Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrapping Up Dec 2010

Salam to everyone!

How are you, I hope all of you are in the pink of health.
Miss me? Yes? No?
I miss all of you.. :)

So many stories to share yet so little time since we are sooo near to close the 2010 curtain. (Malas pun ye jugak :P hihi...) I guess I'll just wrapped up everything in this entry except for my SIL wedding or else it will get too lengthy.

It all started with...

December 2nd, 2010

We celebrated mama's 59th Birthday with a dinner @ Chilli's. Surprisingly this year, everyone bought almost the same gifts for mama without we realized. She got 2 handbags and 2 purses...what a coincidence, thank God they were all different brands ;)

December 12th, 2010

My little sister's Long Call or Call-To-The-Bar session. It was held at Mahkamah Tinggi Jalan Duta and at sharp 9.35am, she was officially pronounced as an Advocate & Solicitor. So proud of you, sis! ;)

I was even prouder that day when Faaz Naqi behaved so well. He didn't cry, make noise or even tried to walk around (like he usually did)during the ceremony. Obediently he listened well to my mom's and my instruction. Punye la duk diam sampai tertidur budak kecik tu dalam court. Phewww, lega. According to one of the lawyers, Faaz was the youngest person who managed to go inside the court and attend the session. Slalunye halfway kids will be cranky and advised to leave the session..

December 15th, 2010

Our 3rd Wedding, love, love. :) I was unwell on that day thus there were no dinner celebration like the usual. We decided to postpone it to a later date, insyaAllah. Hihi. However, we are so blessed to received wonderful surprises for our anniversary;

- Fadzil won the 2nd grand prize lucky draw during his company's Annual Dinner. It's a vacation to Tioman worth RM1000 including air fares and accommodation. Tak sabar nak pegi when the monsoon season end...wee! :)

- We received a big surprise which I decided to share on a later post. Ape dia? Tungguuuu...all I can tell u it's something BIG and we are overjoyed. Alhamdulillah :)

December 19th, 2010

Marked 6th year Fadzil and I dated each other and it's Fadzil's bornday :) No surprise for him like the previous years (I figured out if every year nak surprise dh tak thrill lah kan~~baik punye alasan :P). Instead, I made him waited anxiously for his gift at the very last minute of 19th December until he lost hope that he'll get one this year...muahaha (with evil grin..keh keh). Sorry sayang, can't help it, it was fun :P

December 21st, 2010

We received another surprised and this time it's even BIGGER! Ya Allah Ya Rabb, Syukur Alhamdulillah atas rezeki kurniaanMu. Kami bersyukur sangat2. I'll tell u with the other surprise later k since it's inter-related to each other.

December 24th-26th, 2010

Fadzil's big sister's wedding, and the last wedding in the family. It started with the Henna Night on the 24th, the solemnization at home on 25th and followed by the grand reception at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) on the 26th. It was a unique wedding since it combines two different cultures and the wedding theme was Bollywood (jangan tak tau, in the family my SIL is the only one who really into Bollywood ;) )

So I guess I've wrapped up almost everything in my December 2010 diary. Overall, 2010 was an awesome year to us with Faaz constant rapid development, we finally managed to secure a house for investment, get to spend a holiday in Europe and not to forget made new friendships from blogging world. Alhamdulillah...

My 2011 resolutions? To fulfill most of the dreams that I targeted by 30 years old...oh yes people, I am going into the 3 series club soon...yikes!! :P

Till my fingers meet the keyboard again.
Happy New Year 2011, dear readers!

p.s: I'll update the photos later since i don't have any with me now.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Note To My Readers

Salam to all,

A lot of things happened lately and a lot of stories to blog about...unfortunately, I am not at my best health currently and I don't have time to update this beloved blog of mine.

Life is pretty messy and hectic at the moment with me and Fadzil taking turns to fall ill, so many events to celebrate this months (mama's birthday, our wedding anniversary, fadzil's birthday) +
Fadzil's sister's wedding coming soon in 1 week time, and last but not least; career wise, our DEADlines for projects is coming soon! very, very soon! huhu. Oh December...

For these reasons, I decided to be away from the blogging world for a while. Thousand of apologies to blogger friends for not able to visit or leave comments to your wonderful entries. Will try to peek-a-boo if I have free time, insyaAllah.

