Monday, November 22, 2010

Say -NO- to- Pacifier Mission

Last Friday evening, I've decided to train Faaz to fully letgo of his pacifier. It was an impromptu decision, without any prior discussion with dearest hubby as usual.

Since he turns 1 year old, Faaz only needed his pacifier whenever he wanted to sleep and after he turns 18 months, it only be needed at night before he doze off to lala land. Therefore, I assumed it will not be that hard to keep Faaz and the pacifier apart for good.

I was wrong...

The first night:

As usual, Faaz request for his milk and after 3-4oz drinking, he stopped and looked for the usual 2 things; his bolster pillow, and the pacifier. This time around, the pacifier was no where to be seen. As expected, he keep on asking for it. With no reaction and not looking at him, I told him that I've thrown it away. He couldn't be bothered with my answer. Instead, he kept on searching for it under his pillow for like a minute and then came to me again, asking for it. This time, I put him on the bed nicely, laid down beside him and hugged him. I looked him in the eye and told him softly,

"Faaz is a big boy now. Faaz gonna turn 2 years old soon. Big boy cannot take pacifier. See Abg Zayd, he did not take pacifier, even baby Izz don't take pacifier."

He was frowning at me, but became very quiet. I was unsure whether he really understand it..but he remained quiet for a while. However, when he started to feel really sleepy, he started to cry for it. "Merengek" to be exact, asking for it. Each time, all I do was telling him that I've thrown away the pacifier and there's no way I can get it back for him. It was tough to see him restless and sleepy and cranky at the same time :(

But I told myself..I need to be strong. Since Faaz is not really a cry baby, he did stop after 10 minutes. He laid on top of my tummy (his favourite spot) and be quiet. I stroke his hair, kissed his forehead few times. Alhamdulillah, he fall asleep. I was sooo relieved.

He woke up for milk at 3am and asked for the pacifier afterward. I told him the same answer before and as he was so sleepy, automatically he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

The second night

Alhamdulillah, it was easier compared to the previous night. I guess he must be too tired after running here and there at the mall. He asked for the pacifier like 5 times, restlessly and every time, he got the same answer he did not want to hear. He then asked for his milk instead and doze off with the bottle still in his hand after 5 minutes. Faaz was now 24 hours without a pacifier and I became more optimistic. :)

The third night

Both of us were lying on the bed, all prepared for bedtime. He drank his milk but did not asked for the pacifier after that, unlike the usual. He was a bit restless tho. He hugged me and kissed both of my cheeks and my forehead. Then he said,

"Faaz sayang Mommy"

I was touched. I smiled. Before I could say anything, he continued...

"Faaz miss puting (pacifier)"

while hugging his bolster pillow and looked at me with a hopeful, sad face. Oh my....I felt so sad for him. I felt like crying! :'( Suddenly the rush of guilty came in. I felt that I was too harsh on him, I felt I was mean to my baby boy..

"Oh Allah, please help me.."

my heart cried out loud. Suddenly Fadzil came into the room. I looked at him with, should-I-give-him-the-pacifier? look. He gave me the disapproval look. With a heavy heart I tried to entice Faaz again while Fadzil explained to Faaz why we did this to him and why he doesn't need the pacifier anymore. Five minutes after that, Faaz fall asleep with me still feeling guilty...

It's weird tho, I can bare seeing my child "merengek" but my heart sank when he starts to talk about it...

Me and Fadzil had a discussion about it later that night. We both agreed that it was the right thing to do and we should continue the mission till we succeed. Hopefully, by 2 years old Faaz is free from the pacifier.
Ameen. I pray that Allah gives me the strength to continue this tonight. Smoga malam ini lebih mudah dari semalam..amin. In the meantime, I keep my finger crossed that Faaz will not have any contact with the pacifier today. Cause my MIL on the other hand, had a slightly different view about it..

Faaz Naqi, let u know that Daddy & Mommy did this because we love you, son.
Mommy know you can do it, like you always say to me, "Fa-ash is strong!"

Update on 3.49pm.

