Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Faaz & The Motorshow

As most of you know, KL International Motor Show 2010 (KLIM) is currently held at Putra World Trace Center (PWTC) from 4th to 11th December 2010. Since our little boy is so fond of cars, we decided to bring him to the event this year.

Blurry Faaz & Mommy

Although we had told him about the motor show along the journey to PWTC, Faaz was a bit blur the minute we entered the first Hall. I guess he must be puzzled seeing big crowd and cars everywhere..hihi.

Faaz & Daddy yang happy! :)

The first booth we saw upon arrival was the Perodua. The prototype of Perodua Bezza is displayed proudly in front of the booth. Bezza will be using the Precious Metal-free Liquid-feed Fuel Cell technology, hence called the green engine. The design is nice, somehow it reminded me of Toyota Prius..

The next booth we went was Proton. I think proton has the largest showcase in KL Motor Show besides NAZA. The center of attraction in Proton's booth were the "Pahlawan Series" and Proton Emas which has been launched in Geneva early this year.


reminded of Lancer, anyone? :)


(my personal favourite...inspired by Lotus)


and last but not least,


(replacement for Saga??)

Finally, Proton Emas in baby blue color. Cute :)

Next, we headed to Lotus. At this moment, Faaz already showed his excitement and enjoyed the exhibition. Almaklumla, anak bujang saya ni minat sports cars yg sexy.. :P

Besides cars, bikes are also displayed in the motor show. Not only superbikes, Vespa pun ada. Yang bestnya boleh try naik. Ini pertama kali Faaz naik Vespa atau motor tapi eksennya..bukan main yer :P Mommy nak tumpang sekaki pun x bg...sabar je la :)

Puas hati dapat pengang the handle on his own.. :P

It was a nice surprise for us to see Faaz's grandparents presence at the hall. For your information, Faaz's Nana is also a big fan of cars. I guess its all in the blood :)

Faaz so happy to see his Nani :)

Three generations of car lovers...

After finished touring Hall 1, we made our way to Hall 2 and 3. There were a lot of eye catching cars and bikes displayed. The center of attraction will be the NAZA booth where the hot cars such as Maserati, Ferrari and Brabus are displayed. Faaz was really admiring each of them. It took me quite sometime to bring him to another booth since he was soo hooked up especially with the Ferrari..



Faaz: It's my favourite!


There are also some attractions for the kids. Among them were the famous Bumblebee from The Transformers and Batmobile from The Batman. You can have a family photo taken near them but it will cost you RM15 each. The photo will be ready in 15-20 minutes time..

The sexy Chevrolet Camaro....

transformed into

The Bumblebee :P

Ambil gambar jauh2 tak perlu bayar..hihi

The latest batmobile...not as nice as before :P

Candid of lil Faaz and the BatBike...

There was a large wall at the Batman section, with the background of Gotham City. A lot of people took the opportunity to have a photo snapped there, and so did we. "We" I meant by me and Faaz. Hihi..

Mommy Faaz was bullied by Daddy to pose...
Malu tau! Ramai org tengok :P

But Daddy had no problem at all when it comes to Faaz.
He can pose on his own!

love this cheeky! :)

The last Hall we went before we went back was Hall 4, where Honda resides. We spent quite sometime there since Faaz's Nana is a big fan of Honda. Among the cars displayed are...


The Freed..

Honda Insight..


The interior view:

Since I was bored standing so long at Honda's booth, I decided to participate in guess the tagline contest by Honda. It was a simple contest and those who can answer correctly win this:

Honda magnetic calendar inside. Cool! :)

By the way, since he saw quite a number of sexy models pose with the cars I think Faaz Naqi himself now know how to pose with one...tak percaya?

Pose paling sexy dari Faaz Naqi. Muahaha!

Tanpa segan silu turun dari pentas dengan satisfied..
Isyh, isyh. Anak sapela nie?? :P

For those who loves car and would like to visit the Motor Show you can do so as the show will be there until this Sunday. Entry fee is RM15 per adults on weekdays/RM20 on weekends. Flat rate of RM5 for kids. We took the family package consist of 2 adults and 2 kids for RM40 (RM30 on weekdays). Jimat! :)



commeynye Faaz!
Suka tgk gmbr faaz posing..
Adam all the time duduk inside the carrier, kalau bawak turun, tklarat my hubby nak kejar sorang...
langsung tkde picture Adam with car..hhuhuhu..

I pun sempat amik Honda nye calendar tu..nice kan!

shah sulong said...

pose a la model si faaz sungguh tak boleh blah! hahaha. comel sangat ^^

INDA said...