Take care everyone, till we meet again insyaAllah :)


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Faaz & The Motorshow

As most of you know, KL International Motor Show 2010 (KLIM) is currently held at Putra World Trace Center (PWTC) from 4th to 11th December 2010. Since our little boy is so fond of cars, we decided to bring him to the event this year.

Blurry Faaz & Mommy

Although we had told him about the motor show along the journey to PWTC, Faaz was a bit blur the minute we entered the first Hall. I guess he must be puzzled seeing big crowd and cars everywhere..hihi.

Faaz & Daddy yang happy! :)

The first booth we saw upon arrival was the Perodua. The prototype of Perodua Bezza is displayed proudly in front of the booth. Bezza will be using the Precious Metal-free Liquid-feed Fuel Cell technology, hence called the green engine. The design is nice, somehow it reminded me of Toyota Prius..

The next booth we went was Proton. I think proton has the largest showcase in KL Motor Show besides NAZA. The center of attraction in Proton's booth were the "Pahlawan Series" and Proton Emas which has been launched in Geneva early this year.


reminded of Lancer, anyone? :)


(my personal favourite...inspired by Lotus)


and last but not least,


(replacement for Saga??)

Finally, Proton Emas in baby blue color. Cute :)

Next, we headed to Lotus. At this moment, Faaz already showed his excitement and enjoyed the exhibition. Almaklumla, anak bujang saya ni minat sports cars yg sexy.. :P

Besides cars, bikes are also displayed in the motor show. Not only superbikes, Vespa pun ada. Yang bestnya boleh try naik. Ini pertama kali Faaz naik Vespa atau motor tapi eksennya..bukan main yer :P Mommy nak tumpang sekaki pun x bg...sabar je la :)

Puas hati dapat pengang the handle on his own.. :P

It was a nice surprise for us to see Faaz's grandparents presence at the hall. For your information, Faaz's Nana is also a big fan of cars. I guess its all in the blood :)

Faaz so happy to see his Nani :)

Three generations of car lovers...

After finished touring Hall 1, we made our way to Hall 2 and 3. There were a lot of eye catching cars and bikes displayed. The center of attraction will be the NAZA booth where the hot cars such as Maserati, Ferrari and Brabus are displayed. Faaz was really admiring each of them. It took me quite sometime to bring him to another booth since he was soo hooked up especially with the Ferrari..



Faaz: It's my favourite!


There are also some attractions for the kids. Among them were the famous Bumblebee from The Transformers and Batmobile from The Batman. You can have a family photo taken near them but it will cost you RM15 each. The photo will be ready in 15-20 minutes time..

The sexy Chevrolet Camaro....

transformed into

The Bumblebee :P

Ambil gambar jauh2 tak perlu bayar..hihi

The latest batmobile...not as nice as before :P

Candid of lil Faaz and the BatBike...

There was a large wall at the Batman section, with the background of Gotham City. A lot of people took the opportunity to have a photo snapped there, and so did we. "We" I meant by me and Faaz. Hihi..

Mommy Faaz was bullied by Daddy to pose...
Malu tau! Ramai org tengok :P

But Daddy had no problem at all when it comes to Faaz.
He can pose on his own!

love this cheeky! :)

The last Hall we went before we went back was Hall 4, where Honda resides. We spent quite sometime there since Faaz's Nana is a big fan of Honda. Among the cars displayed are...


The Freed..

Honda Insight..


The interior view:

Since I was bored standing so long at Honda's booth, I decided to participate in guess the tagline contest by Honda. It was a simple contest and those who can answer correctly win this:

Honda magnetic calendar inside. Cool! :)

By the way, since he saw quite a number of sexy models pose with the cars I think Faaz Naqi himself now know how to pose with one...tak percaya?

Pose paling sexy dari Faaz Naqi. Muahaha!

Tanpa segan silu turun dari pentas dengan satisfied..
Isyh, isyh. Anak sapela nie?? :P

For those who loves car and would like to visit the Motor Show you can do so as the show will be there until this Sunday. Entry fee is RM15 per adults on weekdays/RM20 on weekends. Flat rate of RM5 for kids. We took the family package consist of 2 adults and 2 kids for RM40 (RM30 on weekdays). Jimat! :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fever, Fever Go Away...