Mama just called me telling that Faaz bugging her to call me and ask for "puting". The minute mama gave the phone to him, non-stop this little boy asking for his "puting", mixed in English and his own language. As if he was trying to fight for his right. Honestly, I felt pity and funny at the same time. When I explained to him, he was quiet and according to Mama, he was kissing the phone when I talked. Faaz, Faaz *geleng kepala*

I dont know what's happened next as I can hear Faaz keep on asking "puting" from mama after I said "goodbye" to him. Let's pray mama can handle the pressure well...huhu. Keep my fingers crossed again.


dyana "his other half" said...

ala, sedihnya dengar faaz cakap miss puting tu. but the part faaz sayang mommy tu super duper cute la nadia.

memang payah bila keadaan cam gini kan. serba salah kita jadinya. however, what u did is the best for faaz. insya allah faaz kan faham nanti.

maktok cd ada bagi advice aritu. if kita nak stop pacifier or bottle or breastfeed, try to do it on the day that our child is born. as example hadif was on born on sunday kan. maktok kata on sunday sembunyikan botol or pacifier and cakap takde dah hilang. insya allah menjadi. ni petua orang tua2 la. cd tak pernah try lagi.

chaiyo mommy faaz. be strong! :).

faisyura said...

be strong nadia... faaz will get used to it in no time... ;)

aariz had said goodbye to his pacifier in 10 days! ;) i decided to stop him before his first birthday! ;) - sebelom dia bleh pandai mintak nak puting.. hehe... so bile dia merengek tu, dia blom pandai ckp nk ape.. mommy bleh pretend tak fhm ape dia nak.. skg ni aariz just need his ikea blanket... tp bukan selimut busuk... beli 5 set lagi.. hahah sng nk ganti2..

all the best nadia.. ;)

faaz ensem, tayah la tido ngn puting.. tak ensem.. tido ngn car lagi macho.. ;) muah skit!

mommaholicSURI said...

oh sayunyer... if i were you nadine, i pun mesti cried out loud in there. apetah lagi when he made such sayu voices. siap sayang2 mommy lagi. owh, faaz is such a sweetheart. well, though it's tough, i'm sure faaz can cope with it sooner. maybe bit delay if nani dia cair kan, hihi (trust me, i know. hehe) but, faaz learns fast and such a good boy.

Aunty doakan Faaz cepat2 hilang rindu dkt pacifier. Mommy and daddy surely reward faaz with new vom vom. eh? hahahahahahaha


ala Nad,
I dah comment pnjg smlm, mesti tk dpt ek, tkpe taip balik ;)

sgt seddey bc entry u kali ini,I pun faced the same prob time nk stop Adam bf, mmg kena kuat smngt kan??
even Adam pun keep on demand for that,specially time malam, kalau tkdapt mengamuk2..
now Alhamdulillah..everything went smoothly, he just looking for my b**b to soothe him at night..

be strong dear..
aunty hope Faaz cepat2 lupa ur puting ek ;)
so cute bila he said he miss his puting...good boy faaz!

and good luck to ur MIL too ;)

kella said...

oh my... mesti sukar betul situasi macam tu untuk u kan nad.. me pun sampai terasa rasa pulak hingga kesini..
siannya faaz ni...
faaz.. faaz kena dengar cakap mommy tu.. mommy sayang sangat kat faaz sebab tu mommy buat macam tu, nak suruh faaz jadi budak lelaki besar yang kuat! aunty kella pun sayang faaz ni sebab tu aunty kella sokong mommy faaz.. :) faaz budak baik kan.. good boy..
(mcm faaz dengar je.. takpe, nanti faaz besar, dia akan baca semua yang u tulis ni nad.. dia akan bangga punya mommy nya yang sayangkan dia demi kebaikan dirinya..)

tapikan nad, bila tengok pada reaksi faaz tu , memang dia agak sedih la kot, sangat rindukan putting nya tu, tapi dia pun macam tahan jugak kan, bila nad say no tu, dia macam dengar je dalam paksa.. dia macam akur je..walau tgh sedih.. takda pula dia memberontak tak tentu pasal kan? takda pula dia menjerit kuat2 kan.. (sebab me ada sepupu kecil cam ni gak, abis satu rumah dia ngamuk! mak n ayah nya tak tahu nk buat camana..)

faaz ni budak baik..
how sweet.. sgt! :)

innsyaAllah, boleh tu!
"faaz! u can do it!"
yeah... ;)

:: iManja :: said...

