Subang ke you? Mcm bnyk port je kat Subang dia tau...

p.s: masa dating kat situ ade feeling ala2 fast n furious tak? ;) Hihi..

Benda minat kan, Mea. Senang je la dia nak ingat. Nak2 ade coach yg sgt dedicated mengajar tanpa rasa jemu...dgn mommy2 skali kena attend tutorial (hihi, ampun yang!:D)

Awwwwh, thanks dear, mmuahs! mmuahs! Hugs to ur handsome little man. Geram betul dgn rambut ala maggi dia tu tau! :)

hushuss said...

Nadine, I think Faaz has talent to become F1 driver, he is just 1 year ++ tp dah boleh recognize types of cars! that's very amazing! Hopefully Hazrat can be a fast learner mcm Faaz.

BTW, I hv linked your blog, and I am very glad to know you, Nadine!

irradhil said...

cutela Faaz ni.kecik2 dh ader tokoh nk jd engineer mcm mommy die.bagusss2.

comeyyy jer Faaz susun kereta die tu.sama cam ank sedara irra.sampai bwh meja duk main kereta tu.my bro in law siap blikan carpet yg ader corak jalanraya gitu.sodappp jer die baring ngn kereta tu.

Nadine....Faaz sesuai la main remote control car tu.ni esya ank dara i pn minat tau.huhuhu.meraung2 kalau xbli.die imitate kazen die la.huhuhu.biler beli mainnyer sekejap jer.jgn jd minah tomboy udahla esya...

dyana "his other half" said...

hehe, cd belajar main piano sampai grade 7. tak sempat habiskan sampai grade 8 sebab masuk boarding school after that. itu yg bila rumah baru siap ni cd berazam nak beli piano balik. kena kumpul duit lagi la. hehe.

cd boleh main brass instruments and drum juga sebab dulu cd school band drum major. ahahaha. those were the days. mmg tak pernah citer kat sapa2 pun kat UIA.

nanti kita check out psl disney on ice tu eh. setahu cd usually it comes ti malaysia btwn march to may. kena tunggu next year la.

Nadine said...


F1 driver? F1 engineer dahle. Risau mommy nanti. Hihi. Mana tak ingat Huspa, dh hari2 dia mengadap benda tu je. Minat punye pasal. Nadia rasa kalau Hazrat minat cars n hari2 mengadap mesti dia pun sama jugak :)
I suka tau tgk Hazrat haritu. Dia berani, yet cool je. Soft spoken plak tu..haih, cair aunty Nad! :)

Thanks dear, I also glad to know you! Suka tgk lesung pipit Huspa bila senyum. Comel! :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, thanks. Waaa, ye ke. Memang boys kalau minat keta mcm tu la kot, suka display. Ha'ahkan, ade carpet mcm tu, rasa mcm pernah tgk tp tak ingat kat mana. Menarik2. Nanti kalau pindah rumah sendiri bleh la cari satu utk bilik Faaz, mesti dia suka. Takyah susah2 nak beli track. Hehe.

Oh ye ke..hihi. Dia bkn tomboylah mama, dia adventurous girl nie. Mana tau Irra, sok dh besar jd M'sia first female F1 drive? Jeng, jeng, jeng.. :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Waaaaaa! banyaknya musical instuments Cee D bleh main. Senyap2 je dia tau! Nape Cee D tak ckp, Cee D, Nadia minaaaaaat sgt drum. Teringin nak blajar cuma blum ade opportunity lagi. Nanti ajar Nadia plisss! :)

Ok,ok. Do keep me updated, dear. :)

RuZaNNa said...