If I remember correctly, it's been a while since I last fell ill. Kalau ada pun, it's just the normal flu I've been getting now and then. But it was not the same case this time. Last Friday evening, I was down with fever, two days after Fadzil recovered from the same illness (obviously I 'inherited' the virus from my man :P).

I was so weak this time, not able to do much but lying down and slept most of the time. To Mimy and Fiza, if you both read this, I am truly sorry for not able to make it to the weddings. Serious tak larat sangat :( My weekend this time was totally wasted. I felt so guilty towards my two men that in a way I ruined their weekend plan as well but at the same time I felt so lucky and touched that both of them were so understanding and caring towards me. Fadzil did a great job taking care of Faaz alone and Faaz was so well behaved, probably understanding the situation. Thanks both sayangs, mommy love you guys soooo much!! Owh, when being explained by Fadzil that his mommy was sick, Faaz immediately came to me and touched my forehead..

"Mommy not well...mommy got fever."
"Daddy, get mommy ubat
!" before he kissed my forehead.

Awwwwh...isn't it sweet :)

During the period, I tried my best to quarantine myself from Faaz, worrying that he might get the virus too. I even slept in the guest room during the weekend. The fever finally gone away by Monday evening so that night I slept as usual in our bedroom. It was a bad, bad move :(

The next morning, I felt Faaz body was a bit warm. I was a bit worried. However, the thermometer gave the normal temperature and Faaz seemed to act normally. By evening, the temperature had gone up. He got the fever....obviously from me. *sangat sedih*. His face was reddish although he still active as always when I got home from work. Mama told me she did gave him 2 dosage of medication yet still no improvement. Immediately I called Fadzil to came home early so that we can bring him to the clinic.

This little boy insist to play his Car Racing game while waiting for me to wear my hijab...

There was a long queue when we arrived at the Pediatric Clinic in USJ21. According to the nurse, most of the kids who came were having fever cause everyone seemed to have the 'cool fever' thingy on their forehead. Sah, memang musim demam lah sekarang ni...

Faaz did not show any discomfort while waiting for his turn. Instead he conquered the slide there all the time, playing until his name was called. We were surprised that within half an hour, his temperature has gone up to 39.8deg! Quickly Dr. Deng gave him the medication through the butt. Alhamdulillah, the temperature went down quickly and the fever was severe that night. However, I still got up every hour just to check on him...risau!

The next day, his temperature fluctuated and it all got to do with his behavior in consuming the medication. Ya Rabbi, these days it was so hard to make Faaz take his medication. It took two or three of us just to make him consume a 4ml of medicine. Kalau berjaya pun, he managed to make himself nausea and within a minute or two, he vomited everything. It was so stressful everytime we want to ensure he got the 4ml dosage at the prescribed time! We've tried so many tactics but it wont work. We even 'injected' the antibiotics into his favourite drink: vitagen since the color is almost the same. It only wo
rked once. During the 2nd attempt, he gave back the vitagen's bottle and told us that, "vitagen not nice, yuck!" with a sour face.. (T_T).

The last attempt was through persuasive approach. Since he loves Chuggington cartoon so much, we told him if he can finish his "ubat", we will bring him to the Toys'R Us to get another train. He was so happy, demanded that he wanted "Brewster" this time. He did finished his ubat. However, this eager young men fell asleep while waiting for me to perform my prayer...

Since we had promised him and we were unsure what time he will got up again, we left him at home and went to Empire to get him the toy he wanted. He woke up just as we reached home. We waited until he had his meal before surprising him with the gift. Faaz's reaction? He grinned happily upon seeing the Toy's R Us plastic bag and when Fadzil showed him the train immediately he said, "WOW!".. :)

Faaz was being 'lectured' by Daddy.

Hihi, sebenarnya time ni daddy tengah explained, tak bolehla everytime nak makan ubat kena bribe dengan toys. This was wrong. Faaz is a big boy now, kena la be brave bila makan ubat, ye sayang...

Happy now that his Wilson sudah ade teman...

Alhamdulillah, lucky us his fever did not prolong. By midnight, the temperature went back to normal. However, there still a problem. Faaz eat very, very less nowadays and it really worries me. :( He only took 1 meal daily and stick to the milk all the time. He even refused to eat all his favourite food. Anyone care to give me tips on this? Should I consult the Dr. immediately??