Ala ciannye. My mom plak kalau nak stopkan cucu² nya dari puting/bf/botol akan cakap polis dah sebab takot polis punya pasal terus diowang stop...hahaha

Anyway hilang la macho faaz kalau berkepit ngan puting..:p

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Tula, tersentuh plak hati tiba2 dia ckp mcm tu. Sket lagi mau tercair. Lucky Fadzil came to the rescue. Hihi. Faaz kalau nak cium Nadia time manja2, mmg kena 3 spots tau Cee D; right cheeks, left cheeks n forehead. Wajib! and kalau dia lebih manja lagi, ayat "Faaz cayang mommy" ade ayat tambahan "choooo much" dgn tangan2 lagi. Aduh, time tu mmg cair habis lah.. :)

Oh ye ke. Thanks a lot for the tips, never heard before nie. Hmm, Nadia start ari Jumaat mlm, Faaz lahir Jumaat pagi. Kira ok la kan? Mudah2an cpt2 la mission accomplished. Ameen!

Thanks darling! mmuahs! :)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear. I tgh cuba bertahan ni. Alhamdulillah so far blum tertewas lagi. Eceh..hehe

Waaa, bravo to Aariz! Cayalah! ;) Tula, I was thinking the same last time tp the reason Faaz started on pacifier last time pun sbb in-laws yg request, so that senang sket nenek Faaz nak jaga dia. If I train dia sblum 1 thn tu I takut dia asik nangis je. Sian plak nenek dia nak jaga.Since skang Faaz dh cukup besar, tu yg I feel now is the right time.

Alhamdulillah, after 3days smlm mlm dia xmintak dh pacifier. Rasa legaaa sgt. I guess dia dh bosan kot dpt the same answer over n over again. Hihi. Lets hope its the same tonite. Amin.

Nadine said...


Tula..pandai tul budak kecik tu guna reverse psychology. Dia merengek I tak layan dia guna emotions strategy plak. Nasib Fadzil masuk bilik time tu you. Kalau tak mmg I dh bagi dh..huhu. Itupun sampai midnite I still rasa bersalah. Especially bila tgk muka dia tgh tido tu...awwwwwh, kesian :(

Itula, I predicted mama cair jugak tau smlm sbb I heard how non-stop Faaz asking her the pacifier (time I ade kat rumah x mcm tu plak). Alhamdulillah tak you. I balik smlm tgk Faaz tido nyenyak sambil tangan pegang car. Mama said before she sempat gave the pacifier, anak bujang I tu dh tertido. Hehehe.

Hihihi pandai tul aunty Mea umpan Faaz. Abihla mommy n daddy..hahaha!

Nadine said...


Yeke you. I mmg tak dpt any comment from u before that. huhu. Nevertheless, thanks sbb sudi bagi comment buat kali ke 2 :)

Ha'ahkan you pun sama. Nak pisah BF lagi la sayu kan sbb BF is related emotionally. Huhu. Dah berjaya eh you? Alhamdulillah...congrats to u and Adam. Mesti legaa dh kan? ;)

Thanks dear, insyaAllah. Smlm dia dh tak mintak pacifier. Harap2 malam ni pun sama..keep my finger cross again. Hihi. Nanti kalau dh settle yg ni lehla I concentrate smula potty training him :)

hihihi, thanks. Mama, I know u can do it too, yeah!! :D

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Olor siannya Faaz..but i think he took it quite well jgk bbabnding Zahin..hihi. Zahin masa nk stopkn dia bf mmg la sgt mcabar..sian sgt tgknya. mmg izu pon rasa smpi nk nanges tau tgk dia..mcm pacifier bleyla sorok2, ckp dh buang..klu B kita ni nk buang mcm mana btul tak? bila dicari ada lg kt situ. hihihi..

Nway, good job Nadine, izu pon masih gagal lg misi nk stopkn Iris bf..i guess i still have no gut to do so..juz wait n see..bilala ia akn bjaya, jgn smpi adik bby nya kuar sdh..:D def i will face the same prob mcm dlu lg..huhu..doakan izu strong ye?:)

Nadine said...


Awak ni sweet sgt, sgt tau. Penyayang pulak tu. Untung sangat2 anak2 you nanti ade ibu mcm you. Baik sgt aunty Kella ni sayang Faaz wpun kenal kat alam maya jer. I lantik you jadi ibu angkat Faaz lah, nak? :)

A'ah Kella, betul ape you ckp tu. Sejak lahir I tgk Faaz mmg agak matang compared to kids around his age. I tgk dia, kalau kita explain satu2 things dia senang nak paham. Instead of just ckp tak boleh/boleh je, dia x suka. Tang nangis tu mmg I syukur sgt2 pada Allah SWT. Faaz lahir2 mmg kurang nangis. Kalau dia nangis pun takat seminit dua je. Dulu dlm pantang jiran2 sblah rumah mak pun hairan. Diaorg kata rumah mak mcm xde org dlm pantang pun sbb x pernah dgr suara baby menangis :)

Thanks again dear. Faaz kirim kiss sket to you, mmmmuahs!! :)

Nadine said...