Eh eh eh.. mcm kenal aje kereta mickey mouse pink tuh.. it's at Brothers KJ kan?.. everytime we pass by brothers nak gi giant mall, imran will surely point at the car sbb die kenal mickey mouse from his baju.. heheh

I think daddy faaz must have been training him on the logos sampai kenal ni.. heheh.. kan silap haribulan boleh spell the names pulak.. heheh.. imran recognizes the outlook of the car.. if nampak honda city he will call out mommy.. nampak perdana die panggil a-wa (which wan.. his grandpa) and nampak mercedez die panggil tok.. but it's good enough la kan..

Boys will definitely be boys kan.. cars.. trains aeroplanes.. mmg diorg surely minat.. when faaz big enough, boleh la bawak main kids gocart.. i bet he'll have so much fun! :)

irradhil said...

hukhuk....jgnla auntie nadine.nti kang jd minah rempit mcm umi die ni.hehehehe.hrp2 nyer makin bsr mkin feminin la esya nti kan.hehehe

Nadine said...


Yessza, it's from Brothers KJ. We went there to buy car mattress. Tu masa tunggu diaorg potong2 la tu. Hihi. Nampak je keta tu sibuk suh amik gamba. Tp bila kita dh ready dia bkn nak senyum. static je. hihi.

Hahaha, exactly! Tp BMW special sket. Siap kenalkan every series ye. Tu keta Faaz yg berderet tu sume Beamer lah tu, different2 series la tuh. :) Lagi satu, bkn Daddy dia aje, Nana dia pun sama. Anak beranak punye interest bawak ke cucu. Hihi. Awwwh, that's really good babe. Maksudnya dia dh bleh differenciate dh. Tak lama lagi tere la tuh ;)

Betol2. At times ada sikit jeles tgk Fadzil can share the same interest with Faaz. Ni yg buat I lagi teringin nak ade baby girl nie :)

Nadine said...


A'hah! Dia ikut ummi dia rupanya yer. Eh kira orait la tu, ummi dia x nampak cam minah rempit pun, nampak lemah lembut jer :)

Thara said...

awww. comels je faaz ni! geram auntie! besa nanti tanya mummy nak jadi F1 driver, bole tak? :P

i can just imagine aydein becoming like faaz sebab papa aydein pon mmg hantu kereta! i call aien (not aydein) the walking car dictionary sebab he knows every car model, specs, and everything! i think fadzil and aien can really go on and on and on about cars when they get together ni sbb i can see that they are really hardcores! :P

oh well, i guess it's better for them to pollute the kids mind with cars rather than PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE kan! brrrr.


wah bestnye Faaz pergi tgk remote car race!
hehe..my hubby kan minat keta jgak, tp dia pelik nape Adam tak suka car..hahhaa...I gelak je..I said luck Adam wasnt into car...
kalau tak penat I nak layan 2 petrol head boy!

plus bila besar nanti boleh lah bawak our boys pergi go-carting kan..
itu pun one of my hubby's dream..
* Ayah tak sempat, dia pass cita2 kt anak plak..;)
but Nad kagumlah Faaz dah kenal car logo ..terrer lah faaz..nanti boleh ajar Adam!

Adam pun minat mickey mouse lately ;)
muah2 to hensem Faaz ;

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, Aydein pun comel jugak. In fact haritu Fadzil managed to snap a very cute photo of him! nanti dh transfer I bg kat you :)
Ooooh tidaaaaak! I tak rela you. Cukupla sorang F1 driver tak bertauliah kat rumah nie. Hihi..

I pun rasa Aydein x lama lagi pun mcm Faaz jugak. Blehla diaorg main sama2 kan while the fathers chit chat about cars :)
Oh yes babe, kalau pasal kereta Fadzil can go on, and on, and on. Dahla dia jenis ringan mulut :)

Hoho, that is SO TRUE! I rather choose CAR as topic rather than PROGRAMMING! huhu..

Nadine said...


Ic, Adam nak gengg ngan mommy kot. Mommy minat ape, train ke aeroplane? Hehe..