Setuju dgn nadia, cantiknya lekir. faaz suka tgk kereta takpe, kalau suka tgk model2 seksi tu....kena jaga2 ;p

:: iManja :: said...

Beshnyer pepagi i dah dapat cuci mata :D.

Suka pic faaz dgn lotus tu. Nampak cool je

faisyura said...

whoaaa seronoknyee nadia dh pergi... kitorg tak pegi lagi... babah busy ;( huhuh harus di usahakan jugak2 ni...

pipi faaz tu mmg trademark laaa... gerammmmm aunty! muah!

mommaholicSURI said...

Wau!! ramainya pergi motorshow ni ek. X silap i Nadia, Harith and Adam pun pegi. X terserempak ke? hihi.

Well, mmg minat cars sunguh ek Nana Faaz, Daddy Faaz and faaz himself. Nadine, you kene la join the group. hihi.

my.mastura said...

aku suka gambar yg dr sisi pipi Faaz tu..geram je tgk pipi dia..heheh

Faaz pose sexy, lebih sexy dr all the girls yg pakai x cukup kain.tu hahahahha

eh, latest batmobile tu, apsal nampak mcm tentera punye keter kebal je? x cantik langsung!

Thara said...
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Thara said...

heyyyy! entry nadia (muhamad) and nadia (muhammad nor) sama la kalini! dua-dua cite pasal KLIMS! hehehe.

i tak pi pon KLIMS ni. BUT my husband and aydein (together with my FIL and BIL) did go to the event. i masa tu dok sebok round Jln TAR, sopping! hahaha.

bila balik tengok the pictures taken by aien baru rasa rugi tak pi hehe :P cantik gilaaaaaaaaa kan the cars! tapi ntah la, aien cakap dia dissapointed jugak sebab dia ckp the car quality situ tak elok. eventho it's just concept cars, he said jgn la sampai bergegar pintu2! hehe.

eh u, somehow i tengok Lekir tu punya front look, ada ala-ala RX8 lah. not the lights, but the arch tu. u tak rasa ke? and Jebat is definitely a Lancer copycat! boohoo! :P

ps: ade nampak Porsche Faaz tak haritu? :P oh and, did u win the magnetic calendar?

hushuss said...

Nadine, I am in love with Perodua Bezza, looking from the pictures you took :)
Faaz pun bergaya sakan eh? Dah la mmg minat kereta budak cute ni...Nasib baik tak pandai tengok model-model dekat kereta lagi, klu tak, double excited Faas kat situ. hahaha...
Looking forward to go to KLIMS, taktau mr hubby sanggup ke tak nak redah the crowd.

Mimy Hamid said...

weeee ada bumble bee...excited la faaz

dyana "his other half" said...

i never know about klim. tak pernah pergi pun. ahahaha. betapa tak minat keretanya saya ini. fariq pun tak berapa minat, only a few cars. tp otor(motor) suka la. hehe.

anyway, pose seksi faaz tu tak tahan cd tgk. mmg dia try nak tiru model2 tu ke? and oh, pose from mummy faaz pun cute je ;).

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

wah hensem2 keta kt situ sume ehh..syoknya..izu pon minat cars gak tp nama tk expert plg hensem si kecik Faaz tu la..ihihi.siap posing sexxay lg dia ye, bley la jd model nti! ;)

Nadia, u look great too dear!:)

kella said...

nadia! terima kasih atas doamu itu..
maaf sebab tak datang komen kat sini,
bukan apa, sebab tak dapat tengok gambar, i tahu yang sangat banyak gambar di entri ini! tapi tak dapat nak tengok, solusi cuma boleh tengok di rumah! tapi dirumah tak sempat pula.. insyaAllah.. teringin sangat nak komen teringin nak tengok gambar2 tu semua.. mesti banyak gambar faaz!

terima kasih Nad..

kella said...

ish ish .. tersenyum saja bila baca hingga ke akhir.. yang best memang betul, nampak muka 'satisfied' faaz, turun dari pentas.. hahaha... :D
memang betul peminat no 1ni!
pose sexy faaz kat atas tu pun betul betul mengancam! awww.. pandai faaz ya.. ni mesti terikut ikut model2 kat situ tu lahh..

overall bagusla entri ni gambar2 kereta tu terang dah jelas..
untuk proton tu, suka pula ngan design jebat tu..

huhu.. yang paling sure.. si faaz ler yang paling seronok mommy n daddy faham je minat dia.. :)

thanks nadia.. :)