Oh mcm tu ye trick your mom. Menarik. Tapi kalau imply kat Faaz sure fail. Sbb Faaz tak tau lagi Police tu ape, Police buat ape. Hehehe...

Itulah tu...kalau la dia tau betapa x macho nye pakai puting, sure dia cpt2 buang. Hihi

Nadine said...


Yes dear, I feel you. Tula, mana bleh sorok2 the "B" kan. Nak2 dia tgk adik dia plak dpt. Mencabarr...

InsyaAllah Izu. Nadia doakan Izu, I know ur a strong mom. Kalau tidak masakan anak2 izu membesar sihat, cantik dan bijak kan. I adore you dear. Izu doakan Nadia juga yer..thanks :)

kella said...

Nad! pucuk di cita ulam mendatang nih! nak nak nak! hehehe...
rasa terharu sangat pula... huk..huk...

thanks nad .. :)

:: NieSha :: said...

alahai faaz... sungguh comel.. tp mmg kesian kan bila dgr our kids merengek camtu?
n pasal pacifier tu mak2 kita mmg suka suruh bg pacifier. wani ingt lg masa damia dulu, my MIL suruh blikan pacifier tu sbb damia jenis susah nk tido...terpaksa jugak la beli sbb mls nk dgr org tua bising2wpon dlm hati mmg xsetuju(hihii..nakal kan i?)but nasib baik damia mmg xnak pacifier. ms tu umur dia sebulan.masuk je pacifier, dia kuarkan balik, masuk je,kuar cute. rupa2nya dia nak 'pacifier' original.hahaha...luckily ms tu wani bercuti panjang n start keje semula bila damia umur 4 bulan. ;)

:: NieSha :: said...

oh ya klu bab bf mcm kwn nadia ckp tu mmg ler sgt sukar nk stopkan..damia meraung2 bila wani xnk bg.mmg kesian sgt smpikan mama damia pon nangis sama n kdg2 bagi dlm ms sebulan damia dh stop sepenuhnya bf.(2thn 1bln)

Nadine said...


:) its my pleasure..



Hihi, mmg. Mula2 risau jugak Faaz pakai pacifier, takut gigi rosak. Nasib baik Avent punye pacifier guna new tech, utk elakkan gigi rosak. Alhamdulillah gigi Faaz sampai skang ok :)

Latest news, Faaz dh x mintak pacifier since two days ago. Kalau mlm ni pun sama, dh 3 hari berturut2 Nadia akan declare Faaz pacifier free! weee!!! :)

RuZaNNa said...

Better start now then later kan? hopefully Faaz will be pacifier free soon.. sometimes we need to keraskan hati to get the end result.. but most of the time tak sampai hati tgk diorg ni merengek.. natural instinct.. hehehe

GOod luck dear!

Nadine said...


Faaz is now pacifier-FREE after 5 days! 3days in a row dia dh tak sebut langsung perkataan "puting" so I declare hereby mission is accomplished! weeeee!

syukur alhamdulillah..lega I :)

my.mastura said...

bebudak biasanyer dgn parents, dia akan dgr ckp sikit..dgn grannies yg diorg akan manja2...takut nenek Faaz je nnt cair hati dgr pujuk rayu cucu nye itu..hehehhehe

kella said...

Nadia, u dah sihat ke? harap2 nya dah ok.. :)

Nadine said...


Hehe..betul2. Nasibla kali ni tak Mas, mama tahan godaan haritu. alhamdulillah. Lepas 5 hari Faaz dh ok dh..skang dh paci-Free :)


Thanks for asking :) Alhamdulillah, I dh sihat you.

Thara said...

yeay! i can finally blog hop to ur blog! grrrr geramnyaaa rasa sbb ive missed a lot!

how's the mission so far babe? did u manage to wean faaz off the pacifier since that day till today?

actually, this is one of the things yang i worry about when it comes to pacifier. takut they get too attached to it, they cant part from it. tapi takpe. many have gotten passed this, so you can too! kene byk bersabar and kuatkan semangat ok! keep on distracting him! thats the key, according to my SIL. :) take care!

Nadine said...

Hi Thara,

Yup,yup. Mission accomplished after 5days. Alhamdulillah..lega sgt. :)

Thanks dear, u take care too! :)