A'ahkan, go cart. Tak terpk plak. Best jugak ni kalau dpt main go cart anak beranak. Last I went for go-carting with Fadzil masa kitaorg engaged dulu. It was fun!! :)

Hehe..Nadia, mana tak cpt dpt, class tutorial tiap2 hari yer :P

Ye ke, its a trend kan. Cuba tgk few years more, mesti dh tukar minat superhero plak. Ben10 perhaps? :)

mmmuahs to Adam!!

faisyura said...

hahhahah welcome to the club faaz! ;) dah sekapal dah kite ye nadia.. mane2 pegi kete je la di hati mereka... aariz pun dh terjangkit ngn car ni... dh mula la acara rebut kete abang.. adess... pening pale mommy nk beli balik semua model2 kete abg so that tadela berebut.. harapan sgt! ade dua pun rebut jugak! ;S

pegi mane2 selain packing baju adelah kene packing kereta2 mereka ni... pastu sebelum blk adelah kene pastikan takde yg tertinggal.. naya nnt! ;P

nadia, nnt kalo ade event kete2 racing kt sepang jomla kite gi.. hahaha ade jugak kawan nnt nk bersembang.. boys biasenye pegun je tgk car tu vrommmm vrommm... mommy nye la sangap kepanasan... ;P
zaim paling suke tgk drift... suke btul kalo tgk kete tu berasap2...

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wah in conclucion, Faaz n cars cannot be seperated. ;p Insya Allah aunty doakan Faaz jd F1 engineer k one day..tk mo la F1 driver, aunty pn xapprove..bhy la Faaz. hehe..

p.s sdp nya air ribena kt bwh ni..nyum2, :)

kella said...

alaaaa.. yang ini takleh kuar gamba pulak! sure mesti ada gamba faaz tu! nanti malam kita singgah lagi ya nad! ini komen tak rasmi je nih :)

kella said...

haa.. baru dapat tengok faaz.. ya Allah nad, perasan dia macam dah agak chubby je.. betul ke?
sukanya dia main ngan kereta2 tu! betul tu memang kat titiwangsa ada org main keta kontrol tu, lama dah tak pegi sana..
errr nad, tu kereta yang tersusun tu dia yang susun ke?

suka baca semua ni, tengok gambar2 tu..behagia je nampak korang.. so sweet.. :)

yeah.. faaz cepat besar tau.. nanti mommy nak bawa tengok lumba keta besar punya!! sure dia teruja sangat! :D

Nadine said...


Anak2 kita dh geng, yay! Hihi. Betul Zura, mana2 pegi at least satu bijik keta mesti ada. A-must-to-bring list ;) Waaaa, Aariz dh join eh, bertambah2 meriah! :D

That's a great idea! Ok, ade peluang nnti we all ikut u olls k. Wah Abg Zaim, so advance! dh layan drift, mcm org besar ;)

Nadine said...


Hihihi, u are absolutely right ;) Ameen. Tak maula jadi F1 driver kan? tgk pun seriau! hehe..

p.s: Izu minat ribena? kalau minat tryla buat. senang dan cepat dan lazat dan berkhasiat! hihihi :)

Nadine said...


Sweetla awak ni, sampai 2x comment. thanks :)

nampak mcm bulat eh? pipi dia kot main peranan. sbnarnye Kella, Faaz lost some weight recently. Sbb dia x brapa nak makan, dia nak makan benda2 ringan mcm sup n mee/pasta je. nasi x mo. risau I bila berat dia kurang. Tp alhamdulillah sejak 2 hari lepas selera dia dtg semula..tiap2 hari mkn nasi. lega I :)

A'ah Kella, dia susun sendiri. Dia ckp, "Faaz park car". Slalu main camtula, dia sepah2 kan semua, agak2 dia dh letih tu mula la dia pegi park satu2 keta tu. Hihi.

alhamdulillah, Kella. Moga2 berbahagia sampai ke syurga kita dan suami masing2. InsyaAllah, kita doa sama2 k :)